Visiting Communities; Supporting Actions for Peace

Since February 26 I have been supporting different communities around England and Wales.

February 27th 2015

I was staying and helping out my little community here in the heart of Bow in London, a place where I have been offered to stay since my return to London in January 2015.

February 28th 2015

I went out with a compassionate brother to support a Tower Hamlets community to save their health services, we helped with banner making and talking to some locals about the issue.  If you would like to support them you can go to, and read more in detail about the community’s crisis. We then had a great time in the museum of childhood ( with another passionate brother with his little son, then after having a great time together with his family, and some friends, we said goodbye to one another and we headed back to our local library before we went back to our little comunity in the heart of Bow to rest for the night.

March 1st 2015

Today I went with an inhabitant of our community to Tottenham Hale to connect with some peace brothers and sisters and after about an hour’s wait I said goodbye then we headed north to Reading in Berkshire for a two days of intense gathering and discussion and became more aware of what’s happening at AWE Burghfield (, and Trident (

After arriving and resting for a bit we straightaway started with a little gathering about how we can know one another and hope to come together as a little group to do a direct action and this was one of the many other activities that we got involved in the preparation for the next day blockade at the AWE Burghfield site.

So next day we arrived at the site early in the morning, and after standing by the main north gate for a while then I decided to walk towards the south gate in solidarity with the people who have blockaded the main entrance, and I spoke on a loudspeaker about why I was there and why I felt to show my support for the cause, then I said goodbye to the people there and headed towards the construction gate and showed the same support there as well, then I headed back to the main north gate again, so I managed to do a peace pilgrimage around the site in a clockwise direction with an old occupier friend and talked about the past since 2011, and a bit later I did a peace walk again but this time in an anti clockwise direction, which it did helped me to know more people and talk about my peace journey and why I was there with more people, so after being there for about 8 hours with others, we headed back to our resting place in a Quaker Meeting place, and after eating and drinking, then we looked back at our reflection of the day, then later after 7pm headed back towards London, and I got back to my resting place in the heart of Bow close to midnight.

One thing I have to mention here is that the atmosphere of the place and the solidarity of the people who were there from many places across Europe was strong, all saying no to nuclear weapons and at our north gate earlier in the day the gate half blocked by very determined French people, and in the afternoon we held hands and sang the below song in Japanese and English:

Fukushima songs printed by Himawari jan uk and SOAS CND Society arranged by various artists based on a gospel song by Charles A. Tindley

we shall overcome

we shall overcome

we shall overcome someday

oh, deep in my heart

I do believe

we shall overcome someday

we’ll walk hand in hand

we’ll walk hand in hand

we’ll walk hand in hand someday

oh, deep in my heart

I do believe

we shall overcome someday

we shall all be free

we shall all be free

we shall all be free someday

oh, deep in my heart

I do believe

we shall overcome someday

we are not afraid …

we are not alone …

the whole wide world around …

we shall overcome …

On the 3rd of March after leaving my resting place and visiting a garden centre in number one Rochester Square for a rainbow family circle, I made my way about 6pm to UCL to attend another event about the same topic of nuclear issues, but this time at SOAS, and listening to two speakers (Bruce Kent, CND and Malcolm Bailey, Green Party), which was very informative and I met few more active and determined members of the human race who want to see a world without nuclear arms, so for more information you can visit: (,,, and

For the next few days I helped out the little community of us, where I am staying, to create some space to do some different activities including: communication using a talking stick, mobile gardening, wood, and metal crafting, with the help of a rainbow peace brother, and a few other brothers and sisters in the community.

On the 7th of March I attended a March for Climate (, and Frack Free Planet (, where I came across a few brothers and sisters who I knew, and a very kind Quaker sister who very kindly invited me for a soft drink and some chips in a place near Trafalgar Square, then after saying goodbye to her later in the evening I attended a regular monthly event organised by Occupy London (www. and Occupy Democracy group ( and I met up with few more of the planet’s activists in the square before I said goodbye to them and headed back to my resting place for the night.

I stayed in the community again for the next few days and I helped out with some internal chores of the place, and invited some brothers and sisters to come and visit the community and see how we can utilise the space at its maximum potential while I was staying there, also I helped out with few different projects in the created space from the past weeks that I was staying in this little community at the heart of Bow.

I have to say here this activities were all done at a time that we have received a letter at the beginning of the month from people who claim that the space that we are inhabiting is belonging to them and we have to evacuate it by the end of this month (30th March), which here I’d like say if you feel you could come along and show support for us to stay and carry on inhabiting the place, you are very welcome to come along and show your full support, the address is 111-121 Fairfield Road London England.

On 12th March I started another peace journey westwards from London to south west of England and then Wales, so after leaving my resting place I went with another inhabitant from Bow’s little community for a short journey to Kentish Town West to meet up with a group of brothers and sisters from the Camden Garden Centre and a rainbow peace brother with his little daughter.

Then after saying goodbye to the brother from Bow, we headed towards Richmond, then Egham before we arrive in Runnymede eco-village about midday, then meeting some people there for about half an hour then we joined a peace sister who has traveled from south of England to take us to a community in Yeovil near the village of Norton-sub-Hamdon called “Tinkers Bubble” (, where we arrived at about 17:30 and I stayed overnight there and I let them know about my intention for the visit and thanked them for their kindness and their sustainablity towards humanity and the planet, so the night went after a dinner at 6pm and some talk at 7pm by some member of the community debriefing us of what we were going to expect for the duration of four days where the new people will stay in the community, then saying goodnight and resting in our dedicated places for the night.

Next day on 13.3.15 after saying goodbye to the community I started walking towards the next community many miles away in the Forest of Dean, but after an hour of walk in the rain through the Norton sub Hamdon village the universe has connected me with two local electrical engineers and they very kindly helped me with an on road picnic area which was a good spot to connect me with Bristol. I have to say at the end of my journey with them for about 15 minutes from a place they kindly gave me a lift to the dropping place I noticed that I was videoed by the co driver with his Iphone, but as I didn’t have anything to concern about, or what I was doing, I let him to carry on and just said goodbye to them and not to bring up the issue, but this was first time throughout my peace journey that I have noticed someone was trying to record me without my knowledge, and thinking that I wouldn’t know, which I didn’t see as a positive move on their behalf. I would like to mention if you are reading this blog to make yourself clear to others why you would like to do such a thing without my full consensus.

Then after waiting in the area for about an hour, I got my second connection towards Bristol by a young man and a women local to Bruton and this time, they very kindly got me near a village close to Shepton Mallet so after exchanging my internet connection I thanked them and said goodbye to them, then after some walk I got my third connection of the day by a great man into Bristol, and he very kindly took me to a well known area in Bristol (Stokes Croft), and we arrived there about 14:30, so after saying goodbye to him and thanking him for the connection, I linked with the Hamilton House to enquire about the Feed Bristol Allotment Community (, and then Yorkley Court Community Farm ( After resting there till about 16:30 then I headed out towards the town bus station, as there wasn’t any bus connection to the little town near to the farm then I was offered a short inner city bus journey to the Bristol Temple Mead train station, and I managed to connect to Severn Tunnel junction, in there I got the next train at 19:40 to Cheltenham Spa, so I arrived to the little town of Lydney at 20:10, and after asking and talking to some locals finally after 5 miles of walk, I arrived in a well protected farm at about 21:30 and after some talking and introducing myself to the people at the well protected tower and telling them why I was there, then they opened the gate for me and I stayed there for the night in the community and meeting some new people and even an old friend from the time of OLSX, who were there to support the farm, and he was offering his idea to help to bring world peace in six months, which I welcomed his opinion and we exchanged our contact to help out on the world peace issue in the future together.

During the night and next day I helped out the farm as I could and then said goodbye to the people there, and headed back towards London.

Next day on 14.3.15 after a short connection by a kind local to the train station in Lydney, I got my next connection to Gloucester about 10am with a kind inspector’s help, then from there with the help of a very considerate manager of the station to Swindon, and from there to London Paddington so I was back in London just before 13:30, so I managed to make my way with the help of few kind people to connect to Westminster to attend the end of a march, and a little gathering and talk about Fukushima ( It was today that I met someone who was advocating caring for the working animals of the world (, which drew my attention towards it, and after some talk to him and some others then I headed back to LARC with a peace brother for my evening peace talk.

I ended my day by thanking those who managed to turn up for the talk and thanks those who helped for the preparation of the evening and then made my way back to my resting place in Bow.

Next day I met my peace brother from west of England who was here in London and he visited our community and saw few others from the community which he hasn’t seen them since the time of OLSX.

For the next few days I was around our little community and I was preparing a space for a first communication in the community with the help of a talking stick.

On 19th of March I joined a group of Christian CND ( for a peace walk around some embassies in London to ask for their help at the April/May 2015 conference of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty to achieve the elimination of all nuclear arsenals, and ask the five nuclear weapon states to see how do they justify their keeping and replacing their nuclear weapons with their obligation to pursue in good faith negotiations leading to complete nuclear disarmament, and ask (some) of the rest of the world that how are they getting on with achieving a treaty to ban all nuclear weapons.

In the evening after the walk a peace sister, a brother and I went to 123 Pall Mall to visit the occupied building and see if we can get space for a future talk on world peace and a history of the world through a timeline using a galactic interconnection, and then after saying goodbye to the people in the building we said goodnight to one another as well and we all headed back to our resting place.

On 20th of March we had our first communication gathering using talking stick here in Bow community and the rainbow family, got consensus for spring council at Runnymede eco-village on Cooper’s Hill near Egham town next new moon, beginning April 18th, so please bring shelter, cup, bowl and spoon, food to share, musical instruments, something for the magic hat and your visions and energy.

Next day after a long day of helping out the community a wonderful inhabitant from our community did invite me to a sauna and I enjoyed another experience of the city’s way of getting rid of our body dirt, and this was my first sauna since my last one in the southern Ireland County Cork, transition town Kinsael ( offered to me by a peace sister.

On Sunday I visited a peace brother’s local church and met some great peace advocators in the community and then back to one of our peace brother for an excellent evening meal together.

On Monday 23rd March I attended a peace vigil on Millennium Bridge which was organised by English PEN (, then I headed back to my resting place in Bow.

On Tuesday 24th I helped a peace sister ( who is preparing a project for Parliament Square, in a space which we have create in our community in Bow to do some wood craft and she is hoping to make it ready by the end of the week and hopefully we’ll start the peace picket some time next month, so please come along and help us to show the world that we have the right and freedom of expression here in this WISE island.

Today I was writing up for the blog and I hope we can share more events and ideas together and to learn how can we bring peace to the world in a non-violent way, so if you have any idea like one of my peace brother who is visioning the world peace in six months or a peace sister by 2018, so please get in touch with me so we can arrange a panel of speakers to speak about the topic, and idea of coming together to bring world peace as soon as possible.

one love
your humbled Earthian brother


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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