Still In London!

Last week I managed to connect with some more wonderful peace brothers, and sisters here in London.

Starting with a “Walk in Peace” at the Speakers Corner Cafe in Hyde Park near Marble Arch Station, which was organised by a wonderful woman from , and through

I was there on Sunday with a peace sister and later a peace brother joined us for a wonderful lunch in weatherspoon.

I meet up at the “Hive” for a meeting with some of my wonderful peace brothers and sisters and I visited the Hive twice to talk about how we could make a difference in the world we live in and advocating a sustainable way of living, and I tried my best to help out with anything I could help with.

I also meet up a peace brother in a famous Housmans book place in King’s cross (, which I went for an event about “who’s afraid of the Easter rising?” 1916-2016 with James Heartfield, and as I couldn’t get in for the talk , but later on I managed to get some literature from there and see inside the book place which I have never been there for an event and I think it’s a good place to visit if you have time to find out about some other future events if you feel to do so.

Then on Thursday 7th of April I visited the LCW in GCH again for a film show.   The film was about a young woman called Hadewijch (Celine) life and few other people and their turmoil of how to coup the inner and outer peace of their mind, which personally will not approve to make or view such movies, but if you’re curse to see search for it on Youtube under the name “Hadewijch 2009”, and watch it for yourself, after watching the movie we had a good evening meal in the community, so please get in touch with them if you would like to help out in any way on

On Saturday 9.4.16 I met up with some more wonderful peace brothers and sisters in Kingsley Hall in east London for a day of nonviolence training with a group from, which was a wonderful day full of joy and knowledge, and at the end we visited the room which Gandhis had lived back in 1931 for number of weeks, where he made his famous speech, for more details visit or see

If you would like to get in touch for June action at AWE Burghfield please visit the above website and I hope you can make a change by your peaceful and supportive action.

On Monday 11.4.16 I went to Stratford court in solidarity and support for anti-arms fair people and I meet some wonderful peace brothers from Veterans for Peace or some others and I spoke about my peace journey with some of them as we’re waiting outside the court, so please if you are around come and join and show your support for a world with no weapons.

With much love and peace from your humbled Earthian peace brother back in London, England for a little while!?


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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  1. Asger says:

    Take care out there, and remember

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