Scotland (the land of hardship and kindness)


On this day after waking up in a wonderful Rev Adam Oellermann and his family’s place ( I had a breakfast of porridge with them and after collecting my washed clothes from last night while they were still drying, which they very kindly offered me a shower,& also a replacement towel for the one I left in Cloughjordan village in county Tipperary in Ireland, and after thanking everyone in the family towards my stay in the place including 2 dogs and 2 wonderful cats, which I didn’t see them when I left and I hope the cat, who wasn’t well, will get well very soon, then the family wanted to go to the next town of Ayr to visit few places and they very kindly offered me a lift there, which I welcomed it.

Then on our way catching up and talking about few different things and when we got to the town as they did visit 2 places when I was with them I tried to connect to people with my board and also to see if anyone going towards my next Destination which was Glasgow, but apart from few little conversation with few people I couldn’t make a major connection, then after the wonderful family finished visiting those places (Lidl and B&Q), they very kindly took me to a first layby after a roundabout outside the town, and before I say goodbye and a heart to heart hug with all of the family they took a photo of me with their new vehicle and with Arran island behind us, also further away just opposite to the town of Girvan there was a very quite volcanic island of Ailsa Craig which drawn my attention as I was coming yesterday to the town, which I just left and I wanted to mention it as a place to visit for anyone going to Girvan then after saying goodbye to them they went to one direction towards their home destination and I stayed in the layby with the hope I can connect with some wonderful people towards Glasgow.

It wasn’t very long before wonderful Alex from Manchester turned up and after a brief conversation with him, he told me that he think he know a lot history about the region that I was born due to a connection he had with someone from that region in the past and he kindly gave me a lift to the second junction towards Glasgow, and after goodbye to him I stayed there for about an hour before another wonderful human being gave me a lift all the way to a walking distance to the city centre of Glasgow at about 2pm, he seemed to me he was very aware and well informed about what’s going on all around us and he also told me he saw me first when he passed me and he made a turn to the next junction to come back and pick me up with the hope of i’d still be there by the time he comes back, and indeed I was still there and it meant for us to connect, I have to say he was very kind and even after telling him that I was about to eat my mackerel which has been given to me by wonderful Alan from Ballycastle, and I told him I just had a feeling i’d have my eating in the middle of Glasgow, which it did truly happened, despite he very kindly offered me a cup of drink and even a meal, while he was looking on his smart phone for a place of community base cafe or a place to eat and he found something close to what I was looking for but it was a bit further away from where we were, and he wanted to take me there and offer me what he said earlier, but I told him I think you have contributed towards my world peace more than enough, and I hope we can connect again in the future and after a heart to heart hug and a good handshake he carried on towards his destination and I headed on towards the city centre which he pointed out to me and later I found out the central station of the city of Glasgow was there, and the busyness of it was reminding me of Oxford street, and after waiting there for almost an hour I couldn’t connect with even a single person, people were just coming and going and very busy with what they were out to do, people were looking but with no interaction at all, so I walked to a street (Buchanan street), which there was a place people could sit down and young boys were playing music and were busy as well.

So I managed to eat the food I was carrying since Ballycastle, which as I said wonderful and kind Alan, who I met on my way back from the island of Rathlin, and as I mentioned earlier I had a feeling that I am going to eat it in the centre of the city of Glasgow, which happened and meant to be for me not to carry that food anymore and connect with people of Scotland, but I have to say, so far apart from the road and the south African family in the town of Girvan, I haven’t interacted with this nation much.

After staying there for about few hours apart from another wonderful Alan a big issue magazine advocator I couldn’t connect with anyone, but he kindly told me about a few places to get food and drink after 8pm, and I thanked him and said goodbye to him as well.

Then I knew someone from the city and I got in touch, and he very kindly connected with me and offered shelter and plenty of food from a place which you could eat as much as you could in an international buffet, then after coming back and watching some world cup football I said goodnight to the universe and all around me, and hoped tomorrow will bring more goodness and connectivity with people’s of Scotland, who they’re at the moment thinking of two main issues one the commonwealth games and two the referendum, not to mention the world cup because scotland wasn’t in it!

week commencing 16.6.14

For the last few days staying in Glasgow I managed to rest a bit and enjoy my time with a wonderful friend who was staying in the town, and enjoyed resting, watching football, and finishing up all my updates from my peace visit to Ireland.

then my wonderful friend took my to a little town just outside Glasgow to a place where he was helping another friend in Clydebank, and they very kindly offered me to cut my hair, which I appreciated and then after saying goodbye to them I was in a walking distance to a local train station, from there I managed to get connected to the little town of Helensburgh, where the peace camp of Faslane isn’t far from there, and after getting in touch with someone very kind I got connected to the camp and I have heard there is peace vigil every wednesday and after a bit of walk I joined a group of peace vigil and we stayed there till about after 5pm, then we headed back to the camp.

I had in my mind since last year Alchemy festival where I came to know about the peace camp and I was told I should visit if I could, and ever since I had in my mind and finally I manage to visioned this connection. in there I managed to update my facebook and twitter with some photos of the vigil and the camp, and hope some will be available here as well in the future.

I had a wonderful time in there and met some wonderful new people and saw some others from time of Occupy London Stock Exchange and Balcombe anti-fracking protectors camp and frack free planet earth.

Then next day I was connect to the next town of my destination by a kind person from the peace camp who cooked a wonderful but a hot and spicy indian food for us as well, so he very kindly offered me and another person all the way to the last town before crossing to the Isle of Mull, we did have a great time on our way we stopped in a few places and he showed us a bit of wild scotland, also we had some conversation about the coming referendum in scotland, which he was clearly pro yse to scotland and he was suggesting that I shouldn’t advocate unification as well, but as you might know I have my own say on uniting the whole planet and not just few places or nations together.

Anyway on our arrival in the wonderful town of Oban I made my way towards the harbour and I tried to do some inquiry about any connection to the Isle of Mull, which I was told, it would be very difficult for me to connect to the Island without using monetary system by the official at the port, so I tried, to find alternative and get connection through other means of connection.

By this time I have heard from the wonderful person who got me to the town that he has very kindly got me some food as well, so I got back to them and then we had the meal together and then we said goodbye to him and a wonderful person and I headed towards the port again, and in there after a bit she arranged her departure to outer hebrides and I waited in the port for few more hours, and I was trying to get a connection to the Isle of Mull, which very coincidentally I came across a wonderful fisherman at the fishing port area, and he very kindly offered me a ticket to the Isle of Mull, and this just happened before last ferry goes to the Isle of Mull at the evening, so that is how I got the connection, and the rest to the Isle of Iona was just as easy as drinking water.

On the Isle of Mull I walked for numbers of miles before the weather gets dark, and I sheltered in an building and a construction place till next day, and then next day headed towards west and Isle of Iona.

Again after some miles of walking and rest I got a connection to the last village before you cross to the Iona, in Fionnphort, it was here that I got in touch with the captain of the ferry and they very kindly crossed me and the distance wasn’t very much less than a mile, but I couldn’t swim so that is how I got into the Isle of Iona.

On the Isle of Iona I got connected with number of wonderful people and I enjoyed my  stay there, also I have to say the Isle has become a major tourist place but still has its own good energy around and it depends on individuals how to connect and harvest a positive energy.

I put up my peace tent at the back of the highest hill about 100m in the isle of Iona, on my west side of my peace tent on a good clear day could see other wonderful Isles like Tiree and Coll and even Castlebay in outer hebrides, I did a good walk all around the Island before I cross back to the main big Isle of Mull, on 21.6.14 the longest day of the summer (summer Solstice) before I cross back to the Isle of Mull, it was in the Isle of Iona which I have heard about a wonderful community in another little Island close to the Isle of Mull, and this wonderful community has a connection to a Findhorn foundation up in north near Inverness which I have heard about them when I was in Ireland at the Cloughjordan ecovillage, so I decided to visit this wonderful Island which is called “Erraid” (, and I have to say this connection to the Island was my shortest of all less than 5min in a dingy boat a wonderful person from the community crossed me and the people in the community offered me shelter and plenty of food, which some time when I am short of food I think of their wonderful organic food which they offered me at the time of my stay, so I walked around the Island and visited their Meditation, observatory and finally their sand beach and it was here that I was introduced to some wonderful people who were visiting the community as part of their summer period, which they were all wonderful and kind people.

week commencing 23.6.14

Today I woke up in this wonderful community of Erraid and after having some food we crossed the sea again to the main Isle of Mull and from there a wonderful person from the community was going to a little village and she offered me a lift to walking distance to next community which I was heading to go and visit Camas part of the Iona community centre (, so after saying goodbye and a heart to heart hug to all I started walking towards my third community, and after a mile and half of walk I got there and I introduced myself to the people over there and I knew some from the Isle of Iona few days back and they kindly offered me a cup of tea and I had some apple crumble from the Erraid community and after eating some of it I offered the rest to the community.

After spending less than an hour around the community which were quite busy with different activities so I said goodbye to those around and thanked them for their hospitality and headed back to the main road which I met another person from the community by the junction and we exchanged our details and then I got connected to a wonderful father and son which were traveling on a senary side of the Isle of Mull towards my next destination which they very kindly took me all the way to that port which you can cross again to get back to the mainland Scotland.

After thanking these wonderful people, and saying goodbye to them and waiting in the port of Fishnish I managed to speak to a couple from local area and then I asked the people who were running the ferry and I told them about my peace journey and they very kindly offered me a lift back to the mainland in Lochaline, they were part of the same Caledonian ferry (,which they helped me to cross to the Isle of Iona as well but not from Oban to the Isle of Mull.

Anyway cut the long story short after I got back to the mainland and managing in rain and shine connecting to six more wonderful people which even some of them very kindly after telling them about my peace story they offered me food and drink as well so after a long journey north managed to get connected to wonderful person name Connor and he very kindly offered me not only lift and food but also shelter for the night in the wonderful town of Inverness.

I have to tell you about Connor’s every year event to raise awareness about a chronic disease which if you are interested in getting in touch with him just let me know on my email (

So I have to say here that last night I had a wonderful evening at the Connor’s resting place and I slept like a baby log, today we had to wake up earlier, so after having something to eat and doing some update we headed out towards the harbour, and it was here that I thanked Connor and I wished him a safe journey to Tain, and myself tried to get in touch with the people at the harbour office but someone from outside the office told me they can´t help and I should try the Marina, so I headed towards the Marina, and in there I was told nothing is going out towards north so it was here that I made my way towards the Findhorn Foundation (

After number of miles of walk from Inverness outwards I managed to get in touch with a wonderful person who very kindly took me all the way to the foundation, and after thanking him and exchanging my web connection I said goodbye to him and said hello to wonderful Avalon at the foundation reception, so after explaining to her what I was doing and why I was there she very kindly explained a bit about the place and its history and then asked me to look around the foundation and get back to her later afternoon, so after looking around and exploring the inner foundation, I got back in touch with her and she told me that the foundation has not got a place for me to put my head down but I can camp in a wild or ask findhorn bay holiday park and they might be able to help, so after she made some couple of appointment for me for the next day I headed out to the place that I was told I might be able to put my head down for the night, which at this place after explaining to them the situation they very kindly offered me a bed in an environmentally friendly cabin, and after knowing I can put my head down for the night I headed out to explore the outer foundation ( the woodland and the turbine and ecovillage) area, throughout my walk I managed to connect to some more people in and around the foundation, then I walked back to my resting place for the night.

Next day I managed to get in touch with a wonderful person from the foundation who was a peace pilgrim himself and has down quite a lot of walking as well (Geof Dalgish, and he very kindly invited me for a wonderful lunch at the centre’s kitchen, which I told him that my last real meal was at my last findhorn comunity related at the Erraid Island, and they looked after very well with food, then during and after the lunch we had a wonderful conversation and he very kindly took some photos to put out on his facebook and other connectivity that he had and then we said goodbye to oneanother.

It was here that I asked Geoff to thank Avalon for her kind offer of dinner, and also I told a new receptionist to thanks her as well, and after an enquiry about the wind turbine at the foundation I made my way out further east towards Aberdeen.

After some walking towards the village of Kinloss I got connected to wonderful Geoff again and he very kindly offered me a lift further east and it was here that he told me that he has updated his facebook and he’ll do connection with the foundation page tonight as well, and after thanking him for everything in a layby outside the town of Elgin not far from Fochabers I said goodbye and a heart to heart hug with wonderful Geoff, I was waiting on my next connection which the universe sent a wonderful local to Fochabers who very kindly took me all the way to the town of Buckie near to the harbour office.

It was here that I made some more enquiries about my connection to the north, which I was told that there isn’t any sea connection that far north, and then after speaking to some more people I started walking further east, which on a main junction outside the town I got a connection with a wonderful local van driver to Portsoy and he very kindly took me all the way to the next major port further  towards east name Macduff, and after thanking him and as I was looking around the harbour and the town some locals came around and wanted to know what I was doing and as I explained to them and told them about my story they couldn’t believe and out of disbelief they invited me to their place and they offered me food and drink and they were trying to tell their family about my story but it was a bit hard for them to digest, so close to the midnight I came back to the harbour and I was waiting and meditating in the harbour with the hope of next day I can speak to the captain of a boat which the local told me it is going to Orkney or shetland, and that was the reason I stayed over in that town to find out and despite earlier I was told by someone from the harbour there is no boat going out that far north, and they didn’t know about that particular boat that I was told will go north.

Anyway next day I managed to speak to someone from the boat and I was told it’ll go north but they don’t know when? so I got their contact details and I headed out further east in hunt for my north sea connection, so as I said goodbye to the wonderful people and town of Macduff I started walking towards outside of the town towards the next port of Fraserburgh, which I didn’t walk far that I got a connection with a wonderful local woman and as I told her about my story and that last night I mediated at the harbour till next day, she was very upset and she gave me her contact details and and very kindly took me all the way to the harbour office of the Fraserburgh and told me if I didn’t make any connection and needed help to contact her, which I appreciated and thanked her and then said goodbye to her as well.

At the town harbour office I made an enquiry and the harbour master told me about a possible connection but wasn’t sure so he asked me to go and find out for myself, and after making that inquiry I was told the boat is going back to Orkney but might be in a week or two? which I thanked the person and I went back to the harbour master and after thanking him and everyone else I said goodbye to the town as well and I made my way towards further east, this time Peterhead.

It wasn’t very long before I connect with a wonderful person local to a village not far from the town of Peterhead, and he very kindly took me all the way to the town port’s office and even he told me a bit about the Fraserburgh and Peterhead as local refering to and gave me a tour around the Peterhead as well, so after thanking him I managed to get in touch with the port master and after telling him about my story I was told Aberdeen will be my best place to connect with north, so after saying goodbye there I headed out to do some more investigation myself and find out by asking some more people in and around the town including the fisherman mission and cafe which due to a funeral no one was around, and a private fishing company told me they don’t have any boat going as far as Shetland in north, so I headed to the other side of the harbour towards the marina and oil ships, which at the marina there wasn’t anyone to ask so I headed into the oil port and started to ask people on the oil ships and people on the board of the ships were more worried about how I got in than whether they can help me to get to north so after got in touch with the main office they told me they don’t go as far as Shetland in north and also because I have breached the security they have to escort me out of the oil port, so they did and I ended up walking towards Aberdeen at the back of a famous Peterhead prison.

So after few miles more of walking and couple more wonderful connection I managed to get to the port of Aberdeen, it was here that I made some inquiries from the port control office and they were very kind to me and then headed towards the main harbour and the town centre, which I stayed around till next day in a quiet area and I even got my very hot dinner from a wonderful Nepalese restaurant ( after explaining what I was doing, which earlier at the other side of the harbour just outside the harbour control office another very famous restaurant didn’t want to know anything about my peace journey and money was on top of their agenda.

After resting a bit last night in a shelter place near fishermen’s mission place, I headed out towards the harbour office and I tried to get in touch with the harbour master but people at the reception weren’t helpful at all, and they even couldn’t get me in touch with someone in replacement for the harbour master which I was told he was on holiday, so I headed out towards the office of northlink ferry which they have ferries to the Shetland and Orkney Islands, so I managed to get in touch with the manager and she very kindly accepted my card and she told me to get in touch after 3pm, so I respected her wish and I headed out towards the town and the so called a union square, and in there I was about to make my writing on the boards bolder and rewrite them, which the security at the square came to me and asked me to leave, so after I had some discussion with them, and even with their superior then I left the place during the time I was there I managed to connect with some wonderful people as well, before I say goodbye to the square then I got a connection with the seafarers centre which last night I couldn’t get hold of them for a shelter, but today I managed to get in touch with them, and they very kindly offered me some drinks and refreshment, and I managed to do some twitter and facebook update with their wifi as well, also I managed to finish up my boards writing which I couldn’t finish at the union square, so after about few hours of rest in there at about 16:00 I got back to the wonderful manager of the northlink ferry (, and she very kindly offered me a seat to Shetland Islands.

So that was how I got to the top of the north sea, but to find out, how I have got further north, and even to the land of glaciers (Iceland), watch out for further updates in the near future, even with some photos as well, hopefully!

with much love and peace your humbled Earthian brother.



I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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