Goodbye to London

Dear brothers and sisters, I am writing here in the heart of London for this blog, I’m about to embark on my sixth episode of my peace pilgrimage journey around the world starting from Monday 18.5.15, so just to let you know please watch, and follow the blog as well as my twitter (@earthiankvn), and facebook (Earthian Kvn), as I need your moral support and your writing feedback will be my engine force to my world peace advocacy at this crucial time of conflicts, almost everywhere around the globe, so please keep your posting and get in touch with me as and when you can.

As for my past weeks of activities, I was mainly concentrating on the peace picket (@peacepicket) #peacepicket at Parliament Square and our open day at the inhabiting empty space in an old school in Bethnal Green.

On Monday 27.4.15 I managed to attend a round table which was organised by Kai-Oi Joyce Yung (,, her twitter (KJY888), I have to say it’s a good opportunity for those who had first hand experience of the conflict in today’s Syria, and it’s very good for an artist to put these in a context that others can learn about the harsh reality of every conflict in today’s world. About 15 people were present, but just handful had the bitter taste of the reality on the ground over there, so the event I think went well, also we had to go through a lot of formalities, in order for the event to go ahead, but it would be great if you find some free time to check on her blog and video links to see it for yourself.

On Tuesday 28.4.15 I managed to get back to my resting place from the peace picket to rest and recuperate for the rest of the week, I had an interview with Kalev a student of Anthropology from the university of Copenhagen about his research on why and how do we live in empty spaces like this one that I, and more than 30 other people inhabiting here in London, so he has taken photos and will write all about it, as and when he finishes his project, so feel free to contact him and ask for the outcome at

Our Peace and Justice for Syria group ( event on Wednesday 29.4.15 was cancelled due to low turn out, so I went back to Parliament Square to support the peace picket by our peace sister Maria, so you can follow on @peacepicket, #peacepicket or facebook PeacePicket, and I’d like to ask you if you would like to put out your positive peace message for the world to see, get in touch with peace sister Maria and discuss your ideas and thoughts to help our plea for world peace by 2018 if not earlier, and many other issues and topics which matters to you and many others around the globe.

First of May was and still is a turning point to many workers (wage slave of capitalism system), and in their support to help to break their chains, I marched and listened to some speeches at Trafalgar Square, which here I have to say I support the confederation, and freedom for Rojava, which was dominating the march by the disciplined people from the region who have been migrated in most of Europe, specially here in London, so you can find out about it on the web. “May 2015 London”, then I head back to our peace picket and Occupy Democracy event at the Parliament Square.

Rest of the week I helped out with the peace picket and some time Occupy Democracy, but not as much as I could have done back in St. Paul’s Occupy camp, as I now believe there are other ways to bring peace to the world than an occupation, so I stayed in the square as part of the peace picket and supported any peaceful way of dealing with our concerns till 10th May.

On the election day at the Square I had an interview with Bournemouth University (, and I spoke to many passers-by.

The rest of the remaining days from 11.5.15 to 15.5.15 I helped and tried my best to advocate a peaceful way of living together in a little community for our open day at Bethnal Green, which was part of my final effort to let the whole world know the intention of inhabiting an empty space isn’t always the destruction of a building and moving to the next one, before I say goodbye to London, and I was hoping to see as much as people as I could see to come and see the space for themselves. It’s a wonderful day visioned with interactions full of talks, poems, spoken words, arts, music, food and drink, but as we all know the spring was out there and wonderful people were busy and planned their vision in advance so the centre and community didn’t get as much visitors as we could have expected, but never mind there always will be one more hopefully in the near future after I leave the community for good. Just to see the event program lay out was as follows:

“You are warmly invited to our open day at our community in St Judes Road, Bethnal Green on Friday 15th May, and a games day at the same venue on Saturday 16th May.

The community is located at a new venue very close to the Museum of Childhood, in a school with a swimming pool, acoustic hall and a rainbow room.

Please get in touch if you decide to come and visit us, on: 07466838320.

We will have a day full of activities on Friday, including:

1. Gardening and woodcraft as part of Green Go community project, by Ela and Mark.

2. My talk on my “contemporary peace pilgrimage journey and Earthian embassy idea.”

3. Tim Flitcroft’s talk on “the contemporary commons for grassroots organizations – a new politics.”

4. Zee’s talk on “Holistic Ergonomic Framework for Urban Regeneration.”

5. Spoken word by Anthony, Arthur, Zee, Nana and others.

6. Arts, free clothes, music and educational film show by some wonderful people from the community and beyond.

7. Soft drinks, and vegetarian food prepared by you and dedicated people from the community.

And on Saturday, we will have gaming activities with over hundred types, physical and mental shake up. Please let us know by your e-mail or phone text what would be your favorite game – I hope we have it or will be able to arrange to accommodate it for you; and if you would like to stay for dinner between 6 and 7pm, please let me know by 1pm on Friday.

One love, and may peace prevail in the heart and mind of all of humanity.

Your humbled Earthian brother

p.s. looking forward to seeing you all before I say goodbye to London on Monday 19th May on my route to my sixth episode of my peace pilgrimage journey around the world without using money and advocating a world without borders.”

A few wonderful brothers turned up and Tim did a great talk about the Commons and he recommended many websites which will help us to enhance our vision on how we could live more freely from corporate power, just a few website to mention are (,,,,,, least to mention, and many more like this, so please feel free to get in touch with them and get involved.

Our second guest was an artist who very kindly helped the community very much from the kitchen to his artistic banner making, you can get in touch with him through his blog, the third wonderful guest was Alan who brought joy and happiness to us all and left some of his booklet about “making it real” you can read all about their little mobile community on, our final guest was an old wonderful friend from the time of OLSX, and Finsbury Square who has turned up with his gorgeous son and we enjoyed chatting and catching up a bit more about our thoughts of the world around us, also I have to say there were some other guests who weren’t known to me and as the programme didn’t go ahead as I visioned then I didn’t have a chance to catch up with them, but you are always welcome to go around and see the community for yourself.

On 12.5.15 I visited LCW ( for a talk by Kathy Kelly who I was told is a renowned US-based peace activist, pacifist and author. She is one of the founding members of Voices in the Wilderness, and currently a co-coordinator of Voices for Creative Nonviolence. As part of peace teamwork in several countries, she has travelled to Iraq twenty-six times, notably remaining in combat zones during the early days of both US-Iraq wars. Her recent travel has focused on Afghanistan and Gaza, along with domestic protests against U.S. drone policy. She has been arrested more than sixty times at home and abroad, and written of her experiences among targets of U.S. military bombardment and inmates of U.S. prisons.

It’s a wonderful event with a good turn up, but I have to say her voice and the video wasn’t very clear to me and I couldn’t help to solve the concern, so all I can say many best wishes and my love and peace on every good input and influence she has on humanity.

Last Saturday and Sunday was a little preparation and gathering of few wonderful people, who kindly cooked and we ate together, and visited a few local places including a Buddhist centre on their open day, ( which was a little comfort to me before I start this episode of my peace pilgrimage journey around the world.

On Monday after saying goodbye to the Bethnal Green community, and visiting another peace brother, I went back for the last time to the peace picket in Parliament Square, to see peace sister Maria, and show my support also to say goodbye after leaving a banner asking for “support confederation and freedom in Rojava” and my rainbow peace, blue planet, and white “round the world march for peace and nonviolence” flags on one of the display board.

On this note I’ll leave you all in the capable hands of the universe and till our next path connection may love and peace be upon you all wherever you are on the planet.

One love, and may peace prevail in the heart and mind of all of humanity

your humbled Earthian brother


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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One comment on “Goodbye to London
  1. Go well on your journey Earthian. I’m sorry I didn’t get to see you after that time at Parliament Square . I will follow your journey with interest and write to you along the way. Much love

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