Ireland Part II


After my staying last night with these wonderful people, I asked them if it is ok for me to stay for another night, so I can explore the wonderful and historic town of Cork, and I was granted very kindly so today after waking up, and having something to eat I headed out to explore the town.

I first visited a wonderful local peace garden, and then headed on towards the historic Shandon Bells Tower (, on my way I met a few wonderful people and they took some photos and directed me towards the site, then at the site I spoke to the people in there about my peace journey and they kindly let me visit the tower without using money, then downstairs there was a wonderful music event where I met few of the performers, and we became friends on Facebook as well, then I thanked the people in there and said goodbye to everyone in the Shandon.

Then I headed back towards the Irish market and I met some wonderful people who kindly offered me some food and drink including half a dozen organic eggs from a wonderful person in an organic place in the market, which I thought I might eat them raw or boil them later on in my resting place, then I headed to the English market, which as soon as I entered the market it was dominated with poultry and meat which wasn’t very attractive to me, it had some other stuff but it wasn’t as much as the dominant meat, then I came out and on the left hand side of the market there was an Italian pizza place and a bit further from it I stood out there and I tried to talk to people if anyone wanted to know what I was doing, and there’s a woman who was going into the pizza place and I asked her to kindly speak to the manager of the place to see if they can kindly boil my eggs, which I gave her my card and I didn’t hear anything from her for almost an hour and then I went in and I spoke to a cook and explained the situation and he said he doesn’t know anything about my story, and I asked the woman about if she has shown my card to him and she said she has thrown my card into a rubbish bin because there wasn’t a manager and as I explained the importance of the card then she said she will find the card and bring it back to me, so I have to explain everything again to the cook, and as I had my eggs in my hand and I asked him to kindly boil them for 7 minutes and he said no problem,  so I went out again and after that time I went back in to get the eggs and some salt to eat them, but the chief told me I have to pay 5 Euro for the boiling of the eggs, and I said I have explained to you at the beginning what I was doing and how I was doing it, so now how come you are asking for money, and he said that is the only way for me to get the eggs back, and I said to him please may I have my card back and I don’t want the eggs because as I told you I don’t carry any money, and he opened a drawer and he took out my card and gave it back to me, so I got my card back and went out of the place and as I came out immediately a wonderful person wanted to know what I was doing and I gave him my card which I had in my hand rescued from the pizza place and then I said goodbye to the place and walked to a few other different places in the city again and tried to talk to some more wonderful people before I headed back to my resting place. By now the time was after 7pm and I met wonderful Edwin and his friend Joey who has come from another area to explore Cork city as well, so after a wonderful introduction I told them about the pizza place story as the highlight of the day and then a few other stories as we headed back and for the night we had a wonderful meal together which Edwin kindly prepared for us and then another friend joined them and afterwards they went out, and I got busy with some internet connectivity for the night then later at night they came back and after a little more chatting we said goodnight to one another.

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I woke up at my resting place for the last 2 nights, courtesy of wonderful Edwin and his friends, and after having a wonderful tea, bread and butter & some coffee then an apple, we headed out from the place.

Then after walking towards a close junction in the area, which I was heading out towards a little town of Kinsale I said goodbye and gave a heart to heart hug to Edwin. I wanted to be somewhere by midday and so thanking him for all his kindness then same with Joey a bit after Edwin, then I started walking towards the little Transition Town of Kinsale. As I was walking towards there it was a local service station and immediately after there was a layby, so I wrote a big sign towards the town, and it wasn’t very long before the universe connected me with wonderful Ronan who somehow knew a person who is part of the transition town Kinsale (, and he kindly exchanged his details of communication with me before we say goodbye and a heart to heart hug.

Then the town was busy as never before because of a famous May day match of Rugby Seven,  so as I was heading out from the town I came across some wonderful people and places and just before I leave the town and head towards my next destination I got caught by rain, so as I always say to my wonderful people I try my best not to walk at night, and when it is raining so after asking a wonderful person to call the person which Ronan kindly gave his number to me and he told me today he wouldn’t be able to see me, but tomorrow for an hour no problem, which I said if I am around I’ll connect with him and start walking back to the town, and I came across some wonderful people who were from Dublin and they were down in Kinsale for the match, they were quite happy to speak to me and asked me to talk about my journey before they headed on towards the match area, and they kindly offered me some food and drink and we exchanged our internet connections, then as I was looking for some other people from transition town after visiting few places finally I was directed to a place called Poet’s Corner cafe (, and people over there were very kind, and they tried their best to connect me with some other members of the group, and it was here and after 6pm, that I met a wonderful person called Rosie, who did kindly offer me a place to shelter for the night, then before we say goodbye to this wonderful person who was looking after the cafe, he very kindly offered me some warm and delicious scones with jam and cream, which was just on time and at the right moment, which I offered wonderful Rosie, and she said she had something before, and then we said goodbye after a heart to heart hug to the wonderful human beings from the cafe and Rosie and I headed back to a wonderful village of Belgooly not far from Kinsale.

After getting back to Rosie’s place I introduced myself as Earthian a peace pilgrim to a wonderful 7 year old cat which Rosie told me about on our way back, and his name is Myaw Myaw, also it was a bit strange for him to accept me with all the different smells that I had, but during this few days slowly he has come closer to me and even on the second day resting on my laps as I was having my porridge, then I managed to wash my clothes and have a shower and later on we cooked some wonderful food, then I was telling Rosie some of my peace pilgrimage journey, then we said goodnight to one another and to the universe around us, and I went to sleep on a wonderful bed, and I slept like a baby log till next day.


Today after waking up a bit late and having a wonderful porridge and later on another wonderful meal by Rosie, and later on a bit of DIY and plumbing, I was offered a swimming pool, sauna (dry and steam), and Jacuzzi by her, which I couldn’t refuse despite it’s an unusual offer throughout my peace journey, which I haven’t come acros,s and as I told her that during my peace pilgrimage journey around the festivals and gatherings back in England and Wales many wonderful people has offered me sauna and shower, but not all in one and indoors especially in a Carlton Hotel, so anyway I have to say it took me a bit of time to say yes, and I have to say here it was a great experience, just before we go to the swimming pool in the hotel Rosie kindly took me to a few place in which you could see the little town of Kinsale from different height and angles, also I met some other wonderful people, which she knew some of them, and after leaving the swimming pool hotel we headed back towards the town and on our way back we went to this wonderful place which the history of it goes back to the time of Spanish Armada. We managed to take some photos, & then we went to another hotel for another wonderful cup of cappuccino and a warm scone with jam and cream as well as internet connectivity to update my situation while Rosie joined some local Kinsale for watching a match of football, and later on we headed back to the wonderful village for another night full of food, drink, & entertainment till late night.


Today after having another wonderful porridge meal outside in the garden then slowly we prepared ourselves to head out to meet some wonderful people, as we have arranged from yesterday to finally meet up with a person called Klaus from transition town Kinsale (, which he was introduced to me by wonderful Ronan since the day which I arrived in Kinsale, and I didn’t manage to meet him till today at about 12:30 in a wonderful cafe called “Lemon Leaf” for about an hour, which wonderful Rosie did take me there and she kindly joined us as well, and we managed to talk a bit about their group and also to connect with another peace project in the town which we didn’t know about it, and he kindly mentioned some other places to us before he said goodbye to us.

Then Rosie and myself visited this person, who was one of the main organisers of the peace project in Kinsale and after some talk in his place of activities, we managed to find some other connections for my peace journey towards west of Cork, then after an exchange of our internet connection, we said goodbye to him and we walked towards the town’s college which on our way we came across a sign to an old water well that we visited, and we took some photos before we went uphill towards the permaculture college to connect with more like minded people, and I managed to speak to a wonderful teacher which he kindly gave some more names of different centres in the west of Ireland, then we said goodbye and headed towards another 2 places of food before we go for a wonderful visit to Rosie’s close friend, which they have  kindly invited us for a late afternoon lunch, (which originally was going to be dinner, but because of circumstance it did change to late lunch), and I have to say here their kindness was just incredible, this family has sent me organic eggs since the first time I told Rosie about my organic egg story from Italian pizza place in Cork city, and without they know about the story they have sent me some organic egg on my first day, and today they kindly offered us some half a dozen more eggs, which later I found out one of them was broken and I tried to ask Myaw Myaw to eat it, but with no luck so I was told by Rosie that her neighbour’s dog which is like a compost it might eat it, but anyway we had a great time in Rosie’s wonderful friend’s place and we exchanged our internet details, and also they tried their best to connect me with some more wonderful people, and took some photos before we said goodbye and then a heart to heart hug, then headed back to the village and Rosie had some other arrangements and had to go out in the evening and I stayed indoors, and I managed to write up the events of the last few days.


Last night wonderful Rosie came back early hours of today, and as I was cooking those wonderful organic eggs which we were given yesterday by Rosie’s wonderful friend, which we were invited and I made a nice meal out of them and Rosie kindly made some salad as well, so that was our last meal with a wonderful mix of many different fruit drinks, then we said goodnight and goodbye, and a heart to heart hug as well, as she had to go early again today.

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So today I managed to pack and say goodbye to this wonderful place, which I was staying since Sunday night, and after a full respect to everything I headed out through the Belgooly village and I came across a wonderful woman who wanted to know what I was doing and after an explanation to what I was doing I said goodbye to her and another wonderful woman told me not far from the village there’s a car park, which I can try to see if anyone goes towards my destination and as I got there it wasn’t long before wonderful Tom and two of his angels in the back of his car arrived, and he kindly gave me a lift all the way to the town of Clonakilty and in there after a heart to heart hug I said goodbye to him, then I headed on the main street of the town first to a dentist and then an information centre, which I got some information about the town and some other places to visit, which I did, and I managed to connect to a few places and finally in a kitchen project I got connected to a wonderful west Cork sand circle, and all these connections was possible through a wonderful human being from the kitchen project, so I have to thank her here.

Then we headed towards this wonderful Atlantic beach of Inchydoney for drawing a magical sand circle and wonderful Istivan, who I am staying with tonight helped to create something wonderful for me as well, which you can see some photos of them, and then we headed back to the edges of the town and after having a wonderful cup of Indian tea with another wonderful family which they were on the beach and they helped with the magical sand circle, and then these wonderful family they gave me their stones circle booklet around west Cork and Kerry, and their contact in case I go anywhere around their area before they say goodbye to us, and heading back to their place.

Then Istvan and I headed to the town again for some internet updates, and he kindly offered me a nice cup of herbal tea in a local pub as well.

Then we headed back to our resting place before we say goodnight to each other and the universe, & I hope the universe will connect me with many peoples.


Today I woke up at the Istevan wonderful permaculture place, then we planted some wonderful seeds in a hope they will grow soon and he can use some and give some to others, then I headed towards the town, and on my way I went to a place which Istevan kindly told me about it last night,  which is called Clonakilty Lodge which is a place for a lot of different people from across the world and they are waiting for a decision to be made to stay in Ireland or leave, which in a way it was a fresh reminder to all those people would like to come to Europe in a hope of better life, so I managed to speak to a resident and then the deputy and the manager of the centre and I was there for about a good hour and the wonderful manager Michael kindly offered me some soup, bread and a meal which was my meal of the day since yesterday, and after thanking them for all what they do I said goodbye and a heart to heart hug with Michael, which was a bit difficult due to his height almost close to 2m.

Then slowly I walked down further closer to the town which in a car park I was told from yesterday at the time of my arrival about a Wellness Week, which I didn’t have a chance to visit, so I found it and it was called Clonakilty Wellness Week (, from 6th to 11th May 14 for the first time, then I managed to be there from about 2pm to 3pm for a talk about Diet and Nutrition, and speaking to some of the people there and then giving out my communication card, then I headed out and this time towards the main town church and in there I came across a journalist who was interested in what I was doing and he showed me a little card about someone called Blessed Thaddeus McCarthy dated back c.1455-1492 and I somehow picked the card earlier, and he asked me if he can take a photo, and I gave him one of my cards and he mentioned that he is a journalist and would like to write something about my story, which I welcomed it and also he asked me whether I need anything and I said nothing just check my blog and spread the word of love and peace.

20140507_182119 20140507_182651 20140507_182836 20140508_112051 20140509_103549 20140509_111120 20140509_110347

Then coming out and somehow I headed towards out of the town to find out about my routes towards the little ecovillage near a place called Enniskeane, ( (, and on my way I came across some wonderful people who kindly tried to offer me some money, which I thanked them, and told them about my story and they didn’t have time to get me any food or drink, but I told them about my peace journey and check my blog.

Then I headed back towards the town after finding out about my next destination near a car park and a service station.

Yesterday in the town I managed to find a place which a French photographer (, took some of my photos, when I arrived, and I was looking for an organic place to use some internet and then I have gone all the way around the little town before I headed back towards my resting place, which when I came I managed to see Istevan, who did go out this morning as well, but to a different destination, and he was back in our resting place and told me about his day as well and he had planted some more wonderful stuff, which he has brought from the ecovillage, which I was hoping to connect tomorrow, so he decided to go back to the town for his usual place and I said to him goodnight and I had a chance to write up today’s events, and I hope that tomorrow the universe will bring another wonderful day for us all.


I woke up and prepared myself to head on towards the Hollies a small eco village, but first we had a nice cup of tea then planted some potatoes with Istevan and then I said goodbye to his wonderful place where I was staying then we headed down towards a Friday market which every Friday different locals coming to the town of Clonakilty and display what they have and in the market there was a wonderful person named Ron, who has brought his specially made mobile oven for making pizza and as at the beginning of the market he was very busy, so I left the connection with him for the end, and I tried to talk to different people in the market and a lot of them were wonderful and were interested in talking to me and some of them kindly offered me food and drink, also I managed to speak to a wonderful person who knew about the Transition Town Clonakilty and Sustainable Clonakilty, which after our talk he kindly offered me a wonderfully made hazelnuts dark chocolate (

Then towards the end of the market I got in touch with Ron who was slowly packing and even when I went there and introduced myself he kindly made a pizza for me, which I shared it, then I said goodbye and a heart to heart hug to Istevan as he wanted to leave, and thanking him for everything he had kindly done specially offering me some walnuts and a special material which you burn it when you feel down a bit like an incentive for a smell.

Then after packing everything we headed towards a village called Ardfield to see someone and looking at a place in a garden of a house to build a Pompeii oven.

So in there already there were couple of local people who were helping with the construction and a person who has asked Ron to go to her place to see the the preparation for next day oven building course.

So I introduced myself to everyone and they were quite happy to see me then Ron looked at the situation and noted down what he needs for next day and after a wonderful cup of brew we said goodbye to them and headed back to the market place in Clonakilty to pick up the mobile oven and then headed towards the Hollies (a little ecovillage about 3 km north of Enniskeane).

As we arrived I met some of the locals, and then a brief introduction to the place, then Ron kindly took me to another wonderful member of the village who has been in the Hollies for a long time and I explained my situation to him and his partner and they very kindly welcomed me and even invited me for a dinner as well.

So after knowing some wonderful other members of the family, and helping out with the washing dishes, I said goodnight to them and the whole universe and went to sleep in a wonderful little cottage which they offered me earlier.


Today I woke up and I did connect to Ron and after eating something we did go back to the village of Ardfield and a wonderful woman’s place called Olga who we met yesterday, and today we had some different students who did come to learn how to make a Pompeii oven so we did different mixtures of material and at different time to build the oven, which there is a full details of how to make it on a pdf file which you can download from the Hollies website (

I have to say, today I managed to speak to more wonderful people, who were there to learn about the practical side of how to make an oven.

Then we had a wonderful meal after midday, and we helped a bit more on the oven before we arranged a time for next day to meet up again to finish the oven then after a wonderful afternoon tea we said goodbye to one another and we headed back towards the Hollies.

There we had our evening meal together in Ron’s place and I had a quick update from the day using their internet connection for twitter and facebook, then we went for a walk around the Hollies and a woodland area before sun set, then I said goodnight to him and his family.

Now there’s a round house which those people who are helping with different projects in the Hollies gather there for their evening meal and chat, which I went and joined them for a quick introduction of myself and sharing a bit of my journey, due to their curiosity and questions, while I was having a cup of tea with them, then I said goodnight to them all and head back to my resting place.


Today I woke up and had something to eat and joined Ron and another person to go back to the house near to the village of Ardfield (high hill in Irish), so we can finish up what we have started a day ago, and after finishing the wonderful Pompeii oven we had another wonderful meal, and more locals were there, so I had an opportunity to speak to some of them again, then after those people who were there for the oven course said goodbye and left, Ron, another student from the Hollies and a local person from the village and I all explored the sea and coastal area whether it was Celtic sea or Atlantic ocean I don’t know, and we walked for a good couple of miles before we headed back to Olga’s place, which the oven was made for her so hopefully she’ll celebrate her 80th birthday of her life and the oven was a present to herself as she always wanted to have one which now she has got it, so she can cook in it.

Then after another wonderful afternoon tea and cake and seeing some more wonderful locals we said goodbye to everyone and headed back to the Hollies, and after getting back I had a wonderful shower and then straight went to see the wonderful family who kindly offered me a bed to put my head down for the duration that I was there in a wonderful hand made cottage, so I could find out whether if it is ok to stay for another day or so to explore the Hollies more before I say goodbye to the village and community.

So I managed to speak to them and they kindly found out for me, that I can stay for another day to explore the ecovillage with another member of the family, and after they kindly offered me some food then I said goodbye to them and headed towards the round house, which the people in there kindly invited me to eat something with them as well, and I welcomed it and stayed with them for a while before I say goodbye to them and head back to my resting place.


So today as I arranged from yesterday, after washing all the dishes from last night dinner and cleaning the round house table and the kitchen then having something to eat and drink I joined the group and I spoke to the family, who were managing the things around the place for the day and I managed to help with a few things here and there all around the Hollies and did another walk around the place. In the afternoon I met a wonderful person who was the son of the family who kindly offered me a place to stay, which I met him already in the Clonakilty food market, and I found out he is building a sauna house and as I saw him doing some activities around the house I asked him few questions about his project and the future involvement in the Hollies or outside, which was so wonderful for a person of his age doing things like that was a great encouraging to others who were in the Hollies to learn things and implementing them outside the ecovillage.

Then I had some more of the connection in the village to find out about other buildings and projects before I head back to my resting place for the night and say goodnight to everyone and the universe around me.

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Today I prepared myself to say goodbye to the wonderful people in the Hollies after waking up and having something to eat,  then I started to say goodbye and a heart to heart hug to my host family then to the people in the round house before they embark another day of activities with their host as well, which I caught them all while they were having their morning meal, and after a heart to heart hug to all I headed to wonderful Ron’s place, for a quick internet update, and final goodbye before I head on the road for another day of my peace pilgrimage journey around the south west of Ireland, and today was stone circle and standing stones in tbe county of Cork.

So I didn’t manage to see a family, who I was involved in some of my activities with them yesterday,  but I asked wonderful Ron to thanks them and give them a wonderful heart to heart hug on my behalf, before I stepped out of the Hollies heading towards few of my stone circles destinations.

So as I was walking for a few kilometres, just before my entrance to the little town of Enniskeane a wonderful human being which later introduced himself to me as Tom Fitzgerald offered me a lift to my next destination village of Ballineen, which wasn’t far from there, and then as I introduced myself to him and explained what I was doing he was more keen than me to find out some of those stone circles around the area, which we managed to find 3 out of more than 100 official stone circles in the county of Cork and Kerry.

I have to say here wonderful Tom offered me a wonderful ice cream and an afternoon sandwich meal and a tin of sliced peach for our late lunch, while we were feeding two different type of birds in a little town of Rosscarbery before we say goodbye to one another after almost 4 hours of walk, talk, and excitement of stone circle hunting, then a heart to heart hug.

After that I walked for a few more miles before wonderful Ger gave me a lift on a hilly area for about a mile to my 4th and famous Drombeg stone circle.

After resting there for about an hour I headed back on the road to the village of Glandore, which I went inside a local pub with some famous photos and historic events like the titanic sinking ship on the wall and Glendore mean time clock and an anti clockwise or reverse functioning clock, so after asking the person who was managing the place to see if it was ok for me to use the bathroom and he kindly said ok and showing me, then a bit rest, I asked them about the GMT (Glandore Mean Time), which he said it is a joke and the anti clockwise clock and he said it is more jokes.

So after telling him about my journey, he kindly told me about a famous church in the village which he said I should visit then a place that I might be able to pitch my peace tent, then I said goodbye and headed out towards my next place.

Then after visiting the places I managed to connect to a little town of Leap, which by this time it was getting dark and I found difficult to connect with a town of Skibbereen, and somehow the universe connected me with a place of retreat, which was called “myross wood retreat centre” ( it wasn’t far from Leap, and after asking people in there I managed to put up my peace tent there and rest for the night, which was a wonderful moon night and I thought of rainbow family full moon ceremony that they might have on their riverwalk in Wales, then after a goodnight to everyone and the universe around me, I went to sleep with a hope of better day next day.


Today as I woke up the weather wasn’t great in the morning and even till late afternoon then it did improve late afternoon and early evening and as I was think to go and see the person who was managing the centre and talk him about my stay for another night in my peace tent, there we go there was Michael was coming towards my peace tent, and after my explanation about the weather and my hope for tomorrow to be a better day so I can move on, and he very kindly was happy for me to do so, even he kindly helped me to get some dinner as well, and he was happy for me to stay then I went for a walk around the area, which after I came back I was offered some food and drink by Michael and another kind volunteer person, and later on this evening some clothes and a book (everyman’s wild flowers and trees), and some supplements by another kind person, then I said goodnight to the universe and everyone around it.


Today I woke up with a wonderful weather ahead of me and after last night a kind person which about 9pm offered me some clothes, a book on flowers and some supplements I chose some clothes and took the rest back to father Michael, and he asked me if I wanted some breakfast and I said to him thank you I can go without it for a while, so I thanked him for everything and slowly I packed everything and I was ready to say goodbye to the centre and headed out towards the town of Skibbereen.

I did walk for about few miles before a wonderful woman introduced herself to me later as Isabel stopped and offered me a lift to the town and I welcomed the offer.

After getting there she very kindly offered me a wonderful vegetarian lunch in a semi organic place and even she kindly offered me to an evening of art exhibition if I stayed in the town, which I welcomed it, then after a wonderful heart to heart hug I said goodbye to her while I was still in the cafe.

Then after moving to a river side cafe, which earlier I was told about it by her, then in there I managed to connect to few people, who were interested in my peace journey, then I spoke to the person who was running the place and she kindly gave a few names on my way to my next destination, and some water also a wonderful sweet loaf of bread, then I said goodbye to them as well and headed towards next town of Ballydehob, so after about couple of miles a wonderful person name Colum (which he said it means dove in Irish), kindly gave me a lift all the way to Ballydehob, and as we’re talking he introduced me to a wonderful cafe which after saying goodbye to him and introducing myself to the cafe’s people they were all wonderful and got in touch with few others and in the cafe I was offered a wonderful meal and also I was so happy about what they were doing, which I offered if I find a place to stay for the night, I would be quite happy to help the volunteers run the cafe, and a wonderful person called Harry found me a place and there was this wonderful family which they had their off grid place about 4km far from the cafe and after Harry’s kind introduction to the family they later on very kindly offered me their wonderful caravan bed for me to put my head down for the night.

Then after playing different games with their wonderful kids in the garden we had our dinner then wonderful Christian “Kiki” Seegers Life Guide & Gardener, which earlier Harry arranged with him for me to go to their place came back and we had some wonderful and interesting conversation and I used some internet to update my situation, Then we said goodnight to one another, and I said goodnight to the universe and a wonderful full moon and the stars before I go to bed.


Today I woke up a bit early and I did a bit of meditation with Kiki then we had a wonderful breakfast with the family before I say goodbye to the family then Kiki and I left the place first to an sanctoir ( a place of meditation, then after a quick visit and meeting another person from there we said goodbye and Kiki very kindly dropped me by Brown Envelope Seeds Farm ( to meet a person called Madeline, so after goodbye to Kiki, Madeline very kindly despite she was preparing herself for a market, very kindly allocated some time to show me some of her growing stuff and even pick some to cook for our lunch then after saying goodbye to Madeline her partner, Michael, very kindly brought me to the main road and we said goodbye to each other.

Now here as I wanted to get to Bantry, but somehow my connection didn’t happen by 1pm and by this time wonderful Michael was coming back from Skibbereen, so he very kindly helped me again to connect and this time towards Ballydehob community cafe, and after goodbye to him I headed towards the cafe which yesterday they’re very kindly offered me some help and I said I’d like to offer some help for today and the universe has just connected me back to them on time.

Then after a tea break a wonderful volunteer from the cafe showed me around before she said goodbye, and then wonderful Sandra and I were helping to manage things in the cafe until wonderful Andy arrived, then I said goodbye to Sandra and Andy and I was sorting things out till about 5pm and after mending a wonderful map which was given to me by Thomas from the Hollies for me to find my way around the area which I was going to find some stone circles, which I found, it was very useful indeed, and before I was heading towards Schull I handed it over to Andy, who is hitch hiking from his place to the cafe and he said he will take care of it.

Then after saying goodbye to Andy, cafe Ballydehob place headed towards Schull and after some walk I got a lift from another wonderful human being to the little town.

So after some rest in there found it difficult to connect and headed out towards an island which was called the long island harbour, and after getting there just about 8pm I asked a wonderful islander who had a boat with his partner and were going back to the island, and I was told yes I could go with them and as I got there I met another person who’s doing some repairs on his boat and after his repair I was introduced to the island and coincidentally I met the eldest in the island as I was asking for him, he somehow showed up and I ended up put up my wonderful peace tent again in the long island and saying goodnight to everything.


I woke up in wonderful long island west land and between 8 to 9am it was a very heavy fog, which I couldn’t see few metres from my peace tent, but just after 0930 it got clearer as sun was shining and I slowly put my peace tent down and said goodbye to Westland of the island and I walked back to the Midland of the island, where the harbour was and I came across wonderful Morrison the person who kindly yesterday with his partner who brought me to the island and he said to me hopefully we go at about 1130 so I had enough time to visit the eastland of the island and I went all the way to the last house and back, which on my way back I came across Morrison again and we had a chance to speak a bit more about my journey as we were walking back from the eastland of the long island towards the main harbor, and he kindly offered me to go back to his place for a breakfast before we go back to the mainland Ireland.

As we were going towards his place we came across some people which I was told they were there to find some water well and later on I have heard they have found three sources coincide with my visit,  which was interested to hear, so anyway Morrison got busy with those people and he asked me to get in touch with his partner who was collecting stones from the close by beach and I went and I spoke to her a bit, which she was going back to the house with some stones as I got there and she told me she is going to come back and she kindly did and even this time she took me to their place which they were repairing it and she very kindly cooked a wonderful breakfast and and it was a great Irish hospitality from the long island not far from Schull.

Then after she kindly offered me some connection, fruits and cakes as well before I say goodbye to her and the island towards the harbour and by this time Morrison just got back and he kindly took me back to the mainland and I said goodbye to him as well and headed towards Mizen Head.

It was here that I heard the story about the wells from some locals in the main harbor and they also told me about a YouTube film about the long island people, which is called Black Paradise including some of those who I met in the long Island ( including Billy, Connie, and John ), so you can watch it for yourself on YouTube (

It wasn’t long before two wonderful people turned up and they kindly gave me a lift to outside a little place called Goolin, after I said goodbye to them then from a wonderful way through a sand beach I walked all the way to Mizen Head.

It was just before the head I came across a wonderful person which his house was the last house before the head, and he kindly told me I have just made it to the head, and I am just about 600 yards away and also he kindly told me if the cafe was closed let me know for a place for the night.

So as I got to the Mizen head there were few people, but the cafe was closed and I couldn’t connect with the people there before the place was becoming like a ghost place, so I walked back and I got in touch with this wonderful local which not only he and his partner kindly provided me with water and a lot of food, he also very kindly connected me to a little place called Crookhaven, then before I say goodbye, and as I was still in his van, I saw two wonderful familiar faces from Ballydehob wonderful cafe, which after a bit more talk they very kindly connected me with my next destination a place called Durris, and after saying goodbye and a heart to heart hug with them, teaching me a bit of Irish for love and peace (agrá somhsina), then I spoke to some locals and they kindly helped me with some food and a camping place on my way to Sheep’s Head for next day, so after saying goodbye to little village of Durris as well I headed out towards my tomorrow’s destination and not far outside the village  found a place to put up my peace tent and after speaking to a couple who were concerned about my presence there and after I introduced myself to them they were happy for me to put my head down for the night, and I said goodnight to the universe and everything around it, and I was looking forward for my next day peace journey.

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Today I just wanted to say that I have just completed a full month since my first arrival into Ireland from Dublin.

After waking up and packing everything and having something to eat I wasn’t far from the main road so I managed to connect with a wonderful human being who kindly in her van gave me a lift to the next village of Ahakista and by now the time was just after midway and sun was kindly shining, which after waiting and then a bit of walking and waiting again I got connected to another wonderful local who has just come back from Dublin and he kindly with his dad gave my second lift of the day to the next village of Kilcrohane, then in there I walked out of the village and headed towards the Sheep’s Head.

It wasn’t long before a wonderful local person who introduced himself as John and has just come back from US to visit his mum for her birthday, and another 3 brothers who were having farms all around the Sheep’s Head area so he kindly gave me a lift all the way to the car park of the amazing head and throughout the journey he told me all about the family and the story of the area as much as he knew, he even told me about the wonderful local lady who was running the cafe by the head, which she kindly after I said goodbye to John came to me and offered me some jam and scones and told me she knew John and even offered me a cup of tea as well, which I thanked her, and also John told me about Graham Norton last house of the sheep’s head which I didn’t know whether he still there or not? And some of other locals, as well, anyway I said goodbye to wonderful John and I got connected with some others which they kindly offered me some fruits and then I left my stuff in the cafe and walked all the way to the lighthouse and counting 110 steps down and up to the lighthouse and back again around a wonderful loop walk which was about good 5km long.

Then at the end here we go don’t say that the whole family and relatives of John and John himself has just showed up coming back from the lighthouse walk, & John kindly introduced me to his brothers and after a brief conversation he very kindly took me back to the village which he has brought from earlier in the day, and I have to say here he kindly given me his US (NY), and Ireland address and a number just in case I go around, so after another wonderful heart to heart hug I said goodbye to John which later on around 9pm I saw him again for the last time in the village pub, which he told me I should visit and listen to Irish music in the pub which I did and it was here that I got a great connection with a wonderful musician called Ritchie from a local Radio to county Waterford, who was playing Irish music in the local pub of the village of Reconhane, which after his show he kindly gave me a lift to the town of Bantry, and he asked me if get an Irish phone number I should let him know so he can connect me to his people’s radio show for an interview about my peace journey on radio Tarmore (, and I told him I’ll try before I head out of the town and then we had nice wonderful conversation on our way to the town, and the time was about 2130 hours which as we were coming into the town I saw a ship that I haven’t seen one like it apart from Cathysarck in Greenwich and New Ross between Kilkenny and Waterford, then it was here that Richie said you know more about the things here in Ireland than I know, and later I found out it was a Danish ship which I found out next day coming back from a voyage from south America from Brazil and it’s heading back to Denmark, but anyway I said goodbye and goodnight to Richie and headed through the town and I ended up to put up my #earthianpeace tent in front of the town library in Bantry, which was going to be closed on Monday, and I said goodnight to the universe and all around it.



Today I woke up in my wonderful new home in front of the town’s main library so it has attracted already some attention and I got some food my Irish phone number and a postcard with an interview invitation and later on a wonderful meal from another wonderful local.

But before all these I visited a local GP to use the bathroom and a local printing place to print some more of my information cards, which both places very kindly helped me with my request for help.

Then trying to find out some places which I could connect to a peace, ecovillage, and organic centres, which had some good connection, but not much around the area that I was or I was heading towards but in an area and places which I have visited already.

Then in the afternoon I connected with some more places and a cafe to do some internet update but with no solid place to move from the front of the library, so as I came back and as I was having my hot water with some chocolate from a kind person from couple of days before I just got a visit from Garda as they were seeing me in front of the main library with my peace tent, so they came and after some questioning and taking some details they were happy to let me stay for the moment there till I find an alternative place as I explained to them this was my last resort to use and as I haven’t got any other place they offered me a number for WWOOF Ireland for me to contact and as I was visited by Garda a wonderful person from Schull has just come to see me with his wonderful son and bringing me some fruits and chocolate as well and later on I found out he has taken some photo of me at the time of my Garda questioning,  which I hope he’ll put them out there on the internet, so we can see them.

But after a wonderful time with this father and son which their friend has kindly put up my earlier photos on Facebook book, which has made Martin and his son to come and visit me and she just showed up again as well and we all had some more photos before we all say goodbye to one another.

Then I headed down to the town again to find out few more things including if there is a ferry to the nearest island of Whiddy and after walking and speaking to some locals, I was told the Ferries are operating between 8am and 6pm but the time was after 7pm, which I saw a ferry was coming to the harbour and after some people came off from the ferry then the ferry was about to go back to the island which I asked if I can go with them and they kindly told me yes and there is another ferry which is going to come back a little later so I jumped on the ferry and here we go I was on my 2nd island in less than a week.

On the board of the ferry I was told I should go to a local pub and after couple of hours there should be another ferry going back to the mainland.

So on the island I went to the pub and here we go there was a party I think a birthday one and I introduced myself to the people there and they all welcomed me and they very kindly offered me food and drink and there was plenty of music and singing also I have to say it wasn’t much of the traditional Irish music that I know, but it was a great atmosphere and I enjoyed it till about almost 10pm before we all with singing and dancing taking the last ferry of the night back towards the mainland.

After getting back to the mainland people were going to different places, which I couldn’t go and I headed back to my #earthianpeace tent and did write this little event which I hope you like it.


Today I woke up with good weather and went around to find a bathroom before 9am and I found it quite difficult but finally I did find a place then back to the library and packed my peace tent from there and just before an interview I went back to the cafe place for some internet update which I did then I got in touch with Eileen O’Leary, who has kindly arranged with me to do an interview which I went to her place and did the interview and after yesterday her wonderful postcard and some other donations I got a cup of coffee and I said goodbye to her, also she told me she is going to get in touch with few places to publish the story and then will notify me then after coming back to the library and saying thanks to the people there I set off my journey towards my next destination which was the Buddhist retreat centre further west.

I walked towards outside the town and from there I tried to connect with next little Alpian village of Glengarriff, which I got connected to a junction closer to the village by a wonderful person called Kevin and as I was telling my story to him I got a call from wonderful Martin who has been in touch by phone since my Bantry peace camp in front of the library and I told him where I was and guess what he has followed our route and immediately after I got off from Kevin’s car, he just parked behind us and as Kevin was telling me a long story about 3 Marrys and the Nans, Martin said to me he has got enough time to get me to Glengarriff, then I said goodbye to Kevin and joined Martin’s car to the next as he told me all about the Alpian village of Ireland with a population of Dutch inhabitants.

Then Martin very kindly offered me some more food & drink specially a wonderful delight made by her wife, then he told me be aware of a heavy rain forecast for the late afternoon and all the evening, which later on I realised it became very true and thanks to him I tried to shelter, but it never materialised a shelter that I was seeking.

Anyway I said goodbye to Martin and as I was eating his wonderful food that he offered me I saw him passing by towards my direction which he told me he has to get back to Bantry to pick up his son at a certain time and as I checked the road his route wasn’t going back to his destination, which it puzzled me a bit, I hope and wish he and the family are all well.

But anyway I almost finished my food and drink that two wonderful women later I found  from what they were telling me about their journey did stop for me as they were coming back from an art project in Bantry and were going back towards my next fishing town of Castletown Bearhaven, and as I was telling them about my peace journey story they were very kindly introducing me to the villages and the surrounding area we were passing through.

So as we got into the wonderful town I said goodbye to them and as I was walking by the harbour I ended up in an art gallery by Sarah called Walker Gallery, which herself wasn’t there but I introduced myself to a wonderful person called Simon Maxwell, and then I met Brennan, who I was told by Simon has been in the Buddhist centre.

So I got into a conversation with him and we ended up to have a cup of tea offered from him and the people who he was staying with and some wonderful cake which has been offered to me since the Mizen head from the last house before the head and it ended up to be eating by him and I in front of the town church before we go in for a look, and it was here that I got a phone call from Richie’s friend Donald from a local radio to Waterford, which I told him whereabouts I was and with whom, and after telling him about my weblog he said he’s going to call back another time and I should enjoy my cup of tea and the cake with Brennan.

Then after coming outside the church I said goodbye to wonderful Brennan, and headed out through the town towards my final destination, which I got caught by rain and I managed to shelter in a car repair garage, and as my stuff were in shelter of the garage with my wonderful rainbow umbrella on the main road I was trying to get a connection which it wasn’t very long before I got a lift with a wonderful person who’s going towards the retreat centre, so I thanked the garage people, & not long I was just less than a mile far from the Buddhist retreat centre, so after saying goodbye to my fifth lift of the day, I walked and reached the retreat centre just about 6pm.

So after introducing myself to a member of staff and given one of my cards to her she went to make some inquiries to the management of the centre and specially the hostel to see whether I can stay there or not, and after a few minutes she came back to say to me that the management has told her that they can’t help me, and even after mentioning I have a tent and if there’s a chance despite by now the ground were soaked with water and even if they’re offering me a place for me to put up my tent, I wasn’t going to do so, even so she told me I can’t put up my peace tent and I should get to a little village of Allihies which is about 6 miles away from there, and given the circumstance of the heavy rainfall and the time of the day I was very saddened that I was turned away from a place of a sanctuary to a place which has clearly become a more business than anything else in my eyes, and I’ll never forget the day and the night which followed from there onwards from my memory.

So after having a challenge of what to do next, I went to the information area and saw and read all the story about the place since its start, which while I was reading another member came around and she told me you can take as much as you want and I was telling myself not her that to take as much as leaflets wasn’t in my head and what was in my head was what to do for the night? assuming she knew I had to find a shelter for the night, but all she was offering me was to take plenty of pamphlets than anything else, anyway by now the time was about 1930 hours and still very heavy raining outside so I decided to try the hostel and around the area to find out for myself whether I can connect with someone hopefully will lead to a stay till next day, rather than heading out under that heavy rain, which despite people seeing me outside they weren’t opening the door for me and with a bit of regrets of my initial connection I left the centre very light as I left my main rucksack and the tent in a shelter place near a car park and walked out of the centre in search for a shelter for the night.

So I went almost a house to house and in search for a place to put my head down for the night and I walked for about few miles in a heavy rain and my hope was to find a local and I was trying to explain my circumstances with a hope of a connection, but that connection never materialised and finally a local kindly connected me to the village I was told in the Buddhist centre, I should have tried to go initially there, but by now the time was about close to 11pm.

So went to a few places which were open, and all of them refused to help, and even due to people being under influence of alcohol, but despite a person having some knowledge of the Middle East, I was insulted, by so called the intelligent person, so I ended up putting my head down in an outdoor abandoned smoking area with no door and very cold, by now the time was about 1am next day almost, which after I did ask a person who was running a B&B and a pub next to the smoke area for a blanket, I got couple of sheets and a pillow, which he told me that’s all he can get, and I thanked him for what he got me and as I put my head down due to coldness of the situation and the circumstances of the so called smoke room benches I couldn’t sleep,  then this kind person brought me a coffee and a kitkat, which I couldn’t drink or eat due to what I went through the night.


So as the rain has stopped almost after continuous 12 hours but still was drizzling at about 6am I headed out towards the island of Dursey.

I got my first lift of the day after walking out of the village by a wonderful women and I told her my story which she was a bit saddened but we said goodbye, after all she had to rush to make it on time for her work.

Then after some more walk 2nd lift of the day by a wonderful male newspaper distributor in his van, then after some more walk I got some how my 3rd and 4th and very short lift of my day before 8am by a wonderful local who was looking after his farm, then I walked my final kilometre before crossing to the island of Dursey, and I had to wait till after 9am which someone was coming to operate a cable car to the island.

After the operator came and I spoke to him about my journey and I asked him if he can get in touch with the management team, but he told me he can’t contact anyone and if I don’t pay he wouldn’t be able to let me cross,  so I thanked him and I headed back to the Buddhist centre to reunite with the rest of my stuff, and on my way back after a few more miles walk I got a connection with someone who I spoke to by the cable station area, and he kindly brought me back very close to the Buddhist centre, after thanking him I said goodbye and walked back the remaining distance to the centre and as my stuff were still in the place I got them and I headed out as soon as I could as I didn’t have a good memory from the centre since my arrival yesterday and the rest of the story as you have read since last night.

So after some time of waiting and an advice from a local postman regarding of my direction, rather than going back to a village which I didn’t want to see again (Allihies),as from my last night eventful challenge, but he told me if I am going to Kenmare I should go back to the famous fishing town of Castletownbere, which as soon as I changed my direction I got my sixth lift of the day by a wonderful women.

So as I arrived there I met wonderful Brennan again with two of his friends and as I said hello to them and having a little coffee and some sweet, I said goodbye to them and headed out of the town this time towards Kenmare.

It wasn’t long before I got my 7th lift of the day by a wonderful person to the next village of Eyerise, and from there after a bit of walk my 8th lift by another wonderful local man to Ardgooln, then I waited there for a bit longer than the rest of my lifts of the day.

Then just after 4pm I got a connection by wonderful Connor a local to Kenmare.

Which as he stopped he asked me jump in to Kenmare, and I said to him how do you know I am going to Kenmare and he said to me that is my destination that I go so that’s how I know where you’re heading to, anyway after my introduction and him telling me that the route between Castletownbere and Kenmare has been his Monday to Friday route for the past 15 years almost, and he very kindly showed me the stone circle of Kenmare and the Wednesday market before I say goodbye and a heart to heart hug to him as my 9th connection of the day, before my 10th and final lift of the day comes from Nick to visit Yan in the valley of Ballygriffin after I visited a co-op organic place by a wonderful woman.

Then after looking around the town and visiting few places including the stone circle which was a wonderful experience and I met someone who was the only person in the circle when I was there, and after I introduced myself to her and we spoke a bit I said goodbye to her as I told her I left all my stuff in the town and I have to find a place to put my head down for the night.

So as I went back I got my stuff and headed towards a direction which I was given a contact, and before I get connected after a bit of walk by Nick which I told you about it I put up my #earthianpeace tent at the back of a 5 acres of an abandoned hotel, so I knew I have somewhere to put my head down for the night, & I don’t have to worry about if the contact that I was given didn’t offer any place for the night.

So after Nick’s wonderful 10th lift of the day just before 9pm I got to Yan place as an organic farmer, and initially as he was surprised by me being there and not to want to be known but slowly he told me another extra place added to the list of other place which I got from the organic place in the town and he told me as he is expecting someone he wouldn’t be able to offer me a place to stay and I told him I have already put up my #earthianpeace tent and I am ok for the night and after getting some water from him, and leaving my Irish contact with him just in case he might remember someone, and something else, I said goodbye to him and walked back to my resting place for the night.

20140519_212723 20140520_131856 20140521_074958 20140521_075009 20140521_075130 20140521_075116 20140521_075159 20140521_075212 20140521_090558 20140521_102646 20140521_103152 20140521_102745 20140521_172820 20140521_172857 20140521_172727 20140521_172835 20140522_140548 20140522_183656 20140522_214610 20140522_192446 20140523_110521 20140522_214824 20140522_183803 20140522_151038 20140522_183638 20140522_132736 20140522_132731 20140522_132706 20140522_132714 20140521_114139 20140521_075642

Here I would like to say that the place that I am writing up this for the blog is in my #earthianpeace tent in my 200cm x100cm space while just outside my sleeping space and the tent is a massive hotel which has been abandoned since the 2008 crash if not earlier with about close to hundred rooms which you can put at least few of my tent in each room, but the state of the building is due to the neglect is beyond repair and has to be rebuilt.

Now this is just an example also the night before as I was looking for a place I could see many number of places which either there wasn’t anyone there or one person which due to our relationship with money and not to trust each other those buildings will going to be empty until someone offers so called the owners before becoming available to people who are in need of using them.

And the reason I can’t not afford not to carry a tent with me is due to this circumstance which unless someone don’t trust you can’t make a place available to you, all the mistrust and be scared of each other has been created and planted into our head to carry on with the way of life the system of consumerism and materialistic world has imposed on us, which isn’t needed and necessary.

As I always say if I leave one place and head towards another place I am vacating one place which makes it available to someone else, and I can guarantee that we have enough spaces or building all over the world for not to have anyone being outside at anytime, but due to an economic control like the rest of the other stuff housing has manipulated by the current economic system we have got and I’ll advocate to abandoned the current system for it to collapse so we can all rebuild one with human love and in harmony with nature and not money.

So I am going to sleep with this thought for the night in an ordinary tent (#earthianpeace) ,which has been with me for the last 3 years has been put up over 300 times and has seen more than 200 villages, towns, cities and capitals across more than 15 nations.

With much love and peace



I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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