Around the World for Peace

Today I am trying to write for the blog in a room which has been very kindly provided to me by the world peace flame organisers ( here in North Wales near to the town of Bethesda; I feel very humbled for all their kindness and their
hospitality, and I hope that one day soon we have these sort of centres all across the planet Earth and people freely can go and visit them when they are not in their local or regional communities.

So last time when I was in London I attended my last Peace and Justice for Syria group gathering at London Action Resource Centre (LARC). After a brief introduction, peace brother Simon did talk about an information night full with film and talk from speakers native to the Syrian region, also flyers and fundraising; then peace brother Dan talked about his feeling about recent actions and activities also an update and feedback from the LARC user group meeting, then his feeling about next meeting; after this two updates and a few others from the group talked about their feeling from the past events like 1st and 8th of March, and then about future activities. Then I briefly reported back about 1st of March and peace brother Dan about 8th of March. For more details please visit the group weblog (

On 15.3.14 I visited a wonderful film show from Occupy Faith, which I was invited by a very good peace sister of mine @ Friends House, it was a nice film which was showing a group of people with different backgrounds coming together to do a peace pilgrimage walk from London to Canterbury, and it shows a brief communication between the pilgrims and their reflections on the event. I recommend that you watch the film if you got the time for it and get in touch on ( Then after a nice circle and some feedback towards the film I said goodbye to all my wonderful peace brothers and sisters in the place.

On the same day I walked down to the Conway Hall for a Z day event on my favourite subject  – how can we arrive at a resource based economy (RBE)? They had many different speakers to talk about different subjects including how to educate yourself without going to university from ( also visit ( for more details of the event and self-education on the RBE. At the end of the night I headed back to my resting place.

On 16.4.14 I did prepare myself for another episode of my peace journey, this time long way round the world. I made sure to contact all those wonderful people who knew and wanted to know about my new peace journey episode and even peace sister Maria got in touch and we managed to get a rainproof material to wear and for my rucksack as well, and she kindly topped up my
communication phone as well.

On 17.3.14 the day that finally I had to say goodbye to London arrived (St. Patrick’s Day) and at about 12pm finally I said goodbye to my wonderful friend’s place and started walking to St. Paul’s Cathedral. It was here that after 1pm those kind and wonderful brothers and sisters started to show up and about a dozen of them were there to say hello and goodbye to me. I had a wonderful time
there and we spoke about many things from rainbow family to the old Occupy camp and many more, then we ate together, and finally I said goodbye to them all and walked a bit more and some took some photos and then 3 of us headed towards Victoria coach station where my wonderful nephew did arrange for me to get connected to West England.

wpid-20140317_150909.jpg wpid-20140317_144851.jpg

Photos from St. Paul’s the day I said goodbye to London

I did arrive at Cirencester just about 7pm and I planned to walk to my brother’s place, but due to the darkness and his guests (my brother and sister from north England), which I wanted to see before they headed back, my wonderful brother kindly came and picked me up, which was very exceptional to the circumstances, so after arriving and spending couple of good hours and having a wonderful dinner together, which was prepared by our wonderful west brother, then we said goodbye to our wonderful northern brother and sister, and then my west brother and I had another wonderful cup of brew (tea) before we say goodnight to one another.

In the week starting 18.3.14: I had few more days in the Cotswold area before saying goodbye to my western brother on the coming New Year of Nawroz 2714 (spring equinox) on 21.3.14, so I did organise my days to sort few things out before I say my final goodbye to my brother and the area. I did some sorting out and a bit more preparation for my journey including my ID which my brother kindly spent some time to make something, so that in case of an emergency people will know who to contact to prevent another Hungarian saga, so hopefully this time no one will try to prevent me from entering anywhere on the planet Earth freely.

21.3.14: it was today that we ( my brother, Kate and I) arranged to go to the highest place around the area to observe the sunrise and have our first cup of tea in Nawroz 2714 on 21.3.14 spring equinox, so I have to say here that I really had a great time in wonderful Cotswolds area with my family before I say goodbye and head further west and this time into Bristol.


A Photo from west England with my peace brother Ben

Week starting 24.3.14: I spent almost a week in Bristol and got in touch with Tony Gosling (, who I came to know when I was at the Green Gathering festival last year, and I managed to speak to another wonderful human being called Jim, who has helped a lot of people in need for a place to stay, and he got me in contact with an occupied building place here in the wonderful city of sanctuary and open minded people.

Here despite the place was the coldest place ever and I was a peace keeper between Mary and Dee for almost a week, I managed to visit some wonderful places and meet some more wonderful people just before my peace brother Dan from London came and joined me for a few weeks on my peace journey.

Throughout my stay I visited the Arc centre where Jim is running a free clothes store to anyone in need and then I visited the Palestine embassy film and art show, and I have to thank everyone there for their kindness and dedication, also I did manage to get a bike from a local near the area where I was staying, and I donated it to James on ( I also visited famous Clifton Suspension Bridge on top of the river Avon, which was designed by famous engineer Brunel, also I had an interview with Russian channel 1 TV about my peace journey and why I was staying in the occupied building in the new church in Cranbrook Road, Redland, in Bristol; the interview was arranged by Tony.

I did enjoy my stay in this cold place and those two wonderful human being were very kind and they told me about place where I could get food and drink to share together.

When my peace brother Dan joined me we managed to visit the Arc project again and a local place to get some healthy and good old organic seeds and meet more wonderful people. Also we got an inner city boat trip and on our way walking back we took some wonderful photos from the famous Brunel’s bridge, and few more around the city.

Then I have to say here that very coincidentally peace brother Dan has arrived in Bristol with another peace brother from Peace and Justice for Syria group and his brother happened to be studying in Bristol, and he invited us for an evening talk about “climate change from a Marxist perspective” part of the Bristol Marxist society at the Robin Hood public house on St. Michael’s Hill on 27.3.14 at 7pm, which we did attened and I loved it.

Then on the night of the event we managed to get in touch with the bus and coach station and after some investigation we managed to get a lift to the capital of Wales (Cardiff) without using any money or ID to enter and got in touch with another wonderful nation without any problem.

wpid-20140327_181712.jpg wpid-20140327_141631.jpg wpid-20140325_134600.jpg

Photos from Bristol and where I was staying.


As we arrived in the capital it was just after midnight so we had to look around to find a place to stay or camp, after peace brother Dan’s offer of a wonderful cup of brew and some chips then we rested for a bit and then we did some scouting around but with no luck of a suitable place to camp, but we managed to stay in a reception area of a residential building till next day about 6am.

After heading out of that resting place we started walking to find a place to have some breakfast and we managed to find Wetherspoon and we spent almost half a day in there.

I have to say here that as part of the Bristol event on climate change we had a good couple of hours of talk about RBE and finally peace brother Dan was happy to get in touch with those people, as he was concerned the project will affect on other species and wanted an answer on this issue, and I hope he will find out at some point that it won’t affect them more then the current capitalism system.

Then we had another nice walk about and finding some nice place to shelter and eat before we arrange and go to visit my nephew’s place. Finally we managed to link up, and after making a wonderful evening meal together then we rested very well.

Next day we did explore the area and did try to get some waterproof shoes which at the end I decided to carry on wearing the pair which I got from my brother in the west England, but peace brother Dan kindly got a 750ml water bottle, which was a bit bigger than my old one then we did walk to scout near to the Cardiff Bay for a possible peace camp.

So after couple of days rest in my nephew’s place finally we arranged to occupy and set up a peace camp in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in London in front of Westminster, so on Sunday night 30.3.14 peace brother Dan from London and peace brother Danny from Swindon and myself managed to set up the peace camp and by the time we finished set up and stopped talking
to the secuirty people near to the Welsh assembly it was already Monday morning 31.3.14.

Week coming 31.3.14

I have to say here the security people and police near to our peace camp “pierhead” part of the Welsh assembly were very kind and cooperative and they unofficially invited us to visit Y Senedd which we did before our last day and it was a good experience for me to be there. I did visit pierhead exhibition with peace brother Danny and I left a message of support and a poem from peace brother Danny in their visitors’ book.

We stayed in the camp for 4 nights and during that period we came across so many different people with different points of view but overall I had a great time talking to people in regards to our world peace message and today’s peace for Syria, Africa and the rest of the planet Earth.

It was a wonderful time to explore the capital and its surrounding with peace brother Danny and around the city and bay with peace brother Dan.

On our final day at the camp after packing we said goodbye to peace brother Danny as he wanted to head back to his off grid location in the afternoon, and peace brother Dan and I explored the new Wales Millennium Centre in a new building and later at night we headed back to my nephew’s place to rest.

The next day peace brother Dan and I walked for considerable number of miles to sort out my phone charger and charging device,  and we managed to make peace brother Dan pennyless after getting the devices I was looking for, and then some food and drinks, so after this we both could say we are travelling without any money (up to that point he was still carrying kings and queens heads), so we headed back to our resting place to cook some food and take a shower before saying goodbye to my nephew and the capital and heading to Swansea.

After having a wonderful time in the capital, in the early hours of Saturday 5.4.14 we left the capital on a train journey towards Swansea and we arrived after passing 14 different stations at about 06:55 in Swansea and we almost had some difficulties to get out but the universe was with us and we managed to connect to a group later about 11am after talking to some locals near to the bus station of the city.

In the centre of the town near to the famous Swansea castle by the main square a good 100 people were gathered to say no to inequality and yes to living side by side in harmony, and I had a chance to speak for a minute or two to the gathered crowd, and say why I was there as well, while peace brother Dan observed the situation.

Then later that day we connected to a local park and I put up my peace tent and while peace brother Dan and I were chatting a nice wonderful local woman send her son around to ask us if we would like a nice cup of tea and we welcomed it and then peace brother Dan didn’t feel to put up his tent there and he left for the river and the bay area, and we said goodnight to one another.

Next day as we had a difficulty to find the nice person who sent us the tea stuff I had to stay there for almost 2 hours talking to people who were going into the tower block before I make any connection with the person, and earlier peace brother Dan was quite happy to go and explore the Swansea bay and even going all the way to Mumbles.

In the afternoon I managed to slowly walk again towards the town and the bus and coach station and before I get there I did connect with two wonderful people who helped me with some food and drinks.

Later on as I knew that peace brother would like to explore Swansea more due to his connection at the time of his university, I told him to enjoy what he was doing and I will head on towards Carmarthenshire, and whenever he feels ready he can head towards there for the Morrigan encampment event for a Frack Free planet earth camp (, which was in a wonderful parmaculture farm called Pengraig farm near Drefach.

So after almost 2 days in Swansea the universe connected me via a wonderful human being to the town of Carmarthen and I did put up my peace tent for the night by the river Towy and I couldn’t do much till next afternoon due to heavy rain, but as soon as the rain stopped I managed to pack and off to go again this time straight towards the farm.

Later Monday 7th April I did manage to connect to the farm via another wonderful person named Maggie, a singer who was quite into permaculture and she knew Helen from the farm and I connected to the farm via her and after some discussion with her and later with the organiser of the camp which I knew from winter solstice, everything went ok and I did put up my wonderful peace tent again, and started to help the preparation towards things which needs to be done.

After staying there for couple of days peace brother Dan managed to get there as well and they were happy to have him there as well, and he really contributed towards the sign making and kitchen of the camp and I was getting wood for sacred fire, compost and welcoming focaliser.

I did enjoy my time there greatly, also I tried to avoid the negative side of some of the activities but overall I did help to spread much positivity love and peace all around the camp. If you would like to get in touch with Frack Free England and Wales please visit ( or; also for future events like this one get in touch with Hilde Liesens on

A day after peace brother Dan joined me, a peace sister called Rosina, who he was going to get me in touch with, arrived at the camp and we had a good time talking about her and her dog Destiny’s walk to Devon with peace brother Dan.

wpid-20140411_160553.jpg wpid-20140404_201759.jpg wpid-20140401_145133.jpg wpid-20140331_104324.jpg wpid-20140401_130739.jpg

some Photos of peace brother Dan and I when we were together on the peace journey in Wales.

Then just before I say goodbye to the farm and the camp and go with peace sister Rosina to Wrexham in North Wales, things changed and peace brother Dan and Rosina got a lift towards London directions. After saying goodbye to them, I later on got a wonderful connection to a tipi making place in a Welsh valley near CAT, by Rob and his wonderful friend who was driving, and later she did kindly connect me with world peace flame in North Wales.

On our way in a little town of Machynelleth we got connected to a fish and chips place who were awarded for good quality food in 2004 and 2014 (, which after wonderful Rob kindly got us some chips the person who was running the place offered us 3 nice warm drink and then we said goodbye and headed to this place which somehow as soon as we got there I thought “this is going to be my home for the night” and it was here that we met wonderful Zeb and after saying goodbye to Rob and the driver I stayed with Zeb for couple of nights in his great caravan, and I had a good time while I was there specially visiting the CAT ( place and learning about tipi making (, and also meeting his wonderful and kind family before I say goodbye and head further north.

I have to say here I offered a peace book to Zeb so he can read and summarise for the blog.

wpid-20140415_105318.jpg wpid-20140415_105212.jpg wpid-20140414_175420.jpg wpid-20140414_175333.jpg wpid-20140414_175815.jpg

some Photos of me at the time I was in north Wales

Then after some wonderful walk I got connected to a couple of wonderful human beings from the Basque region of today’s Spain, and they kindly connected me to this great centre where I mistakenly ended up staying here for 2 nights – I hope haven’t caused major problem, I have to say I offered if I could be help in any way, and today I was told if I could collect some twigs in the peace garden which I did with pleasure and I hope the weather will allows me to do the rest of the garden tomorrow.

wpid-20140417_120827.jpg wpid-20140417_115954.jpg wpid-20140417_115703.jpg wpid-20140415_190148.jpg wpid-20140415_190132.jpg

some Photos from the centre.

I am hoping that the universe will connect me to peace brother Mason farm friend before I head towards Isle of Anglesey and then into Ireland or Isle of Man – whichever the universe connects me to is welcomed.

With much love and peace

Your humbled Earthian brother


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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