Ireland Part I

So my last update was when I spent two nights courtesy of wonderful people at the World Peace Flame in north Wales, near to the town of Bethesda.

After waking up on the morning of 17.4.14, I packed everything and took them out of the room to the front of the main reception under a shelter there before any more confusing situation did occur, and I went to the morning food area and after having a wonderful morning food, I did speak to a wonderful person who has kindly accommodated my stay there, and from yesterday she asked me if I can help with cleaning the peace garden from twigs, so it will be easy to cut the grass, and I told her I’d like to finish the peace garden before I say thank you all for your hospitality, and I hope I have done a little contribution towards the centre.

Just after midday I managed to finalise everything with the help of a wonderful wheelbarrow, which she kindly provided me with to make it easier and quicker to do the clean-up operation of the peace garden.

So it’s about 1pm when I took some final photos, and also I had a chance to speak to one of the many cofounders of such centres across the world, and I told him that I’d love to create another centre like this at the end of my peace journey, which he was quite happy to hear, and I said to him I hope we can get in touch in the future. After giving a heart to heart hug to him, and to the wonderful woman who truly helped to facilitate my stay, then I left my details for the future connections. I also managed to speak to a few others at and around the centre during my time of helping at the peace garden, which resulted in one of them kindly giving me a lift towards my next destination, which was the little town of Caernarfon just after Bangor. He kindly took me to about 4km from the town, and he also kindly offered me a wonderful drink and a dark chocolate, then after a heart to heart hug I said goodbye to him, and started walking towards my next destination.

After about 3km walk I had a chance meeting with three wonderful cyclists who earlier I saw them when they were having their lunch break, and this time when I saw them it was close to the town, which I told them now its my rest time, and they stopped and spoke to me and one of them kindly made a phone call for me to get in touch with peace brother Mason’s farm friends. I was told they could see me for just two hours, and for me to get there was going to take more than two hours, so she has told the kind local (one of the cyclists) that I should not bother to go there, and I should head on to the Isle of Anglesey.

I thanked the locals and they kindly took a couple of photos with me and they said to me they will put it on Facebook to say they have seen me near to their town, and I thanked them and said goodbye to them as well, and it was here that they told me there is a local private boat place nearby. I went there, and saw a dinghy boat like the one peace sister Maria and peace brother Simon would like to sail to Mediterranean sea to raise awareness about the conflict in today’s Syria.

So after getting there and speaking to the people who were giving training, I was told I have to speak to the office manager and I went to the receptionist who kindly got in touch with the person in charge, but she has been told all the instructors were busy doing training and they can’t cross me to the island, so I thanked them. Also she kindly offered me a cup of tea, then I made my way back to the coast side of the Menai Strait where I left my stuff while I was making the inquiry, and was told I should go back to the main road and head back to the next harbour, in the village which earlier my wonderful human being from the world peace flame did drop me. Despite this advice, I took the shoreline of the Strait, and with singing and walking I made it back with a little help from the universe before I got vanished into the Strait. I managed to make it back to the harbour village, then after my next harbour inquiry didn’t get anywhere, I got wonderful directions from a wonderful person at the village harbour all the way towards the Isle of Anglesey.

After walking again for few more kilometres I got to a canal area and I did query about my crossing again and was told there isn’t anything available to cross with!? But they told me there is a hotel which has a connection between there and the island, and I did go there and they kindly helped me right to the main crossing bridge to the island.

It was here that after less than 15 minutes I got a lift all the way to Holyhead – a crossing port between Wales and the Republic of Ireland (Dublin).

By now the time was just about 7pm. I straight went to the offices and asked for the duty manger of the port, which after connecting through a few places, here we go the man himself appeared from nowhere, and told me he is the duty manager, and how he can help? I told him my story, showed him one of my information cards, and he told me “follow me”, so I did.

After some enquiry inside the main port ticket offices he came back to me and he said there is no places left for the early hours but there would be one for the early hours of next day. All I could say was to thank him and welcome the news.

Later I went back to the ticket office and this wonderful woman asked me for details and I showed my info card and she kindly produced my first Earthian ticket and later Earthian boarding card as well.


So it was just close to 2am when the wonderful duty manager came to me and took me to the entrance to the boarding queues, and  labelled my main rucksack which went separate from me and I took the rest. This was after saying thanks again to all the people at the port, and especially the duty manager. After 10 minutes bus drive here we go, I found myself inside one of the biggest ships ever heading towards Dublin, and I arrived on 18.4.14 at about 06:30.

After reuniting with my rucksack and saying goodbye to the port of Dublin I came out of the port and started walking towards the town, it was a wonderful sunny day and after walking for few kilometres I stopped by a petrol and restaurant place. I slowly started talking to people and I got an Irish breakfast from a wonderful human being who was interested in what I was doing, and after waiting there for about an hour or so, and making some enquiries about my next destination, then I headed further towards the city. I was asking people how to get to a peace centre in County Wicklow, when I came across another wonderful kind person who helped me get to a train station, and he kindly got me a ticket towards the town of Bray.

After giving this wonderful person a heart to heart hug I said goodbye to him and Dublin, and headed towards the town of Bray. From there I didn’t stop but went further down the line, then I had to come back to Bray and again catch another train, this time to the town of Wicklow, after waiting for more than two hours in the Bray station.

Finally I got to Wicklow in late afternoon and after asking a few people there about the peace centre I found out the actual peace and reconciliation centre is in Glencree. I was told, it is not straightforward to get there, and some were saying I had to get back to Bray and then from there to Enniskerry, before I can get to Glencree, so before all this I decided to go and visit an organic farm in the town.

After getting there I found out I can’t stay there, and they told me about an old ruined castle by the harbour where I can put up my peace tent, so after saying goodbye to them I headed towards one of the main streets of the town which was close to the local council town hall, which was closed, and I sat there for about two hours before heading on towards the harbour and the ruined castle. When I was in the town I made a few connections and one of them resulted in a bottle of water and about ten mini muffin cakes, which I shared with a boy who kept asking me “What’s your name?” and then “May I have a cake?”, to which my answer to him was “Yes, you can have”, and at the end he took some for his friend as well, while his dad was keeping calling him. Anyway, there was a busy fish and chips shop there, where a person called Oran saw me before I headed out to the harbour and the ruined castle, and the next day Oran and I met at the organic farm event, which resulted in him writing an article – “The Earthian” – for his blog:

After visiting the little harbour of the town and then the ruined castle, I managed to speak to a few more people before taking out my famous peace tent and my mat and sleeping bag to sleep under the stars, and one of the locals was quite amazed by what I was doing and has taken a photo of me to put on his Facebook, so I hope he can connect and send the photo, but anyway after seeing the sunset I said goodnight to everyone and the universe around me.


Today after waking up and packing my #earthianpeace tent I headed towards the organic farm where yesterday a member of the place told me about this event and I said if I am around, to go back there for the event… as I was around, I decided to go back there, and as I arrived a member of the organic farm place told me I can’t stand outside the place, I have to go outside the farm event area, so I did, but just before I headed out, a kind person offered me an organic one litre container of milk, so I thanked her and I walked towards the main gate.

It was here, outside the main gate, that I was greeting people as they were coming for the event, and I was telling them who I was and what I was doing, so in a way it was good for me to be outside in this way, it was just like going into a festival or being outside at the main gate to welcome people, which was often more effective for me. It was here that I met Oran and his girlfriend Ize and he wrote the article I mentioned above, and they kindly offered me wonderful Irish cheese and some pitta bread, and I gave them a heart to heart hug before I said goodbye to them and headed on towards my next destination, which was going to be Glencree.

I headed towards the train station and I was told the next one would be 8pm towards Bray again, and also I was told the next bus towards the town would be just after 4pm which meant I had just five minutes to get back to near the town again, which I managed to make it, but the bus was for Dublin. Just before the bus came I met a group of four people from South America, and they wanted to get back to Dublin but didn’t want to pay a lot of money as well, they were students and I told them what I was doing and they were amazed and almost were ready to try it, but didn’t have much motivation and they were asking me to find out things for them which showed it was going to be difficult for them to embark on such a journey even just to Dublin!? let alone anywhere else.

There was someone at the bus stop and as he was clearing the area and I asked him “How can I get to the peace centre?” and he waited for a bit and he said “It would be difficult to get there, but I’d like to get you there”, and I told him “No, I don’t want you to do it because of me” and he said “Listen to me, my wife has just died last Thursday, and I want to do it just to take away some of my thoughts about her, while I am spending some time with you”, and so I said to him “Sorry for your great loss, and in that case no problem”.

We went back to his place and after having a cup of tea and some cakes we headed on towards the “peace and reconciliation centre” in Glencree. By the time we got there everything was closed, the time was about 1730 hours and at the centre there was a cafe where we were told I should go back to a YHA centre further away from there. I told the wonderful person who took me there to go back, and I’ll stay in a German cemetery nearby, and that cemetery was my shelter for the duration of three nights, and I couldn’t get anywhere and I had to stay outside the centre every night due to the Easter holiday.

To cut the long story short, I managed to survive there and some wonderful people at the cafe and outside the centre were sympathetic but couldn’t do much, so I manged to use the cafe and updated my status, and also one day went to the highest mountain around Dublin, with an antenna on top of it, and it was Mount Kippure at 755m.

This was the day I came across some wonderful Baghdadi persons who were there to visit this mountain, and I told them my story and they couldn’t believe what I was doing but they offered me all their picnic food, because they didn’t want to go to the top of the mountain, they wanted to go back to Dublin, so by giving their food to me it was making sense to them. The husband kept asking “Do you need money?” and he was asking me what I was going to do for dinner, and where would I stay? These were questions the answers to which they couldn’t comprehend!?

I assured them that I would be ok, just like you didn’t expect me to have your picnic food and you go back to your place without it, so these things happen! Then after a usual heart to heart hug, I said goodbye to them and I started to walk to the top of the mountain after I’d had some food for my breakfast and dinner.

After coming back to the centre and after a quick update, I went back to my resting place.

During my stay I met Val, an admin assistant, who kindly explained some of the things they were doing and gave me some information about the peace centre.

Also I met the CEO for the centre – Will – who kindly spent about more than an hour of his time to explain about things that he knew and the very valuable experience that he had to share with me, which I won’t go into the details of here.

Also I have to thank the receptionist and another admin who did kindly help towards my peace journey.

One of the most amazing people I came across was someone called Pat, who kindly was very sympathetic towards my stay at the cemetery but he couldn’t do much about it, and he even brought some dinner to the cemetery. This was some Chinese food, and I think the smell of it has caused some mice to come to my bed area and leave some poo all around my sleeping area, which was difficult for me to comprehend – why they have come there and left their poo without any food being taken!? – but I think it was just the smell of the food has attracted them.

Anyway, finally after four days I said goodbye to Glencree and headed out this time to Enniskerry and then Bray to get to Greystones to visit my second organic centre in the area.

Bray did become my hub of crossing and one of the train station staff knew me from the first time I arrived there and he has been wonderful to me and even at the station people were giving their phone numbers for me to go and visit them if I was going their way – that is all I have to say about wonderful Irish hospitality since my arrival in Dublin.

I managed to connect to Greystones but the people who were running the organic centre weren’t there and I was told to go back next day.

So I made my way towards the harbour and on my route I came across a wonderful family centre, part of a church where they kindly tried their best to help me, and after a cup of tea and some biscuits they directed me towards another centre, and in there they kindly allowed me to put up my #earthianpeace tent for close to the 250th time – and it did manage to survive despite a heavy rain and wind from 4-8am.

The next day, 23.4.14, after packing everything in a wonderful sunny Greystones in the centre close to the harbour, the wonderful people there offered me some porridge and coffee and a wonderful shower and a shave, and after taking some photos I said goodbye to them, and headed towards the organic centre which was called the Happy Pear ( At the centre I managed to speak to Dave, who kindly offered me some soup and bread, and later I met a few other members of the organic place and they tried their best to connect me with other centres across Ireland. After this I said goodbye to them as well, and this time I was trying to head south towards Rosslare to find out what destinations will I be able to head on to next?

After getting permission from the manger of the Greystones train station, I got on a trian just before 6pm. After passing some stations I arrived in Rosslare after a little over an hour, and found out I can’t get anywhere further towards my destinations. Then I came across some wonderful people at the station who helped me with some food for the rest of my day, and a wonderful security woman who kindly found a quiet place for me to be after 9pm when the port closes, so that hopefully next day she’d be able to link me with connections to my next destination. It was in this quiet place where I found some charge to write this first episode of my Ireland peace journey.


Today I felt tired, and the security person at the port kindly took me to another room to rest there until next day, after I explained what I was doing, and I thanked her again for letting me be indoors, although I couldn’t rest or sleep well, due to the room circumstances.

Later I managed to get back to the harbour and found out about a 7am bus which was going to Waterford. Before this I came across a young boy who was telling me he was going to Spain with his mum and sister, and after I told him about my story he mentioned to me the name of two places which I thought were useful for me to know about on my journey when I visit the west of Ireland, and they were Irish Seed Savers Association ( in Scariff co. Clare, and the Ailwee Cave Centre in Ballyvaughan co. Clare (

After saying goodbye to the boy I went out and there was an Irish coach and I went to speak to the driver and he kindly got in touch with the inspector, and I was told the inspector has told him he can’t do it due to insurance issues, so despite there being only three passengers on the coach, I started walking back towards the town of Wexford. After walking for some distance I got a lift from a wonderful Hungarian woman and she kindly helped me with some water and dropped me at her hotel. After some talking at the hotel I gave her a heart to heart hug and said goodbye to her. Now on the second part of my journey towards Waterford, after less than half an hour I got a wonderful lift from Damien, who kindly gave me a lift through the famous town of New Ross and an introduction to the historic icons in the town.

From there I got a caught in a bit of rain and then I got my third and final lift of the day by wonderful Eamon who kindly took me all the way to the Citizens’ Information Office, after asking few locals for directioons. All this happened just before 10am.

I told the office why I was there and they told me I have to wait till 10am. I was happy to wait in a waiting room and just after 10am a wonderful person came and called me, so I told them why I was there and they did manage to find some of the places that I was looking for, and even they kindly printed some out for me, despite having a problem with the toner of their printer.

After thanking them I said goodbye to them as well, and now I was heading for an information centre where they sent me to find out if I could find a place for the night to put my head down after last night’s event of not sleeping well, if at all. After almost an hour of walking around and going to a post office and then an information centre, I was given another centre’s name and this time it took me even longer to get there due to my stop at a library and a few other place to just ask for the place, but finally I managed to find it – the “Edmund Rice Chapel” -and in the end I managed to speak to the manager. After explaining what I was doing, this wonderful person “brother Phil” didn’t have any place for me to put my head down for the night, but he kindly arranged for me to go to another place not far from his place, called “the barley field guest house”, where I had the opportunity to use some charging to write this for the blog.

Throughout my journey I came across a few little things here and there, which I think I should mention to you all as well.

Things like:

-I went to an accessories and printing place in Waterford, where after speaking to the manager, she kindly printed another 10 information cards for me.

-I went to a cake making place because of a very strong smell coming out from the place; and with all day walking and travelling, during which I didn’t have chance to eat, my body just told me to go into the place and ask to speak to the manager, who happened to be making some cakes himself, and after explaning my circumstances he told me “without money you wouldn’t get anything”, and he didn’t offer any of his nice smelly cakes for me to taste, so I had to come out without having anything, which might have upset my body, but my mind was strong and will carry on going… this is just a little part of my challenges, so it was something which I thought worth mentioning, that here and there I get things like this; like the special sweet which I couldn’t get when I was in Budapest, and still it is on my mind that “why I couldn’t try that special sweet, because of so called ‘money’?” – and it is still in my head and does not go away.

But a lot to line up for tomorrow, hope things will go well, after all tomorrow is another day.


I started my day after having some wonderful cereal cornflakes and two buttered bread and a cup of coffee and later a cup of tea before I said goodbye to my resting place and thanked everyone for their kind contribution towards my peace journey and for a wonderful good night’s rest. Then I started walking towards my first destination. After about 1km or so and asking a few people about whether I am going to the right direction or not, then I came across a wonderful couple who kindly took me to the local Waterford Institute for Technology (WIT), with the hope they would have a link to the GIY (grow it yourself) at the Arclabs Carraiganore just 4/5km outside Waterford. After a nice little chat I said goodbye to my very first and very short lift of my day.

Then after going into the WIT centre and asking one of the porters about a connection to the other centre outside the town, I was told straightaway that they don’t have any connections and all their travelling has been made before 9am, and I thanked him but I stayed around and observed a few things in the centre, and after asking a few more people then I headed out to my next place outside the town. After some resting, asking and walking for a few more miles I came across another wonderful human being who happened to know a person’s name on a piece of paper I was carrying, and he called him and he gave him the directions. Despite that the wonderful driver had difficulty to find the place, but we finally found it and I thanked him and said goodbye to my second lift of the day.

After going into the GIY centre and asking for the people who were running the place I was told none of them were there, and the receptionist tried her best to connect me with someone appropriate and then I spoke to another nice lady but she really didn’t have much to offer,  apart from giving a bit of history and trying to connect me to some other organic centres. In the end I managed to stay there for less than 20 minutes. As we were having this conversation, two members of the WIT turned up in their van from the centre which I left earlier, where the porter told me that they don’t have any connection coming here during the day, but here these people were there to pick up some stuff from this centre, and they were interested in what I was doing and they were very kind and tried their best to be as helpful as possible, including kindly connecting me back to the coach station of Waterford town as the best option for me to connect with my next destination, the county of Tipperary in the north. They also kindly took a couple of photos for their Facebook and they offered me some money for my tea or coffee, which I thanked them and I told them about my acceptance of food and drink only, and they respected that, and after a wonderful heart to heart hug I said goodbye to my third lift of the day.

At the coach station I went to the office and tried to speak to the manager and I was told the manager isn’t available and they couldn’t help me, so after a bit of rest  and thinking what to do next, I headed towards the train station, this time not very far, and after getting there again I asked for the manager but I was told the manager has been here earlier and he might come back late afternoon. By now the time was just after 1pm, and weather outside was sunny spells.

So after a bit of wait and rest the controller of the train station came back to me and said the manager might not come back by afternoon and I explained to him what I was doing and what I was going to ask the manager, but he couldn’t help. I asked him for the right direction for me to start walking towards my next destination, and here we go I headed out from the train station towards Tipperary and I walked for another few miles and tried to connect via people who were going towards my destination but with no luck. For the first time I experienced a long waiting before I connect to anywhere and I noticed people around there were very busy and they couldn’t even wait for me to ask for directions and even the few cyclists were all rushing to get to their next destination and were telling me “sorry I don’t have time and I am in rush”, so I decided to move on from there and walked further towards outside the county of Waterford.

I ended up in a service station and I sat outside and I tried to rest there for a bit before heading on, also hoping I can connect with some people in there before I move on, and here we go a wonderful human being – who I later found out was the manager of the station – turned up and was trying to read my sign which had drawn his attention. I said to him hello, and we started a conversation which lasted almost an hour before I said goodbye to him, and he told me he is called Tom Jones  and he offered me a wonderful meal, coffee and later on an ice cream and a big bottle of water, and this was the highlight of my food journey so far. He very kindly gave me some other good connections for the area which I was telling him I would like to visit, and then before it got very late I gave him my special heart to heart hug and said goodbye to all the other wonderful people who were in the service station whom their help was wonderful towards me, so wonderful Tom came out and he directed me before he took a photo of me for his Facebook and letting all other friends of him to know I was on my way before I say final goodbye and hand shake.

I walked for another mile or two before I get to a very famous and ruined castle of Grannagh and as I was resting and waiting in a busy road, I spoke to a local and he told me about the wind and then heavy rain. He had two dogs, one wolf-like, and he told me he hoped I can get a lift  before the rain hits, and I thanked him for the advice and as I was thinking what to do next and where to shelter if it rained, and there was a wonderful driver stopped and I hadn’t noticed, as another driver pointed out to me and he came back and as I approached and asked him whether he is going towards my direction and he said yes and I quickly put everything into his car and here we go I got my 4th lift of the day and we headed towards Tipperary.

Later on the driver told me he thought I was Garda and then realised it was me and he thought he should give me a lift, and he was Ray an Irish peacekeeping person originally from Limerick and now was staying in Clonmel, and he briefly told me about places he has been on a peacekeeping mission and also a few other things. He very kindly connected me to outside the town closer to the next town of Cahir, and it was here I said goodbye to him and not long before I was connected to wonderful Joe my fifth and final lift of the day, who kindly connected me to Tipperary but we soon found out the place I was going to was right on the edge of the county of Tipperary, and I couldn’t get there for today, so I stayed with Joe and two of his wonderful friends who joined us in Tipperary and we headed towards Cashel and then a little place called Upper Church (Drumbane), for a wonderful night full of Irish dance and music in Drumbane Hall.

After arriving there just after 9pm wonderful Joe explained my circumstance to the organisers and one of them was a wonderful woman who came out and she said no problem I can put up my #earthianpeace tent there. They kindly later on offered me tea and sandwiches, and they even tried their best to teach me different Irish dancing. I enjoyed the night full of hospitality and wonderful singer and musician “Declan Aungier” has kindly announced, while he was singing to the audience of a good 60 to 70 people, about my peace journey from and for Syria. Later on he kindly came to me and took a photo of him and I for his Facebook, and I thanked him and given my web connection card to him as well to keep in touch and spread the word of love and peace across all his followers.

So I have to say here I had a wonderful night in Drumbane and they even kindly connected me to the WiFi and I could update my situation with all my friends through Facebook and Twitter that night and next day, so I said goodnight to everyone and despite they kindly offered me to take my peace tent into the hall, I thanked them all and slept in my wonderful peace tent for another rainy night and a bit of next day before I packed and tried to head towards my next destination of Cloughjordan ecovillage.


Today I woke up after a long wonderful night from Irish dance and music and after waiting for the rain to stop, then I went to a local place and I asked them if they kindly let me to use their bathroom which then I was offered with a nice cup of tea and couple of small jacket potatoes as well, so I have to say here the locals very nice and kind, and they liked my peace journey.

Then I came back to my #earthianpeace tent and as the weather was not bad at a time some time after midday then I put down the tent and I packed and was almost ready to head on towards my next destination, when one of the wonderful people from last night Irish dancing party named Mary came and asked me where am I going now?, and how am I going to get there? I told her Cloughjordan ecovillage and whichever way the universe connects me will be welcomed, and she kindly told me, last night there was a person called Johni who wanted to take me but wasn’t sure whether am I still here or not? And she told me whether am I still going to the Cloughjordan or not? And I said yes, I am still going and she said to me let me talk to Johni and see if he is still taking you there, and I said ok. While I was still packing, she kindly called Johni and Johni has told her he still would like to take me to the ecovillage and he is on his way towards us, so she kindly asked me to put everything in her car and she took me to the Ragg to meet Johni and after a bit waiting and as I was sorting some of my stuff, Johni has kindly arrived and after saying goodbye and a heart to heart hug to Mary I said hello and a handshake with Johni and I transferred my stuff into Johni’s car and way to go, now Johni kindly asked me whether I have eaten or not and I told him that I just had a cup of tea and two little potatoes earlier in the neighbouring house to the dancing hall, and he told me if I am not in rush he would like to get some food and then go back to his place in county Offaly to his little town and I said no problem, I have all the time in the world, and then way to go.

On our way to getting some food we met his wonderful sister and her friend as well and I said hello to them and then after Johni got his food we headed back to his place on his way back he showed me his old house with his coach parked there which I took a photo of to put it on my blog for those people who would like to get in touch with him if they would like to have a tour around Ireland with him, it’ll be a pleasure to meet him.


Then we arrived at his wonderful place and after he kindly made some wonderful food and a nice cup of tea while my devices were on charge then he spoke about his love for singing and writing songs and also he kindly sung some Irish songs for me and played some from his CD as well as he was driving from the Ragg and to the Cloughjordan.

Then after our wonderful meal we headed towards the Cloughjordan through another county “Laois” and then through a village full of flags of so called USA, then finally we arrived at a little village of Cloughjordan then through the main street of the village into the ecovillage (the new village), then it was here that I gaveJjohni a wonderful heart to heart hug and thanked him for everything and we said till then to one another.

Now that I was just at the entrance of the ecovillage I spoke to some people who kindly put me in touch with some other kind people which happened to arrive there while we were talking about them, and these wonderful people invited me to the kitchen of the ecovillage hostel, and some other people were already there and they kindly offered me food and drink as well.

Then one of the organisers who kindly invited me into the ecovillage took me to an area known as the allotment area and in there introduced me to someone else who kindly told me where I can pitch my earthian peace tent which I put up and then later on there was a birthday party of one of the ecovillage members in a polytunnel. I went there at the beginning and there was a children’s Mexican game and later disco and dancing which at this time it was too much for me, and I headed back to the hostel to use some internet, and to tell all my friends about where I was, and then I headed back to the party area and I managed to speak to some more of the ecovillagers, then I said goodbye to everyone and headed back to my peace tent to rest for the night.


Today I managed to speak to some more of the ecovillage people and later about 3pm we had a tour around the village and the wonderful tour guide explained more about the ecovillage and she put us in a much clearer understanding of the ecovillage re how and when it came about. As we were touring around the allotment area of the ecovillage I told some of the people on the tour about my earthian peace tent and my peace journey so far, and then later on I met some more of the villagers and I spoke to them about their involvement and how do they think we can have more of this sort of villages across the planet and how we can do it.

Then later on a bit more of Facebook and Twitter update, and then rest for the night in my tent.


Today I managed to explore some more of the eco village and speak to some more of the villagers who I met from the party night and yesterday and we had some tea and chat and I heard their story about why they have got involved with the project, and some of the villagers kindly invited me for lunch and dinner for next day as well, also I have to say here that yesterday I came across a wonderful person from the old village as I was walking through the old village and he invited me into his place for a cup of tea and later after a long talk about the whole idea of the ecovillage being a recession development project and then later on we did a walk back to the ecovillage and the area that I had put up my tent, and I was telling him about my earthian peace tent and its preciousness due to the numbers of times I have put it up, and he kindly offered me to stay indoors in his place, even before I speak to him about my peace tent journey. Then after some more photo update for the Facebook and Twitter, then saying goodnight to the old village.


Today I had another wonderful great day by visiting the FabLab in the eco village, then the farm and then through the woodland and the baker of the ecovillage and finally two wonderful families, one for lunch and the second for the dinner, it was an absolutely great pleasure to meet these two wonderful families, who were committed to dedicate their time and skills towards a sustainable planet and environment. I had the pleasure of talking, helping and sharing food and drink with them, and I hope we all can dedicate most of our time towards this way of life rather than towards unsustainable and nonfunctional system with corruption and greed and the rest, you name it?

So later on I updated my Facebook and Twitter to tell all my friends how great and exciting it is to contribute towards such an environment.


Today I allocated my time towards meeting and greeting some people from the old village which I had a great day meeting them in a museum, gallery restaurant, cafe and book places also public houses and their place of meditation and the rest, and then coming back to my wonderful peace cousin’s place to eat and talk, wash and rest.


Today I started my wonderful day by preparing myself for a peace journey towards Cork, the second biggest city in the republic.  My journey to Limerick was already organised while I was in the ecovillage from the day wonderful Patrick invited me to their place for a great lunch.

So after packing, my wonderful peace cousin Dom has already painted the back side of the sign which  Patrick wonderful Partner already made my new sign, and now just needed to write the direction which was Cork and with an arrow so that was sorted and after a wonderful weetabix and a cup of tea I gave my communication card, and a stone which I was carrying it since the frack free planet Earth camp back in Carmarthenshire by a wonderful druid, so he was happy to have it on his kitchen table and then a heart to heart hug and I said to him hope to see him again and thanked him for a wonderful few nights sleeping indoors, then I headed towards the ecovillage.

When I got there, Ross sitting in the reception (the main receptionist) of the  ecovillage hostel and then someone else came in and he kindly introduced me to him to say what I was doing, and I have to say here that he has been talking to me every time I was going there to use internet or making a cup of tea. So since first time that I arrived at the ecovillage hostel I left one of my communication cards with him and he has told people about my story ever since, so it was good to have him there, and his dad was kind as well, and when I left today I thanked him and we had a heart to heart hug and I told him to thank his son as well for all his kindness,  then left the hostel towards Patrick’s place where we arranged to meet up at about 1pm, and as I got there he kindly offered me some more wonderful soup and then he kindly made me couple of jam and peanut butter sandwiches, which was great when I had them later on.

Then we headed towards Limerick, but first the town of Ninah where we stopped for about 20 minutes and during that time I had a bit of walk, and I managed to draw attention to a wonderful woman who was trying to give me some euros, which I told her about my story and she said but I feel guilty that I don’t have food to give you and I said please don’t feel that way and by just you coming and talking to me it is everything and you can spread my message amongst all your friends, then she went back to her car got her phone, came back and she took couple of photos of me for her Facebook friends while I was eating wonderful sandwiches which kind Patrick made them for me earlier.

Then we headed towards a place so he could get some stuff from there for his little daughter’s birthday at the weekend, then we headed towards Limerick, on our way throughout our journey we did discuss few things here and there and about my encounters of the old village from yesterday and other economic stuff, then here it was we were in Limerick, and I finally have to say “till then again” means we never know when we will meet up again, so not goodbye!? and a heart to heart hug to Patrick for all his kindness and his family’s hospitality then I headed towards the city centre.

In there I met some wonderful people again and then I couldn’t find a place to rest for the night, so I headed towards the train and bus stations, and in there I was told there are no managers around and the people there couldn’t help me to connect with Cork.

So I had to head on the road and by now it was about 7pm and the weather was sunny with patches of cloud. The whole day was wonderful since my start time, then I walked for a kilometre or so, before a wonderful local helped me to get to a main road towards the city of Cork, but don’t say it – the place was a motorway hard shoulder and no one was stopping for me, so as I was about to decide what to do? and how to get out of there?, here we go, I got my first encounter with the Garda, the Irish Republic police and they told me about my situation and I said to them it has been a mistake, and they told me we have to take you back to the town of Limerick. After I explained my situation to them they kindly took me towards a N20 road, ao I could walk towards Cork, and I thanked them both very much and I told them I’ll try my best that won’t happen again and I apologised for the inconvenience I have caused them, then we had a little chat, and questions, then they showed me the direction towards my destination, and I said goodbye to them and they went back and I carried on walking for a few more kilometres. When I got near to a farm house I asked a wonderful farmer and he kindly, after I explained what I was doing, offered me a place for me to pitch my earthian peace tent for the night. He kindly offered me some food and water as well, and I thanked him and I had a chance to write this update.

I hope the universe will bring a lot of wonderful things towards me and everyone else across the planet, so goodnight from my #earthianpeace tent near a N20 road towards Cork about 15 to 20 kilometers outside Limerick town.


Today as I woke up I saw some people were mending a roof on a farm building so I went to them and I introduced myself to them and I told them about my story and they kindly helped me with a few things. Then I managed to pack my peace tent and as I was packing the wonderful farmer brought me a cup of tea and a sandwich and I told him that the people were mending the building has kindly helped me with some food and drink as well, and then I thanked him and said goodbye to him. I tried to head towards Cork and before long wonderful Derek stopped and took me all the way to Mallow a wonderful town in the county of Cork, then after saying thanks to him I walked for few more kilometres before I got connected to wonderful Michael, who kindly took me all the way to the city of Cork. In the city I got connected to two other kind people who helped me with some food and drink, then I got connected to wonderful Edwin who kindly offered me a cup of coffee and some soup and bread which I shared with two more people who were saying to me we haven’t got anywhere to go or anything to eat, so I told them we can share this food but for place to stay I don’t have one myself and someone else kindly have offered me a coach, but I told them they should get in touch with citizen information they might be able to help you, so they did thank me and they went.

Then while I was waiting for wonderful Edwin to finish his time in the place where he was busy helping, I managed to connect to some more people in the town and then we walked back to his resting place where I met his wonderful friends in the house and they were all kind and very helpful towards what I am doing and it was here and his laptop that I could update most of what I have written before, so as he put it “I hope you will see more of Irish kindness as I head south west, west and north west of the republic”, then all I can say here is to thank you and everyone else so far and I hope to see more of Irish landscape’s beauty, peoples’ hospitality, and the Irish language.

For the time being, with much love and peace to everyone…































I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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One comment on “Ireland Part I
  1. Nora says:

    Hey Earthian! It is Nora from when you were in Watford. You met me at the end of that day. You got my name wrong and called me ‘Lora’ in your blog but that’s ok. I’m the one who first attempted to help you with a taxi with another guy to get to the campsite, but then discovered it was a mistake and we had only got as far as the Kings lodge pub.
    I live in Ireland. I would love to meet up with you before you leave this country. You brought good synchronicities into my life that day and I felt bad that we didn’t get you all the way to the campsite. We looked for you.Get in touch! my email is below.

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