Goodbye 2 London, England & the rest of WISE Islands!?

Finally last week I managed to visit few more of my wonderful peace families, brothers and sisters and tried my best to do a quick catch up with them all, and still I have to say hello and goodbye to few more before my last few days here around the WISE Islands.

After coming back from a visit to my peace family in West Midlands, I visited most part of the Westminster area then walked to Trafalgar Square for a Gathering and then a March with “Medics Under Fire” Hosted by stop hospital attacks, then I made my way to the Hive (,which I did a short talk about my peace pilgrimage journey at their open mic time and as it’s a very short I felt It’s a good and positive connection, then I made my way towards Ipswich in East Anglia to visit a peace family which I hoped to connect with BBC Suffolk through them, but when I got there I was told that as I haven’t confirmed the appointment my connection has been cancelled, so as I couldn’t get back to London, therefore I was looking for a 24h place to stay awake till next day, and as I was looking for one, I came across a group of people who were doing a midnight walk around the town of Ipswich (, so I joined them and at the stadium after having some refreshment and a bit of rest till about 3am, then as they finished their walk I started mine, and after another connection to a wonderful local man, who very kindly helped me with some food and drink for my walk and he very kindly walked with me and showed me some of the way, then I said thanks and goodbye to him, which then I slowly started my walk again and I managed to finish just after midday, then I waited on my connection back to London.

On Monday I went to another court case in support of some wonderful people who I was staying with them in the building here in London, then after an adjourned case, I made my way to the Hive again, but this time for a GA on Peace! which I think it went well and I met few more wonderful brothers and sisters who turned up and after about almost 3 hours, we got to a point which we had to read a lot of materials before making any further commitments to the project, but if you have time and want to get in touch, please link up via this email: for more information on “Peace CO-OP”.

Next day I headed outwards to West of England for my last visit to my wonderful peace brother over there and after having a great time and a catch up, then next day he organised and I visited a wonderful peace family on their farm which they’re really a good and a very sustainable farm as to many others I have seen throughout my peace Journey, then after having a wonderful meal with my peace brother I said goodbye to him and headed back to London.

Now as I have just got few more days left here around this beautiful WISE Islands, I’m hoping to catch up with few more wonderful brothers and sisters, and I hope my connection will help us to stay in touch for advocating our peace and prosperity on this blue and green planet.

Just as a last thing to remember before I say goodbye, on my last blog update I forgot to publish a link to a good blog, which I received an article from a wonderful peace brother through my email and I promised to let everyone knows about his train of thought on his blog, so please visit for more details, and read out as much as time allows you to do so.

One Love

Your humbled Earthian peace brother still from Stratford near Olympic Park in east London, England


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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One comment on “Goodbye 2 London, England & the rest of WISE Islands!?
  1. Noramarie Noone says:

    Earthian, are you going to stop the Blog altogether? I was hoping to catch up with you in England or else hoping you might cross over into Ireland again.–Nora in Dublin (we met at Watford Bilderberg)

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