Back in England

Week commencing 29.12.2014

I finally managed to finish the writing up of my peace pilgrimage journey westwards, and my blog got up-to-dated, then I had a few more enjoyable days with the close members of my Earthian families. Overall I was in a very good place to be looked after, after my peace journey was aborted – this time not by KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) but by the Canadian government – and I was a bit unhappy that after ten months of peace pilgrimage journey, I was forced to be flown back to England.

This week I did a good peace walk around Birmingham, and visited Rose Bakery in Stratford Road to find out if I can be of any help after staying in my cousin’s place for almost two weeks, and tried my best to help out with their kids studying, and also introducing a rainbow way of communication in the family, which was welcomed very warmly, but then the pressures of the outside world has made them think it’s a very slow way of communicating with one another, but it was a good way for some of the members of the family to talk freely.

Also it’s this week that I managed to see my nephew, and my wonderful peace brother and his partner, and it was an enjoyable and good couple of days with my nephew, and few hours with my peace brother and his partner. I visited the bakery with both of them and I mentioned to them “this is a place where I am going to help out so please help yourself with as much bread as you can eat”, and they were quite happy to help themselves.

It was this week that I managed to help out to organise with a storage place in the back garden of my cousin, which is an ongoing little task, before I head outbound to London to visit a few of my wonderful brothers and sisters, and specifically visit the Parliament Square in support of Occupy Democracy.

Week commencing 5.1.2015

I prepared and started my new year by stopping drinking tea and coffee, and also resolved no handshakes, only heart to heart hugs, as part of my new year resolutions. I started to help out in the bakery and there I met a few more wonderful people, who were kind enough to respect what I was doing, and they even helped me with some of the stuff which I needed for my next peace journey. I really enjoyed helping out amongst the people who had the same background as I had, but with a different point of view, and clearly I felt I was back in the middle east, as they still practice and speak what they have learned in their so-called homeland. I had a feeling that my contact with them was an inspiring move, so I offered my cousin if I can be in any help before the start of my next peace journey, and he very kindly noted my sincerity, and we have left it there for time being, as I am still here, and as part of my help I have visited one of their son’s six forum school and met a teacher who is his advisor, and I let the teacher knows about my peace journey as well.

So that was a very brief description of my just over two weeks of rest here back in England, and I have a vision of visiting London, West England and Reclaim the Power National Gathering in Manchester, which is hosted by “No Dash for Gas” next month, before I continue with my next episode of my peace pilgrimage journey around the planet Earth.

My thoughts of the week

As I have heard and read some of the news coming out from the mainstream media and other social media, I was saddened by it that human lives have been cut short again because of our differences in religious beliefs, and this time not in Raqqa or Mosul, but sadly here in the heart of Europe. Clearly this shows that we couldn’t tolerate our differences and point of view with a pencil, but with a weapon which has been made by us in the factories across the world with our hands, and until we realise that it isn’t the way forward we sadly might see more horrible scenes like this again and again. I will say here strongly with my heart that bringing back the penalty of taking another human being’s life won’t ever solve the problem, despite some see that as a solution and a deterrent to solve the problem, but this will not help – like our broken economic system.

As I always say and I will repeat here, our economic system is in turmoil and it needs a fundamental change, and many of those measures that has been taken by different governments to recover from it are temporary and will not solve our problems, as the current system puts profit and consumption first then the planet and its inhabitants needs behind, so please, I’m asking you from bottom of my heart, to stop supporting such a system as much as you can, as it’ll lead us to nowhere other than destruction of the planet, and more human misery.

So on this note I’ll leave you with a more thoughtful thinking for this brand new year and for everything that you do that will affect on our beautiful planet Earth and every species that is living on it, and if time allows you, read an article about “A blueprint for a new social structure – a world without money” (Contributionism or the natural order of things), by Michael Tellinger on his Facebook site as I have shared it.

So with much love, peace, joy, and hope for a brighter future far from the scenes of today’s middle east, Africa, and the rest of the planet.

Your humbled Earthian brother


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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