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Last month, from 26.3.15 towards the end of the month, I stayed in our old community back in Bow, and I helped out with some preparation and moving some stuff from Bow to our new community not far from the old one in Bethnal Green (very close to the museum of childhood: I have also attended a gathering which was organised by the Brick Lane Debates which was called “This Changes Everything” ( @TCEuk, which provided good and constructive debates on the issue of climate change, empahasising that we have all to be aware of it, and help to have a more sustainable planet and way of life.

Now in April I helped out with some inner community help and we had two gathering in the new community space, so I have to say thank you to everyone who was participating, and who helped the gatherings go very smoothly. We have discussed some inner and outer community issues, and here I have to say that the community is far from perfect, but at least up till now it’s been in harmony and some collaboration with one another.

I also managed to link with some wonderful brothers and sisters and introduce them into the community to expand our sense of interconnectivity, and for the future events and open days so we can visit one another more, and learn from each other. It’s at the beginning of this month that I sat in an inner group gathering which call themselves “green go community”, which I have noticed hasn’t yet brought together everyone in Bethnal Green community to support their project, but some major issues were discussed and individuals were asked to do more, so hopefully we could bring the whole community under the umbrella of that community and reach out to more outer communities in the area and beyond.

I have to say here that one of the difficulties I have noticed in these type of communities that I’m staying with is that they don’t have any sort of structure or foundation, and the only thing that helps the group of people keep going is purely by chance and things being done with the effort of those who feel that without a foundation the structure will collapse. I have to thank those who keep doing and reminding us all of these basic foundations, and hopefully time will help the rest to be more aware of what life is all about, before we lose our blue and green planet!

On 13.4.15 I attended a CND ( peace vigil in front of the MoD (Ministry of Defence), which was attended by London Catholic Workers (, and many other organisations and individuals, which was full of talk and live music and entertainment, and it was a good reminder to all of us not to help with those type of destructive devices.

On 14.4.15 I attended another event, this time a debate about Rojava (West part of today’s Kurdistan) ( which was organised by a group calling themselves the Brick Lane Debates (@BrickLDebates) in a community in north London which is called “Halkevi”, a place where Kurdish and Turkish live side by side and in harmony together (–kurdish-and-turkish-community-centre.php).

The debate title was, “Why does the Rojava Revolution matter?” and looked at whether it will be possible to bring and implement here what’s happening back in western Kurdistan (Rojava) in the three recently (2014) declared Cantons of Afrin, Jazira, and Kobani. I would say it would be very easy to implement what’s happening there in EU, if and a big IF, we come together and disengage ourselves with the current monetary based economic system, which everything in the system depends on it, specially here in the City of London.

You might have seen or have heard about the struggles of men, women, and children of Kobani for many months last year, and the fact that everyone has to come forward and help equally in their local council gatherings and decision making bodies and participate in every aspect of their daily lives, so when it comes to the national or international level, everyone would have been represented equally, therefore things will go smoothly… but I have to say that one thing which was again in question was whether the economic dependency on the Syrian government will make the current way of life much more difficult if it’s been lifted, as would be over here in London with too much money involved in the City, so as much as we would like to be seeing it as a very good coexistence of communities functioning very well together, but if we take the economic factor in our mind, we have to have further debate on the issue.

I’ll say here for those who are not familiar with the region please read this article which I have found online and it’s a written account of a journalist to Rojava, and the unfolding events over there:


On 14.4.15 I attended another peace vigil in Trafalgar Square and this time it’s organised by our Peace and Justice for Syria group (, which was about remembering those who have lost their lives in Al-Mabojah, Kawju in Mount Sinjar (, and all the other towns and villages across the region by the IS (Islamic State) and other destructive forces in the region. Many wonderful brothers and sisters attended the vigil and we had support from public and people who were passing by the area.

For the next few days I helped out our community where I’m staying with some gardening and other activities and also our second house gathering, which was positive and good and I thank all those who helped out with the gathering, and I also arranged to help out with a peace sister in preparation for the Peace Picket launch at Parliament Square.

On Sunday 19.4.15 at about 13:45 we launched the start of a Peace Picket at Parliament Square with the support of some wonderful and active human beings from the following groups:

Peace Strike (, London Catholic Workers (, London Guantanamo Campaign, (, Peace and Justice for Syria group (

A few other individuals were present and we initially started a 48 hours peace vigil concentrating on the conflict in today’s Syria and talking about the number of displaced people and refugees in the region and across the world, and how the world can come together to stop what’s happaning there, and how to help to solve this human catastrophy.

On 21.4.15 London Catholic Workers did a peace vigil in front of the Foreign Office which I joined them in remembrance of all those who has lost their lives in the current Mediterranean sea as a result of conflict which was created by the West in search for a solution in Middle East and Africa, and now in front of our eyes we have seen drowning of hundreds if not thousands of migrants at sea. Then the group brought the vigil to Parliament Square and they were present till late in the evening, we had a wonderful peace picnic on Parliament Square during the warm afternoon, and everyone enjoyed the vigil despite the sadness of the drowning.

On 22.4.15 we had another wonderful day back in the Square and I had couple of interviews, one was with Tarpaulin Simon (, and the second one was with a freelance journalist Millena Mihova, and a freelance photo reporter both Bulgarian (, so overall another good day at the Square.

On 23.4.15 I met some more wonderful people and I met Obi a bambuser live streamer for Occupy London ( and Occupy News Network, and I very briefly talked to him about why I was there, and for how long.

On 24.4.15 we had to temporarily halt the Peace Picket due to a couple of events over the weekend – one was ANZAC Remembrance (, and secondly the London Marathon (

On Monday 27.4.15 the Peace Picket returns and on Tuesday ELAAF (East London Against Arms Fairs) ( do their peace picket.

Also there’s a “platforms for exchange: Syrian voices in London, Roundtable” at room sw-1.07: Inigo rooms, King’s College London (Somerset House East Wing, Strand, WC2R 2LS) from 18:45 – 2200 hours, so please if you have time and you would like to come there contact Kai-Oi Joyce Yung (, or on twitter KJY888 to be part of the roundtable talk.

I am hoping to help out with an open day at our community at Bethnal Green, which will be in my final days back here in London and I am hoping to see as much as people as I can before the start of my next Peace Pilgrimage journey which will start on Monday 18.5.15 towards South West of England. So please if you have time and if you are in or around London come and join us for this wonderful day of interactions full of talks, poems, spoken words, arts, music, food and drink.

On this note I’ll leave you in the capable hands of the universe and till our next connection may love and peace be upon you all wherever you are on the planet.

your humbled Earthian brother


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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