Back in Bishkek

On Wednesday 02.12.15, I arrived back in Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia to meet up with my wonderful partner and our son, as it’s about three months that I was away from them.

Due to my circumstance in Japan and finding no way to get out of Japan by means of the sea to America, I decided to move out in an unusual way, and move on.

After greeting and meeting with my family and a wonderful man who I met back in the summer when I was helping out with some teaching activities, this man explained he was going for a month or so to be away from the university, and he asked me if I could help out with his lessons at the IAAU (International Ataturk Alatoo University), which I was happy to do so while I was back, till next year.

So after going back to my partner’s place and resting, taking a shower, and eating something than I was given a lift to the university to teach a group of beginners English language from 2-5pm then back to my new resting place.

On December third I helped out with a pre-intermediate class for about 2 hours, then met up with a few people at the university to let them know that I am covering for a lecturer who has left for a short period, then on Friday 4.12.15 I got in touch with BLC (British Language Centre) where I was helping them with their summer camp to let them know that I am back and see how could I help them with anything for the days that I was off from the university and weekends as well. I met up with the manager and she kindly asked me to help out with some individual and group activities to teach at pre-intermediate and upper-intermediate levels, so I have been busy helping out for the weekend.

On Friday 18.12.15 I met up with a researcher from Germany who I met back in London and he’s now doing his research on anthropology in Osh. After his visit to BLC and a cup of lemon tea together we chatted about our activities since we have left London long time ago and we hoped to meet up again before he heads back to Osh from Bishkek, you can visit his blog on, and find out more about his research.

So for the past month I have been very busy teaching English at the university and at the language centre, also visiting a few people and places, and being in a celebratory mode of the Xmas, and new year, and having enough time to find out and get in touch with some wonderful people and I think it’s worth to mention here my wonderful peace sister who I found out, while I was back here in Bishkek, she has taken on a challenge of going out and helping some needy people in southern Europe, so you can read more about her stories on:

It’s so fascinating what individually we can do and just imagine if we all come together what we can accomplish in any area we think things needs to be done and improve for a better planet and all its inhabitants.

I don’t want to review 2015 but I hope 2016 will bring us more harmony to come together to look after our planet, and everything else on it, so on this note wishing you a great year ahead of you and hope to meet more wonderful people on my way, and to learn more from them.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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2 comments on “Back in Bishkek
  1. Ronnie says:

    Does anyone know where this guy is? His Facebook is deactivated and there no sign from him since mid January. It is quite worrying.

    • earthianblog says:

      Thank you so much for your concern, and sorry if my Facebook deactivation has caused you to raise an alarm, please to say I’m okay, and nothing to worry about hope to see you back in England.

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