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My Journey from the Kingdom of Media to the Kingdom of Heaven!?

My Long Journey from the Kingdom of Media to the Kingdom of Heaven after many years of being asleep and in darkness!? Jehovah God my creator helped me to wake up and enter into the lightness of his Kingdom!?, so as a result

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Spring in Lesvos — Hazel Hedge

The olive presses have stopped rolling. Orange season is over. Lesvos has not been suspended in time since I was wrenched away on New Year’s Eve. At Skala Sykamineas seafront the scent is no longer sharp cold salt spray but

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Back in Bishkek

On Wednesday 02.12.15, I arrived back in Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia to meet up with my wonderful partner and our son, as it’s about three months that I was away from them. Due to my circumstance in Japan

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3 different cultures: China, Korea and Japan

CHINA FRIDAY 11.9.15 at 2:45pm I left my resting place after finalising my last writing, then I was offered some food from my very kind host and after taking a shower, I was offered a lift to a few places

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Adventures in Central Asia

Azerbaijan July 2015 3.7.15 As I said thanks and goodbye to most of the wonderful people in the Art Hostel on the evening of third of July as they’re going to a famous Tbilisi ‘s open air 2015 festival, I

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Scandanavia to Azerbaijan

Scandinavian peace pilgrimage journey 1.5.15 After waking up I said hello and good morning to a wonderful woman who two days ago invited me back to her place and offered me shelter, food and washing. I was extremely grateful that

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Sail4Syria signing out. / Sail4Syria fin.

Originally posted on Syria Peace & Justice:
Défiler vers le bas pour la traduction Française… It is with sadness that we announce that we will not be continuing with the Sail4Syria trip. Due to various reasons (including logistical and financial)…

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