Visiting Different Parts of England!?

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On Wednesday 13 April I meet some wonderful brothers and sisters in front of Stratford court in support of some of them who were in the court as part of their protest against the arms fair, for more details please go to a green activist Tom Franklin on  ( and for more details and show your support if you feel it’s right in your heart.

As I was getting closer to the weekend I headed out to East Midland (Birmingham) to visit my wonderful peace family after not seeing them for about a year, which I have to say I had a great time over there and I enjoyed every moment of it while I was there, and then I headed back down to London on Monday 18th April.

On Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st April there was a conference in the Hive (, which I was there to connect with more wonderful brothers and sisters back in the capital, and it’s here that the Mayoral debate was taken place, and I meet some of the so called politicians, and I had some peaceful conversation with some of them, and I hoped it’ll help them to be more aware of what they’re going to do in the future if they’re going to become part of the Mayor’s administration.

At the weekend I meet some more of my wonderful brothers and sisters, who I arranged from before to meet up with and discuss different issues and if you would like to involve with world peace please get in touch through (,  then next day a wonderful peace sister invited me to her place for a dinner and to recap after not seeing one another for over a year, which in there I meet a wonderful and dedicated peace sister who helped me a lot throughout my peace journey and she’s on her way to the Lesbos island in Greek to help out with migrants there, she has already been there once, but her trip was cut short due to a family matter you can read about her peace journey there on her blog (

Then finally last week and it’s weekend I went down to South of England as a wonderful rainbow peace brother invited me to give a talk in a green space in the in to the wild cafe from in to the wild festival first kind of it to be in and it’s an amazing experiences, which I meet a lot of wonderful people in there, I also helped to record how to put up a Gar similar to a Yurt for the main organisers of the festival, and if you would like to know how it’s been done please get in touch through my email or their website in here ( + and

There’s been a few other wonderful places, and peoples, which I have been and got in touch that I’ve enjoyed my participation and meet up with them, that I briefly mention here and I don’t go into the details as I prefer for yourself to go and equerry about it.

I did a meditation session in the Bow Church where they kindly help people in needs for food and that how I knew about them (, and

I met a wonderful peace brother who the moment I saw him was showing his support towards my peace pilgrimage journey back in 2013, and he helped me a lot throughout the festival time, who was doing a talk on Sacrad Geometry, if you want to get in touch with him please connect with him through this link sacrad geometry 


I met a wonderful peace brother who helped me to put on record of  how to put up a Gar similar t a Yurt? that he has a summer at spirit horse community camp that run in spring and summer that I participated in one of his session in the festival and if you would like to know more about it, please get in touch through his website (


The Last bags ( was run by wonderful John, who very kindly did demonstrate for me that how to make a fire?, without using modern equipment in the “Into the wild festival”, and also I met some wonderful peoples from who help different projects for different purposes.

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I met another wonderful peace brother who very kindly played few of his favorite music for me from his Beltane tent, and I enjoyed it very much, so if you want to get in touch with him and find out more about his music world please follow below links to different social media that he’s on:

Future events that I would like you to know about them as below:

First, there’s going to be a rainbow new moon meet not far from the “Into the wild” festival at south farm near Rodmell Lewes starting this coming Thursday from 5th – 7th May, please get in touch with rainbow families brother and sisters.

Second,  Evolution Cabaret from earth circus productions and suspense from evening of 7th May at 1900 that I’ll be there as well for a brief talk, and on the 8th May an interview with John from radio Suffolk in Ipswich (, tune into it for the morning program.

Also there’s going to be a Peace GA at the Hive on 9th May at 1800 hours, please feel free to come along and have your say, if you are around London and have some free time in hand.

Finally I’d like to say if you would like to support those brothers and sisters who are inhabiting an empty building and you support that we all must have a free food and shelter as part of our human rights, please go and support some wonderful brothers and a sister who are on a trial in “HM Courts & Tribunals Services” at The Crown Court at Snaresbrook, I was there myself this morning on 04/05/2016 at 10am until 1pm in their support, and tomorrow they start from 10:30 to about 1700, so please get in touch if you would like to come in their support.

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So that’s a brief update from me to you, my wonderful brothers and sisters across the blue and green planet earth for the time being.

One Love your humbled Earthian peace brother







I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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