To London Town – peace, squats & politics

week commencing 12.01.15

I was still in Birmingham and I helped out my wonderful family with a few little projects and especially in the Bakery.

Walking and going around the city and taking in more interaction with people there. I also had a short visit to the neighbouring town of Coventry, the home of black cabs in London.

Some preparation for my journey back to london as well, as I decided finally after a month staying in the city of Birmingham I have to say goodbye to my wonderful family over there and head back to the centre of power.

week commencing 19.01.15

Finally I got ready this week to head back down to London, so before that I made a few little arrangements one was a place to stay with a wonderful peace brother who I spent most of my last winter in his place, and he very kindly cooked us a welcoming home meal for us and while I was there I saw a few other wonderful people, who I was in touch with throughout my journey, also I attended a CND ( peaceful campaign in Whitehall, and I sang some songs while I was there, and one of the songs was as follows:

we like the flowers

Tune: Trad.English

Words: sourced from the nuclear power: no thanks

campaigners at torness, 1989

we like the flowers, we like the vegetables,

we don’t like reactors, and Trident missiles.

we want to live in a nuclear-free society,

with no plutonium, no plutonium, for five more times

we like the cows, we like the sheep and hens, we don’t like the bomb, why can’t we all be friends?

we want to live in a nuclear-free society, with no plutonium …

we like the earth, we like the human race, we like the smile on every baby’s face

we want to live in a nuclear-free society with no plutonium …

So that was just a wonderful poem from a collection of “Action AWE Songbook 2013-2016” (, that I sang with a wonderful group of people in that CND gatharing, and I saw quite a number of wonderful people at the event including a wonderful peace sister from Peace News ( also some wonderful people from twelve tribes (, and then many more in Parliment Square, then after the final talk by the parliment we walked back to attend an Occupy Democracy gathering in Parliment Square (, and before we have an assembly there I was invited by a wonderful peace brother to have something to eat and drink as I was prepared to stay overnight, but the assembly finished just before 9pm and people decided not to stay overnight, so I managed to get in touch with a wonderful peace brother who did offer me to go back to an occupied building which I have been to and it was a derelict building at the time, just over a year ago, but before we go back there we walked our way to another new occupied building in Soho which is quite famous for being a music venue (known as 12 Bar in 26 Denmark Street) in solidarity with the people over there, and then we headed back towards a place which was going to be my main place of rest while I was staying in London, and hoping to have an event towards the end of February in there I met quite a number of old and new faces and a wonderful quarter was allocated to me to rest for the night, and for the duration of my stay in London.

One of the other arrangements was to speak to peace brother Dan from the peace and justice for syria group ( to go and give a talk in his north London base community ( about the latest on my peace pilgrimage journey around the world.

week commencing 26.1.15

It was this week that I got in touch with a rainbow peace brother and we visited the 12 Bar in 26 Denmark Street and as we got there I was asked to do a facilitation for a meeting about the number of positive and peaceful actions and then heading to a green house (a garden centre) in Camden town for a rainbow circle which didn’t go ahead as we didn’t have the key to the venue, and I spent a night in a tent there, and in the afternoon I headed on towards the place where I have arranged to talk about my peace pilgrimage journey for the evening.

So in the evening we had peace brother Simon and peace sister Maria who also did attend the event to talk about their mission “Sail 4 Syria”, then I did talk about my peace journey to about 30 people before most of us sat down and had a wonderful evening meal which was prepared by some wonderful volunteers in the centre, and we had some time to chat before and after the event before we all said goodnight to one another and the universe.

For the next few days I managed to attend a few more events with peace brother Dan including “Brent says #blacklivesmatter” where I met a member of the Green Party for Brent “Martin Francis” and, after seing a film and hearing voices of some of the speakers on a panel and from the audience, I managed to send out some positive energy by my presence in the venue before we head back to our resting place in Haringey.

On Sunday I attended another event, this time one so called soup kitchen for some 60 needy people in a church hall in the borough of Hackney, with the help of about 16 wonderful volunteers from the community where peace brother Dan was helping out as a wonderful cook, so please if you want to get in touch and help out make a connection and everyone in the community would like very much to hear from you.

I have to say I met a very active cat named (“Harakat” in Arabic which means movement) in the community and it reminded me of the “Kipper” from Yorkshire and “Miyaw” from a village in County Cork in Ireland.

Also I should say while I was there I watched a short film about Dorothy Day one of the founders of the community and another short film about a veteran from Vietnam conflict and the community has a wonderful newsletter called “the London Catholic Workers” full of good stories and articles which I had a chance to read some of them, and over all it was a great connection that I made through my wonderful peace brother Dan, and I did my best to help out with what I could for this wonderful community, and reach out to those wonderful people who are helping purely out of their hearts, and not for the financial gain, and helping people in need of help.

week commencing 2.2.15

This week I did try to see and talk to most of the occupiers in the building to find out what do they feel about if we could organise and arrange a talk in the occupied building just before I head on with my next peace pilgrimage journey, and also connecting with some more communities in and around London, including the Camden garden centre ( again for having a circle with a rainbow peace brother.

(The rainbow family has a gathering near Hay-on-Wye from June 16th new moon till July 16th which they will walk the river Wye and they start on May 18th from Ross on up to Hay, so if you are interested please get in touch with peace brother Teo, who has a circle every Wednesday after 4pm till 10pm in the Camden garden centre.)

Then we walked to Waterloo station before we made our way to an eco-village in west London called Runnymede, (, and we met up again with some of the old and new wonderful people in the community for a day or so before I was making my way through Egham, Reading, then Swindon which the universe gave me an oppurtunity to meet more wonderful people in another community called Lower Shaw Farm (, After having a wonderful evening meal with some people present in the community and my peace brother from west England, we headed back home to our resting place and started catching up with our long absence from one another, and preparing ourselves for a weekend at Reclaim the Power national gathering in Manchester (, and I am hoping to see many more wonderful people up there in Manchester and possibly my peace sister and brother in Yorkshire, before I head back to London for my final preparation to my next episode of my peace pilgrimage journey around the world.

So on this note I will leave you with a thought of the month and I hope I can get back to you when the universe allows me with more positive and good news for you.

Also as most of you might know so many of politicians are out there preparing themseves for May election. I always say we need technicians and engineers more then politicians, as all they do is make laws without really knowing the real consequences of the laws, as they are intent on lobbying for multinational companies to make more profit rather than looking after our planet and all the spices on it… but I have to admit that first time I have ever voted in my life was back in 2006/7 and I voted for the Green Party (, and now after almost 9 years they are all trying to make a change through the political system and if you feel what they are advocating is right to humanity and the planet and not the corporate businesses, let’s back them up, as I know many of them who are not only talk, but also they do things to really make a change, so it’s up to you how to challenge the corrupt politicians and bring them to account for their actions, and you can give them a final chance in this election, perhaps.

As most of you might know already, the latest research by a charity called Oxfam ( shows that by 2016 only 1% of the planet’s population will have the money wealth equivalent as all the rest of us on Earth… so it’s up to you make up your mind about your life and why you are living on this planet, and maybe to choose to try and make a difference.

so with much love,peace,joy and hope

from your humbled planetarian citizen on a dot on Earth


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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One comment on “To London Town – peace, squats & politics
  1. diggers2012 says:

    Help needed… The Forest of Dean / Yorkley Court Eco-village needs help as the courts ruled to take it over within a week… such great space is needed and they’ll just keep taking things over until there’s nothing public left… <—— News: Forest of Dean / Yorkley Court Eco-village <—— Address & Contact details (go go go !)

    These kind people need help now… see what you and your readers think and what their heart says or simply mention to visit a nice place… I hope you get this message well and ask them anything (there is currently a quick response)

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