A change of plan; no more Japan


I left the port city of Nishinomiya at about 2pm after sending out my final update for the blog. I was unable to get to an area in third part of the Shin Nishinomiya yacht harbour due to a construction development, then on my way I came across a kind retired man and as I spoke to him and showed him my messages in Japanese he very kindly gave my first lift for about few miles towards my next destination port of Nagoya.

So after saying thanks and goodbye to him I carried on walking first towards a famous and old capital of Japan (Kyoto), as for me to get to Nagoya I have to go through this city, then as I was walking and asking people about my destination to make sure I’m walking to the right direction, after more than 6km walk I came across a sustainable Nissan car dealer and I asked them if they could show me the latest catalogue from them, and they very kindly did – after some difficulties understanding each other first – then they offered me one to have and look at it, and as I looked at it in details the specification was very good and I hoped that in the future could get one for my life time and if so my children’s as well after me they could use it, and it’s a good feeling thinking of driving again with one of those in the near future, then I moved further away from the city of Nishinomiya and as it was getting dark trying to connect with my destination was difficult, so I went to a 24h internet cafe and I asked them about my stay overnight there, as I wasn’t sure outside will rain or whether I might be able to find a sheltered place, so as I had some funds I was told I should go back at 8pm to get the cheapest deal, so through someone kind I relayed my message to the receptionist and I told them if couldn’t get a lift towards my first destination to Kyoto I’ll be back and stay for about 8h, then as I went out again and tried hard to connect with someone towards my destination despite being dark, as I had to wait till 8pm before I go back into the internet cafe again, then just 5 min before 8pm a wonderful man from Itami between Kobe and Osaka, who was going back to his home and was coming back from Kobe from his work place (www.ibcjapan.co.jp), very kindly offered me a lift all the way to Kyoto after some talk together, and as in Kyoto for my third time, we went to two Manga Kisa (24h internet cafe) places but one told just chairs are available so I couldn’t lay down and rest, and the second we’re told just for Japanese, so after some time looking for a place he decided to take me back to one outside the city and he’s hoping I could get some rest before next day then I could make my way towards my final Nagoya port station.

I have to say he was very determined to find me a place to rest before he goes, and here in Japan if you ask someone for a place or something they want to make sure you’ll get it before they could let you go and then they could move on happy, it is part of their culture, and in the case of this wonderful man he want to show he wanted dearly to help me to get a place to rest, so after more than 2h of driving finally he found a place similar to the one about 3h ago I was there and I was told I could rest there if had funds, so after saying thanks to the wonderful international car exporter and dealer I stayed at the place (kyoto shi minaniku kuze higashi tuchikawacho 19), and after going through all the paperwork, as they’re extremely bureaucratic when it comes to staying in a place, so after all that I stayed there for about 8h, also I couldn’t rest much as I got busy sorting out my phone and photo issues, because the night before I couldn’t sort them out as the computer couldn’t recognise my phone, then I had to move out at 6am.

I made my way towards Kyoto again, and after about an hour of waiting another kind Japanese man offered me a lift back to the main train station in Kyoto for the fourth time and it’s here that I sent out a message to say after connecting to Kyoto for the fourth time I am about to make my way through the city towards Nagoya port, and after couple of connections at the station with a Japanese couple who offered me some dried African coffee and then an American couple who wished me luck and the woman offered me some funds, then walking for a bit and an hour of sleep in a little park then eating some food in a famous old man shop then again some more miles of walk I got my second lift of the day to the town of Otsu at the south of famous Japan lake of Shiga, then after thanking the wonderful woman for the lift, I came across and spoke to a couple of young boys who could speak some English and they kindly offered me some funds towards my food and drink then I waited there for about 1h before I got my third lift of my day with a wonderful woman with her young son, who were going back all the way to Nagoya, so she very kindly took me to the ferry terminal in the port of Nagoya, we spoke a little in the car as we couldn’t speak each other’s language then through one of her friends on her phone I managed to tell him my destination in Nagoya and have some laughing as I was tired and sleepy and her son as well, but he offered me some sweets that didn’t keep me awake so after arriving at the port after 2h of driving then she took a photo of me and her son as well then I said goodbye to them.

At the port I made some enquiries about my Pacific connection, which I found out there’s no Pacific Ocean connection here in this Japanese port as well, so after a local bus and a train connection I arrived at the main Nagoya train station at about 7pm and I stayed there for a few hours before I make my way outside as they’re closing the station, during those hours I came across two kind men one from Japan who after seeing my sign donated some funds and the second was again from Nepal after talking to him for a bit he very kindly offered me some food and drink, and showed his support for my cause with his writing message on my notebook then I said goodbye to him as well, as he had to go, and then I made my way towards another internet cafe as the night before I couldn’t get much sleep and during the day as well, so I managed to find and stay there for another 8h and this time I got some rest, drinks and a shower before I make my way out towards the main station again.


I had to move out after 8am from the Manga Kissa (internet cafe), so after saying goodbye to this new resting centre as well, I made my way back to the main Nagoya train station and after visiting the tourist information centre and getting a map for the city and the name of some of the famous landmarks here in Nagoya, I headed out towards my first place Toyota commemorative museum of industry and technology, on my way I stayed in a mini stop store to eat something and as I could sit there I caught up with my couple of days writing, then I carried on towards my first place of visit, Noritake Garden http://www.noritake.co.jp/mori then after about 1h of rest at the park near this garden, I moved out towards my second place to visit Toyota museum http://www.tcmit.org. I didn’t go in as it’s a bit late but I managed to see a live performance of a partner robot for 5min, and then I made my way towards the port again, which on my way I came across a place was called Lawson100 which everything in there suppose to be 100 yen but in reality is 108 yen including tax, it’s something like a pound shop back in England, so anyway I managed to get some food and I carried on walking and I came across a 24h Macdonald and I sheltered till next day, so I did some paper and map tidying up as there wasn’t any internet for me to use.

After saying goodbye to the place that I was staying for the night I made my way towards the port again and on my way I visited the city hall of Nagoya to find out whether their response would be same as Kobe and Osaka or different, as here they’re a different province, and after about an hour of waiting and talk I found out the mayor is in Sydney and the deputy mayor is very busy but staff for the mayor’s office again found out for me that they can’t help me. I was told to go to another place called “Nagoya International Centre” (www.nic-nagoya.org.jp), so I asked them to call them on my behalf if they would like to see me and if they could help me with my request and they kindly did, but again they told the mayor’s office staff that they can’t help me as well, so after thanking them for their time and being patient with me I headed on further towards the harbour and port of Nagoya again.

On my way I came across two groups of activists who were talking to people about two different topics: one about the WMD and mainly concentrating on Nagasaki and Hiroshima as the victims of such weapons, and I spoke a little with them as they couldn’t speak much of English and they’re the old generation, but as I showed my support for their cause and showing my messages in Japanese to them they’re quite happy and they supported my cause as well, then at about 5pm as they’re going home I said thanks and goodbye to them. The second group that I came across were two young men who were advocating “Japan for UNHCR” (www.japanforunhcr.org), which I supported their cause collecting funds for the troubled regions across the world and especially war torn regions, and I told them about my peace mission and I showed them my messages and they even corrected two words on my sailing profile (which it’s sent to me from England), as I showed them, they were emphasising the correct grammar of it, which I appreciated and wish them good luck on their efforts towards the crisis in the world and especially in Africa and other regions in the world, then about 6pm I said thanks and goodbye to them as well, and start walking again towards the harbour, and on my way I stopped in a Lawson store to use some internet and eat some food and I stayed around til about 11pm, before I move on further south, and on my way I found a quiet place to put my head down for the night.


I woke up at about 7am as the place I put my head down last night was a public area for smoking in front of a NTK cultural hall, which people were stopping by and smoking before they make their way to work, as the area was a non smoking area, so they have to wait to get to the smoking area before they could smoke, and it’s here in Japan that I have seen people couldn’t smoke anywhere that they’d like and they have to wait to reach a particular place or area which was designated to the smoking, so in a way public control has gone way beyond what I have seen across any other nations I have ever visited. Then after packing and waiting in a local store (FamilyMart), to eat something and do some updates, I moved on further towards the port of Nagoya again in a hope I could connect with someone who could help me with my Pacific Ocean connection.

So after walking, then stopping and trying to talk to people but with no luck after a few hours of walk and generally speaking to only two people, I finally arrived in front of a Mitsubishi TORAY Nagoya plant and as I approached the security personnel, and showing them my sailing profile and asking them if they could help me to speak to the manager of the factory and see if they could help me, but instead they put me through a phone to a police officer from Nagoya city and he asked me to leave the plant as soon as possible and don’t ask any companies for a job as I’m not there to work, and I said to him clearly that wasn’t my intention and they’ve misunderstood me and all I wanted was to speak to the main manager of the plant to see if he could help me with my Pacific Ocean crossing and nothing else, and if I have made the security personnel uncomfortable by showing my sailing profile that’s not my intention and I will leave immediately, so I did so and moved further away from the place as it’s under a heavy security guard through the personnel and cameras, so as I moved away from there, and due to the circumstances that I was in I have gone to a wrong direction and as I came across a place where I could get some food and drink then I stayed outside the Lawson store till next day, so as I was busy talking to some wonderful people using the store internet across the world. Then, as I didn’t get sleep all night I started walking further hoping to get into the harbour area, but don’t say as I have been tired and not sleeping at all and had yesterday’s incident with the security of the plant I have gone to a different direction for about more than 5km before I realised in the late afternoon which by the time I tried to get back to the Nagoya East port it’s too late in the evening so as it’s getting dark then I found another bridge to put my head down for the night earlier as last night didn’t sleep at all, so I hoped the universe will connect me with more kind people tomorrow.

Today on Sunday as I woke up about 7am and started to walk towards the Nagoya East port station and I was hoping I could make some enquiries about my connection, and as it’s raining heavily I managed to find the east port station and it’s exactly by the Mitsubishi TROAY company and there wasn’t any sign of a harbour or port for me to make enquiries so as it’s raining I couldn’t walk much most of the day, and in afternoon again when I did get a chance to walk for some time it’s too late to find anywhere and as the rain started again I stopped by a building which was called “Kings Court”, and I thought hopefully someone from here will come out and speak to me which it did happened at about 7pm, and I explained my circumstances and they kindly allowed me to stay by the letter boxes of the building till next day and a wonderful man with his wife from 7th floor of the building which was under maintenance and had scaffolding all around it told me we have a small apartment but I can stay indoor because of rain, and they wrote something on a piece of A4 paper to let everyone in the building know that I am safe and they already convinced a few of their neighbours who were around and one of them very kindly brought me some food and next some water and bread as well, and the wonderful man told me if anyone asked me why I am there, say to them contact flat 701 and he’ll explain to them.


Today as I slept earlier last night and I didn’t get any interruption from the people in the building, so I woke up about 4am and as the rain was stopped I headed out towards Yokohama, as I felt I don’t want to look for a port or any harbour here in Nagoya due to the complications of finding the right place for me to get in touch with some people that might or might not be able to help me with my journey, so after some walk and talk to some people, and also coming across some orange and mandarin fruit trees, so I had some to compensate for lack of vitamin c of my body and some passion fruit as well for my natural sugar, then I had come across a family mart store, as I was told by a kind man who gave me a short lift from his company to a main junction towards my destination then as I got to the store, and as I was standing outside a member of the staff from the store came to me which has not happened very often before, so as I explained my circumstances to him, and showed my messages, he very kindly after some time waiting came back and offered me some food and drink and as I managed to quickly update my circumstances through the internet there, then I said thanks to the staff of the store and I moved away further towards Yokohama, and as it’s raining again I found another bridge to rest for the night, and I said goodnight to the universe and everyone else around me – which were all traffic passing in a speedy way and they have to wait for the traffic light to go green so they can move on, and on the second level was an express way with no stopping at all.


Today I woke up at about 6am and after saying goodbye to my under the bridge resting place I started walking towards Yokohama again and after about few kilometres I got to a place which was full of oranges, mandarin and passion fruit plus some fig trees as well, so I had a bit of each then again head on for about few more kilometres before I get to a shopping mall and in there I got some food and water, then as I came out of the mall and standing with my board outside the main mall car park, and I was trying to see if I could get a lift towards my destination as it’s been almost two days since I have left Nagoya and getting nowhere closer to my destination, so after about half an hour standing there a wonderful kind man turned up, and came to me to say that Yokohama is too far but he would like to give me a lift to my next destination on the board and that was Toyokawa and I said it’ll be great to go anywhere further out of here, and he very kindly took me all the way to the train station and as we got there and he did enquire about next train to Yokohama, he found out there’s no train from there going to my destination but there was train from Toyohash, and not Toyokawa, so he very kindly decided to take me further from there all the way to Shizuoka, and on our way he stopped in a service station and very kindly got me a special Japanese tea and sushi as a treat and a gift for me, so after thanking him I sent out a message on a social media by connecting to his network to mention of his kind heart and his hospitality to everyone, and finally I asked him to drop me off at any service station close to the city so from there I could link up with other people to my final destination, so he very kindly did, and after saying goodbye to him I stayed the rest of the day from about 2pm till next day with no connection to anywhere, and I had to sit in there without sleep as outside was raining heavily during the day and in the night everywhere was wet, so lucky there was a place for hot and cold drinks which I stayed there till next day, and I hoped the universe will connect me further east tomorrow.


Today at about 6am I was ready to go from this service station 5km to Shizuoka, and after less than half an hour wait I got my first connection of my day with a kind man with his volvo estate car where boot of his car was full of cats and dog puppies so he took me about 100km to the next service station about 30km to Yokohama, and he offered me a coffee as well, then after thanks and goodbye to him in this service station I waited for over 2h before I get my next lift, during the time I was in this new service station which was run by NEXCO (NAKAI) and a Family Mart was there as well but the wifi wasn’t functioning, so it’s here that I met an engineer after talking to him about my journey and showing him my sailing profile and as he was waiting for a friend who has done a project together and they’re on their way to a meeting about their project (www.at-system.jpn.com), so as his friend arrived, and explained to him about me he said they’re in hurry and good luck with my journey and I said goodbye to them. I got some food to eat, then I spoke to a few others with no real connections, but as I was waiting I spoke to a lorry driver who was cleaning his lorry and making it ready for his next load, so he told me he would be quite happy to take me to the next busiest service station in the area “Ebina” about 10km to Yokohama, then as I found out he’s going to the port of Kawasaki, I asked him if he could take me there, so after visiting there I always can come back to Yokohama, and as you might know Kawasaki is between Yokohama and Tokyo, so he very kindly agreed and took me all the way to the port of Kawasaki and as we went through Yokohama and seeing its port compare to Kawasaki it’s massive, so as we arrived at about midday and lunch time, there was a Lawson store there and I managed to send out a message to say I’m well and arrived there through social media, then in the afternoon I went and spoke to the port authority, and after half an hour of talk they told me they can’t help and I should use social media to see if anyone out there would be able to come forward and help me, so after saying goodbye to them I came back to the Lawson store where I have left my stuff, and I hoped someone would be able to come forward and help me but for the duration I was there, over 24h, I couldn’t get in touch with anyone and I moved out next day at about 8am, after seeing no real hope from there. As I was walking to cross to the mainland from this port island, on my way I came across a few people and a ship which I asked about my need for help and they couldn’t help, and as there’s a fire at the port about 4 helicopters were hovering overhead and someone from the port with a pair of binoculars and a camera was observing the on fire region of the port, and as I didn’t get any help from them I moved further on and I came across a kind fisherman and after showing my messages he very kindly offered me some food and water then after thanking him and taking a photo and then saying goodbye to him I came to the end of that part of the harbour and as I was coming back to connect with Yokohama I didn’t get a lift and despite someone told me he’ll come back to take me they never turned back and after about an hour’s rest at the back of a Family Mart store as the weather wasn’t that bad, then I woke up and I came into the store which was a 24h place, and I sat down there hoping someone might go towards Yokohama and will take me, also one of the main reasons I stayed here in the port of Kawasaki I couldn’t walk back through a main bridge to Yokohama, so I had to walk to Kawasaki city and then from there to Yokohama which I didn’t want to take that route, and I said to myself ‘if tomorrow I don’t get a lift direct to the port I have to find an alternative’, then I came out of the 24h Family Mart store as the place that I was staying for using to sit down to eat and drink was closing at 10pm so I have to move out, and I was lucky that it’s not raining and despite being very windy, I found a truck to be a shield from the wind and in front of it I lay down my mat and put my head down inside my sleeping bag to sleep but immediately as I put my head down the truck driver woke up and started his truck engine and I stood up and wanted him to see me in front of his truck to make sure he wouldn’t run me over in the middle of the night, and then despite all the truck noise as it’s too late in the night and I was very sleepy as I wasn’t sleeping well for the past two days, so I decided to go ahead and put my head down for the night and said goodnight to the universe and everyone else around me.


I woke up at about 4am as I was really worried about my position despite being tired of not sleeping very well, but I made sure I am going to be alive to carry on with my peace journey, then I got something to eat and as I had a feeling there wouldn’t be any connection made from there to the port of Yokohama any time soon, I chose to do the alternative of walking towards Kawasaki city and from there back to Yokohama.

So as I said goodbye to the place that I was staying I headed out to do a round walk around the island and then found myself walking through an underwater tunnel for pedestrians which was about a km long and I have to say on my walk around the island I came across a number of big ships which was unloading or loading cargoes on them but none of them I could approach to ask if anyone of them going to Australia or America because of the security would tell me immediately no and showing me a cross hands that means no, so I can’t approach the area at all.

So anyway after crossing the underwater tunnel which reminded me of Greenwich under the Thames River tunnel for pedestrians, I got out of an island into another island and going around this as well to make sure I haven’t missed any connectivity to a nice human being might be able to help, but despite walking all around it with no luck through a small bridge I connect back to the third island before I try to make my way all the way to Yokohama or Kawasaki city, then as I crossed the bridge I saw another 24h Family Mart store and as I was tired and was walking since early morning and I haven’t had much to eat since, then I said to myself let’s rest here today and tomorrow is another day for itself, so I got some essential food and water as my donated fund was coming towards an end and I had to make other arrangements to survive here in Japan. I managed to communicate with my other half back in central Asia and let her know that I am okay for time being, and I was hoping to link up with her if she could get to Australia or New Zealand, but I wasn’t seeing any further hope out of Japanese official to help my crossing.

So I didn’t sleep all night again and moved out about 6am from there towards Yokohama, but as I was tired and I was trying to find an indoor place to put my head down I couldn’t find anywhere suitable and in one or two places I was told to move and as I was walking, hoping I was going towards my destination Yokohama, I came across a young cyclist and as I asked him about my destination he told me I’m going to a totally different direction and as he asked and showed me a bus towards the Kawasaki station and then from there to Yokohama, which he very kindly contributed towards my journey, so after a bus and a JR journey I arrived in Kannai station at about 9am not far from the port. I saw another Family Mart here and I managed to get some more food with the donated fund from the young boy, and as I was outside trying to eat and update my circumstances after about two hours a member of the store staff came out and told me to leave front of their store as every customer are allowed just 10min, and I said ‘it’s raining and I was sheltering here till rain stops then I will make my way to the port’, but she said I have been there for two hours and as all day is going to rain I have to make a move, so I said okay and made my way despite rain to another building nearby and in there I found a place where I wanted to move all my videos and photos from my phone to a memory stick, then I could format my micro sd card for my phone, as I was found out the reason I couldn’t any longer take photos was because it’s been corrupted, so I managed to do so in this place by offering some of my final fund and after that I did format the card, but afterwards I lost most of my major connection to the social media and from there on I had to find another alternative to communicate with outside world again.

So as it’s still raining and going to rain till tomorrow morning I have to find a dry place to rest. By now I was really getting tired of moving about without any proper food, drink and sleep, and I felt very bad without using any bathroom and shower or washing my clothes, which everywhere else I could get help for it, but not here in Japan.

I was wishing the universe could help me to overcome all the major obstacles on my way to finish my peace pilgrimage journey around the world.


As I came out of the place where I formatted my micro sd card, I got to a Lawson store and it’s here that I tried to connect with internet but nothing was working in terms of my social media connections, so I had to slowly find out how could I get back my connectivity to the web as it’s very important to me to keep in touch with everyone out there. I moved away from one store to another called 7eleven and I managed to get back connection to some of my social media, so it’s through Facebook that I wanted to show and share some of my difficulties to the people who were interested in what I was doing, asking for any contact to see if they could help me, then as the night was coming to an end and the store was closing the area that I was sheltering and sitting, I was recommended through a Facebook friend a couple of places but both of them were far from me to walk, so as I walked out of the store and I was looking for a place to rest I found a carpark and I sat in there till next day, and at about 5am I slowly walked back to 7eleven store and I stayed there till about midday and I made sure the rain has stopped, and then I made my way towards the harbour and port of Yokohama. On my way I visited a NYK maritime museum which they had NYK Hikawa Maru Ship as well in the port, but as they’re charging to go inside I decided not to stop and head on further towards the port.

So on my way as it’s Sunday, and a lot of people were out I sat down just before I get to the harbour and tried to talk to people and I managed to speak to some people and one of them very kindly donated a bit of funds towards my peace pilgrimage journey around the world, and even a bit later on I came across a wonderful man from London who very kindly contributed a bit of funds too, and then he was sending out a message to say he has met me and really through Facebook he tried his best to help and even he offered me lunch with his family and sleeping material for outdoor sleeping later days, as he heard through Facebook that I had difficulty being outside.

Later that night I stayed around the harbour till next day near to a “Happy Lawson” store, and as it’s raining all night I couldn’t find anywhere dry so I couldn’t sleep.

Today I managed to get a couple of hours of sleep and then get in touch with a few wonderful people around the harbour, who gave me some tips and advice on how and what to do in Yokohama if I’m going to stay for a bit longer that I would have anticipated, then in the afternoon I went out for lunch with the wonderful English man from London and met his wonderful family in Yokohama Chinatown, and I have to say I had wonderful food there, then after saying thanks and goodbye to them I came back to the harbour in the Yamashita park and I stayed there for the rest of the day and I got in touch with a few more wonderful people who helped me with food and drink, and then I stayed in the vicinity of the store till next day as it’s raining again. Also today I was offered after asking the English man about washing my clothes which he very kindly took them and brought them back next day.

Today I headed out of the park and I tried to explore some other part of the city like Matomachi shopping mall and some other part of the Chinatown then another part of the Yokohama port and without any connection I headed back to my favourite place of Yamashita park by Happy Lawson, and it’s here that I met some more wonderful people and then for the night I went with a Japanese man to sleep under a bridge near to the harbour as it was going to rain during the night, so also I was safe till next day early morning but my new Japanese friend had to move as rain has flooded his side during the night, but he was okay next day.

Today Wednesday 18.11.15 was one of my luckiest day in history of my Japan stay, as in the morning coming back from under the bridge with the Japanese man to the park area and after using the bathroom and then sitting in my usual spot outside the Happy Lawson a wonderful Buddhist woman came along and as we talked and I showed her my Japanese message she took me inside the Happy Lawson and got me some food and drink then donated some funds for my later food and drink, and as we’re eating and talking outside with some other wonderful people, she very kindly donated the biggest donation so far towards my stay in a hotel to rest and take shower, and she very kindly gave me few other little things before we say goodbye, and it’s today that the wonderful English man brought my clothes back and also another Japanese kind man with his phone got me connected to one of his very open minded Japanese friends and asked him if he could offer me some shelter, and he very kindly was happy to help and after offering us some food and drink we headed back towards his place, and on our way they very kindly tried to get me a Japanese SIM card for my telephone but with no hope as they’re all asking for credit cards and bank details address and many more requirements to get one, so we finally decided to give up on the idea of getting a SIM, and also at the same building we enquired about some teaching in English in a couple of language centres which they asked as to get in touch via phone or email for the purpose of teaching, then we headed back to my new open minded Japanese peace brother home and on our way we visited a place where he had an appointment with a dentist then took me to a geto place (a very poor area of the city), so I could take a shower, and then he drove me back to his house.

After getting back he very kindly helped me to wash the remainder of my clothes and then he cooked some wonderful Japanese food then after eating and talking more, also he put one of those old VIC type of an English film about Africa for me as well, then after washing up and saying goodnight to one another, I managed to do this little update for the past few days, so I have to say here thank you very much for my wonderful universe connections that as I have asked for help it’s provided for me, and all those kind people who were the real people whom helped me to get all these help within last few days to get to this situation, so goodnight to you all and I hope the universe will bring us more positive and good vibes from the most restricted nation on the planet throughout my peace pilgrimage journey so far.


So for the past few days, as I had a place to rest and no longer I was sleeping rough and outside with the kindness of Mr. Yuki who has provided me with shelter since 18.11.15, I could move about more quickly and I have tried to find more contact details for my Pacific Ocean connections as part of my search and hunt for a link, so first we visited the Seamen’s club (United Seamen’s Services http://www.mtsyokohama.org), and we met up with a man who was running it and after showing him my sailing profile he recommended few other places, as he himself couldn’t help much, connections like Kawasaki-Line Japan (www.kline.co.jp), NYK Line (Nippon Yusen Kabushiki, http://www.nyk.com), and few others.

This few days over here was weekend and public holidays so my hunt to connect with them has been postponed to the coming week, also during the weekend I got in touch with some wonderful people who I knew already by now, and I asked them if they let me know if I could help in any positive way to the planet and humanity in return to get some funds to support my further stay to carry on my peace pilgrimage mission around the world.


I did my best to get in touch with as many people as possible to find out whether there’s a slightest possibility for me getting on board of a ship here in Japan as my final effort to find my way across Pacific Ocean from here. Despite getting in touch with many more people, I was told in order for me to do crossing I have to get out out of Japan as soon as possible, by the kind Japanese man offered me food and shelter for more than a week, and also many more old advice of how I should carry on and do my peace pilgrimage journey around the world by getting out Japan the way he advised me.

So on the morning of 27.11.15 as it’s a sunny and a bit windy day after a few days of rain, I said thanks and goodbye to Mr. Yuki, and made my way to meet up with some other people to see what would be their advice before I make my exit way from the port city of Yokohama in Japan. After getting back to the city park and harbour area, I met up with those people who very kindly introduced me to him and I told them ‘this is the advice of Mr. Yuki for how to cross Pacific’ and they told me ‘his information is almost half a century old and you’ll have more difficulty if you follow his advice’, so I decided to stay around the area and think of a better way of my exit from here then start again my search for my final departure from Japan.

I was given food by a wonderful couple which found me shelter with Mr. Yuki for more than a week, but as they didn’t have shelter themselves they’re trying their best again to help me out, and also I spoke to a few more people at the harbour about my peace mission, and just waited for my next move, so today I stayed around the harbour and I slept outside with another Japanese man in the Yamashita park, as it’s a bit chilly but at least wasn’t raining.

Next day I stayed around the park to speak to some more people in a hope of a connection, but that wish never materialised, also I met up with the English family as it’s their resting day from school for his kids so Happy Lawson had a play area for the kids, so I joined them for a bit and later on as said goodbye to them a wonderful woman who with her partner introduced me to the Japanese man brought me some more food and after appreciating her kindness I said goodbye to her as well, and I stayed around for a bit longer before I go to another 24h Lawson store and I stayed there overnight and after I stayed awake there all night about 2am as they’re cleaning the cafe area I moved to the third Lawson. After staying there outside till about 5am I came across a kind woman who was feeding some cats, she offered me a pair of gloves and a hat and scarf, as she saw it’s cold outside and I wasn’t having sufficient winter dress, then after thanking her I made my way to the shower place in a so-called poor area of the city, then made my way back to the Yamashita park by the harbour and as it’s a sunny day also a bit windy and chilly but as sun was shining it’s great to sit outside and take some vitamin D. As I haven’t had any sleep, so I got some rest there during the day, despite the park was busy with tourists and locals, and also there’s different street performers like we have back in Trafalgar Square, but I haven’t managed to connect with many people apart from a very few.

Then in the evening I repeated the same routine but this time after midnight I made my way towards Tokyo, as I haven’t had any feeling to stay around the place anymore.

After a long walk and a train connection I arrived at Tokyo main train station for the third time during my stay here in Japan, and as I came out of the station I was waiting on my exit way from Japan in a very unusual way, which I never use unless it’s really urgent and necessary, as I had a very low morale. I came across a Christian peace sister offering me back to their place , and in there I was introduced to a few more people and I went through a cleansing procedure, which they felt will hopefully help me more throughout my peace journey, and I was happy to do the so-called the cleansing, so after some prayers and refreshments, then as I said thanks and goodbye to the place the peace sister invited me for a fine Japanese meal and after thanking her and showing me a direction supposed to be towards my final destination before I say goodbye to Japan for the last time, but later on I found out after about 6km going towards different direction, I had to make my way back to the right place with help of some more kind people who I came across.

So all I have to say here is that I made an emergency decision to get out of Japan and am on my way to a very peaceful place, than after some rest, I’ll think and try my best to find out a way to tackle the Pacific Ocean crossing.

Your humbled Earthian peace brother from Russia, Moscow with much love and peace.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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