Around London

February 18th

After getting back to London and resting for a bit after my peace tour around England, I did visit some peace brothers and sisters, and through them I have heard about a new initiative from international alert ( organisation that want to launch a new Syrian platform for peace and to find a quick solution to the present conflict, which I support their initiative and it’s a good start to bring together many small organisations and groups to help each other and make their efforts more effective in coming together to find peaceful solutions to todays conflict.

This week I also visited number one Rochester Square in Camden Town again, which it is a garden centre and some like minded people have come together to help out with different projects, and I recommend if you have some spare time in hand to go there and show your support, as I usually take some peace brothers and sisters there, whenever I can, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with them as and when you can.

February 23rd

I managed to get in touch with an old established organisation called “Quakers” in their headquarters in London Euston friends house, and I attended for the first time one of their regular meetings which is open to public and newcomers and the topic of the night was “Quakers and Truth” , so just to let you know that they have this regular meetings every Monday evening and I recommend you should try to attend one if you have time and observe it for yourself, in my opinion it’s a good way to explore peace in and around yourself for more information you can visit:

( or and

On February 24th I attended another small gathering about Sail 4 Syria again I visited some passionate brothers and sisters in the London Catholic Workers ( a place in north London and I was there to see if I could be in any way a little help for the Sail 4 Syria project, which started last year in July, and a peace brother and sister managed to sail in a dinghy boat from London all the way to south of France, but due to winter weather in the Mediterranean sea, so they stopped their sail and were back to London, and now they asked me if I could be in any help to finish the project, as both of them won’t be able to carry on with the project, so I showed my interest to help out if we could get someone experienced at sea with a small boat, or another boat to help out with the dinghy boat, so if anyone out there would like to help with this little peace project please come forward before 21st March 2015 or 15th of May 2015 when my peace brother and sister will officially stop the project if no one comes forward, so please if you or knowing anyone who might be able to help me with this new project get in touch with myself or ( and read any updates on “Sail 4 Syria”, so hopefully the project will start after it’s pause for winter again in the coming spring.

25th February

Our group Peace and Justice for Syria had its first 2015 meeting and for me it was after almost a year the first gathering of its kind and we discussed quite a few topics from the group’s agenda list and just to mention one here, it would be an event in Parliament Square which would be organised by a peace sister, who has been on a peace strike almost close to a decade (, so in support please get in touch with her latest initiative reflecting different topics in the heart of the city as we are getting closer to the election time.

Also as you might know Occupy Democracy (, and a few other organisations such as No Dash For Gas ( /( (, will be holding their events this coming March, so if you are in or around London come and show your support to look after the only planet that we have to live in peacefulness and harmony with one another.

Lastly I have to say Peace and Justice for Syria group agreed for me to use the LARC (London Action Resource Centre) number 62 Fieldgate Street E1 1ST to hold an evening which will be an opportunity for me to talk about my peace pilgrimage journey around the world and also to say hello, and goodbye, to all those wonderful peace brothers and sisters who have helped me to carry on with my peace journey so far, so please put this date in your diary and tell everyone from your network about this event on Saturday 14th of March.

So on that note I’ll leave you with your thoughts about current climate, and if you can help those people who wholeheartedly are out there to prevent the planet from further deterioration and they want to do it through a real democracy, and not the one for the profit of few, so please help them to surprise the next so called government as it’s done in Greece.

One Love your humbled brother from London, England, blue and green planet Earth


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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