BBC’s news on 8th March on Instagram!?

“BBC NEWS 8TH MARCH: The BBC met a young Yazidi woman who was abducted, raped, beaten and then trafficked by the so-called Islamic State militant group.  She gave birth to a boy.  She later escaped but had to leave the baby behind.  We are not identifying the woman because she has family members still held captive.  Find out more: #Iraq #Syria #Yazidi #BBCShorts @BBCNews”

In response I had to say that “History is repeating itself, same thing has been done centuries ago, in the region and now we’re witnessing live victims”.

I refer you to this article first ( to read thoroughly to understand in depth knowledge about the Region, Religion, National, Cultural, and Historic differences before you make any judgement, and talk about the subject!?

I try my best to bring more written related articles about the subject, so you can make up your own mind to understand the complexity of the region and the subject, which wouldn’t be easy to comment on a BBC’s Instagram short video and to hurt others feeling without a knowledge, after all we want to have a better world without violence, in peace and harmony with one another not creating more differences and intolerance towards one another!?

So if you have time you can read more articles to understand, digest and have more knowledge about the subject:



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