Iceland (the Land of Ice, Volcano, Aurora and Thermal Heat)

The time that I am preparing for this episode of the blog has been one of the most difficult period on this part of my peace journey so far, and I have to say despite its difficulties I’ll carry on and even face greater challenges ahead of me, probably by the time you read this I might have already said goodbye to Iceland after almost close to two months of staying here and enjoying communicating with wonderful people all across this very much alive island in mid atlantic, but also I have to remind you that their police forces weren’t much different with those I came across in middle east, and the rest of europe.

one of my main concern in which caused police interference was my candle peace vigil and a Syrian refugee camp in front of their parliament here in Reykjavik, and my action despite support of local was so intolerable to them, that they even didn’t give me a chance of respectfully finish my peace vigil and say goodbye to those people who were there and supporting my action.

I don’t want to go into details of why I felt it should be done and why here? in Iceland, to me it was simply my heart felt that I should do it and also it was to say to these peaceful people here that a massacre has occurred and we all should know and help to bring those people who are responsible to justice, and to show the suffering of innocent children in those refugee camps must be dealt with, and as a whole the entire middle east is in turmoil and what are we going to do about?, so I could engage with as many people as it was possible and merely do an awareness than anything else, but seems to me my action was so offensive to the police forces here that if they were in middle east perhaps I wasn’t writing about it right now!?.

The crisis in middle east, Africa, far east and even close to europe are all in my mind unnecessary and waste of human and the planet resources, but how can we stop them?, to me nonviolence and peaceful action of each and everyone of us would be the answer, if we don’t participate in actions where some so called government creating them for us we don’t have to suffer the consequences of them.

so my brothers and sisters all across the planet, I have to say here that all we need to do is to follow our heart and I don’t believe that our heart will simply let us down, just listen to your heart and mind and do what you think it’s really making sense and you happy, and please don’t follow orders of others, so called our superiors, and only follow your good heart and mind, and I say we can have a much brighter society and much healthy planet, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen to one another, in fact collaboration and cooperation and everyone consensus are the only way forward to a healthier society, and environment.

so let us all come together and discuss things in a way that we all happy on what we are going to do in the very near future, which make all of us happier for a betterment of us and the planet.

week commencing 14.7.14

The place of this update was between the two harbour and I was looking out towards further north specifically Greenland and into the town and around, the weather was cloudy and a bit windy as well.

so as you know I put my foot down on Tuesday morning on 15.7.14 at 9am on this very new land to me, and after a short lift out of the main new, I walked along side of the sea front and I was trying to get in touch with everyone I was coming across to tell them about my journey and why I was ended up here in Iceland.

So after walking for about 5km, and connecting with some wonderful people along my way on the seafront I managed to connect with three places before I think about where I should put my head down for the night.

first was a new building in the old harbour, which is called Harpa (, and it is a centre for connecting people together in the capital and across the Iceland, specially summer time, booming with tourists, so after resting there for a bit and taking some photos, then I headed towards my second place and it was the port office in the old harbour (, and I was trying to connect with the harbour master, which I was told he isn’t around and for me to connect with my next destination which was “GreenLand” I would have to see the mayor of the Reykjavik, as I told the people at the port office, why I was there!?.

So I headed out towards my third place “city hall” ( to connect with the mayor, but later I found out it wasn’t so easy as the faroes mayor and I came to the term to abounden seing him after all, and I might never be able to see him anyway, and it was clearly reminded me of the bureaucracy of the middle east as I wanted to see someone from a government office.

at least here I managed to connect with Internet and update my position with a little smart phone device, which I was carrying with me since the start of my peace journey, (which I have to say now with regret that it has gone after the raid on my candle peace vigil camp in front of the parliament which you will read more about it further down), with the help of a kind receptionist.

So by now it was approaching evening time, so I headed out and was trying to find a place to put my head down for the night.

after walking and trying to connect with a few places and talking to the people in there finally I managed to speak to a very kind manager for a place which was called the Loft hostel ( in the main street of the Reykjavik, so I was offered a bed in a room with 7 more beds and in there I met couple of people from Germany, which later date I met one of them again, then I said goodnight to the universe and all around me, and I put my head down in a warm bed in Reykjavik for the first time in my life through my peace journey.

Next day I went back to the city hall again to see if I can see the mayor, but I was told I can see the mayor’s assistant for just 3 minutes and I said ok, so I told him why I was there, and if he could relay my message to the mayor, but haven’t heard anything ever since.

after I left there on my way I got connected with a wonderful local as I was looking for a salvation army day place as their guest house couldn’t help me, so he very kindly took me there and they told us they have closed the centre as people who were going there weren’t respecting the stuff at the centre and they have to close it, then after that he just mentioned that he has heard about a story of someone was brought here to Iceland free of charge by this famouse shipping company, which he didn’t know it was me, and I told him about it and I said it was me and then with and another friend were trying hard to help me to find a place for me to put my head down for the night, which we ended up in another hostel called Kex (, and after explaining to the people in there, they kindly offered me another bed for the night and this time in a room with ten people from all over the planet including: Europe, Asia, and America, and I shared my story with them and they were very nice and happy to hear, even two of them very kindly brought me back an icecream as well, after hearing my story about my craving for icecream on my last peace journey to the middle east, and we shared some food and drink together in the kitchen as well, it was here that I met Liam from Glasgow, who was there for a Celtic match with Iceland and he kindly offered me a Celtic shirt.

so last night after exchanging my details with most of those wonderful people, I said goodnight to the universe and everyone else around me and I slept like a baby log.

Today I managed to have something before I head out and it was here in the kitchen that I met Liam again, and he very kindly offered me some food and Irish and mix music CDs as well, and thanked me for what I was doing and then we said goodbye, then I headed out to see I can connect with a Greenlandic shipping company, which is called “The Royal Arctic Line” ( to see if they can help me to connect with Greenland, and because they didn’t have any office here in Iceland, so I approached them through the wonderful people who helped me to come here from Faroe Islands, but at later date I found out they have said to me there is no benefit for them to take me to greenland, and they can’t help me with the connection, and also the ironey they have sugested to approach private yacht or fishing boat, as I wouldn’t know that would be my next available options.

so ever since almost every day I have been trying to connect with one, but with no luck, and on my third night in Reykjavik I managed to connect with a wonderful place called the Backpackers hostel (, and they very kindly offered me a bed for the night in a 6 people room, so I appreciated the warm bed and after eating something in there free kitchen area, I put my head down for the night.

next day due to rain I had a chance to clear an alloy way just beside the hostel which was very dirty till late afternoon and I managed to connect with some people as well, while I was waiting there, and then I tried to connect with a peace house which was closed, so I left my details for the future connection through their letter box, then I tried to connect with this city hostel (, and the Reykjavik camp ( since my second night in reykjavik which I never managed to get as far as there, but today after visiting another hostel near to the peace house and they told me they don’t have a place, I finally headed towards the place and it was on my way there, which I came across a wonderful and kind person from Czech republic, and as I told him where I was heading he knew the place and he came with me to the front of the place, and as I said goodbye to him then I managed to speak to the people at the reception and I was told the hostel hasn’t got any place but, I can go and stay in the campsite if I speak to the people in there, and at the campsite they kindly asked me to go and put up my peace tent anywhere that I can find an empty space that I like, which I did put up my famous KSA peace tent here in the Reykjavik camp, and I added another place to its story, and I didn’t know it’ll be taken away from me later date by the Icelandic police forces.

so on Friday and the weekend I managed to help out with some of the camp’s activities and connect with this wonderful person from Czech and we explored some place in the town and around the old harbour including visiting Samhjlp, a place where they help people in need with food and drink then the famous Reykjavik church (, then the places of the Nuns and an Ice Cream place where he very kindly offered me one and then slowly we headed back to the camp where I managed to prepare something and we eat together before we say goodnight to one another, then I headed back to my peace tent for rest.

week commencing 21.7.14

This week again I mainly got involved with some of the camp’s activities, like helping out with the recycling and try to connect with as much as people as it was possible and also as I saw it was an international place to meet up with people from different part of the planet, I mentioned to few people who were there for a period of a month or more and some new people as well, about the idea of a “community” or a “foundation”, which I was calling it “Earthian Centre for peace and reconciliation of humanity on the planet earth foundation or community”,so I could ask people to come and discuss how and why we should have such a foundation or community and what’s the urgency of it? as I saw most of them were helping out and not to use monetary system was an ideal way to implement here as resources were abandoned in the camp a part from fruit and vegetable!?.

from the outside the camp I was trying to get connection with as many people as it was possible for me to manage to get my next destination connection, which was GreenLand, and that meant to connect with anyone who might be able to help me to do so, and even later on I put out a message on the board of the camp to say so, also I already had a message of if anyone doesn’t want their tent or few other stuff like a gas canister head, so we could use all the spare cartridges on the free shelf, so we could use them, rather than using electricity.

It was a great place to be in the camp and outside in the town, very peaceful and friendly people, and even people were showing their support by bringing their spare food and drink directly to front of my peace tent rather than putting it on the free shelf.

so it was this week that I tried to connect with some people from the banking system as well, and tried to speak to them about the economic turmoil of 2008 and how they can prevent the event of 2k8 and the collapse of the banking system here in Iceland to happen again, and as I remember from occupy london here in iceland they managed quite well to get out of the turmoil better than any other places in the rest of Europe and america, also I managed to speak to a manager of one of the main bank but all he was telling me was we are doing our best to prevent that event from happening again, and we want to rebuild our relationship and trust between our customers, and we want to have a peaceful way of dealing with it as well, and we don’t want trouble, as they thought i was there to create problem, and i reminded them that I am a peace pilgrim, so I tried to get in touch with few more, but I found very hard and it was almost like reaching the politician and the bureaucracy of mailing system and their ceo or managers are all on holiday, so I abandoned the idea of talking to them at all as I gave up trying to see the mayor or any other politicians here as well as I mentioned earlier.

week commencing 28.7.14

This week again I mainly concentrated on the camp, and the harbour and I even tried to connect to the Danish embassy to see if they can help me to ask the royal arctic line, and I was told they don’t have a good relationship with them and even Greenland as a whole, and they are quite independent, and I told them this building to me was the only Greenland connection that’s why I came here, so I have already asked some wonderful people to ask them on my behalf but they have not accepted their request, so it was after here I decided not to approach them again, and abandon the idea of asking more people about their help.

so it was this week that I managed to complete going around the whole town of Reykjavik wider one and not just the old town and see more of the newer build part of the town.

also it was this week that I came across some wonderful people in the old harbour and there was a hope that they might help me to connect with Greenland but they were telling me it will take about a week or 10 days to know whether if they can take me or not?, so as I knew I had a place in the camp and I could stay there for long I thanked them and I said I’ll wait no problem, and also i had in my mind to go out of the Reykjavik, and see and meet more Icelandic and locals from outside the capital, and not just from this very touristic town, so all I had to do was to wait and as in the camp I had collected enough dried food for a round trip on the ring road around Iceland then I managed to do that preparation to start a journey on the weekend and hoped to be back on time for my Greenland connection.

also again this week in the the camp and in the town I managed to connect with some wonderful people, and discuss my peace journey with them and why I am on this journey and how it can help me and other people I come in contact with will think about the reasoning of my journey.

as I said it was also this week that after finding out the fishing boat, which I was in touch to connect me with Greenland wasn’t going anywhere for a foreseeable future then I decided to go a head and do an Icelandic Exertion on my way of doing it, and visioning it.

also this week I found a new tent which after repairing it I called it peace tent number 2, so I could use this one as my second home and safe the peace tent number one which has gone through a lot and also survived a very heavy and windy night here in Reykjavik and many other places, so I rescued another one which I called it peace tent number 3, and someone very kindly donated number 4 as well, which needed a patch and some repair, but it was the lightest one, which I liked to take with me on my peace journey around the Iceland ring road, so I was well prepared to start that peace journey around the Iceland.

so on saturday morning 2.8.14 I headed out of the Reykjavik camp hoping to connect to any town in north or south, whichever the universe was going to connect me to first, and after few miles of walk I managed to get as far out as I could walk on the main road, so I could connect with anyone who was going to any direction, and turned out the north got it’s way first, then after some wonderful connections, those wonderful people know very well who they are out there, which they very kindly I got me as far north as a town called Akureyri, and it was here that I came across a person from Germany, who I met more than 2 weeks ago in the Loft hostel on my first night in Reykjavik and he was staying in a camp and then later on we went back to the camp and I managed to speak to the people who were running the camp and they kindly as they have heard about my peace journey story somehow, so they very kindly offered me a place for the night to rest before I head on further east, and also it was here that I managed to repair my peace tent number four, and have a nice cup of earl gray tea with wonderful Nike from Germany as well.

then next day I headed further east towards the lake myvatn (, and after two wonderful connections and about 6 miles of walk around the lake, which I was nearly eaten up alive by midges, which here I have to say I managed to survive the Walesh, Irish, and Scottish mosquito, but there was no match to these midges, luckily my big rainbow umbrella was acting like a protecting dish, so I managed to survive and after coming across some wonderful people from Norway and having some food with them and a couple from Israel later in the evening then I came across two wonderful people from germany again and they offered me to stay in the camp where they were staying for the night and for me to head further east next day, which I did so and after asking the manager of the camp as usual I was offered a place to put up my wonderful light peace tent number 4, and after spending and talking about my peace journey with these wonderful people, I said goodnight to them and everyone else around me.

week commencing 4.8.14

so after waking up earlier again and having something to eat at the camp kitchen beside the lake Myvatn, I headed fureter east, and after another couple of connections from Austria and Germaney I arrived a the bigest town in the east called “Egilsstadir” (, after staying in the town for couple of hours in the reception of the town’s camp and connceting with some wonderful people over there and managing to explore a bit of this very little town, then I managed to get a connection towards further south east through the east fjords (, then further south despite a heavy rian and not to see a good views of the east fjords, but I enjoyed connecting with the locals and they were very kind and helpful.

so after 5 more connections today, I managed to get as far as the little town of Hofn (, close to midnight, which I stayed in the reception of the campsite and as I was heading further west again back towards Reykjavik I didn’t want to put my peace tent just for a few hours.

next day I walked for a few miles again, and then I got to met a wonderful person from France who very kindly offered me a cup of coffee and some food before I connect with a local person who took me for a visit to a farm, which was hosting guest from different part of the world and showing them what they have in the farm and also touring them around the glaciers, so he very kindly took me further west again for some more miles, then after saying goodbye to him and waiting on my next connection, some how I got connected with these two wonderful people from London Camden town, and it was just refreshing my memory of London and how I missed it despite its business, but anyway they very kindly took me further west towards a place called Skaftafell (, and on our way we stopped by a bridge near to the main glacier, and I took some photos and then after a bit further west, they had to turn right towards a place where they were staying so we said goodbye and I thanked them again and they wished me luck.

it wasn’t very long before a wonderful German family very kindly took me all the way to a place which is called Vik (, I shared a bit of my story with them for the duration we were togehter and they were quite happy to check and follow up on my peace journey further north and around the planet, then after almost couple of hours I said goodbye to them and after exploring the little place, I headed on the road again and this time I found it was very difficult to have a conncetion so I decided to head out of the place and immediately 5 meters outside the place I wasn’t waiting for even 5 minutes, which I got a final connection with these person from the town of Egilsstadir, and orgianlly from Poland, who could speak multi languages and being an Electrician as well, so we had a long conversation about the situation here in Iceland and the economic problem and so on, but I have to say he was swearing like there was no tomorrow, but I managed to coup, then he kindly droped me just outside the camp before 10pm.

so that was how I managed to get around the ring road of Iceland with 17 different connections, and four intense days covering over 1500 km in total, and back to Reykjavik in one piece, before even my connection to Greenland in the old harbour notice of such a move.

So after coming back to the camp and updating my current situation with people in the camp and then next day I visited a place of free food and drink with a person from the camp and also later on we participated in the Hiroshima event in the town (, and also I found out the fishing boat is still there and it might go this weekend, so I had to speak to the capitan or the manager of the boat, which I managed to speak to the main manager later date and I was told they can’t take me after all, because they aren’t going directly to Greenland and it’s going to a fishing ground, so I have to wait for another week or 10 more days before I would be able to see if I can sail with the next boat, also I have to say it was this week which I managed to run Reykjavik August 5k run and I got a medal and plenty of vitamin c (oranges), and I have taken some photos as well hope you can see them in the future, if I can get my phone back from Police!? (Read later on about the story),

also this week I handed over the world peace flame candle to Thomas a person who was volunteering in the camp as a present for his birthday as I was carrying it since Wales, and also the star constellation to another volunteering person in the camp as I was carrying it since summer small world festival 2013 from England, for the sign of their dedication to what they were doing was what their heart was telling them to do!?.

also it was this week that I visited the Videy (, Island to see the light tower and I tried to stay in the island but I wasn’t allowed, and I managed to finally visit and see a famous icelandic film director (, which his meetup wasn’t impressed me and he was very pessimistic and was swearing a lot and not positive at all, which you could see the turmoil past he was carrying and causing all that griefs.


This week mainly I was trying to connect to people in the town and the old harbour and was trying to find out about my connection to Greenland and see whether is there really a possibility for me to connect with there or not?, also every day I was trying to find the captain of a new vessel in the old harbour, but I wasn’t able to find him and finally I found him and he said we don’t take passengers and they are just going out for fishing so I was told to wait for another vessel to come and hopefully this vessel will take me!?.

meanwhile I was trying to connect with more people again and share my story hopefully a connection will be made in it’s nice way, also there was couple of evening event in the city hall regarding to the world economic gathering with 33 nations were coming together and drinking champagne in the city hall to me was far from solving the environmental problems of the world within a corrupt system, which will do anything for profit!?, and even I managed to connect with someone from Brazil, to prove that its all waste of time, and bureaucracy and far from real solutions to be found and implemented.

It was this week that I managed to speak to some people from a solar light device, which I managed to get one to carry with me after I asked the people who were advocating it and also we took some photos, which I think after they shared it on their social media I had a hit on my blog!?.

this week on wednesday I did a yoga session with a person who was running it in the camp, and visiting a place in the town called Mengi (, where they were very friendly and kind to help me to share an evening with their music, then after exchanging some contact and taking some photos I headed back to the campsite.

also this week I was writing up most of the events for my blog about my peace journey in scotland.


It was today that I sent out a message on some social media to say if anyone is around for a candle peace vigil and a Syrian refugee camp in front of the parliament in reykjavik are welcome to join me, and I printed out some for around the campsite as well.

also this week finally after a month of waiting, I managed to see the director for the reykjavik port in his office after coming back from his holiday, so after explaining why I was there? he told me that the chance of getting to Greenland would be much higher if I connect with another port further south which is called Hafnarfjordur (, so I thanked him and I said I’ll find out and let you know how I get on?

Also I did ask at the harbour about the new fishing boat, and I was told to come back on Friday and hopefully by than they will know when the boat will sail?, and I also managed to get connected with few more places and sharing my story with them as well.

so on Thursday 21.8.14 a wonderful person from the camp helped me to get to the town of Hafnarfjordur as he was taking someone who I knew from the camp to the keflavik (, airport so he very kindly took me to this town, which was on his way, then I manged to get in touch with the manger of the port and he told me, we do have some boats, which are registerd in Greenland, but they go out to near there and do fishing for a month or more then they come back here so they don’t go into Greenland, so they couldn’t help me as well, and they mentioned few options which I had already tried them like royal arctic line, and so on, which then I thanked them and I headed back towards reykjavik, which after few miles of walk I managed to connect to a wonderful mechanic from poland who was on his way home to Rejkjavik and he kindly brought me back all the way to the camp, also I offered him a cup of tea or coffee, but he told me his wife is waiting for him, so after saying goodbye to him I said hello to the camp and many other people around.

due to next day peace vigil I packed as I was going to camp out there in front of the parliament to highlight the urgency of the issues of the recent Yazidies massacre and also in solidarity with the people in London and many other places to highlight the importance of the issue of the Islamic State who are causing destruction across the middle east as specific, and to the world as a whole so for me to highlight that their brutalities has to be raised and should be solved all together, and to highlight the situation with refugee camps across the region, so as I had a support from some local grass root people to put up the camp as well, but as police turned up after midnight and asked to take it down, so I was happy to do so, but in a peaceful way and as they didn’t give me enough time to do so they acted with utter disrespect and almost trashed down the peace tent number 3, which I saved from the camp for today, this was while I had peace tent number 1 and my rock sack and many other stuff inside the tent, which it is a long list to mention all here, what I had with me on that terrible night as I was doing my peace vigil with some more local in the square!?.

so as they wanted to take everything and go, I told them they can’t take it as they belong to me and I’ll take care of them and as soon as the light of the candles will go off I will clear everything and go very peacefully, but this time they came back and wanted to know who am I and why I am there? and I told them but they weren’t believing in me and then they took me and as they took me I dropped my phone which I earlier recorded what they did to my peace tent? and they didn’t let me to take it so I was taken as I left with everything in the square the list of the stuff that has been taken are as follow:

  1. Samsung galaxy note N7000
  2. a famous peace tent number 1 black and red colour and peace tent number 2 blue colour with more than 30 pegs.
  3. A big rainbow Umbrella
  4. 2 x sleeping Matt, one blue and two black air mattress
  5. one foil blanket
  6. love and peace stick with 2 feathers
  7. one yellow lighter and a match
  8. a screw camping gas canister with its bottle.

9.two cooking camping container and 3x forks 1 set of camping cutlery and a special teaspoon “Ahmed tea London”.

  1. one 750ml blue drinking bottle
  2. a blue bowl for eating food.
  3. a stainless steel cup
  4. an aluminum container for boiling water
  5. a small container of washing up liquid and a foam.
  6. 100 of different tea bags and a jar of coffee
  7. 10 different types of dried food containers and noodles.
  8. a pair of white gardening gloves
  9. few different types of bungees and ropes for tighten things together.
  10. more than ten different types of candles for the vigil.
  11. more than 10 different types of card boards with our messages and peoples messages of support of what I was doing in the square in front of the parliament.
  12. about 10 copies of an article about the Yazidies massacre in Kurdistan
  13. about 10 copies of an article on the ISIS act of brutality in today’s Syria and Iraq, and more than five copies of Benjamin Ledus #LightForIrak which left with me to support his cause while I was there.
  14. my own two main peace pilgrimage board with my message on my journey.
  15. more than 10 different types of markers with different colours (black blue and red).
  16. a red pen and an black ink pen and a pencil with a note book with all people’s emails and details so I could get in touch with them for the future events from myself and our group.

all these stuff has gone missing between Friday night 22 and Saturday 23 August between 1am to 3pm.

  1. 2×3 meter green tarpaulin and 2 little green matt to sit on.

I urgently need my Galaxy note phone with all the data on it, including the filming of the police rampaging my peace tent on the night.

, so everything was left behind and as I said to them what about my stuff as two of them were drugging me to their van and then they took me to their police station and then held me for 14 hours without even offering a glass of water then the time that they asked I can go and I was told everything I left in the square should still be there and that was not true, don’t say they have already asked a private company to go and clear everything as rubbish, and as I later on spoke to the person from the collecting company he told me as he has heard the news about my arrest and the situation he has taken everything to the police station where I was held and they decided not to give me back everything, so that’s how I lost everything I had in the square, with a regret to their brutality and harsh treatment towards a human being and a peace pilgrim, I have to say possession is something that I shouldn’t worry about, but the way they entered my personal space and took everything was saddened me to this day that I write this and it just reminded me of the incident on my last peace journey to middle east in the Saudi Arabian forces.

also despite this weekend was a cultural festival on Saturday 23.8.14 the day that I was released from police prison cell so as I went back to the place of their brutality and see whether still my stuff were there or not?, because as I said at the police station they told me the rest of my stuff might be still there, while for sure they knew it wasn’t true, but not only there wasn’t anything I was shocked that they didn’t tell me the truth, so I have to start my first enquiry about what happened to the stuff by trying to use the library internet to connect with those people, who were there with me that eventful night and the local council cleaners, which they told me they have called to clear the square by a private company.

for me to come out of the sadness of what I went through in the past two days at the library I was trying to find out if they have anything so I can read and forget about the event and also i have to say people were partying outside as the festival was in a full swing, so I just found out there are just two books in english about peace a subject which I wanted to make myself busy to read all about it which one was Willy Brandt “peace”, and two “waging peace by Scott Ritter”, then I visited a museum about photography on sixth floor of the library (, and all I was trying to do was to put behind what happened and forget all about the incident and it’s very hard indeed to forget all about it!?.

then coming back to the camp and facing talking to wonderful people here all about my incident, also I have to say this week I have done most of the writing for the Islands of my blog.


So as you might know most of this week I was trying to recover from the shock of last weekend event and tried to do most of the enquiries between the police station, and the collecting company, so the conclusion was that the police (a manager of the police station where I was held) was saying we didn’t have the stuff and the collecting company has got them, (which I have spoken to the person who has collected the stuff himself) and he was saying due to the valuable of the stuff I have taken everything to the police station where I was held!?.

I have to say here, that most of the people who I was speaking to at the campsite where I am staying weren’t happy about the incident and police behaviour and what they did towards me, and were suggesting that I should  get a lawyer and let the wider media know more about it so to sort out and get my stuff back and let them know that what they did wasn’t right and they have to reconsider their position and rethink about another incident like this in the future to prevent of occurring.

also I have to say the news of my departure with this fishing boat is still unknown, and I am still waiting in a camp, which has been a great home for me since the time of occupy London.

Also it was this week that I have finished the Islands update for my blog, and also started to write up all about my stay here in Iceland as you have read.

so that’s how my story of bringing my peace pilgrimage journey with at most joy to Iceland has ended and watch out for my polar bear stories in Greenland, and Turtles in the great continent of Abya Yela.

with much love and peace

your humbled Earthian brother



I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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