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From city lock-up to deportation

Week commencing 1.12.2014 This week I am still in the mighty fishing boat and despite the difficulty from my resting place still helping the cook in the kitchen, and organising the freezer, fridge, and the dry storage area. I have

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Request for support in Canada

Peace pilgrim Earthian was taken to an admission hearing at the airport in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada on Tuesday. There was a phone link with the immigration judge about whether Earthian can be let into the country, because he “has

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post-script: detained in prison in St John’s

Having arrived in St. John’s, capital city of Newfoundland (the Easternmost province of Canada), by the kind help of a fishing trawler crew from Greenland, Earthian has been detained in HMP prison in St. John’s, because the authorities are not

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At Sea

Week commencing 3.11.14 I prepared myself to start another peace journey, West or North whichever the universe was going to connect me to!? this time after staying in the little town of Sisimiut for over a month. At the weekend

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