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My Journey from the Kingdom of Media to the Kingdom of Heaven!?

My Long Journey from the Kingdom of Media to the Kingdom of Heaven after many years of being asleep and in darkness!? Jehovah God my creator helped me to wake up and enter into the lightness of his Kingdom!?, so as a result

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Central Asia!

My dear wonderful peace brothers and sisters, I hope this little note here on my blog will find you all well wherever you’re on our beautiful blue and green planet. Since my last return from England back in mid May,

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Spring in Lesvos — Hazel Hedge

The olive presses have stopped rolling. Orange season is over. Lesvos has not been suspended in time since I was wrenched away on New Year’s Eve. At Skala Sykamineas seafront the scent is no longer sharp cold salt spray but

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Goodbye 2 London, England & the rest of WISE Islands!?

Finally last week I managed to visit few more of my wonderful peace families, brothers and sisters and tried my best to do a quick catch up with them all, and still I have to say hello and goodbye to

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Visiting Different Parts of England!?

   On Wednesday 13 April I meet some wonderful brothers and sisters in front of Stratford court in support of some of them who were in the court as part of their protest against the arms fair, for more details

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Still In London!

Last week I managed to connect with some more wonderful peace brothers, and sisters here in London. Starting with a “Walk in Peace” at the Speakers Corner Cafe in Hyde Park near Marble Arch Station, which was organised by a

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Back In England!

                                         Back in London! Dear brothers and sisters, I hope that you’re all well, and in the good hands of universe.

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