Harwich to Hook of Holland & beyond


Finally after staying in London for another two days with the hospitality of a wonderful peace brother managed to catch up with some updates, and sorting few other things then I managed to head out in the morning of 21st May, after saying a big thanks to my wonderful peace brother for all his kindness, and great hospitality while I was his guest, then I headed Eastwards towards the old town of Harwich home to mayflower and 1620 pilgrims fathers (www.harwichmayflower.com)(@mayflower2020), which I visited their latest project next day and I learned more about it.

But first before I get to the town this was how I got connect at the first place, first I walked out of my peace brother’s resting place at about 10:45 then walked to shadwell DLR and from there I got a train to poplar then I changed to Stratford, and it’s here that I got 11:38 train to Norwich, then I spoke to the train inspector, and he very kindly directed me to where I was going, and allowed me to stay on the train for the duration of me connection, then I changed the train at Manningtree after 12:30 pm. After waiting for about half an hour through Mistley, and Wrabness I got my next connection to Harwich international port.

It’s here that took me almost less than a week to convince the port authority and management of Stenaline ferry company to help me cross to the Hook of Holland.

First I asked a man at the reception of the ferry office, if I could speak to a manager but I was told he’s busy and what’s regards? then I explained to him but he was not sure what to do?, and he finally called the manager, and he told me his manager has said no we can’t help, so I started my alternative channels and I stayed in the port until the ferry left after 22:30 with no chance of any connection, also I was offered a nice cup of tea, couple of mashmelon, and a diet coke from two employees of the RNLI, I have to thanked them here as they’re very kind to me.

Then as I was told to leave the port due to closing, so I made my way to the old town of Harwich after 23:17, and stayed around the town till next day 7am before I make my way back to the port and stayed there to see another ferry goes by and I had no connection, then I made my way back to the town again, and it’s today that I visited the mayflower project and I knew the people around the region have got goodness in their heart and the commodity of modern life has changed their outside appearance but deep inside they have the thinking of Christopher Jones the captain and the Explorer of the mayflower whom embarked on a challenge of crossing the Atlantic without knowing who are on the other side of the Atlantic waiting for them!? So after all I knew deep down these people have the gene of exploration and finding new thing in their mind so I wasn’t going to give up on me being persistent so all I needed was to wait and be patient before I could tune into their deeper conscious mind, and that’s how I managed to get through the mind and kindness of the management of Holandica and Britanica.

So I expand my horizon search to the harbour master who was on holiday and the office for the mayor to see him, but he was out as well, so after leaving my messages to them I headed back to the port in the hope to connect with someone who might be able to help, but from 3 to about 11pm with no luck again at the port I headed back through the local places of food and after getting some, I managed to put my head down by the sea in a sitting shelter in Dovercourt for the night after thanking everyone and the universe around me which helped me throughout the day.


After waking up and using a wonderful local bathrooms in a park by the see I managed to connect with the old town of harwich and a foot ferry very kindly connected me to the Shutly marina, where then I walked almost all day before I get to any human interaction near to a famous local pub (the butt and oyster) in the shutly peninsula, where I met a wonderful couple who very kindly offered me some food and drink after having a good conversation about my peace journey and why I was there, then I started walking towards another marina (the royal harwich), and it’s here that I met my wonderful human being and another universal peace brother called “Joe”, who was busy trying to get his wonderful wife somewhere with his dingy boat, and I asked him if he could cross me through the river to the other side, but the universe didn’t connect us immediately but later on as I was trying to get to Felixstowe on the road, who appeared out of nowhere and very kindly offered me a lift and then a memorable Italian dish in another local pub “The ship” for my evening meal, which reminded me of one of my wonderful meal back in South of Cyprus.

So after some good conversation and as he’s trying to find a way to connect me with the main land Europe, and some advice I said goodbye to him and I made my way towards another local marina, this time Suffolk yacht harbour so after some walk and a short lift I arrived in the harbour and I tried to get in touch with the harbour master who I met after talking to some other locals, and I found him very friendly and helpful, and he very kindly explained few things to me and showed me on the map where I can put up my peace tent and rest for the night, but before I rest for the nigh I visited a red light boat club and I met the manager and he also explained all about activities around the marina for the foreseeable future, then I visited a Dutch sailor and asked him about the possibility of my connection to mainland Europe, and he told me he wouldn’t be able to help.

Overall after speaking to some locals and walking for about 15km I said goodnight to the universe and everyone else around me in my peace tent in Levington harbour.


Today after waking up and speaking to another Dutch woman in the harbour where I was told she and her friend cannot help me to go with them and speaking to the harbour master again I felt I may not connect from there, so I started walking towards the port of Felixstowe and on my way I met a wonderful young walker who after sitting down and talking to each other, he very kindly offered me some energy food and after thanking him we said goodbye to one another and on my way I visited some wild life preservation area with some hidden points to watch some birds and then walking in the area and having some fresh spring food, I met another man from the port of Felixstowe and after some conversation I got some water from him then I walked towards a second gate to the biggest cargo port in the UK, so after talking to the security of the gate and then the port police and Thames Valley Police, I was told I cannot walk into the port to speak to some cargo ship company to see if they can help me, so I was given a contact number and I was told they can escort me if I get a positive response from them, and after about over one hour conversation with them I was recommend a place for me to rest for the night and I said goodbye to them and made my way towards the place but wrongly I ended up in a care home place, where I was told they cannot help me so on my way I finally found a 24h macdonald where the manager after saying it’s okay for me to stay there just might be a bit busy and a lot of drunk people might be around so I have to be careful due to a long weekend holiday, but it’s not long before he very kindly offered me some food and drink, and later on I got in touch with my wonderful brother Joe who very kindly came and took me to their place and offered me a bed for the night.


I slept in a place for the first time in my life which a wonderful rescued dog called Alfie was sharing a place with me and he’s very friendly, but unfortunately he was losing a lots of hair, so his hair was almost everywhere on the floor, but his kindness was compensating for his losing hairs.

So after waking up and having something to eat my wonderful brother Joe tried to connect me with as much as people as it’s possible so my message will reach more and hopefully someone out there will come forward and help, as part of their kind effort with his wife they tried their best and even we put together a profile through crew finder and sailing network (www.sailingnetworks.com) to put out my need to connect to the mainland Europe.

As part of this effort I got connected with a local photographer who was in touch with Guardian newspaper, and his wife was running a Facebook page for about 2000 locals, so he made some photo shots in the shutly marina, and then we had an interview with BBC radio Suffolk Jon Wright @Journojon (Jon.wright2@bbc.co.uk) which you can get in touch and ask for the podcast of the interview, or watch out here for a link soon,

Then in the afternoon while we’re having our wonderful medditaranian meal I was recorded by Joe’s wonderful friend, and I briefly explained as much as I could and remembered from my peace pilgrimage journey back to middle east, over an hour so hopefully with the photos and the audio and video he’ll put something together to send to Guardian newspaper in the near future, and in the afternoon after we made a new crew finder profile and print out some copies we visited most of the local marina and we left a copy for their attention, and again we spoke to some more locals and some were quite happy to help in any way they could then all three of us were busy till late then we said goodbye to our photographer brother, and in the evening we had a wonderfully made and delicious dish by Joe’s wife, and for the second night I was offered to stay and after a long day I said goodnight to everyone and the universe around me.


Today after waking up I was offered a nice cup of organic detox aniseed, fennel, and coriander tea, by my wonderful brother Joe, and he very kindly asked me if I could make a short video to thanks their community and ask if still anyone out there would like to help me get connect to the main land Europe and then he made some more phone connection and after a while it resulted in a wonderful offer of a ferry connection to the main land and we were over joyed, and also would like take this opportunity here to thanks all those who did help through this connection.

Later on I said goodbye and thanked the family who were going out and my wonderful brother Joe helped me to connect back to Felixstowe port and after thanking him from bottom of my heart for all his efforts and connectivity we said goodbye to one another as well, and I waited at the foot ferry crossing place back to the old town of harwich.

In the afternoon a foot ferry turned up and after asking the captain, he very kindly offered me a connection back to harwich, which here I’d like to thank him and if you ever come across support them on http://www.harwichharbourferry.com or follow the @footferry.

Now back to the harwich town and it was here in the harbour area where I met some wonderful locals and a woman from Colchester who very kindly after talking for a bit and explaining what I was doing kindly offered me an ice cream and some water, then after thanking them and saying goodbye to them I walked all the way to the main port to thank those who very kindly helped me and also I wrote a letter before I come back to harwich to thanks the mayor and the manager of the ferry in case if I couldn’t make it to thank them in person and I asked my wonderful brother Joe to email it to them, so as I thought I might be late, and that did actually happen and all I could do was to get in touch with a duty manager of a local food place and after talking about my peace journey he very kindly offered me some food and all I needed was a shelter for the night before tomorrow for my ferry crossing, so in search of a shelter I visited about five places in the area, but all of them in one way or another couldn’t help, so I managed to find another sea side place in an old low lighthouse museum and I put my head down for the night, and I said goodnight to the universe, everyone and everything around me, and another night passed by on my peace pilgrim journey around the world.


So I woke up early and after packing I walked towards a place where I have used before in a park in Dovercourt refreshing myself before I head towards the port, and as I got there I had a reference number and with that everything went well, and thanked all I could see, and I got on the ferry bound to Hook of Holland.

After about 7 hours of sailing I touched down on the ground of a little port town and it was here that I met a writer and an explorer who after some talking very kindly offered me a train connection to Rotterdam initially, then as we were deep in conversation, he very kindly offered me to get me as far as end of Holland, so that’s how after another change in Gouda, our final destination came to Enschede, and after speaking to some local I was told about a salvation army place which could offer us a place to stay and as we found out and I was asked to wait a bit longer for the night shift to turn up, my wonderful new peace brother Simon said goodbye and I thanked him for all his kindness, and said to him may the universe connect our pass again.

As the night shift turned up and they got in touch with their manager, they very kindly offered me a place to put my head down and rest for the night.


I woke up about 7am and I thanked people at the place that I was staying and I started my walking towards another town in Germany called Gronau, and after some walk and a lift from a wonderful local woman, I arrived in the little town and it wasn’t very long before I get my next connection to the town of munster, with a young man who was heading towards there and he told me yesterday at the same place he has seen another hitch hiker, but he could stop to pick him up, and today he has seen me and he has told himself today is my turn and there’s no car behind me like yesterday, so that was his little story about how we got connected and he kindly put some music he has made and he told me he was a Web designer and developer, so we said goodbye and I left my communication card with him.

In munster I waited for about an hour before I get my third connection of the day with another young man who was also technical support man and told me just before sees me he thought to himself where are they all those hitch hikers and the universe interconnect us just by our thoughts, and not a telepathy, so he very kindly offered me a lift to Osuabruck initially and then a meal and some drink with a man from Bristol and his friend, and after having a good conversation, we said goodbye to them and then he very kindly offered me another lift this time to a historic town of Bremen and then we said goodbye after thanking him for all his kindness and I gave my communication card for our future connection.

In the town I walked around for about two hours before I make my way to another town of Verden, then Nienburg (waser), as here a woman train inspector prevented me from carry on to Hannover, but later on a man inspector Let me to connect, so I arrive in Hannover and stayed there for few hours where a wonderful woman offered me some food and drink at the train station, then as I felt I should move on I got a connection first to Celle, then Uelzen, where I stayed for the night in the train station as I couldn’t carry on to Berlin, due to a man ticket inspector asked me to leave the train, so I put my head down for the night and thanked the universe for all the wonderful connectivities that I was provided for the whole day.


I woke up about 8am and talked to some locals and I tried a local bus station to a different direction, so I headed towards north east, so after thanking the bus driver he very kindly connected me to the town of Dannenberg, and then from there as I spoke to a local for a direction to my next destination which was Domitz he very kindly said he is going back towards there and he’ll take me if I wait a bit, and I was happy to do so and that’s how I got my second connection, and after thanking him I said goodbye to him, and after asking for a direction from another man I started walking towards my next destination (Ludwigsiust), which after walking for some miles, I got tired and as I was sitting by the road side a wonderful local man just pulled aside the road and asked me who am I and what am I doing and as for his disbelieve, he very kindly took me to my next destination by his car for about an hour drive, and then at the train station as I asked for the manager to see if they can help me to get to Rostock, and as he was waiting on my next connection, he and I heard that a woman in the station reception and ticket office told me the manager is not here and she can’t make a decision, so as he heard the reply he very kindly offered me the connection and got me some food and drink as well before I say goodbye to him and given him a heart to heart hug, and getting on a bus to my next train station.

So from Ludwigsiust to Schwerin train station by bus and then waited there for over an hour before I get on board of a train to Rostock. It’s here that I found out that I can get connection to Scandinavian nation, so after asking some wonderful young girls student from Lubeck as the station information woman was saying to me no english, so they helped me to get to the port with a help of a local woman bus driver as well.

As I got to the port and I asked three major ferry companies in the port, they all told me they can’t help and their manager will come back next week, so I stayed in the port for two days before I manage to cross to Denmark.

I have to say it’s a wonderful port and I managed to talk to so many wonderful people at the port and explain to so many of them about my peace journey, in particular I met a group from Munchen, who were going to Sweden for a week visit and they very kindly offered me some food and drink and I gave them my contact details, then some more wonderful people, before I meet a peace walker (www.peacewalker.at) from Austria, who was very kindly offered me the connection to my next destination to Gedser in Denmark.


After I got on the board of the ferry I met him and his friends again, and we talked in length and I managed to speak to his friends as well, about their cycling trip to Iceland and told them all about there and how they can get about without a lot of difficulties, then his wonderful friend offered me some food as well and we said goodbye to one another before we got off of the ferry, then on my way to Copenhagen I came across a wonderful woman who tried to just give me a lift a little closer to my next destination, but at the end after about an hour drive she very kindly offered me a shelter for the night in her place, which I told her I’m in no hurry to get to the capital and after getting back to her place I met her wonderful son who has been studying very hard for one of his exam, and assignment, as I have been trying to write up about ten days of catching up for the blog, I did notice his hard efforts for his success, and may he be happy as he puts a lot of effort for a better future.


As I mentioned earlier all day today I was trying to write all about my peace pilgrimage journey East bound, and mention all the kindness from people across different nations so far as I move through them, and as I have been offered to stay here and rest to catch up with my blog I want to say thank you to this wonderful Danish family and my the universe provide them with all the goodness in the world as they have opened their heart and mind without prejudice to me and welcomed me into their home right at the entrance to the nation, and hope to see more of their hospitality as move further north.

I am hoping and visioning to go further north within next few days, through Sweden and Baltic nations before I arrive to St Petersberg in Russia, so please watch and follow the blog and read more from the hospitality of all the nations I come across throughout my peace pilgrimage journey around the globe.

On this note I’ll leave you in the capable hands of the universe, so may the force be with us all in making a better world for humanity and many other specious on the planet.

One love

Your humbled Earthian brother, from Nyrad


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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