Land of the Inuit #2

Week commencing 13.10.14


This week I tried to get in touch with more wonderful people and organisations to see and find out about my possible sea connection with the west from this snowy island, and also trying to arrange to talk about my peace journey north, with those who were interested in my peace pilgrimage.


As a result I got in touch with the harbour, and agencies who were helping out in the harbour when a ship comes, and I was informed that this coming weekend  and next week we’ll have some Canadian fishing boats, so all I have to do is to get in touch with them and try to find out whether they are going back this time or not? and if they do, would they kindly be able to help me to connect with my next destination?


I also managed to meet the mayor of the town, and he very kindly allocated some of his time to listen to me and hear about my peace journey.


I also met a wonderful teacher from Ottawa in the technical college mining division, while he was teaching his students about the formation of our planet, and a geological lesson on the planet, and here I recommend that everyone should see a film about “The story of Planet Earth” (, so you can see the scientific side of the planet earth story, then I spoke to him about my peace journey during and after his lesson, and later in the week he very kindly offered me some excellent winter boots and some warm clothes towards my journey further west of this icy island.


My new look in front of the technical college

I also attended a funeral in the town where I felt I should share my sadness for a loss of any life, and in a way to say- if we leave this planet in our natural way of living and then reconnect back to the nature, it is a good and positive way forward despite its difficulties for the close relative of the person who is gone, and all of us will take the same journey more or less one day, but how it is depends on our activities on the planet, which will show our footprint that we leave behind for our future generations.


In the weekend I met the captain of a Canadian fishing boat who more than two weeks ago I met very briefly, and I told him about my story and this time he very kindly took me on board and offered me some food, drinks and even some dessert, also I had a chance to speak to some of the crew as well, and he told me if and when they come back next and if I’m still around, they’ll help me to connect with my next destination. I was so happy to hear that, then I said goodbye to him and most of the crew and I headed back to the town, also I have to say I met another captain and I told him and some of the crew about my peace journey and he said the same thing, so I’m hoping the universe with the help of these wonderful captains hopefully will connect me to my next destination in November.


Here in the town there is a place which is called “cultural house” and it has been a place that I visit every now and then and I try to meet new people, this weekend I met some people from “Reve Boheme” which they were playing jazz and it was a close reminder of London and the West End.


Here I would like to thank all my wonderful Occupy family who some of them have been my encouragement to carry on with my peace journey since the first anniversary of OLSX camp, also I would like to say happy anniversary to the Occupy family and I hope and wish everything down there will go well during a week of talks about different issues in Parliament Square, where it has been a place of that sort of discussion for many of years in the past and I missed being there to show my full support, but my heart and thoughts are with you all the time and I will speak of it throughout my peace journey now and in the future to say how important and crucial it is to have a good public services and especially now having a basic income initiative which will lead us to a better and more prosperous society.



week commencing 20.10.2014


This week was a very special week to me and my peace journey’s anniversary, as I started my peace journey back on 23.10.12 and I have been advocating world peace through my walk for peace and nonviolent resolution to our conflicts all over the world. I was so happy to manage to connect with so many wonderful people and try to keep in touch with them, and as I look back their wonderful support has been a motor engine for my peace pilgrimage, and I hope with their support and help I can finish my peace journey around the world.


This week I got in touch with the harbour and a few more people to establish my connection and a link further west, I also spoke to some other Canadian fishing boats and their crews, and it seems their fishing season will finish close to the middle of November, so all I have to do is to wait and do all my best here in this little town and help out in any way that I can to let as many people as possible to know that why I’m on this journey. I am hoping people over here don’t feel world peace has got nothing to do with them, while the rest of mainland Europe is preparing or involving themselves in many different conflicts all across the planet and least to mention is today’s Middle East.


At the weekend I was invited by a wonderful teacher to his home for an evening of food and drink and informal talks as they call it in Danish a “Hygge”, and I met some more wonderful teachers and other members of the family, and I enjoyed the evening and would like to thank them all here, I also have to say I was offered hospitality of a Canadian fishing trawler, who the captain was from Faroe Islands, and I enjoyed the evening on board, and I’d like to thank him and all the crew.


week commencing 27.10.2014


This week I mainly concentrated on my final peace walk around the town as it has been my way of getting around in the town, which overall it exceeds over 20 km, so in a hope I can interact with those I haven’t come in contact, and specially I love to speak to those students in the town’s college, a place where has given me a shelter.

I managed to arrange some lessons with the English and other teachers to talk about my peace journey and some of the other main global issues which is facing us today.


In some of my talk I managed to speak about issues like poverty, conflicts, peace, climate change, and some more issues like public services which has been one of the engine force of Occupy movement throughout the world, and I think if we want to see a world beyond poverty, politics and conflicts, we have to think of a system which money is not it’s engine force, and our limited resources on the planet should be our base for planning and managing our future coexistence together and in harmony with one another.


As I am writing for the blog, I also prepare myself for another peace journey on the sea as I have a feeling my time here in this wonderful town of Sisimiut has come to an end, and I have to say goodbye to this wonderful and peaceful Inuit, and I hope we all come together to solve many challenges we face and ahead of us, so on this note I’ll leave you with a thought about how we can all come together and based on the consensus decision making way, how we can solve our global challenges in front of us?


with much love and peace and living light

your humbled Earthian brother


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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2 comments on “Land of the Inuit #2
  1. madsmckeever says:

    I often think of you on your peace journey, Stay safe. Madeline (seed farm in Ireland)

  2. It sounds you’re doing some incredible work here. Good for you, and I’d love to hear more about your travels.

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