3 different cultures: China, Korea and Japan


FRIDAY 11.9.15 at 2:45pm I left my resting place after finalising my last writing, then I was offered some food from my very kind host and after taking a shower, I was offered a lift to a few places in the city before I say goodbye to the city of Bishkek, where I found my other half there, after a long time. We visited Ataturk Park to say thanks to people who were kind to me during my stay there and to give something out for the last time, then BLC, also my host wanted to visit a hospital before finally I went to the agency which helped me with my Chinese connection, then my wonderful host dropped me close to a place for me to make my way towards Naryn my first destination towards China.

After saying thanks and goodbye to my final staying place in Bishkek host, I headed towards my first destination after a long stay in the capital, but after speaking and asking some people on the way I couldn’t find my way out of the capital and as it’s getting dark I had to make my way back to the main coach terminal to Naryn. After getting there I enquired about my connection and with my donation box I got a ticket for 10pm, but then I was asked to pay extra funds towards my rucksack and I refused and after some negotiations some locals kindly helped to sort that out – as I told them, this is the first time in the history of my pilgrimage I have been asked to pay for my luggage extra funds, and I said I have heard about paying for overweight luggage, but not for any luggage at all as we have an allowance, so I refused and they accepted my wish.

Then after two short stops and two long, and passing through Kant, Tokmok, Kemin, Balykchy, Kochker, Sarybulk, Kara-Unkur, Kazan-Kulgan Ottuk, we finally arrived somewhere I was told it’s Naryn, but I felt I was dumped out in the middle of nowhere, rather than a place called Naryn, which I had a different imagination about it. At about 6am it was still dark, and all I could see was a cemetery, so it’s more like a dead town than a live one, but anyway it was in a mountain and higher then the capital from sea level. I slowly managed to adapt to the place and soon I found a petrol station which I thought it’s closed but it’s open at about 7am so I got some food and drink with my donation box, and immediately a car came and after asking them (a man and a boy) I was offered a lift all the way to a junction 6km outside another little town called Atbashi.

I stayed near to the junction for about 3h, and I spoke to a few local people about my peace pilgrimage journey before I got my next lift all the way to Torogart by a wonderful truck driver from Naryn, he let a local woman to get off his lorry at the junction then he very kindly offered me a lift. On our way we talked about ourselves and I got some drink and he got some halva (a high energy sweet), and we shared our food and drink, then he drove through some flat and desert-like an area before we got to an army checkpoint and I was asked some questions, and after some enquiries finally we’re allowed to carry on towards the so-called main border, then as we arrived at about 11am the truck driver told me the customs place is closed for the weekend, and he wanted to go back to Naryn. After thanking him and saying goodbye I got in touch with the customs people and I was told I have to wait till Monday before I make my way towards China.

So the customs people put me through to someone who could speak English and I was told to go back to a hotel in Naryn till Monday, and I told them I was helped by kind people to get here and I can’t go back, so I’d like to stay around here, then they kindly connected me with a family who had a motel near there (between Atbashi and Torogart), and after some walk and asking I was welcomed and offered food and drink and a warm place. I have to say just before I entered this nice and warm place I felt the real winter blizzard, so I was happy that I got that place and initially I thought it’s for free, but after staying there for two nights, before I went I was told to pay some funds which I wasn’t happy about, but I had to pay about half of what they’re asking from my donation box before they let me go. Something I have to mention about food in the central Asian family was that they’re leaving butter, jam, fruit and food on the table for days which I’d have loved to eat the stuff, but because it’s been outside for days, and flies were all over them, so I didn’t have appetite to eat any of those products despite I’d have loved to if they were properly stored in a cool and dry place, but as I was their guest I couldn’t say how to store your food in a healthy way, but I promised to mention it so others who have the opportunity to mention it could do so if they wish.

Also as I wanted to write about my journey I realised I have left my little tablet back in the capital, and with help of my other half, I managed to get it back with some minor broken and missing stuff, but still I could use it to write up in my spare time for my blog, which it’s saved me a lot of papers throughout my peace journey.

Then on Monday 13.9.15 as I headed out from my motel place after sorting out the funds for the duration I was staying there with the help of some people over there, now the so-called border police wasn’t letting me go towards China as they’re telling me the Chinese won’t allow me in if I don’t have someone waiting for me on the other side. It took me quite a while with other kind people’s help before I was allowed to try my best to convince Chinese this time round to let me in to carry on with my peace mission further East.

So after 3 days and 2 nights of waiting and some challenging talk, I went through an easy security checks from the Kyrgyz side and with their kind help and another truck driver I finally arrived at the Chinese side where they asked me to get off and sort out my connection to Kashgar through an agency, which I didn’t have one.

So as I was trying to find out about my connectivity to Kashgar I had a terrible fall on my back and right hand elbow, which hurts to this day as the floor was harder than concrete (the mosaic at the base of a monument just by so-called Chinese border), and I have to say this was the worst accident I ever had throughout my peace pilgrimage journey, as the so-called border was in a mountain and it’s covered with early autumn snow and I slipped very badly with all my gear on as the so-called Chinese border police were asking me not to come closer and go to the direction where I had the fall. As I said, still to this day, as I remember that fall, all my body hurts. The Chinese guards and some other people there lifted me up and I was in pain and agony for hours and the guards afterwards brought me some Chinese food, drink and fruit, and other passengers there heard about my story, and now I had to convince someone to get me to Kashgar, and luckily someone with the help of Chinese guards turned up who wanted to help me, but only it’s possible with all my remaining funds which took me months to collect from Bishkek to just get me to Kashgar. I knew for me to get in I had to give up what I had, and I wasn’t worrying about what will happen after Kashgar, asI had a feeling it’s a matter of making or breaking of my peace journey, so they agreed to take me after some waiting and negotiation with their agency back in Kashgar.

So after some driving then some more waiting and then going through a Chinese security checkpoint again we said goodbye to the so-called second Chinese border control point, and we started out through buffer zone which was about 2h of driving through a harsh valley and desert-like winds and sandstorm, then we went through our third police checkpoint this time close to a settlement. Then after some more driving finally we got to a so-called official Chinese border control, which after going through some official paper filling and another security checks I was welcomed to China.

Then some more driving and then stopping in a little town before Kashgar for our late afternoon meal, which the people who I was with kindly offered me a nice local meal, which I thanked them and told them I would like to make my way further towards East, so they kindly translated my short message and at the junction to Kashgar and Torpan I said goodbye to them and stated to talk to people how I could get to Torpan!? People very kindly wanted to help me, even a motorcyclist gave me a first free 1km lift to a toll charge area in a hope they could help me, and after some time talking to them through a Google translator they did kindly help me at the last minute, through a wonderful family – a woman and her son – so I was with them for about 7h going through two more toll charges, and 2 CTN (petrol stations) where they had to fill up their car gas tank with gas twice for the duration I was with them. After arriving in Aksu at about 4am and going to some places to stay and a police station, finally I thanked them very much for all their kindness, and told them goodbye after they dropped me off in Aksu train station about 5am, then after going through an airport style security check with a little remaining fund from the Chinese agency I managed to secure a train ticket for 6pm to Torpan, so I stayed around the station for some time before I say goodbye to Aksu.

I observed people rush and different children’s interactions with one another and it’s all new experience to me here in so-called China People’s Republic.


I arrived at the Torpan train station at about 6am Beijing time, and from there I managed to secure my connection to Kumul, so I arrived at the station at about 3pm and as I’d run out of my funds I headed to the road and it’s here that I came across someone very kind who couldn’t believe what I was doing, so he very kindly offered me some wonderful vegetarian Chinese food, a train ticket with a bed to my next destination and some funds into my donation box, also some Chinese writing to help me with my cause. After thanking him and saying goodbye I met some more people who offered me some food and funds, then slowly I made my way further East. I was connecting day and night moving from one place to another, which was incredibly tiring, but I had no choice but carry on and keep connecting with more people to carry on with what I was out there to advocate.

I arrived next day at about 7am in Guazhou, then after a local bus journey to the main coach station I got a bus connection to my next destination Wuwei. Throughout my journey I came across a lot of solar farms and high building apartments the like of which I have never seen before, and these were just small cities – so imagine how Beijing and Shanghai would be looking like!?

The bus connection got me to Wuwei after about 3h drive, then after another local bus connection to the main train station, and then waiting there for a bit, I got in touch with a wonderful young woman who very kindly helped me with my next destination train ticket to the capital of Gansu province “Lanzhou”, and she told me “it’s okay, here in China we say travelling without money it’ll happen sometime” and I thanked her for her kind contribution and she asked for a selfi photo, which I was happy to do, and left my internet contact details with her as well. I left Wuwei at about 7:30pm and arrived at the capital of Gansu at about 11pm, and it’s here that police wanted to know why I’m waiting in the station and I had to tell them about my shortage of funds to get to my final destination in the far east of China, so they allowed me to stay at the waiting room till next day.

Next day I found my way to a coach station and I tried to go stage by stage to my final destination and as my fund wasn’t enough to next city I asked the ticket issuer if she could get me in touch with the manager which she did very kindly and he came around and helped me to get a ticket to the next town, which after 2h of driving we arrived at 9am and after making enquiries about my next destination everyone was telling me I have to get back to the capital to get to my final destination, and by now I had no funds at all, so I spoke to the management of the coach station and I was offered a ticket back to the capital but before this, as I came out of the city’s coach station I came across a mobile store so I went in to enquire about a SIM card which I found last night, and a wonderful woman very kindly tried her best to help but it didn’t work, and as I showed her my Chinese message she very kindly got me some food and drink, before I made my way back to the capital at about midday, so I thanked her very much before I said goodbye to the city of Baiyin.

So I arrived back into the capital again at about 2pm, and at the coach station I started to talk to people and explain about my situation and I came across some wonderful people who helped me with some food, drink, and funds towards my peace pilgrimage around the world. As the coach station was about to close about 9pm someone initially offered me a shelter for the night, but later on as others asked her ‘what are you going to do about police?’, she decided to cancel the offer, so I decided to head back to the train station, as I knew I had enough funds in my donation box to get me to my final destination in China. Just before 10pm I managed to secure a standing ticket to my last destination at 23:42, and as I got into the train a kind woman ticket inspector offered me a little seat by their office, and I should thank her as I would have had to stand for almost two days with all my baggages, and after talking to some other wonderful people in the train they kindly offered me food and drink. Next day we arrived in Xian (population about 38million), and after there we got to a place with a lot of pomegranate orchards, and I have to say this was the busiest train I have ever seen. Over all people of the Republic were very nice, apart from few individuals which came across negative but I have come across those sorts of individuals everywhere, so I was quite happy about my experiences in China, especially in my last few days of my stay which proved to be the best experience I ever had across this large nation. On board of the train they had a newspaper was called People’s Railway Daily (www.peoplerail.com), which apart from this title I couldn’t find a single English word in the whole newspaper, which was very strange as I asked to see and read it, but I couldn’t. As we’re moving towards my final destination the weather was similar to England and a lot of greenhouses across the region in an industrial scale, I assume to cope with the population needs for food so they had to have it in that scale, and a lot of power station for the electricity demand as well, another thing that I noticed was that from far in the west in Kashgar region all the way to Qingdao – corn was in season!?

So after passing few different provinces and being on board of the train K1028 from 2342h on 18.9.15 we arrived in our final destination in Qingdao on 20.9.15 at 0810h.

So as I arrive at the Qingdao train station at about 8am on 20th of September 2015 my hunt for a place to rest and then my connection to south Korea has just started.

As I came out of the station I found a place to sit in front of a hotel, and I waited to see if I could establish a communication line with anyone who’s passing by, so I could talk about my peace pilgrimage journey, and hopefully I could get some help if my message was going to resonate with them.

After about half an hour waiting the universe has just connected me to a wonderful woman who my peace pilgrimage message was resonating with her, and after some talk with her then she relayed my message back to her partner and they very kindly invited me back to their resting place then very kindly provided me with some special Chinese tea and a most needed shower, then some food and fruit before I tried to rest a bit on a sofa bed after the long train journey.

In the afternoon they invited me for a lunch but I didn’t have trousers with me, the only pair that I had was washed and wet, because I have already given my second pair to a man who I promised him back in Bishkek, so I told them you go ahead and go for your lunch and I’ll rest as I didn’t have much sleep for the last two days on the train.

So in the afternoon after resting for a bit and thinking about what to do next the wonderful couple offered me a bed in a hostel very close by their own resting place, and in the evening they took me for a walk and a drive around the famous German built city and later to a restaurant in a big shopping mall, I have to say the food was excellent and I did practice my using chopsticks which I have learnt it back in a Korean restaurant in Bishkek, and after thanking them for all their kindness and warm hospitality I said goodnight to them and thanked the universe for connecting me to one of my best connectivities so far throughout this episode of my peace pilgrimage journey.


I woke up at my new resting place in the Quinoa Zhuhaixiaozhan youth hostel, and after eating something and talking to a few people and updating my circumstances with limited Web connectivity, then in the afternoon the wonderful couple came back and they took me to the port and booked me a connection to a south Korean city on the other side of the yellow sea, and again invited me for traditional Chinese noodles in a local area close to where I was staying. On our way back to the hostel they got some fruit for our dessert and we were back to the hostel and after some more talk and taking some photos by one of the couple who his hobby and profession is photographer, and he liked the hostel layout so that he wanted to take some photos, then we said goodbye to one another as they had to go. Later in the afternoon I took a shower, and rested a bit as last night the mosquitoes and the road noise didn’t allow me to rest at all, and in the evening the wonderful couple came back with more surprises and this time they brought a hand bag as mine from Bishkek was torn and they have seen that I was sewing it, so they have brought one of their spare ones and a water bottle in replacement for my one that went missing in front of the Iceland parliament in Reykvik last year, then after some more talk we said goodbye and good night to one another and they went back to their resting place and I said goodnight to the fellow Chinese in the room that I was staying in and to the universe around me, and I put my head down for the second night.


I woke up at about 6am and after some updates, I was brought some rice and eggs by one of the wonderful couple and a toothpaste as I’d mentioned I finished the one that was given to me last year at the Canadian jail back in Newfoundland.

Then I washed some clothes and prepared myself for a walk around the city. In the afternoon I headed out of my resting place for a long 5h walk around the city and throughout my walk I came across some more wonderful people who offered me some food and drink, then I walked to the famous pier in the city before I made my way back to my resting place at about 7pm.

When I got back and rested a bit my wonderful hosts brought me some milk and they offered me to go out for a dinner but I said to her I am not very hungry, so I thanked them and asked them to go back and rest and we’ll have our food tomorrow as my last meal with them before I say goodbye to them towards south Korea, and she said okay so we said goodnight to one another and after chatting with some people through the limited internet connectivity over there, I said goodnight to everyone and the universe around me.



Today I woke up at about 7am and after eating some food I did some writing for my blog, then I prepared myself before noon, as I knew that the wonderful couple will turn up after 12pm then we’ll go out to eat some food before they kindly take me to the ferry Port. So at about 12:30pm they very kindly turned up and invited me to another seafood and fish meal, which I enjoyed it and I thanked them from the bottom of my heart for all their kindness, and later on they got me some fruits as well, which next day I shared them at breakfast time with some new people, who I came to know on board of the ferry from China to south Korea. The wonderful couple after the meal and fruits took me to the port and in there I was given an upgraded ticket from economy to business, so I could be with less people in one cabin – it should be 5 people in one room but later on I found out it’s just two of us, the other a cyclist doing a round the world from Germany, and in the economy I was told it’s 50 people in one big dormitory, so I thanked them again and because they had to go back to work, I have to say goodbye to them with a great heart to heart hug and taking a memorable photo together.

After they left we waited for over an hour before finally the gates were opened, and everyone but especially the Chinese were rushing towards the gates, but five of us waited patiently for the rush to go through then we headed to the gateways as well. Later on the ship I tried to talk to those four people, 2 Australian women and two German men, and later on when I approached them I told them all about my peace pilgrimage and I made new connections and friendship with them all and the young German cyclist was in the same room as me and he was doing cycling around the world for about 1 year, and we exchanged our contact details and later on we tried to link up in Japan which didn’t happen. The others were in the economy compartments and we exchanged our details as well. The German partner of one of the Australian woman has been travelling from Australia through south east Asia then India, China, and Korea for the last year, and they’re planning to go back to Australia from Japan, and their Australian woman friend who has joined them for the last month was hoping to go back to Australia from Korea. So after we said goodbye to the port of Qingdao at about 4pm and having something to eat, I was so tired that I couldn’t even say goodnight to my room mate, I had fallen asleep.

Next day we all met and had some wonderful food and drink together, before our departure to the Korean port of Inchoen at about 12pm, then after going through the security checks and coming out of the arrival area, we all got busy with some internet activities as we didn’t have our social media across China for a while, like (Facebook, twitter, and google) then as we walked out of the port and they’re aiming towards the south Korean capital, Seol, I found a place to rest a bit and think about what to do next, so I said thanks and goodbye to everyone and I stayed there for sometime before I start my walk to the city of Inchoen, and started getting in touch with some local people to find out what’s their perception, and I found out I had a lot of difficulty to explain my message and as I didn’t have my Korean translated message, people were having difficulty to understand English, so with a little fund that I had from China with the help of the train station staff we exchanged it to Korean one and I made my way to the capital as well.

So as I arrived in the capital the first thing hit me was the number of alcoholic and destitute people outside the station and I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I thought I’m back in Victoria or Charing Cross stations, but increasing the number to a few times more. After I waited there for a bit to adapt myself to the environment and how to deal with it, I came across an activist group who were talking to public, showing videos, and handing out pamphlets to people about the current crises in south Korea which American and Japanese were trying to install a missile defence system opposite to China with the help of their current government, and they’re not happy about it, and I supported their cause and I said I’ll mention it on my blog for those who are following current affairs across the world (www.peaceone.org). One of the members could speak English and he very kindly offered me some funds and drink and a name of a cheap place for me to stay overnight, then as I thanked them at the end of their campaign, I came across a street church congregation, which most of those destitute people were there, and I joined them and I was asked to tell a bit about myself and I told them and gave them some hope as well, then at the end of their singing and clapping I was offered a shelter by the organisers for the night, which I accepted and thanked them for the offer.

So after finishing on the street and packing we walked back to their place which in there they very kindly offered me some food and drink as well, and after thanking the universe and everyone else around me I put my head down somewhere safer than outside for another night on my peace journey.

25 through 28.9.15

Today I woke up at about 7am with the sound of the church congregation singing and praying from the basement place, which I joined them and then after having some warmed up food from last night, I said thanks for their hospitality and goodbye to the organisers and everyone else present at the place, so I made my way back to the main Seol train station, as I was trying to make my way towards south east of south Korean and initially I went to the wrong direction of Boson and not Busan, but finally I made my way back to the main station, and with the help of a young boy from south of the region who himself was going back there, we managed to secure a train ticket with the remaining funds that I had to the south east port of Busan in South Korea.

I stayed at the main Seol train station till about 10:50 pm but with no connection, then I took my train southbound and on the train also I couldn’t make any connections, and arrived at my final destination about 04:20, so in there I waited till early morning and I got in touch with some people from outside the station who were giving out food, I got some and I waited to find my way to connect with Japan.

I wanted to say here that across whole wide China I just saw one beggar, but least to say in front of every mosque in central Asia especially in Bishkek the number was ten times higher than the whole China, and in South Korea each city equalled to the whole China, and especially mental ill health, drug and alcoholic numbers were very high across Seol and Busan, the two main cities of South Korea. I was hoping for the thing to be different across Japan, which it was true the issues were totally different from one another.

So after arriving in the Busan train station and staying around there for about 7h I had just managed to speak to one person and that’s because I found a wallet and as I took it back to the main information desk at the station I got in touch with only one person which I thought the wallet might belong to him, so I spoke to him, and I explained to him about my funding and finally after some time he understood what I was telling him and donated some funds towards my peace journey. I finally found my way to the international ferry terminal and asked few of the ferry companies and talked to them about what I was doing and asked if they could help, but all were refusing to do anything and referring me to the next one. Initially I thought I was back in developed nations but this nation were all following orders and very much robotic and very busy producing cheap stuff for the rest of us and to me they didn’t understand my message at all, and after asking someone who very kindly translated my message at the train station, so I managed after almost 3 days to collect enough funds to secure the ticket, and specifically here I want to thank a manager of a food store “TK Food INC” Mr Nakyeom Lee ( http://www.bsodaeng.co.kr or http://www.monstermama.co.kr ) at the station, who was very kind and through his son who was studying in New York, and a daughter in Canada, I think he could speak to them and they could explain my message clearly through my weblog, so he has considered my cause to be worthy of support or for any other reason, so please say thanks and hello to him if by any chance you’d pass by and send my highest love and greeting to him again.

I have to say here that those enterprise companies who I got in touch with, I believe that they had reported me to the port police and the day which I went back to the port to get my ticket I was approached by two men in civilian clothes and I was told they’re from foreign metropolitan police who wanted to know who was I? and I was questioned by them then asked to go to their main office, and I was asked more questions and motivation behind why I was doing this peace journey alone? and who was supporting me? and I was asked about my thinking about a group so called IS (Islamic State) and they wanted to find out whether I was their operative person, and for a moment I thought the saga of St. Peterborough and Russian was going to repeat again, but with the kindness of one of the officers, who later on told me because of what I was doing, and I’m not who they thought I was, he out of his kindness offered me some lunch in their local restaurant, and he was really kind which I thanked him for all his kindness and hospitality. I believe as the universe knew how much truly I wanted so dearly to connect with my final land destination before my Pacific connection (Japan), so after about couples of hours, they told me everything was okay, and I can go now, then in the afternoon I managed to enquire about my Japan connection through the sea and next day in the afternoon I managed to secure my ferry ticket.

Securing the ticket came after long hours of talking to people at the main entrance to the Busan train station, China town, city centre, and the kind man at the local food store at the main train station, so after three nights in a row from about midnight to 4am I was staying at the station and just resting there and not sleeping, also I have to say kind Mr. Lee tried his best to get me a shelter but it never happened, and he donated the night shelter to me which went towards my ticket as the place we went with a cheap option of staying was all full, so I went back to the station and every night I have to tell the security people (railway police) why I was staying there, and every night I had to have a different reason!?

I was lucky to be at that station at it’s busiest period of time, as it’s their national holiday for the week that I was in South Korea, so I managed to get in touch with maximum number of kind people despite their busy lifestyle, otherwise it might have taken even longer before I could secure my Japan sea connection.

My final day in Korea 29.09.15

After 04:30 I had something to eat then I stayed at the train station at a meeting point place till about midday but with no connection at all, so I headed out for the final time towards the international port of Busan. Before I go in I found a place to put my head down as at the station I couldn’t sleep, so I managed to find a place, and rested for a bit as I didn’t want to go to the port tired.

Here I’d like to say that throughout my peace journey I have came across many so-called tourist people from Europe, and especially America, who I have noticed as soon as they have seen my message they didn’t want even to make eye contact, and some they’re showing on their face that they didn’t want even to see me, and today I came across a couple who I have seen them in the city or they have seen me somewhere and despite I said hello to them, they’re looking at me like if they could they personally would remove me from the place so they couldn’t see me with my sign. I had a feeling they’re thinking I’m disrupting their tourism, and even worse I could feel they’re thinking if they say hello to me I’ll straight away ask them for money. I have to say again I have come across many wonderful people who despite their limited budget they have shared their kindness and everything else they could do to support what I was doing. It’s just a thought I had to mention, as many who has given a lift to me, throughout their lifetime they have been in my position. In a way I don’t blame those they think money is everything and they will never run out of it and be in my position, or people who their pride would not let them to even consider to think twice about what they have seen; to them it was immediately just – a beggar is around and must be ignored, or removed.

It’s today that after getting the ferry ticket from new Camellia company (with the kind sponsorship of people across the city of Busan and not the port), I sent out a message through the social media, as wifi was available, to see if anyone has got any Japanese connection to help me to cross Pacific Ocean to complete my round the world peace pilgrimage journey, and a few very kindly came forward to help out, but I knew it’s not going to be so easy.

At about 7pm we started boarding the ferry and on board I came across some young Koreans who were all working for Samsung in different branches of different cities and I had an opportunity to speak to one of them who was telling me about some of the Korean products and their origin of the products, then we said goodnight to one another an hour after our ferry started to move out of the city of Busan bound to Fukuoka (Hakata). Next day I woke up at about 5am and after having some biscuits and water I was looking forward to see more of Japan, then we arrived at the port of Hakata about 6am, but we have to wait till 8am before we go through very tight and high security with a lot of cameras then a few more questions from the so-called port police, before I was welcomed officially to the Japanese biggest port at the west, then after some internet update and sending out some messages and getting some Japanese funds through my remaining funds in my donation box to use in Japan in case of emergency if people were difficult to communicate with, as it was in Korea.

So I started walking towards the main train station in the city and from there to find out my connection to the city of Nagasaki by train, bus or other means if it’s required. So as I was familiarising myself with the new environment from 10am to 7pm, I managed to engage with a young man who very kindly offered me some traditional Japanese rice and tea in a MacDonald place as I was charging my phone there and for him to say that Japan isn’t all about fast Food!? but I already saw everything here was fast and people were looking even more busier than Korea to make our supplies of technology for the rest of us across the world. I stayed around this place till about midnight, but with only another connection which I was offered an address of a restaurant and café 24h, and I thanked them and asked them to get in touch with me in the future, and after eating some chips I made my way towards the place.



It’s about 0:30 hours that as I was walking from Hakata rail station towards a restaurant which was called “Joyfull” that I came across a wonderful young man who as I asked him about the place he very kindly came with me and walked all the way with me, also kindly offered me some delicious Japanese food and a contribution towards my connection to Nagasaki, then after some more talk he said to me he has to go and we said goodnight and goodbye to one another.

I stayed in the cafe and restaurant till about 7am before I make my way back to the Hakata station, and I went to the coach station and I got a ticket for 0945h to Nagasaki, it took us just over 2h to get there.

The city, which was devastated back in August 9th 1945, was looking very much modern and there’s a market with local food which I got some with the funds that I had in my donation box and a big screen with a loud speaker was advertising new stuff and it’s very loud but people were still sitting and they’re carrying on with their different activities.

I tried to charge my phone to take some photos, but I couldn’t find a place in the massive shopping centre, despite I was asking some people over there, but I wasn’t allowed, so I made my way towards the peace park with a tram or as they were calling it streetcar and after missing to get off first round I went all the way to the end of the line and as we came back the driver took his fare from my donation box.

After getting off, I made my way to the peace park and I saw a lot of students from different schools, which I spoke to a teacher and some students and I told them what I was doing and the teacher kindly took a photo of me and she said she’s going to email it to me, then we have heard an announcement through the loud speakers in Japanese and a bit later someone told me in English that they are expecting a hurricane and we should get shelter, then as I was looking for somewhere a man was after me and told me the park will be closed soon and I cannot camp here and I should go back to my hotel.

As I didn’t have a hotel I made my way towards a famous cathedral “Urakami” and in there as I visited inside I couldn’t walk around and people in there were telling me they don’t speak English and they can’t help me with shelter and there was a sign outside to say we don’t accept anyone, but as I knew a hurricane is coming, and it’s getting dark as well and I didn’t have anywhere to go, so I just managed to shelter outside a doorway of the cathedral and I survived a strong rain and wind, but I don’t know about calling it a hurricane.


I was woken up by cathedral people about 5am, and I had to move on and find my way through the city of Nagasaki bombing area, and after some walk I found myself in front of the atomic bombing museum and after waiting and charging my phone and talking to two wonderful elderly men who could speak a bit of English, and after telling them all about my peace journey, I was offered some water and a contribution towards my connection to Hiroshima, then I thanked them and I said goodbye to them as the museum got opened, and I went to the main entrance and after having an ice cream as my first meal of the day from my donation box, then I entered the museum, but I was told I have to pay 200yen and as I didn’t have my donation box with me I said it’s okay I don’t go inside the museum just to the peace memorial hall (www.peace-nagasaki.go.jp)(www.nagasakipeace.jp), then after spending some hours around the museum I slowly made my way towards the Hypocentre park, and then back to the peace park again (the fountain of peace and the peace statue), and it’s here that I met a wonderful couple from Italy, who were coming back from Australia after working there for almost 2years, to visit Japan before they make their way back to their home, and they very kindly offered me some food, drink and after a few hours of talk at the park and taking some photos as well, it’s here that someone who was looking after the peace park came to us with a piece of paper to say we can’t camp here, as I remember well he was the person from yesterday at the time of ‘we’re about to have a hurricane’ and as I was looking for a shelter he came to me and said no camping and told me I should go back to my hotel, so today he thought now I have organised to camp with the others, and we said to him not to worry we’re not going to camp here, and we’re just talking and we’ll go soon.

Then after leaving the peace park and getting some food and drink to eat, we made our way back towards the main Nagasaki train station, and the couple told me about a place that they have stayed last night (Manga Kissa), and they very kindly offered me to go back there so they contributed towards my night shelter, then as they’re going to visit some other places before they go back there, because I had to rest a bit more before I make my way towards the station, so after thanking them for everything and a heart to heart hug we said goodbye to one another at about 9pm.

So after saying goodbye to the wonderful Italian couple and resting a bit in front of a building then I made my way towards the station and on my way I came to a petrol station, where I wanted to find out a bit about somewhere to rest for the night and they said I can’t stay there and they just knew a hotel for me to go and after explaining that I’m a peace pilgrim and unless I have been offered a place I can’t afford to go to a hotel and explained about my peace journey towards Hiroshima and they kindly contributed a bit of fund towards my connection, which I thanked them and head on towards the main Nagasaki train station.

After getting to the station and waiting there for a while I managed to connect with a man from Tokyo and another one from Italy and I explained to them all about my peace journey and gave them my internet communication details, so the Italian as he was a business man on a business trip to Japan told me he’ll read about my peace mission and will get in touch and he said goodbye to us, as for the Japanese, he stayed for a bit longer and offered me some food and drink and we talked a bit more about my peace journey and Japan and places in Japan before we say goodbye to one another as well.

Then at the station I managed to communicate with some people through the internet, and as I was thinking what to do for my shelter, there’s a man who was reading my board and I approached him and after talking a bit more he very kindly offered me a shelter for the night.

So we walked back to his place and he introduced me to his friend and I found out that both of them were from Nepal, and they have been studying and working here in Nagasaki for about 2 years, then after they offered me some drink I said goodnight to them and thanked them and the universe for the wonderful connection for the night.


Today after waking up and taking a shower and washing my clothes with the kind help of the Nepalese brothers, they then kindly offered me some food before we head out for a walk around another part of the city, in a hope I could communicate with some people and raise some funds for my Hiroshima connection, so one of the wonderful Nepalese brothers took me to a busy festival market area and in there we said goodbye to one another and I stayed there for over an hour with no real connection, then I moved a bit outside the market on a bridge, and stayed here for a bit as well, but with no luck I had to move on about 1730 hours, and I made my way towards the Nagasaki Harbour, and in the harbour I found a place to write a bit for this update.

I hope everything will go well and I could still connect with some more wonderful people, before I could make my way towards my resting place where the kind Nepalese has offered me to stay for another night.

So as I made my way back towards the market place where I said goodbye to the Nepalese peace brother, then I waited there for another 2h again, but with no connection, and having nothing to eat since this morning I used the donation box to get some chips and as I was waiting for my peace brother to turn up, but he was busy at the place where he was helping out, so I made my way back to the resting place and waited there for about 30min before he turned up, then after saying hello, and getting into the place I was so tired that without eating anything, I said goodnight to both peace brothers, and I put my head down for another night in Nagasaki.


Today after waking up and having some bread and a cup of coffee, I headed out towards the main Nagasaki station this time with having my message in Japanese in case of if I come across someone who didn’t speak English so I could show it to them, but after getting to the station and trying to connect with people I found it very difficult to connect and apart from two connections, one with some Japanese from the coach station and second with a couple of Chinese women from Shanghai at the train station, which both resulted in them thanking me for what I was doing and good luck, then I didn’t manage to engage with anyone till about 10pm, then I headed back to my resting place for my third night which the wonderful and kind Nepalese offered as my final night.

At my welcoming place I was offered some food and some donation towards my journey back to Hakata, then hopefully Hiroshima, so after some singing and music by them as it’s going to be my final night with them, then we said goodnight to one another and the universe for providing good things to us.


After waking up and having a shower then some bread I said goodbye to my wonderful Nepalese host, and headed to the Nagasaki main bus station, and after getting an 1115h bus to Hakata, I arrived about 1330h, and after arriving there I got in touch with a few wonderful people including an Italian man who kindly donated some funds towards my Hiroshima connection and some food, and later in the evening a very kind Japanese man helped me with some food and drink, and later in the evening after finding out still my funds wasn’t enough to get me to Hiroshima, I was looking to find a place to rest, and I came across a Japanese woman who didn’t have anywhere as well, so we went outside together as the shopping centre and the stations were about to close, and we managed to survive with an emergency blanket on her, and later on myself till next day, so really we didn’t sleep as we’re sitting on a bench and plenty of interruptions from different people.


As I didn’t sleep last night so we moved back to the shopping centre area to use the bathroom facilities and then we chatted and talked a bit more, before we say goodbye to one another.

Then after some updates I headed out to the front of the main Hakata train station which was a busy place to talk to people, after staying around there for about 2h I spoke to 2 people an elderly man and a woman who very kindly stopped and I spoke to them and they contributed a bit towards my Hiroshima connection, I spoke to 2 more people but they said they will contact me in the future.

Then just before midday I got a bus ticket to Hiroshima for afternoon at 3pm as they didn’t have anything else, and I spent the remaining fund on some food and drink as I didn’t have much food since last night.

Then in the afternoon at 3pm I headed out from the coach station to Hiroshima, and on my way I noticed that here in Nippon I have seen the maximum number of road tunnels and bridges across this small island then anywhere else I have ever visited since the start of my peace journey, also smoking and using mobile phones are prohibited on board, as well as compulsory seat belt, and I have to say it’s one of the most advanced nations I have come across throughout my peace pilgrimage journey around the world, even across Europe and America I haven’t seen this much advancement, from their simple advanced toilet that assist you with washing to their car, robot and rail technology. I hope the rest of the world will use this available technology for our beneficial way of looking after the planet and humanity, and not for the profit of a few individuals.

So I arrived at the Hiroshima coach station, at about 1930h, and after looking around the area, and trying to find out my way around I asked a young girl assuming that she might speak English which she did a bit and then her brother joined us later so I managed through them to enquire about my vision after Hartshima from the information desk then anything peace related on the map of Hartshima, then I said thanks and goodbye to them and I stayed around the station till close to midnight then I walked towards the peace park, on my way I asked an internet cafe a place which someone could rest for the night, and I wanted to see if I could stay there for a few hours, but I was told I have to pay, so I thanked them and carried on towards the peace park and I stayed around there till next day.


As I didn’t sleep much of last night so during the morning I got some sun bed on a bench in the park then walked outside the atomic museum, and around the peace park and took some photos outside, then I headed to the museum and I asked if I could get in which with a little fund and their help I went into the museum, after leaving my stuff by the museum staff, after saying I don’t have any fund to pay for the lockers. What I saw inside the museum made me stronger on my advocacy about world peace and a call for abolishing of all nuclear weapons on the face of the planet, and I hope humanity will never suffer or go through what the Japanese did back on that morning of August 6th 1945. What I saw in the museum made me very sad and stronger on the other hand to carrying on what I’m doing even harder, then I came out and visited an exhibition area for the victims of the bombing and left messages of support for the mayor of Hiroshima for abolition of nuclear weapons by 2020, as I did back in Nagasaki, then I headed towards the city centre again and on my way I stopped after crossing a bridge close to the hypocentre of the bomb by a restaurant which the front of it was full of fresh oranges which last night I had 4 of them as they’re outside left behind.

I couldn’t connect with anyone apart from a kind man from Canada, who was born in Oman, and he kindly contributed some funds towards my food and drink, which I used later in the city.

Then I walked towards the main Hartshima train station, and after getting there and exploring the area I met someone from Germany who was doing around the world journey as well, and helped a little fund towards my eating or drinking, then after talking to one another for about 1h as we’re watching baseball fans were going home, then close to 11pm we said goodnight and goodbye to each other, and I started walking towards my next destination – Kobe.

On my way I came across a restaurant, where I was given some rice and water, then after some chat I said thanks and goodbye to them, again on my way I came across a nice man in a food market, who helped me to get in touch with my first lift on the road in Japan for about a few miles towards Kobe, then after thanks and goodbye to a couple who kindly helped me with the lift, I carried on walking towards the outskirts of Hiroshima, for a few kilometres before I put my head down in a layby place by the main road till next day.


Today I woke up at about 7am and after packing everything I started walking towards the city of Kobe and after about a few kilometres walk I was offered a lift by a wonderful man from Hiroshima for about 10km outside the city to a car park and he very kindly offered me some food and drink as well, then I thanked him and said goodbye, so as I waited there not for a long time before I got my third connection of the day at about 11am with another kind man from Fukuoka all the way to the city of Kobe, which we arrived at about 3pm, he very kindly offered me some food, drink and sweets on our way as well.

After saying thanks and goodbye to him, at a carpark which he kindly dropped me off, I was told by the carpark attendance that I should do a hitchhike to connect with the city which was just a few metres walk, because there’s no walking route and it’s only for cars and trucks, but as I couldn’t get a lift so I walked quickly through the main road to get out of the car park to connect back to the city.

Now it’s here that I wanted to print out a copy of my sailing network profile so I went to a petrol station, but they couldn’t help, and I was told that city hall might be able to help me, and on my way there I came across a sports facilities area with a lot of young boys, and girls were playing and exercising different games and I wanted to connect with them to see if they might have a better solution, and after getting in touch with a few of them and telling them about myself and connecting with them through their social media, then I was offered an alternative would be an internet cafe, but I was told it might be a bit difficult to find, so after having a Tokyo sweet from them I said thanks and goodbye to them and headed towards the city hall building.

After arriving in the building I was directed to the 24th floor to see the view of the city, and I was told that I can stay till about 10pm, after getting there I got in touch with a very kind office employee, and he kindly helped me to print a page from internet after a bit of editing, then I used the wifi system on the floor to send out a quick message to say I’m safe and got to the city of Kobe.

I stayed there till about 10pm, then I made my way around the quiet city to find a quiet place to put my head down for the night, but before this I managed to write up a bit about my last few days then I found a place by the harbour then I said goodnight to an unequal world – as despite all these high skyscrapers and empty building were around me, I had to sleep outside as I didn’t have money to stay inside.


This morning I woke up at about 8am with the rush of city workers to the harbour area, then I made my way to see the city museum but I ended up to meet up with my first Japanese men one from Kobe and the second from Nagasaki, to come to me and ask what I was doing, and this was almost unheard of till today, and they kindly thanked me for what I was doing and offered me some food and funds as well, then from there I came across another museum (Kobe Pearl Museum http://www.japan-pearl.com/museum ), which as I entered the museum I came across a well known kind man (Yoshihiro Utsumi executive director) who very kindly offered me some coffee and refreshment, and tried his best to link me with some other wonderful people from the museum and the city hall, and he told me about the city’s story as Kobe was the birth place of Karaoke, Pearl and as I knew Marathon as well, then after some talk I said thanks and good bye to him making my way to the city hall to see if a woman who I was linked up with could help me with my connection back to the continent of America.

At the city hall I managed to see a woman from England who was at the PR department at the city hall, but she couldn’t help much and she said to me she’ll do some research then she might get back to me, and after thanking her I said goodbye and made my way back to my favourite floor of the city hall (24th floor), and it’s here I had a chance to do this update.

Then after having a conversation with the security of the building who brought my phone back to me and told me it’s a crime for me trying to charge my phone there, so I told them sorry I didn’t know this, and I moved out of the city hall building then I stopped in front of a big shopping centre (Sannomya) to connect with some people, & it’s here that I got a connection with my first journalist Fuuto Masahiro (www.kobe-np.co.jp) since I left Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan, so he asked me a few questions and he told me he might write an article about my peace journey, then he took some photos, and very kindly donated some funds towards my cause, then after saying thanks and goodbye to him a guy named Martin from Poland came to me and asked me to vacate his place and he told me he’s advocating exactly what I do for the last 12 years here in Kobe, and I was so happy to hear that, but when I asked if I can get in touch with him, I was told there’s nothing for me to know about him and how he’s doing and what I am doing, so as I felt there’s something not right about what he’s telling me, I decided to move on, then as he told me a few other places for me to advocate what I do, and asking me for how long will I stay here in Kobe? and I told him I don’t know. Then after moving from there, later on as I was trying two of the places he told me, and again asked him about his contact details or a photo so I can mention him or what he’s doing, I was told no again, so I gave my one to him and I told him if he decided to change his mind he can get in touch with me, and I said goodbye to him in a search for a place to stay for the night.

So as I was looking for a second place to advocate what I was doing and a seaman place to stay for the night in another big shopping area (Motomachi), as I was sitting by a food and drink store (Lawson), where I could use internet and quickly check my messages, someone came to me and as we talked and I told him about what I was doing and showing my Japanese message, he very kindly offered me a shelter for the night and after getting back to his place he offered me some food drink and a shower as well.

So I have to say thanks to the people of Kobe and him, as since I left Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan this was the first night shelter in a home of the country people that was offered to me throughout China, South Korea, and here in Japan, so my dream of staying in the house or home of one of this culture came to reality before I say goodbye to these three totally different cultures.


I said goodbye and thanked my wonderful first host here in Kobe, and headed to a Motomachi shopping area.

I stayed for about few hours at the main entrance to the Motomachi 6 but with no connection to anyone, also there was a music week, so I listened to some music while I was there then I moved to the east exit of Motomachi train station as I had to meet up with a cyclist who was cycling around the world from England and he’s introduced to me through another rainbow peace brother from England.

After less than an hour waiting I met him and then we went to the floor 24th of the city hall to see the city from high once again for me and he did like the place then back to the ground floor and we found a place which he very kindly got some food and drink to sit down and share together then we headed back to the Sannomiya underground station, and it’s here that we said goodnight to one another, I have to say, I had a great time to meet up with someone who I didn’t have difficulty to speak to for such a long time.

After saying goodbye to him I stayed at the place which few days ago Martin from Poland told me it’s his place but as he wasn’t there so I stayed there till about midnight and I got a wonderful connection with someone very kind who offered me some food, drink and a donation, also he’s happy to translate my sailing appeal across Pacific and email it back to me in the near future then after thanking him, I got in touch with a street performer who kindly offered me some food and drink as well, then as none of them was able to offer me a shelter I put my head down in there by a porch of a shop with some cardboard and an emergency blanket till next day.


I woke up quite early and headed out towards the port, and on my way I met some locals who were performing exercises and dancing in a park which I asked them if I could take a photo of their performance as I liked their performance and they’re happy for me to do so, then I said goodbye to them and made my way towards the port which before the port I came across a farmers’ fair and as I asked them from which part of Japan were they coming and I was told from south west of Japan (Miyazaki and Kushima) by a ferry, so I stayed there for a bit and I handed out all my donation in my donation box as my body wanted to have what they’re offering, so after there I went into the port 3 (pier no.3), and I was told they don’t have any Pacific connection, and all they have is local connection, so I was told I should visit port 4 (pier 4), which is for international connections.

Then before I make my way there I met a lecturer at Kagawa university (www.morikawamitsuyo.com), who very kindly came forward to help me with some translation at the port and I was told about a music performance on the second floor, which her son was there and I went there to see and listen to some of it and it’s for the first anniversary of the port, then I asked her if she could help with my sailing profile translation into Japanese which she kindly said not a problem and as soon as she get some time she’ll do it and email it to me.

Then I said goodbye to the port 3 and headed to no. 4 and as I got there I got in touch with some people who kindly directed me to some other places, but as it’s Sunday and next day was a public holiday as well, so I had to wait till Tuesday, then after thanking them all, I made my way towards the port island. On my way I came across some other Japanese dancers this time with a drum under a main bridge to the island, so after staying there for a bit, then I carried on further into the island and in there I managed to get in touch with some more people from the island also from Kyoto, and as I told them about my story I was offered some food and drink, and I have to say here that if I was getting food everyday like today definitely I could put weight on rather than losing weight! After staying around a supermarket (Lawson), where I could use internet and connect with some people, then just before they closed I was asked am I going to stay around there? As police might come around, and I said no, and made my way further into the island in a hope of finding a place to put my head down for the night, which I came across one and I did so.


So as last night I couldn’t sleep very well because of the mosquito, and also I was woken up by a police officer at about 7am, then I had to quickly pack and make my way towards the main port, where I might get a connection, and on my way I came across a wonderful man who after telling him about myself he very kindly got me some food and drink, then I thanked him and moved further towards the port, and it’s here that I came across Kobe animal Kingdom place (www.kobe-oukoku.com), Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums where after speaking to the manager I was offered a free passage to the place which I have to thank them all from here as this was the first ever Japanese organisation manager who was appreciating what I was doing and get a free entrance to the centre. I spent most of the day in there and I enjoyed watching different animals from across the world without going there, like kangaroos from Australia and penguins from South Africa, also dog performance from New Zealand, and different birds, then I said thanks to them again, and goodbye to head out towards my final destination of APL and MOL place at the port.

But as I got there it’s closed and no one was there for me to ask and on my way I came across a wonderful man from Kenya who very kindly provided me with a drink and some cakes, then I found a little time in a 24h store to write this update, and catch up with some of my past backlog of writing for the blog as well.


So rest of the last night I stayed awake in the 24h store and after coming across two wonderful men from Pakistan which one of them very kindly offered me some food and drink after telling them about my story, and as his friend has been in Japan for about 12yr he very kindly asked the people in the 24h store to see if I could stay there, and after he spoke with them and they got in touch with their manager I was told I should be okay to stay as long as I don’t sleep and I said okay, then after saying thanks and goodbye to the two wonderful men from Pakistan I spent all night there without any sleep and despite I was tired I managed to catch up with more of my writing as I said already, but all night I couldn’t get any connection with anyone apart from a woman who was working in the store brought me a cup of coffee, that’s all from last night.

So at about 7am I made my way towards the APL at the port which wasn’t far from where I was and as I got there I told security guards about my mission and showed them my Japanese sailing profile and I was put in contact with one of the agencies, and I was told I have to get in touch with the headquarters in Singapore, and I told them but I am here and not in Singapore, and I would like them to help me to make a request of their headquarters, but I was told by them they can’t do anything about it and I have to make my way out, so I said goodbye to them, and then made my way towards my next destination which was MOL Japanese shipping company and at the security point I was connected to an agency again and I spoke to a few of the people from an agency Nordic Agencies Co., Ltd. (www.kobenordic-agencies.jp), and again I was told that I can’t be given any lift unless I get in touch with the MOL headquarters in order for them to consider my passage to America and I was told after 9/11 the Japanese regulations of taking people across Pacific Ocean has been tightened much more than ever before.

So after saying goodbye to them I headed back to the city, on my way back I got a DLR type train connection back with a kindness of a man at the computer station near university and the zoo garden from yesterday, then I stayed around the city all day and tried to get in touch with a kind man in the pearl museum and through him to the city hall, who might be able to put me in contact with a link that might help my passage through Pacific Ocean.

I have to say none of the contacts resulted in any help, so I have to make my way back to a public area to speak to more people and tell them about my mission in a hope of at least get some food and shelter for the day. So I managed to get in touch with some more wonderful people who help me with some funds and I could get enough food not let my stomach empty before I put my head down for the night, then as I couldn’t get any shelter I stopped in front of a clothes store which had become my home from my second night here in Kobe, as they’re putting out cardboard boxes as well, so I don’t have to hunt for them every night, and if I could move out before dawn I was going to be okay not to encounter police enquiries as well.


I woke up today about 7am and after eating some bread and water from last night I made my way towards the harbour again and in hope of a connection, but after visiting few places with no luck I ended up in a Jahoves Kingdom Hall, which I was told they would have English gathering and talk, but after finding out they all had a major meeting in Tokyo they cancelled their local gathering in English, and after some talk with a few who could speak in English I was offered to just participate in their Japanese congregation, so after the meeting I was offered some food and drink, but with no shelter I headed out to a canal which at the end of it I found a place to put my head down for the night, but it turned out was a factory premises, and they have called police to come and ask me to go, so about 06:30 I was waken up by three police officers, a woman and two men, and then after some questioning and getting some details I was told I can’t sleep in a company’s yard as it’s their premises, but I can stay in a park and I said okay and goodbye to them so I headed back to the city centre.

After about few hours of walking and stopping in a few public places trying to engage with people over here in the city of Kobe (www.feel-kobe.jp, http://www.city.kobe.jp) this time in two other areas of the city, which were called Hyogo, and Shinkaichi, so I managed to engage with a few wonderful people, who very kindly helped me with some food and drink and a bit of funds after talking about my peace mission.

Also it’s after midday that after making an appointment in the morning with a manager of an English language centre called PATHOS that I met up and told him about my peace mission and I asked him if he could help and speak to his students, but he told me he’ll let me know in the future if they needed someone to help out, and he very kindly let me know about a Japanese website, which I could register to teach on (www.hello-sensei.com), and it’s after this meeting that I sent out a message on my social media to mention the website and ask people if they knew of anything else that would engage me more with this most shy nation on earth that I have come across so far, and I got some tips and advice as usual from kind followers on the Web.

So as for the night I stayed around the area and I managed to put my head down in front of Minatogawa Jinja (shrine) till a very early hour of next day (@5am), and I was woken up this time not by a police officer, but by the claps of the people who were coming to pay their respects before they’re heading to their work, so I quickly managed to pack and pay my respect for sheltering me for another night here in Kobe, and headed towards the city’s central library “Chuo Toshokan” (www.lib.kobe.ac.jp). So after some walk around the area and some waiting outside the library to be open after 9am, which very soon a lot of people turned up and luckily I was first and as I entered I asked about a place that I could sit down in quietness and write, so I was sent to 3rd floor and in there a place on table no.12 was allocated to me, and I stayed there till about 6pm, and on my break time I visited some other parts of the library, and I went to a place which particularly had information about an earthquake memorial (The Great Hanshin-Awaji) a disaster reduction and human renovation institution with more information on these websites (www.dri.ne.jp/wordpress/index.php/material) (www.facebook.com/drive.archives), which later I saw some of the videos of the disaster which was heartbreaking, and the recovery in the area absolutely showed their determination and their great effort to come back and rebuild everything within 2years.

So as I was using the quietness of the place to do some writing also I could stay till 8pm, but as my other half very kindly offered me some funds to sustain my living here in Japan, so I had to make my way back to the city centre, but when I got there the places were all closed, so now I had to go to a place where I could put my head down without police turning up to ask me to leave, and after finding some cardboards I put my head down only very temporarily as I was exposed to public view because I didn’t have enough cardboards to cover my sleeping area so I couldn’t use my sleeping bag and I just used my emergency blanket, and I got very cold throughout the night and very early in the morning I had to move out and go to find a warm place to stay a bit warmer, then as sun came out I felt warm again, so I headed out towards the places to collect the funds which was sent to me by my other half after seeing my message on social media that I sent out to say I really had difficulty to communicate with people here in Japan to survive.

Then after getting in touch with an internet cafe to print out a Japanese version of my sailing profile message and make more copies of my web communication info card, and eating and drinking some juice and soup from a place here in Kobe, I said thanks and goodbye to everyone, and I started my walk towards my next destination port of Osaka.

After some walking I came across a market where I managed to get some food from the fund and after speaking to some locals they got me in touch with a peace boat, I was told it’s sailing around the world in 100days next year but it’s costing a fortune to a simple peace pilgrim way of life (1290000yen), then after some more talk and staying with them for a bit longer and I was trying to sort few things in a market there, then finally I went to the main route to head on towards Osaka.

After some walk, waiting and showing my message to drivers to get to Osaka a wonderful man with his little son and daughter stopped, and he very kindly offered me a lift close to Osaka, then after some talk and telling them about my mission I said goodbye to them and I was dropped off by a petrol station, which I waited there for more than half an hour before I decided to walk towards Osaka and after some walk I stopped in a favourite Lawson market to eat and use some internet, and it’s here that as I was eating someone very kind came to me and offered me a lift to Osaka main train station, which I welcomed it and here we go I arrived in Osaka after 7pm, so after taking a photo with the driver by a passer by I said thanks and goodbye to him as well and I asked him to get in touch with me through the Web.

Then at the big Osaka train station I walked everywhere and saw a good view of the city from a high building at the station and tried to connect with some wonderful brothers and sisters through the internet, which made me keep going till late in the night at the station.

18,19 & 20.10.15

Today at about 2am I came across 3 wonderful people from Indonesia, and we’re together till about 5am so I spoke about my peace pilgrimage journey around the world to them and they told me about their less than a week travelling throughout Japan and the universe wanted to connect me through them to some other parts of Japan faster than I did expect, as one of them very kindly offered me his magic way of connecting with some other places which I haven’t seen or experienced here in Japan.

So after thanking them for their hospitality for those hours at the Osaka main rail station, rather than waiting in Osaka for my next sea connection, at about 05:20am I took on a rail travelling journey across Japan, as I had a dream of using one of those fast trains since China, so the universe wanted me to wait till this moment and try every kind of train here in Japan, so after connecting to Kyoto in about 1h than to Tokyo by super fast train “bullet train” (Shinkansen) in less than 3h and from there to Hakodate by 3pm. So in here I waited around the city till about 1am before I make my way to Sapporo the capital of the northern region of Hokkaido.

So at about 01:20 I caught a slow train to Sapporo, as that’s the only available on the route, so I was hoping according to the arrival of the train at about 6am then I can get a train at 7am all the way to the last frontier of Japan trains, but unfortunately our train got delayed unexpectedly for 3h and I couldn’t even know why that had happened and all I was told there’s a signal failure, so that made me change the plan after getting to the capital of Hokkaido, Sapporo, and here I made an enquiry about sea connection between Japan and Russia in case of future connection from Japan back to Russia then into Europe, and I was told there’s been a ferry line (Heart Land Ferry) for almost 17 years between Wakkanai and a Russian town, but on 18.09.2015 it has stopped as there wasn’t enough passengers.

Then as I couldn’t get to neither Wakkanai nor Asahikawa, so I had to plan my route back towards Osaka, and after staying around the capital city for about 2h I took a train at 12:15 towards Hakodate, and on my way as I had a changing seat ticket I thought of changing train, so I got off at the Muroran train station, and as that train left I had to wait till about 4pm to catch the next one back to Hakodate, which again I had to go through a series of changes of plan again, and consequently delay after delay was connecting me back to Osaka city.

So after getting my next train I managed to arrive safely at the Hakodate station and within 3min I had to catch another one further south to Shine-Aomori, and from there I got another train to Sendai which we arrived after 2300h, and as they’re closing the station after the midnight I had to find somewhere to put my head down for the night and as I went out of the station I found an unoccupied place and I put my head down there till early hour of next day and as I missed my first train I caught the next one bound to Tokyo.

So less than 2h I was in Tokyo after passing through Fukushima, Koriyama, Utsunomiya, Omega, Ueno, and finally we arrived at Tokyo at 0915, then I went to a Tourist information (www.tictokyo.jp, http://www.mori-trust.co.jp), and I found some information about the capital, then I went to the Imperial Palace first and I looked around the park and not inside, so after walking all around the Palace from outside I made my way back to the main Tokyo station, on my way I met few people who were interested in what I was doing and just wishing me luck on my peace pilgrimage journey.

Then as I got back to the station a bit earlier I didn’t want to leave my departure for the last minute, so I brought my departure time forward from 7pm to 6pm, so after taking a super express Hikari Shinkansen bound to Shin Osaka, we stopped in Shinagawe, Shin-Yokohama, Atami, Shizuoka, Hamamatsu, and Nagoya, then stopping in every station all the way to Shin-Osaka, which we arrived on time just after 9pm, and from there I made my way towards the main Osaka’s station by JR (Japan Rail Train), and I arrived there just before 10pm, and I went back to the same spot that few days ago I met three wonderful people from Indonesia, and as I was sitting there and was trying to connect to the internet, a wonderful woman came to me and enquired about my peace journey and I told her a bit about it, and before she went she very kindly offered me some Scottish donation, which I thanked her and told her all about my circumstances before and now, and that I couldn’t survive without using monetary system completely here in Japan, and I decided to go about with it with the idea of advocating a positive money in my mind as well, that’s why I’m now accepting people’s donation as I found it very difficult to communicate with people over here, so she very kindly left her web address for the group which she was helping out with in a tour around Japan (www.opusxmusic.com), and she told me if I was there earlier I could have got a free ticket to their performance event.

Then after some walking around the main Osaka station to find some wifi and communicate with outside Japan, but after finding a place unfortunately they’re closing the area, and the station, so I have to move back to the same spot that I had left earlier, and as it’s a bit windy and chilly, I tried to cover myself with an emergency blanket till early morning but at about 1am I was asked to leave the station by security guards at the station, then as I headed out I came across an internet cafe, which I managed to book a space for couple of hours with the funds that I had and in that time I managed to take a shower as well, so from 3 to 5am I was there and then I headed out to the Osaka station again to find an address in my hunt for the Pacific Ocean link.

So as I was looking for this address I came across a place which I could sit down and eat, charge my devices and write up the remaining of my Korean peace pilgrimage experiences, and stayed there till late afternoon. Before I make my way towards the intended addresses, I spoke to a young computer programmer man and as I was asking him about the addresses he told me, but as I told him about what I was doing, he told me he doesn’t understand but respects what I do, so as I have to move on we said goodbye to one another and I left the place to find this PIL (Pacific International Line) office, and after some walking and asking people I managed to find it and I was told by the people at the office and their main manager at the Tokyo office that they can’t help me, and I should get in touch with the main headquarters in Singapore as well, so I thanked the people in the Osaka office and the manager on the phoneline from the Tokyo head office, and I didn’t repeat to ask them to ask their head office in Singapore as I got refusal before and I didn’t want to get more and more negative answers, so I left it there and I moved out of their office.

After coming out I headed towards the Osaka port and on my way I came across a place where people were getting massages for their body pain and as I had a pain in my elbow since my terrible fall back in Kyrgyzstan and China on that autumn snow on a mosaic floor at the so-called border, which every now and then it really hurts, so I spoke to a kind man and he very kindly gave me the massage of my life and he said I have to give my body a rest after such a long time and heavy load on my body, and I promised him to do so as soon as I possibly can, then on my way to the port as it’s too late in the evening I contacted a few places for a place to stay, but they all told me as they don’t know me they can’t offer me anything, and I thanked them and I moved on and near another Lawson supermarket I stopped for a few hours to do some internet update, then very close to there I found a “ministop” market to stay awake for another night without sleep till next day.


As I was awake last night and the night before my body really wanted some rest, so as I continued walking towards the port I came across a bench on my way and I put my head down for a couple of hours and it passed so quick as I was so tired, then after waking up I carried on walking up to another Lawson store and in there I got some food and after having some I carried on towards the harbour and the port, on my way I managed to find a trolley for carrying my heavy rucksack and then an inner shoe sole, all with the funds I was given by my other half towards my peace pilgrimage journey, then I carried on towards the port again, and on my way about 3pm I came across another wonderful human being from Nepal who was a cook in an Indian and Nepalese small restaurant and after some talk he very kindly offered me some food and fresh Nepalese style bread, which I thanked him a lot, then carried on towards the port and by the time I got to the port almost everywhere was closed and around the area was all fishermen and people who wanted to visit the seaside and there was a few other amusement places and for me to get in touch with any container ship I had to cross to an island which it’s too late for me to find my way around, then as I was stopping by a Lawson store I came across a Japanese man (www.modesuto.co.jp), who I came across earlier by the Nepalese restaurant, and the cook told him about my story and he remembered me and offered me a special Japanese octapus and egg sandwich, which I thanked him and he told me that he’s a “Cosmo-jijy” man and I said I’ll mention you on my blog, then after saying thanks and goodbye to him, it wasn’t very long before I came across two other Japanese men who were trying to read my board and I went and spoke to them and they very kindly offered me some water and a sandwich, then I thanked them and told them to follow my peace pilgrimage journey on my blog.

So I have to say here it wasn’t a very bad birthday present to have almost three meals in a day, when I go without food and drink for days sometimes, so I have to say Thankyou to the universe and all those kind people around me and far from me who have looked after me very well, so now I just needed a place to put my head down for the night. I walked back towards a quiet place earlier I saw near to the port and I found a spot and put my head down for the night after thanking the universe and all kind people around me for providing all the goodness for me for my birthday, and I looked forward to the next day which is the anniversary of the start of my peace pilgrimage journey, which began back in 2012.


Today I woke up after some rest outdoor near to the port, then I headed out towards a close by island (Sakishima),which I couldn’t walk to and I had to get a train to get to the other side in a hope of finding some connection to my next destination. On my way I came across a building and I saw a Maguchi group which I hoped that they might help me to open my passage through Pacific, but as I was waiting there for a bit while I was writing up some of my daily activities, then I asked someone to see whether they could help, but after showing them my sailing profile they told me no, they can’t help me and I should leave the building immediately, so I did so and walked towards the harbour where I came across an ambulance, fire station and Japan coastguard, and I asked them if they could help me to cross the island and I was told I have to walk for about 20km or get one stop train, so as I had some funds I got the train and on my way I came across someone from New York who told me his parents migrated to Japan many years ago, and I told him about my peace journey, then on the other side of the bay in the island at a station called Cosmosqure I stopped for more than an hour to connect with some people as it was a busy day and people were coming to register for the Sunday Osaka’s Marathon, but with no luck I had to move on. I got some food and drink than walked around to find out all about shipping connection but it’s too late and dark, but even so visiting a few places which were either closed or I showed my sailing profile and got a negative response. Now I had to find a place to put my head down for the night which after a long day of walk finally I found an open place to put my head down, and the weather wasn’t that bad to sleep outside.


I woke up today about 7am, as the ground had some moisture and it was cloudy and some part of my sleeping bag was wet. After trying to dry and pack I started to walk again around the island to enquire more about my shipping connection, but as I got some negative responses yesterday I didn’t want to approach any port security guards as they’re immediately telling me to go out and they didn’t want to hear about my case. As I was walking I came across two very young and kind men who I explained to them my case and they started to enquire about how I could get back to America and after spending about 3h together and calling and contacting a few places they said sorry it seems to be very difficult to get there through a container ship, as they all are either saying we don’t take passengers or get in touch with their headquarters, so after all that they very kindly offered me some food and drink as well, then we said goodbye to one another in a hope to connect together again in the future, then I stayed in Asian and Pacific Trade Centre to do some updates and try to see and vision what I could do in meantime, while I’m waiting on my connection, then as the centre was going to close about midnight so I had to make my way out and again hunt for a place to put my head down for another night here in Osaka bay on the Sakishima island, and as I came out and it’s rainy and windy a bit somehow the universe connected me with back of a posh hotel in the staff smoking area which wasn’t a desirous place, but nevertheless was better than outside to say goodnight to everyone around me and the kind universe for the provided basic shelter.

25 through 30.10.15

I woke up at about 7am and before any of the hotel staff discover my resting place for the night I moved out and headed back to the APTC (Asian and Pacific Trade Centre), and in there I used the bathroom and then in one of the ferry terminals enquired about outside Japan ferries, which I was told at the international ferry terminal they have connection to Shanghai in China and Busan in Korea, then I did some updates and I headed out to connect with some more wonderful people as it’s Osaka Marathon day, but after few hours around the marathon area with no connection as everyone was busy with the marathon and other activities, I made my way back to APTC, and in there I sent out a message about highlights of my day with no human connectivity, then after eating something I made my way back through a train to the main city of Osaka and being around few busy underground station agains, despite people were mostly drunk or under the influence of alcohol and no contact was made, so I passed my time in few places which were open till late like a Starbucks, a reminder of one which I used to spent some time in to use internet back in London OLSX camp. Then in the morning I made my way to the British Consulate General in Osaka, as back in Kobe and a few other places I was recommended by local government people to see if they might be able to help. I have never tried official government offices when I had many choices, but now limited in connectivity through the Pacific, so I said to myself I’ll give it a go, also I had a feeling already it might not work out my way and indeed after going and waiting for a bit I was told they can’t help my personal peace pilgrimage cause, and if I wanted to get some funds to fly back to England they might be able to help me, but not going to a different direction, so after about an hour of communication I was given a monthly living guide for Kansai Scene October 2015 magazine to find some help for my cause, and after thanking them for their time I left the office and headed out to speak to public again as always public has been a great help to me at the time of my difficulty.

In a very busy area of Osaka (Shinsaibashi and Namba), again I came across some wonderful people and got in touch with some other companies to see if they could help me, then I stayed in an almost 24h Starbucks till next day again then I headed further out to connect with more people, and again I stayed around the area for another night without any sleep as I couldn’t get any shelter or a quiet place to put my head down for the night, so now after two days with almost no sleep at all I made my way towards finding a library or a quiet place to rest a bit and it’s today that I came across a wonderful man from Korea who after speaking to him a bit about my peace journey he offered me some memorable food from a famous food place in the Namba area, then he told me about a nearby park about 20min walk, so after saying thanks and goodbye to him, which he did took some photos and a heart to heart hug, then on my way I asked someone kind about the park and he very kindly took me there, then I found a place in the park and put my head down and I was so tired that quickly I went to sleep and as I woke up with the sound of rain on my emergency blanket so quickly I went to a close by rest room to shelter and in there after using a bathroom and washing my teeth I again tried to rest, but I was woken up by the park security and asked to pack and go, even though it’s still raining out there and I was sheltered he said I I had to go, and it reminded me of Glastonbury festival, which as soon as I put up my tent I was asked to pack in 5min and go, so the guard here didn’t tell me within 5min, but I packed as soon as I possibly could and moved out to under a bridge near there, and just sat there till next day with my emergency blanket on me. I saw a lot of public (cyclists and pedestrian), were using this route and in the morning I saw a man about 5am came and feed about 5 cats which were staying under the bridge very close by a zoo, then as the dawn broke I made my way towards another famous area (Tennoji where the highest building in Japan is located there which is called Harukas), and I went to 16th floor and took some photos and sent out one on the social media to say I can’t go to the 300m high, but here is an image of under 100m, and I couldn’t imagine how would it looks like up there!?, but anyway after there I managed to get in touch with few language centres in the area, and then made my way to a church Kingdom Hall in another area of Osaka in a hope if I could find a place to rest after getting in touch with so called an English congregation, but after speaking to some people from across the world over there including people from Canada, US, Australia, Nigeria, Korea, and even Yorkshire in England who has been in Japan for more than 20 years, and as he told me he forgot all about England and the northern accent, but none not even one offered anything despite they’re telling me all about Japanese are very restricted and beaurocratic – and I told them I know that very well, I have seen it for myself you don’t have to tell me, so after some talk before and after their gathering I said goodbye to them and made my way to a close by park which I have seen when I came to the area, and I found a place to put my head down and as soon as I did so someone came and was looking at me like I have taken his spot so as I didn’t say anything and he didn’t say anything as well then I managed despite an uncomfortable divided bench place to get few hours of uninterrupted sleep, then I woke up quickly before it got busy and made my way towards the city hall and a library, after finally getting there and speaking to the mayor’s office staff, I was told this is a private matter and they can’t help me as well.

So I have to say here that I have never believed those governments who have real authority over things will help my peace pilgrimage mission, but because here the public were all telling me I should get in touch with them and ask for help, so I did, and I didn’t get a positive outcome, so then this was another drawback on my peace mission.

Now I am so called between a rock and a hard place, which it has been like this for the duration of my stay in Japan where I haven’t got a single positive response from the authorities and not a lot of encouragement from the general public either towards my peace pilgrimage mission around the world, so all I could say is, if I wasn’t sent some funds from outside I would have really suffered very badly healthwise here, even worse than 2012 back in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria area, where I lost weight at that time and here I felt even worse, despite the advancement of technology the resources are used for advantages of a few and not public as a whole.

So my conclusion would be I will make an alternative decision if worse comes to worst, and if things just go like this, but for time being I can survive and carry on visiting different places and ports and harbours until my final funds and resources will run out, in a hope of my connectivity through the Pacific Ocean.

The rest of my day on Thursday 29.10.15 I tried to speak to different people and get a link to help me with my last leg of peace pilgrimage journey, but with no luck, so I spent a few hours in an internet cafe to sort out my photos on the phone which I carry to allow me to take more photos as I run out of space so I had to transfer them to a memory stick, and some of my funds went towards it as well, which at least I got some hot and cold drink and a shower while I was there, then as it came the time of sleeping I had to find some cardboard which reminded me again of the time of OLSX when we were going out every night to fetch some cardboard on the street near the Royal Court of Justice. After collecting some I found a place not far from the main Osaka train station and right in front of a 20 story high empty building which was closed down, a sign of recession here in Japan; despite their hard work they couldn’t run whatever business was in there, and it’s similar to many of these buildings in London England and many other cities, and we could inhabit them and utilise them better if they were open to public.

Today 30.10.15 I was waking up at 5am, and last night I had a lot of noise from drunk people and the city’s traffic, but I managed to survive again, I then headed to find a place to eat something and do some connectivity updates which I visioned for the day in my favourite internet free place (Lawson). Then about 10am after some connections and sending some emails to some language centres I headed out to connect with two more companies here in Osaka to see if they could help, but after some miles of walk and finding them one said to me we just do air cargo connection (Meitetsu world transport), and the second said to me they don’t have any vessels themselves and they don’t know how to help me to cross Pacific (Nippon Express, the Osaka international transportation branch), then after no connection on this last two companies I headed out to try my first Marina here in Osaka (Osaka Hokko Marina), then after getting there finally at the late afternoon by going through underground then JR, and finally walking for about 5km the final leg of my journey and crossing a long Yumemai bridge, then in front of an incinerator plant a wonderful man gave me a 5min lift across a bridge before I arrive at the marina which I found out it’s closed and will be open weekend, so I had to wait there in the area till tomorrow to see the harbour master and find out if he could help in anyway, meanwhile one of the staff from the harbour and a cook from a cafe kindly gave me a name for another big marina which someone else at a church that I went to on Wednesday told me about it, so I have some time to go around and make all those enquiries within next few days if not weeks, visioning through Shin-Nishinomiya Yacht harbour, then Nagoya, Yokohama before I make my final stop in Tokyo, Japan, and that will be my final stop before I say goodbye to Japan and move on from here.


As I didn’t sleep last night at all and after a nice hospitality from the kind cook at the BIC cafe in the marina I said goodbye to him and headed out of the cafe, as I looked around the harbour to see if I could find a place to put my head down for the night, but after looking around for about an hour or so I couldn’t find anywhere suitable then before I make my way to a local 24h store I went back to the cafe and as it’s closed, I wanted to stay there and use it as a shelter, but first it’s very windy and second mosquitoes were about to eat me alive, so after staying there for a bit, then I headed out light without my big rucksack as I left it near to the cafe, as I knew I had to go back there next day if not earlier, then headed to the store which earlier I was told about by the cook in the cafe, and I stayed in there overnight, and as I couldn’t sleep there and was just sitting I did my final writing and update, then about 5am I headed back to the marina and as the time was approaching 9am I managed to see the harbour master very briefly, but then I was told by a marina staff who I met last night in the cafe to came back after 11am, as a woman who could speak English will be here after this time, so I could talk to harbour master as he couldn’t speak English very well.

So I made my way towards Maishima Incinerator Plant, as I passed by there yesterday and saw next day would be an exhibition, also it’s here that a member of staff very briefly crossed me through the Tsuneyoshi bridge to the marina, so as it’s a bit early to the opening time I managed to walk around the island for about 6km, and as it’s a bit longer than I expected I got back to the plant after 11am to see the exhibition, consequently late to the harbour, but on my walk for that duration I saw empty and abandoned buildings (cafe), many lavatories, small car race trucks, dog training centre, camping areas and finally a tennis and baseball stadium, before I get back to the front of the incineration plant, then after going through 5 floors of exhibition in the plant, seeing a fully automated and 24h operational mechanism, and how Osaka’s rubbish comes in and will become ash at the end and goes to a landfill and not direct rubbish to the landfill, so you can yourself search and find out how this could be used in other area or region and if it’s going to be useful, so after saying thanks and goodbye to the kind staff, I made my way back for my late 11am appointment with the harbour master, but when I got back there at about midday I was told by a woman who was supposed to be the translator of my messages to the harbour master that the harbour master is in another meeting with someone else, so I explained to her again and she went to ask the harbour master, then she came back and told me he wouldn’t be able to help as the marina is a small one and all the yachts are going to local places in Japan. I asked about the Australian big ship connection as one of the staff yesterday mentioned about it and he said the harbour master might have, and after she has asked, I was told there’s none till 2018, so I thanked them all and made my way towards my next destination, Shin-Nishinomiya yacht harbour, which after waiting to get a lift for about few hours, then getting in contact with a cyclist from Hiroshima who was now living in Osaka, we walked for a few miles, after crossing another long bridge before we come to a store and not very far from a petrol station, then he very kindly in the store offered me a pot noodle and some water, then after being together for at least an hour of talk and walk we said goodbye and I again thanked him for his kindness and contributions towards my peace mission.

So I didn’t wait here for long time as a wonderful woman who was going back to Kobe offered me a lift to the main road leading to the port and harbour of Shin-Nishinomiya, then after thanking her and saying goodbye I started walking again for few more kilometres before I get to the port and by this time everywhere was closed apart from a restaurant in the harbour which it’s about to close as well, so now I had to find a place to put my head down after a very long day of walking, total about 20km, then I managed to find a corner under one of the many bridges here on the island, and I said goodnight to the universe and everyone else around me and being thank-full for all the connections and walks made.


Today after waking up at about 7am from under a massive Japanese style bridge which underneath of it was also a carpark, then I made my way back to the harbour and after waiting there till after 9am then I managed to see the harbour master MR Miwa (www.sinnisi-yh.co.jp), which I showed him my sailing message and I asked him to make a copy also I let him to know that I have put one on the noticeboard as well, and as he couldn’t speak much of English nor I could speak any Japanese, I waited till I could find someone who could translate my hope of a Pacific connection and see if he could help to link me with someone, but after staying around the marina whole day and getting in touch with the yacht club general manager Mr. Hide, and a local with a boat, I found out there’s no way anyone will try to cross Pacific Ocean at this time of the year, so after completing my walk around the island as my bags were in the harbour then in the evening listening to some music performances, I was told that the harbour is closed and I made my way towards another bridge to make it my home for the night as outside was raining very heavily, so I said goodnight to the universe and everyone else around me and I put my head down for another night here in Japan.


As it’s raining and dark so I woke up with the noise of the traffic on my three sides, I quickly packed and made it to a local petrol station and I stayed there for few hours to finalise my writing for the blog and attend a dental appointment but as I got to the dentist I was told they can’t do a check up for free if I don’t have a Japanese insurance, so I said goodbye to them and after doing an update in my favourite store (Lawson), and then making my last connection before I say goodbye to this town as well and head to my next destination. My vision is if I couldn’t get the Ocean crossing, I might try sailing with other peace brothers and sisters at a later date if the universe permitted this to happen.

One love your humbled Earthian peace brother in a town of Nishinomiya between Kobe and Osaka still in Japan.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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