West, North West, Midlands… & back to London

We headed north from the west of England on 7.2.15 at about 7am. After a short break on our way, we arrived at our destination just after 10:30 am and we prepared ourselves for welcoming more wonderful brothers and sisters to an intense 2 day conference in a unique, sustainable venue for our gathering in “Bridge 5 Mill” near Manchester city football club, we started by familiarising ourselves with the venue and welcoming incoming people to the building.

If you would like to know more about the Reclaim the Power National Gathering in the past and the present you can visit (www.nodashforgas.org.uk), but I have to say in summary as a peace observer I felt many positive actions were agreed on by the majority of the people who were present in the gathering, and it was supportive of other groups and organisations who were seeking help. One of the organisations which had support in the gathering was “Earth First” (www.earthfirst.org.uk), which will have a gathering of 5 days of skill sharing in August 2015. The gathering was based on fracking updates from different regional groups and geared to preventing further fracking (www.frack-off.org.uk) from happening, as might be going to happen in Lancashire, as well as other issues related to climate change. The gathering ended by getting consensus on a few present issues and agreeing some upcoming events – please visit their website for the memos.

After the conference finished with the help of my wonderful sister from West Yorkshire I managed to get back to one of my many homes on the planet and after having a wonderful evening meal with the family, and observing and talking about some of the many changes around the building since I was there just over a year ago, then I put my head down in a new room this time the “Jumble Hole” for the night.

Next day everyone was very busy with different projects, so I headed out to the centre of the town in a famous St George’s Square, in the hope of meeting some wonderful people including a woman who has not been happy with what has gone on in the last summer and still going on in today’s Palestine. After sitting there and listening to a busker who was playing some guitar, and then singing in the square, then after I couldn’t see those who I was hoping to see, and trying to teach myself an Irish tin whistle, which I had it for years, but I never had a chance to play it, after that I made my way through famous Mytholmroyd, and Luddenden towards the original town of Halifax, and not the one in Nova Scotia in the turtle island (today’s Canada) which Canadian authorities didn’t let me to visit. After about 10 miles of walk and encountering many wonderful people on my way and not least to mention was a wonderful man from Pennine Signs ( http://www.penninesigns.co.uk), who helped me with a white board, but they couldn’t help me with the writing, as they were quite busy. When I got to the centre of the town I was offered some food and drink by a wonderful manager of a store, then had a good conversation with few young people in the town, before I made my way back to my resting place in Hebden Bridge, with a help of a wonderful man who was going on my direction.

Next day was another new dawn and another challenge ahead of me, so finally I managed to see the woman who is showing some photos and writing as a vigil in the square, and after introducing myself to her I did a peace vigil from midday to 3pm with her, so if you want to know more about her she’s on the local community website (www.hebdenbridge.co.uk) under the title of Christine Drake “One woman protest in the Square”. After saying goodbye to her and the square I made my way towards the Incredible Edible town of Todmorden, and on my way I managed to encounter some wonderful more people who helped on my peace walk route.

One of those was a wonderful person called Keith from Affordable Sign Co. very close to Todmorden, who has very kindly helped me with my sign, which I had to collect from him next day, and he very kindly helped with some chocolate as well – by the time I was writing this for the blog some days later, I was still eating from them!

The next wonderful people were Ali BABA’s takeaway in Todmorden town centre who helped me with as much food as I could eat, for me to carry on walking for many more miles, then after saying goodbye to them I made my way to the Incredible Farm in Walsden, but by the time I got there the farm was closed. I managed by getting in touch with a wonderful person from a train route to get back to my resting place for my third night, but when I arrived back we had a dear guest from York who used to live in the hostel, and he’s back for a visit, so we did spend some good quality time altogether by a brand spanking new fireplace, which I thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the evening before we say goodbye, and good night to one another.

Today was another wonderful day full of connections with many more kind hearted people in West Yorkshire, so after eating something I made my way to the canal and at the beginning of it I got in touch with a wonderful person with his long boat, and after helping out with one of the locks he very kindly offered me a lift to the next lock, and I told him about my story as well.

Then I collected my sign from wonderful Keith, and I straight away headed back again towards the farm this time a wonderful local, after I was telling her and her grandsons about my story, she offered me some food and drinks very close to the Incredible Farm and after thanking them all, I carried on walking and as I got to the farm (www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk) it was closed again, so this time I left my message of support and I carried on walking through Walsden again, then Littleborough, Wardle, before I arrive in the town of Rochdale, part of the Greater Manchester.

On my way I came across many wonderful people and they werere all helpful, specially a place who very kindly helped me with some food and drink (Steakhouse Rochdale original Braai) (www.braaisteakhouse.co.uk) before the universe helped me through two connections to get a place to attend a performance by a New Yorker musician and storyteller, before I made my way to my resting place in the Hebden Bridge Hostel for my fourth night.

Today after meeting another wonderful woman from Leeds staying in the hostel, I was trying to go through some of the literature which I brought with me from Manchester’s conference venue, and writing up for the past week or so of my peace movements in the north, and slowly preparing myself to bound back towards Nottingham next day.

Then in the evening we had a wonderful meal together as a family again, and as it’s my last night my wonderful sister decided to have the fireplace going and as we’re talking about past, present and future I was so much carried away by the thought that I burned my left hand fingers with boiled hot water from the top of the wonderful burner, but I managed to reduce the pain as I followed my sister’s advice with some running cold water and then some lavender oil, and finally after finishing our drinks and talking some politics about Left Unity and the Green Party, as my peace brother was keen to know more about it, then we said goodnight to one another, as our final night up north together.

Today after having some food and preparing myself for a journey south, I said goodbye and a wonderful heart to heart hug with my sister, then my peace brother and I headed on the road just after midday.

After a short return and a brief stop on our way to the county of Robin Hood (Nottinghamshire), on our stop he very kindly topped up my lycamobile to enable me to communicate with many more wonderful people on the planet, then we had our dark chocolate, and it’s about this time that I got a phone call from peace brother Simon in regard to Sail for Syria project and our meet up back in London. Shortly after we arrived into the city of Robin Hood (Nottingham), and peace brother Dave introduced me to two more wonderful people who very kindly helped me with my stay for the night, after exchange of some stuff, we said goodbye to our peace brother, and I was taken from Sumac Centre (www.veggies.org.uk) to a housing co-op, where I helped out with some room decoration till late night before we get back to the Sumac Centre for an update, where I met some more wonderful people and I helped to share some of their concerns on a possible local fracking side, then we walked back to our resting place for the night.

Next day we headed out towards Bradford for a 2 days of Radical Routes (www.radicalroutes.org.uk) gathering, and I have to say it’s an interesting conference which I enjoyed being there for the first time and participate in listening to some of their workshops, and I am hoping to help some of my wonderful brothers and sisters to set up a co op centre somewhere in England with the help of Radical Routes (co-op housing), and those with peace in their heart and mind.

In the conference there were about 100 people from different co-op groups across WISE Islands who were there to report back from their progress and their difficulties and think about how they could find solutions for those difficulties, also there were some other new individuals like myself being there to learn and take in more experiences and maybe get involved in the future.

The group has organised two different venues, one for the gathering and one for the resting, which both places were very good and encouraging, also in terms of food and drinks, great vegetarian dishes were available to the people in the conference, so please if you would like to get involved you can read their literature through their websites.

At the end of the conference many were happy to exchange their final point of view from their working groups, or individuals like myself mentioning why I was there?, and then saying goodbye to one another. After leaving the conference venue I met up with some more wonderful people from Bradford near Shipley train station, and then I got a wonderful universe connection through couple of very kind and good hearted individuals from saying goodbye to Bradford, then hello to Leeds before I arrive back in Midlands (Birmingham) just before midnight, and when I got in the centre of the city I came across some wonderful people who they offered me to go back to their place to stay in a tent, but as I wasn’t sure of my visioned connection, I thanked them for their kindness, and said goodbye to them all as my intention was to stay with a family that I was with there before and I knew, nevertheless as I wasn’t able to do so, I managed to find a shelter by an abandoned building near their place and put my head down for the night.

So next day where I was staying wasn’t far from the family that I had a vision to visit and the universe this time connected me with them and after staying with them again for a half day, I headed to the city again with a member of the family and then after a wonderful stop in the bakery for saying hello, having some cake from a member’s birthday and some food and drink we headed towards a co-op Peace House in Coventry (http://coventrypeacehouse.wix.com/coventry-peace-house), which I had a vision of visiting there after knowing about it from the Bradford conference.

So at about 5pm I arrived there and I met a few wonderful, but I have to say a little bit stressed and exhausted people, but despite that I was offered some food and a drink and due to no space availability for the night I had to find my way en route to London as my final destination, which I managed to meet another wonderful supporter of peace and the universe, who helped me to get back in London at about 10pm, then after getting in touch with another peace brother, I had another amazing night before I say goodnight to my peace brother and the rest of the universe around me.

So on that note I’ll leave you all in the safe hand of our universe and may love, peace, joy, and hope be on your way everyday.

one love

your humbled Earthian brother back in London for more peace actions to come in a near future.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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