Still In Bishkek!

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Bishkek has become a very warm home for me for a while now, and I don’t know for how long, but I’m still here, alive and thriving, and not just surviving.

So still here in Bishkek in Central Asia, Teaching English, and now also ICT (Information Communication Technology), waiting and thinking on my resettlement with my new family before I carry on with the rest of my peace mission.

During the past two months (almost), I had a chance to visit Kazakhstan again, and after five days of journey across south west, which I wasn’t able to see on my first trip, I was hoping to see two different places. After a short lift with the kindness of a wonderful peace brother from Bishkek, and a a few miles of walk into Korday, then outside, from there I managed to get a connection to Shu train station and from there after waiting for about two hours I got on a train bound to Aralsk in a hope to visit and see Aral sea. When I got there after some questioning by the Kazakh transport police and getting some connection with the local people, next day I was told I wouldn’t be able to see the remaining water from the dried Aral sea, due to the cold weather and no transportation to get there, and as someone from a petrol station in the city told me that very recently someone has drowned and people don’t want to go there, also they’re thinking I was doing an expedition and I have got a lot of funds behind me, so I was told if it’s absolutely necessary they could get me there, if I could provide some funds, but as I explained to the Kazakh transport police the day before, and to others, I was just merely making a peaceful observation and there is no expedition and no funds available for my visit.

So I was told, I would be better off to change my direction due to the very cold weather and not having appropriate clothes and supply of food, which, they said, meant I couldn’t simply walk to the sea despite the distance was just only about 50 km or so. I decided to head on south bound towards to my second destination this time “Baikonur” the famous space station here in Kazakhstan, but as I got off in Bikbauli, which I was told it was Baikonur, then transport police again questioned me for quite a while before I could get anywhere, then they told me Baikonur is a secret city, and I can’t go there as a civilian, then they asked me to leave the area as soon as possible towards Taraz.

So next day when I was on my train bound southwards to Taraz I realised from “” app on my smart phone that the staff from the train had told me that  Bikbauli was Baikonur, which I was really upset and not very much happy about, but as I was told it’s a secret city, then I really didn’t want and feel comfortable to go to the secret city anyway. As I arrived in Taraz in the early hours of the next day I came across a group of young people who were under the influence of alcohol and wondering what I was doing there, and I was trying to explain to them, but with no hope, and I began to feel uncomfortable, so I managed to get out of there and back to the station safely, and waited there till next day before I make my way towards “кербен”.

After connecting with some wonderful and good hearted people I managed to connect back from Taraz to Talas, then after a long and difficult car journey and going through a mountain full of snow I managed to get back to my family resting place here in Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan.

 Since I have been back I have tried to reduce my main social media connection specially through Facebook and after watching this video ( a YouTube I decided to deactivate my Facebook completely for the time being and reduce my connectivity to just my blog and Instagram (earthiankvn) only. Not knowing that my reasons for deactivating my account wouldn’t be shown to my Facebook friends, I didn’t realise I may be causing concern to some of my wonderful brothers and sisters, so please if you have anything in your mind, and would like to get in touch with me through these two continuing media and my e-mail, you’re welcome to do so!

So until the next episode of my peace journey, may my love and peace be upon you wherever you are on our beautiful blue and green planet.

One love

Your humbled Earthian peace brother still from Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia.




I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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6 comments on “Still In Bishkek!
  1. Saskia says:

    Found myself at a deserted St Paul’s this evening for a few moments, as the biting wind whipped around the Statue, I went and stood in the info tent space, and thought of all those amazing connections made there. Meditating on our marvel that was, I of course thought of you, and your world pilgrimage announcement in the portico. If you have found a good place, with love and affection, rest a while there. Journeys can be of all sorts and sizes, not necessarily travelling in distance, but sometimes in knowledge, love and understanding. Wishing you all good fortune, joy and happiness. S xx

  2. Lewis Pato Canton says:

    Earthian! Bless you brother! Can you please get in touch with friends and family, they are worried as they have not heard from you in a while. Much Love. One Love x

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