This blog is about my Peace Pilgrimage.

After spending late 2011 and early 2012 at the Occupy London Stock Exchange camp outside St Paul’s Cathedral, I decided to Occupy Everywhere.

I travelled overland from the UK to and around the Middle East, using no money, arranging no visas, attempting to use up no carbon. I chose not to carry my British passport.

I spent six months on the road – during which I spoke of peace and justice to people of many ages, races and cultures – then returned to the UK in the Spring of 2013, having spent nearly two weeks in ‘no man’s land’ after being denied entry to Saudi Arabia.

For a year I continued my Peace Pilgrimage around England and Wales, using no money, travelling on foot or by hitch hiking.

In the Spring of 2014 I travelled to Ireland and Scotland, then headed North across seas and islands – via Shetland, Orkney, Faroe Islands, Iceland and Greenland – to Canada. The Canadian authorities chose to imprison and then deport me.

I spent several months connecting with peace groups and sustainable communities in the UK before setting off again in 2015, from the east of England towards Scandinavia and then eastwards to China, Korea and Japan…

Finding my way across the sea to the Americas was a vision that didn’t materialise (yet); instead I found a new family in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and am now there with my family teaching English until the next aspect of my journey materialises.

I do not believe that we need national borders. I am Earthian, a citizen of planet earth. I humbly thank the people who have helped me on my journey, and those who have commented on this blog.

Earthian Swindon

Outside Swindon Railway Station, back in the UK.

on the road

My peace camp on the main road between KSA and Jordan, in a place so-called “No Man’s Land” in the Middle East.


13 comments on “About
  1. MILLEN says:

    Earthian I was 3 tents away from you at Bilderberg Festival you were sleeping I didn’t get to see you! You must soon be passing through Kent let me know I am there & we must meet it is our destiny!

  2. Big Mumma Chocolate says:

    Yo Earthian I recently crossed your path at the Glastonbury festival in Pilton. It had taken you 4 days to get into the festival, I cannot wait for your next blog to explain how you managed this, and on the Sunday night around midnight I was lucky enough to be graced by your presence.

    I am planning on throwing my own festival called ‘Mega Massive Jumbo Jet Border Control Mash Up Festival’. Do not be too put off by the title, it is mainly centred around Peace and stuff like that.

    Do you think you will able to headline one of the activism stages one evening? We have free lentils.

    • earthianblog says:

      my wonderful human being, we can do things that the latest technology will be powerless, even to think about it, so we are much more powerful then we think, so with the power of love, peace and non violence we can have a world full of happiness, which we are all lacking from it right now more than ever, so I am sure as a human being you can do what you want to do, but and only but with your full love of your heart, and peacefulness, so please get in touch with more details and we can take it from there.

  3. iwawoman says:

    Hello again Earthian,

    Thank you for you speaking and your being.


  4. Malcolm says:

    Hi,I met you at St Paul’s on Tuesday lunchtime,your ideas have buzzed around my head since,one question,how do you keep your teeth so clean? Regards from Malcolm the cyclist.

  5. Alex Janasz says:

    Dear Earthian,

    I know that you prefer people over pixels, in terms of forms of communication, but I hope that this email may open the door to such an interaction.

    I have met you a couple of fleeting times , once at last years anarchist book fair in London, and again at one of Anonymous’s anti BBC marches last October. I was extremely moved by the powerful message of resilience, hope and resistance that your simple act of walking the earth without a passport epitomises. Your previous journeys as well as future plans are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, as well as the dire need for all of us to start acting to make very necessary changes in our world. I’d like to thank you for the very powerful message you are sending through your actions. You probably don’t remember meeting me as our meeting were quite fleeting, but you have remained in my mind for a long time: you have definitely planted a very powerful seed in there!

    Let me introduce myself, I am Alex Janaszewski, a fellow human being trying to find my way through the chaos of this planet. I have recently started to make films, documentary film specifically. My aim is simple: I want to capture moments of truth, beauty and honesty, in such a way that sheds light onto the human condition, as well as illuminate the problematic structures which create oppression for so many in our world.

    Having written a dissertation on human trafficking (as part of a politics degree), I have become fiercely critical of the man made structures the borders are, conducive to only causing misery and such fiercely destructive practices such as human trafficking. As such I feel that the power of your peace mission is not only extremely necessary, but overwhelmingly beautiful.

    The reason I’m writing to you Earthian, if you were to be interested, is that I was hoping to make a short film about you, and the political concept of your journey. The film would allow you to communicate the fundamental drive and motivation of your journey, pushed forward by the problematisation of the very structures that compose our everyday understanding of this planet. The idea was borne out of the fact that a friend of mine is putting on an multi platform exhibition around the theme of “home”, and I thought your journey would be a fascinating insight into concepts of home, belonging, identity, the resilience of the human spirit, and questioning the very concept of borders themselves.

    I apologise if this message is a bit long, but I felt that I wanted to a)embody the fascination and respect for what you are doing, and b) explain myself and my intentions.

    It would be wonderful to meet you, and talk about possibilities, if you were to be interested.

    Here is a link to a film a made recently, to give you an idea of my work:

    All the best!


    • redpillone says:

      Hi Alex, Earthian,

      I met Earthian at the recent Occupy assembly and too am a videographer and journalist in my spare time. I would love to work with you both in presenting a short movie about the philosophy of freedom of movement. Here is a link to some of the video editing and interviews we have done https://vimeo.com/86489968

  6. pippatanzt says:

    Hi Earthian, nice to meet you by chance again today. Safe travels!

  7. Donna Adams says:

    Hello Earthian
    You are a true inspiration and I will be keeping you in my prayers.
    I feel truly honoured at our meeting yesterday.
    Forever your friend

  8. Laura says:

    Hi Earthian,

    Nice to meet you briefly today in Lerwick! Would have been good to speak to you more but I have enjoyed looking at your blog! Good fortune for your future travels.

    Laura and Sara

  9. ElizabethSkelton says:

    You were camped just a few metres away from us when we were in Reykjavík, Iceland, and we met you and had our photo taken with you! I think that what you are doing is incredibly admiral and brave, and I wish you every success in the continuation of your pilgrimage. Thank you for being one of the few people on this planet who are prepared to put themselves in danger for what is right.

  10. Laureene Reeves Ndagire says:

    peace, love and light to you brother
    may the road be kind to you, and may you be welcomed everywhere you go

  11. Kris says:

    Earthian, you wonderful human being!

    I got news via JM a couple of days ago, about you being detained in Canada.
    We, ‘Occupy’, have friends there, and we hope they have been in touch. Folk care! /|\

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