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In Chronically order of my peace mission videos from 2012-present!?

  1. (“Barış Elçisi İngiliz”, “British Ambassador for Peace”, Published on 21 Nov 2012).
  2. (Earthian at Glastonbury Festival 2013, Published on 7 Oct 2013. Finally I took my peace pilgrimage journey into my 16th country).
  3. (Earthian KVN Peace Pilgrimage comes to the UK August 2013 on BCfm Published on 9 Oct 2013 Title: CIA, LSD & Manipulation of Hallucinogenic Drug Culture Subtitle: The first citizen of planet Earth: Earthian,… ).
  4. (Published on 24 Oct 2013, Third event in the St Paul’s Forum series ‘How to Change the World’ – Stanley Hauerwas and Brother Samuel SSF speak on the topic of Peace. Chaired by Canon Mark Oakley, Chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral).
  5. (BBC NEWS – THE BBC IS NOT DOING ITS JOB, Occupy UKPublished on 19 Nov 2013, A Polly Tikkle Productions for Occupy London).
  6. (#homes4all protest continues candle lit vigil #olsx @occupynn# OccupyyourMP, Phoenixsrainbow2 years ago via Bambuser for mobile, 30 Nov 2013 23:19 CET).
  7. (Tory MP Mike Freer’s Email Travesty, Occupy UKPublished on 28 Nov 2013, Mike Freer proponent for the Section 144 of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill which criminalises squatting in residential properties mistakenly sends an email to squatters protesting outside his office instead of his colleague. In it he calls the police daft, the squatters numbnuts and when referring to the squatters request to speak to him…. his response “errrr no!”).
  8. (Syrian Pilgrimage Appeal, Syria Peace and JusticePublished on 30 Nov 2013, Syria Peace & Justice is a London-based non-sectarian grassroots group formed in October 2013. We aim to promote a peaceful resolution to the terrible conflict in Syria, and freedom, dignity, human rights and social justice for all of its people).
  9. (OL G.A. Earthian & Syrian Peace #olsx DTG010314, OccupyLondon2 years ago via Bambuser for mobile, Recorded 1 March 2014 15:48 GMT, Uploaded 1 March 2014 20:35 GMT).
  10. (Sail4Syria – Departure, from PaulWright 1 year ago,
  11. (Brian (1949 – 2011) – Japanese Translation from PaulWright 3 years ago, Translated by Yumiko Hayakawa:
  12. (The Wandering Saxon: Video Diary #49 Published on 31 March 2014 via YouTube Capture).
  13. (Bank of IDEAS: Earthian – One man’s Global Peace Pilgrimage. #olsx #onn, Occupy News NetworkPublished on 5 May 2014, Earthian: One man’s Global Peace Pilgrimage. For the full video.
  14. (This video is no longer available, Sorry about this, It’s recorded on Aug./Sept. 2014 in Reykjavík in Iceland by a wonderful peace brother, if anyone had a chance to download it, when it’s available, please get in touch to upload it again!? ).
  15. FREDAG D. 19. SEPTEMBER 2014, En mand, der kalder sig selv for verdensborger, er kommet til Nuuk i sin gratis jordomrejse, “World tour FRIDAY September 19, 2014 , A man who calls himself citizen of the world , have come to Nuuk in his free trip around the world”).
  16. (Earthian and World Peace – Keep Calm (E7), Published on 22 Apr 2015 In Parliament Square I met Earthian at his Peace Picket and asked him why he was protesting).
  17. (PeacePicket Syrian Refugee Camp ParliamentSquare, Occupy News NetworkPublished on 22 Apr 2015, Syria Peace and Justice set up refugee camp by Parliament Square Green. @SyriaPJ @earthiankvn).
  18. (Earthian (Part 1) on Radio Suffolk – 25/05/2015, Joseph CastonPublished on 26 May 2015).
  19.  (Earthian (Part 2) on Radio Suffolk – 25/05/2015, Joseph CastonPublished on 26 May 2015).

The list of the websites I’d like you to consider a visit if you have time, then leave a comment if you feel to do so in “Contact Me” section!?



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