From the Land of the Inuit

As I am writing this update for this episode of my peace journey across the planet, I have to say a lot is going on right now, there are many events which are coming to our minds and we feel  we can’t do much about them and are powerless, but I want to say right here that we are the most powerful species on this planet; we have already used that power to unfortunately cause some irreversible effects on this beautiful planet, which a lot of us are aware of, but do nothing except being busy with our daily activities – which in a way is just a repetition of things which are not helping humanity as a whole to be better off or more in harmony with nature – or we aren’t yet  communicating with one another to prevent these events from occurring, so through this blog or media, which is just another tool, I hope that we can bring our thoughts a bit closer to one another.

Here in this the biggest Island on the planet that I’m living at the moment people are getting ready and studying and waiting for an effect of what we have caused since the beginning of the last industrial revolution in the eighteenth century, and it is the melting of the glaciers. Now they hope that they can reach all those minerals which were inaccessible, and hope that the nation will get as rich as mainland Europe did.

Just for your information, the population of this island is just under 58 thousand people and by me coming here might have just made it to that round number, but despite such a small population, there are some who I have come across who are so narrow minded, including those who are controlling the so called “borders” who were thinking that by me not carrying money it is costing the government money and they have to know whether I am a so-called legal or illegal migrant to this land – this is a battle of who has got what and is doing what over here!?

We have got so much to learn from our past history to present day that even I can’t imagine from where we have to start, but a little example wouldn’t harm anyone, a book which I have found in the library of this technical college which I could borrow with a help of a wonderful teacher, which is called “climate change, what it means for us, our children, and our grandchildren”, and I don’t know that if anyone here has ever read it, already some of the data will be out of date, if you look at this recent event on the climate ( I don’t know what will happen by the end of this century, where people here in the land of Inuit are waiting to make money out of resources which will become available to them, while on the other side of the planet in Bangladesh every year more than five times the population of this nation here will lose their lives because of flooding and global warming, and probably by the end of this century when all the glaciers in this land of Inuit melts and all those minerals become available to this little nation, then in Bangladesh and all around the planet’s coastal and river lines we’ll lose more than 100 times the population of here, so what are we going to do with all that so-called money we made!? “reinvest!? to make our lives better” – well why not make our life better right now and not wait for that long in the future, when most of us might never make it.

A nation that has suffered so much throughout history that can’t see what’s going to happen, will just make me to be silent, just a response to those police officers here that were telling me that, “you can’t be here in this land without using money”. The question should be, ‘by Denmark getting those F16 with the name of helping NATO, how is that a solution to world peace?’, and not ‘a peace pilgrim can’t be here without using money’!?

It’s very obvious to me that our priorities aren’t right, and I hope that we can help each other to put them right.

Look at today in the middle east there’s a conflict which it hasn’t seen one like this since the creation of new borders and countries across the region, so to those who think by selling oil they make their so-called countries prosper, they haven’t got their priorities right either, as you might know a simple example over there will be the news headlines for a town called “Kobane”, similar to Gaza, but a bit smaller, which has been on the news in the recent days and weeks. This town has become a symbol of people holding up their civilised values to prevent IS (Islamic State) forces entering the town and beheading all those are not following their way of life!?, and after all these forces were the creation and result of the whole conflict which has its roots decades if not centuries back, and it’s been supported till recently by the west and some of the gulf nations, and now there is bitter conflict between innocent people and them, and now the west thinks by aerial bombing they will prevent that from happening, which is far-fetched at least, and those oil-rich nations can’t help, because their rich oil contracts might not be signed, so the irony is we all got our priorities misplaced due to “money”, which we created it to be a media of exchange thousands of years ago, but now whoever has got more of it has got more power and influence over the others!?

Across Europe and north America, people are struggling with many issues, very recent ones being banking crisis and austerity measures, fracking, and the conflict in eastern Europe, and these issues are really taking all our energy and affecting our daily life despite the bitter busyness of our daily struggle to survive. It isn’t very easy to handle all of these issues as the system has all the so-called military forces behind them to prevent us from doing good for all, so my message here to the world would be to stop getting involved with anything that has got to do with military forces and all the forces above people, including: army, navy, police forces, and even factories where they produce weapons – so anything related to things which is producing conflicts in today’s world, and this is just to start, with re-education the next step, with a mind clear from struggles and conflicts.

To my brothers and sisters across the planet we should rise up and listen to our hearts and occupy where we think our hearts should be. Today I have seen people of Hong Kong, tomorrow people of London and New York, so come together and create a new system far from the rotten foundation of what we have now, then we wouldn’t see the suffering of people in Africa, middle east and Asia.

Week commencing Monday 1st September,

Last week and the rest of weekend I managed to write and bring the blog up to date with my Iceland’s peace journey and events episode, and tried to prepare myself for a long sea journey towards Greenland as I had a feeling at the beginning of this week I’ll take that voyage further north so, I made some of my last walks between the harbour, town and the Reykjavik camp.

The weather was very windy and rainy for the last few days, but it did start to ease and become calmer since yesterday, so I did most of my preparation, packing everything and tried my best to be ready by the end of Wednesday night, as I was told by the fishing boat managers and the captain I should be ready by Thursday, so I can move out of the Reykjavik camp, which as I already said it has been my home for almost two months, and here I’d like to take this opportunity and thank everyone in the camp and the hostel for all their kindness and dedication towards what they were doing there.

It was on my last day in the camp that finally David (who was helping out in the camp), and I managed to find some time and have a short interview, and he very kindly dedicated some time towards the preparation and filming in and around the camp to put together this video which you can see here if you can find some spare time to watch (

On Thursday morning I headed out from the camp towards the old harbour and I managed to speak to the captain of the mighty fishing boat, and he very kindly said, “yes he’ll take me, but when they’ll go is not known yet, and it might be weekend”, so I said I have told goodbye to the camp and everyone there, so I’ll stay here in the harbour until we go, but in the evening one of the very kind crew of the ship who was from Faroe Island came and spoke to me and he very kindly took me into the ship and showed me a wonderful cabin (room 21), where I was going to stay for the duration of the voyage further towards west and north, so that’s how I made my way into the fishing boat which became my home for almost two weeks.

So for the next few days I was sleeping on board of the mighty fishing boat, in the old harbour, and having evening meal with the crew of the fishing boat, also I tried my best to help out as much as I could, meanwhile as I was waiting on our departure I got in touch with some wonderful people in the town and also I tried to print some of my internet communication cards and source a device for my online connection but both of those didn’t happen, so I decided not to try further and just use the library as I was in the old harbour and close to the town centre and the library.

Week commencing 8th September

Finally after 5 days of waiting in the old harbour on Tuesday 9th of September at about 2am we left the town of Reykjavik with a lot of memories in my mind towards further west and then north destination, or shall I say the land of indigenous people from the arctic north (the land of Inuit “Kalaallit Nunaat”, it has to be said that here the land is more Icer than Iceland, so the word Greenland wouldn’t correspond to the land and the land of Inuit is much more appropriate).

So for almost a week on the board of the mighty fishing ship I was running up and down and tried to escape from sea sick, but due to the smallness of the boat I had to vomit close to ten times, so eating was quite difficult for me while for sure I knew I have to bring it up from my stomach.

Despite a wonderful cook from Iceland cooking everyday for us I couldn’t eat just anything, but slowly my body got used to it and by the end of our voyage I managed to eat quite well, apart from some shark meat offered by the cook, which I couldn’t eat.

Slowly on the board of the ship I was helping the engineer and we were sorting out some of the equipment which has been used to repair the boat while it was in Reykjavik old harbour, and by the time I wanted to say goodbye to the people on the board specially the engineer I was offered to help out if I ever wanted to stay around the land of Inuit, which I was happy to thank them all and have that in mind.

Anyway after sailing on the sea for almost five days we arrived on Saturday 13th September at about 12pm in a little southern town of Nanortalik, which I was told it means a place where icebergs are meeting in the land of Inuit.

After staying there for another day and unload some stuff and bring on board some locals for their next fishing trip, then we headed further north to the next town of Qaqortoq where we arrived at about 5am on Sunday 14th September, and then after further unloading and sorting out few things I got in touch with the local harbour master and a few other people in order to find out about my next peace journey further north or west!?

Week commencing 15th September

As I didn’t have anywhere to go to and I had in my mind to put up my peace tent, it was here that the manager of the Icelandic fishing boat very kindly offered me a place to stay indoors, until I find out where am I heading to next, so that was very nice and kind from them, and as I was waiting on my departure further north, I found out there isn’t any boat going to west of this Island, so I had to go further north to the capital of the land of Inuit , “Nuuk”, when I found out that there’s a ferry coming down every Wednesday and then going back to north. I managed to speak to the captain of the Sarfaq Ittuk ferry from Arctic Umiaq Line (, and he very kindly got in touch with the management and they very kindly arranged and helped me to connect with the capital, which here I’d like to thanks everyone in the company.

On board the ferry I came across some wonderful people and also people from the ferry helped me with some food and drink as well.

After staying in Qaqortoq for about 4 days in the hospitality of the Icelandic fishing factory (Arctic Prime Fisheries ApS) on Wednesday evening I said goodbye to south town of Qaqortoq, and after couple of days on the sea on Friday 19th September in the morning at about 6am I put my foot down in the capital Nuuk.

I managed to get in touch with harbour master and a few other wonderful people who kindly got me in touch with Nuuk TV as well and later on I had a short interview which you can watch here ( if you have time, this was after police turned up in the harbour and took me to the town and wanted to find out how did I arrive? and where I should put up my peace tent which wasn’t going to cause any problem to anyone.

Week commencing 22nd September

This week I mainly explored the capital and got in touch with as many people as possible so I could make my mind up whether to stay here in the capital or head further north in hope to connect with west as and when it’ll become possible. Some wonderful people very kindly helped and advised me on my next move, and even I was told by people from blue water (an agent for shipping connectivity) (, that someone else earlier this year was doing a round the world journey but went back to Denmark because he couldn’t get a link to west (, but as always when it comes to the final decision making time, I have to do it myself, so after connecting with some wonderful locals in the town, the library, and the harbour, finally I made my mind up and I managed to get a connection to the second biggest town (Sisimiut) in north through a wonderful manager of a traveling company called Tupilak Travel (, which here I would like to thank him and all the other wonderful people in the agency.

Also during my stay in Nuuk I had my peace tent behind the big sport centre, which was built for the Arctic winter games 2000 (, and here I would like to thank the person who was looking after the centre, who was very kind and helpful during my stay there, also a big thanks goes to the manager and all the staff of the Igaffik restaurant from the Nuuk Transport, who were very kindly helped me with food and drink during my stay in the capital near the main harbour.

So after packing my peace tent from the capital on Thursday and staying indoors for the night with the kindness of a person, next day I headed back to the harbour where I did arrive a week ago, and after spending a day in and around the town and the harbour with some wonderful people who I came to know through my peace journey north from Qaqortoq, we started a tour around the old town again, then ate together and later on I said goodbye to them and walked back to the harbour to board the wonderful ferry which brought me to the capital a week ago, and I told them about my peace journey further north and they very kindly welcomed me back.

On board of the ferry I met some more wonderful people and one of them very kindly helped me with some food and drink after she has seen me on the Nuuk TV news, also people from the ferry offered me some more food and drink, and after being guest of their ferry for another 2 days I arrived on Saturday 27th September at about 18:30 in the town of Sisimiut.

In the town I managed to get in touch with some wonderful locals who very kindly helped me with a shelter for a couple of days before I could find somewhere more permanent, until I find out from the harbour when can I get a connection to my next destination.

While I was looking around the town during the weekend I came across a place which is called cultural house and in there they were showing a film called Sume (, which a kind person in the centre helped me to watch it next day, which had an English subtitle and so I could understand what was about, and what has happened in the 60s and 70s. It was a very good film to explain why they wanted to sing in their native language, and still to this day it resonates with people’s minds.

Week commencing 29th September,

At the beginning of this week I managed to get in touch with some wonderful people in a technical college (, and they very kindly provided me with a shelter which to me was a first and immediate need even more so than food and drink, because here staying and sleeping outside in a summer tent and not having a proper sleeping bag would be risking a life, as I know from when I tried further down in Nuuk and sometimes at about 2 to 3 am I could feel the coldness severely, so as I had a lot of dry food still from Iceland, it wasn’t an immediate need for food, and water here is no problem, but to have a shelter here is very important so that’s why here I’d like to thank those who are supporting my peace journey and allowing me to survive and carrying on with my peace mission, and I hope their contribution will help us to make a differences in people’s minds towards all the conflicts across the planet.

Also this week I managed to get in touch with all those people who might be able to help me to cross the last sea frontier before this episode of my peace journey comes to an end, and another one starts.

At the weekend I also visited a polar fish 2014 exhibition ( , and got in touch with some wonderful people, across the Scandinavian nations, with the help of the exhibition manager, who allowed me to connect with the fair, and also come in contact with some wonderful locals who were appreciating what I was doing towards world peace.

Week commencing 6th October

This week I managed to exchange some of the camping gas canisters, which I was carrying since Iceland from Reykjavik camp for a warm pair of winter socks and a top, in a camping place here in Sisimiut, also I helped out with the Royal Arctic Line (RAL) crew in the harbour with some special deliveries from the airport to the town, and despite RAL didn’t help me to get to the land of Inuit from Iceland, because, “I wasn’t helping their business to thrive or I wasn’t profitable to their activities”, as they commented through e-mail, I found people who are working for the company are very helpful and peaceful, despite the management sees things differently, but here in the harbour I can get on with these people quite well.

Also this week I managed to get in touch with a classroom in the technical college and speak to some of the students who are studying different subjects about my peace journey and I found some of the students and teachers are very helpful and encouraging. Also I have to mention I have come across some who are telling me I should take my peace journey back to middle east and specially today’s Syria, and my answer to them, has been to say, I have been there; and explain that what I do is merely about awareness and in this case now, a reminder that neither Denmark, nor so called “Greenland”, I call it “the land of Inuit”, would be any safer or more peaceful if they get even more F16s, and the world doesn’t need these devices to bring peace to it. I have to say here this is just an example to the people of this land, all across the world there are many conflicts which their solution wouldn’t be to get more ammunitions, and such counter actions won’t help us to solve our conflicts.

Anyway, I have come across such people even back in the middle east and very close to my birth place, back in 2012, and they were even asking me to go to the middle of where there were almost two armies opposite to each other and in the brink of a conflict, and they were asking me to go there and to take my peace journey to the middle and try to stop the conflict from starting, so imagine that?! My answer to them then was if I don’t know the cause of a conflict how am I going to stop it and prevent it from happening, it needs more in depth investigation before I go there and try to stop it, or I would be gone with all my peacefulness with a strike of a bolt. But it isn’t unusual to hear comments like this here and in other so called peaceful nations as well.

A similar incident is the issue of my rainbow peace flag, which in the middle east was offensive as they were thinking I am advocating gay rights, and now here people think that I’m a greenpeace campaigner and some don’t want to make an effort to even talk to me, so similarity and differences are everywhere, and may the universe bring all the answers to my mind to explain why I am on the peace journey through this land.

Finally here I’d like to thank the head of the technical school, IT department and many other wonderful teachers and students, who have kindly helped me to be able to write up what I think is right in my heart and far from bias and prejudice, to write it up to you – my wonderful peace loving family across the planet.

with much love and peace, and living light across the planet
your humbled Earthian brother from the town of Sisimiut here in the land of Inuit


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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