Central Asia!

My dear wonderful peace brothers and sisters,

I hope this little note here on my blog will find you all well wherever you’re on our beautiful blue and green planet.

Since my last return from England back in mid May, I’ve been busy looking after a wonderful little boy most of the time, which for itself was a real challenge and new to me, and reviewing some of my years of peace pilgrimage journey connections also trying to learn a bit of Russian language as it’s spoken widely here in the region.

As I have decided to be stationary for the present time in the region and surrounding area, and not to be on the move as much as before, therefore I might not be able to have much to share on my blog, but if any one of you would like to get in touch and share your point of view or discussing any subject on peace and prosperity on Earth, and my peace pilgrimage journey, please do not hesitate to get in touch through my usual “contact me” email here on this blog, and I’d be very much happy to help out as much as I can and according to my ability on the subject.

There’re two things that I would like to mention to all of you here that if you’d like to get involve and if you want to be beneficial to yourself and your community:

First, as I have mentioned this subject in the past, just before I say goodbye to England and London there’re a group of wonderful people who were keen to put together a co-operative project about “PEACE”, and they’re having their GA back in London once a month at least and it’ll be a great idea if you could get in touch with them and find out how you could help with any project which you feel strongly about it.  I’ll leave their detail for you here, if you’d like to get in touch with them and get involve.


“Hi everyone!

We have some great news. The project has now become officially registered in the UK with company number 10244353 and with the name People Everywhere Are Changing Everything Ltd. We have chosen to be a limited company initially as it is cheaper to register, however we are looking at changing this to a Co-Operative structure as soon as possible.

The website is still under development at the moment, but this email address is the new information email address and the main point of contact until further notice. At this stage we need to build a member list for people who wish to be involved in any long term capacity. Anyone known to the group can attend a GA but only members can vote on proposals.

Attached to this email is a PDF form to apply for membership to the company. This is not an offer of employment but an agreement to work together with others for the common goals we are going to set out more in the future. If you wish to become a member simply download and fill out the form using adobe reader. Save the file with your name and send it back to us. If you can print and sign a copy to bring to the next GA you attend that would be useful, but it’s not essential. This needs to be done for legal reasons and for our protection as a group. Your information will be used only for P.E.A.C.E. business and will not be passed on.

The people we interact with through projects do not need to be members, only the people who organise them, or who work in the organisation. Our next scheduled GA is for Thursday 23rd of June, 19:30 @ The Hive where we will be looking at the membership process, the website, establishing roots, outreach and working groups. We are looking for land or buildings that can be used on a temporary or long term basis. There are ideas for several projects and working groups that are ready to go when the groundwork has been done. We will also be looking into a bank account for the organisation. When we have better tech we can think about the processes we are going to follow, and how to enable people to submit project ideas and get going in their location (Root).

Feel free to contact me about anything to do with the organisation. I am often found at the Hive which is the same address as our registered office. I look forward to the future of our new organisation. If you would prefer not to receive emails in the future please reply and we will make sure you don’t hear from us again.

1 ❤


Co-Ordinator, Secretary

Mobile: 07449237798

P.E.A.C.E. Ltd

260-264 Kingsland Road, London, E8 4DG

Registered company: 10244353″


So get in touch with them and they’ll be very happy to hear from you and help out with any project you’ve got in mind.

Second, I have got in touch here with some Russian websites, so I could help out with some of my skills here in the region, while I’m stationary, and sometimes I get emails that if could help out with their request, but I’d not be able to do myself all of those request, and I’m asking anyone who could, and feel they can help out to get in touch and see this might be something they want to help out with and happy to participate in activities like this, back in England or anywhere else if they feel to do so!? an example is as follow:

“Hello Teacher

I got to know that you are an Esl teacher on an Esl teaching job site
and i decided to contact you to know if you will be able to come to
Manchester England to tutor my family.

We are from Russia Moscow, living in England.I will need a  teacher
who will come to Manchester and tutor my family for a period of 1 and
half years.

I will give you accommodation and also will pay you monthly of
US$7,500 which is  US$2,500/child monthly.

I will like you to send me your updated CV,picture and also your
availability date to my email
Mr.Ivor Adoxier”

So that’s it for the time being, and I’d like to take this opportunity and say once more, thank you for all those wonderful and kind people who very kindly have helped me throughout my years of peace pilgrimage journey across the planet, from South to North and West to East.

one Love

your humbled Earthian peace brother

from central Asia





I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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One comment on “Central Asia!
  1. dear Earthian, greetings from Hebden Bridge (I met you here 3 or 4 years ago).
    you did not post the email address of “People Everywhere Are Changing Everything Ltd”.
    Blessings to you!
    regards, Ralph Nimmann http://www.rainbow-cambridge.org.uk/calderdale/rainbowralph@gmail.com – Twitter: @Rainbowralph – http://www.facebook.com/ralph.nimmann

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