Walking & Talking for Peace

March 2014

Birmingham Visit

I had planned from January to go and visit some of my wonderful family, who have been very supportive of my peace journey, and I wanted to say goodbye to them before I set off on my next episode of my peace journey this time around the world.

So I went up there on Thursday 27th February and stayed with them till Saturday morning 1st March, before I headed back to London for a couple of important events. I have to say here that I had a great time there, and it was a refreshing time for me to see most of the Birmingham family. However, due to the weekend coming Occupy General Assembly, and the Peace and Justice for Syria vigil and walk, the visit was short and my return was very kindly arranged by a wonderful peace sister and very supportive occupier – so I managed to get back to the capital, and arrived at the Euston station at about 11:30 am, just on time to walk down to Trafalgar Square before the peace vigil.

Peace Vigil, walks, and talks on 01.03.14

So after arriving to the square in front of the national gallery for the vigil from 12:30 – 13:30, which by the time I got there it was a bit early to see any peace brothers or sisters around the area, so I found a spot and I tried to engage and talk to people, and it was here that I saw a few people who I hadn’t seen since OccupyLSX camp (http://occupylondon.org.uk/) back in 2012, and after a bit of catch up I also saw a few more people from other groups, then I saw my peace brother Dan with his famous rainbow peace flag, so I went and joined him at a place which earlier when I arrived was occupied by few jugglers or street performers. I have to say here that around the square it was all fenced up, ahead of a Russian event for the next day.

So about half a dozen peace brothers and sisters had turned up and we managed to talk to some people, who were interested to know why we were there, and also a lot of people were coming to the square and were asking us about another gathering in the square ahead of a walk from the square to the Ecuadorian embassy in solidarity with Julian Assange (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/wikileaks/10376799/Julian-Assange-my-life-in-the-embassy.html – a person who was a speaker in occupylsx in 2011), so I was making sure to direct them to the right place from the square, after letting them know about our peace vigil and then our walk to St. Paul’s to join an Occupy GA which was organised for the 2nd anniversary of the OccupyLSX camp eviction (http://occupylondon.org.uk/occupy-revival-2-years-after-olsx-eviction/), where I was scheduled to talk for about 5min.

After reaching consensus peace brother Russ and I had about 20min to walk around the square to talk to more people ahead of our walk to St Paul’s, and also we wanted to find out more about the second gathering on the south side of the square, where I came across some of the people who I knew. We spoke to some of those people on our way back to join the rest of our Peace and Justice for Syria group, to be ready for the walk, and at the square peace brother Russ has taken some photos which you can see below, from the peace vigil day at the Trafalgar Square.

IMG_0636 IMG_0637

Also for more photos from the vigil, walk, and talk, which has been taken by our peace brother Dan, you can visit this link and share: https://picasaweb.google.com/vd2012.pics/SyriaPeaceJusticeVigilAndWalkToStPaulS

(Especially one which shows a hanging in the air Jedi at the square with me!)

For a different perspective of the day at the square, and more details of the group’s future events, you can visit the weblog http://syriapeaceandjustice.wordpress.com/

After saying goodbye to the Trafalgar Square and heading east to St. Paul’s, we stopped by the Australian house to show our support for the people over there which have been gathered there to show their concern about the life of dolphins in Australia, and also we told them about what we are doing, then started walking again and as we were walking by the royal courts of justice our peace sister Maria pointed out to us an invisible and strong foundation for a wall which was going to be built to protect the court, like what has been done near to the parliament; the reason I point this out is to say that fear of our citizens is something that has been created, and this system would like to see that more and more, due to its foundations, which need to be changed fundamentally – not just polishing on top.

For more photos you can see the same link:


So finally we got to our destination at St. Paul’s Cathedral and waited there and talked to people until people were slowly coming for the Occupy GA, and we joined the anniversary of Occupy GA for about 2 hours, which for more details I would like to ask you if you have time please visit the Occupy London website on http://occupylondon.org.uk/occupy-revival-2-years-after-olsx-eviction/ for more details of the event.

Here also I would like to say I have found the livestream and the dropbox of my talk in the general assembly which you can listen to for more clarification:



Photos for St. Paul’s are here as well: https://picasaweb.google.com/vd2012.pics/SyriaPeaceJusticeVigilAndWalkToStPaulS

Then at the end of the GA, we said goodbye to some and later on we gathered at a local pub for more individual talk and plans of action for the future, later that day I said goodbye to most of my wonderful brothers and sisters and I walked back to my resting place.


Today I visited an occupied place in Barnet (http://occupylondon.org.uk/occupy-barnet-meeting-minutes), where I met a few more wonderful occupiers and then sat in a Rainbow Gathering circle and we talked about a few different issues, including “fracking”, food sustainability, also future gatherings, then we headed back to another wonderful occupied building in Camden Town (http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/squatters-sect-move-into-camden-church-closed-for-maintenance-9172616.html), and we rested for the night there.


After our food circle we had another morning council and in the circle we reached consensus to gather for the next new moon at Glastonbury area for the exact date and location you can read as below from our rainbow brother Teo, who has wrote it down well:

“Hey rainbow family, we had new moon council in London again and the consensus was for next new moon council to be in Glastonbury. New moon is on Sunday 30th March, so the council will be on the following day. We will meet on Monday 31st at the memorial in the High St. and at some stage move to a comfortable place for council. There was also consensus for the rainbow walking caravan to begin at the new moon in April from Chepstow castle where the Wye enters the Severn estuary. The new moon in April is on the 29th, though there will be a seed camp presence some days before. The caravan should begin moving on the 30th. Check the W.I.S.E. Isles Rainbow family announcement page for updates. The vision as consensed last year is to walk up the Wye to the Rainbow Gathering of Tribes, somewhere on the Wye or its tributaries in June. Last year’s journey up the Thames and then across the Cotswolds to the Malvern Hills gathering was truly epic. We completed the journey in two months. This journey begins later in the year and will only last a month, but there may be a walking caravan back to London this year.  We will be walking through towns and villages with the spirit of the old troubadours.  Wheelbarrows are very useful going along large rivers as the going is pretty flat and they make good armchairs.  Please don’t think you cannot bring bikes and vehicles, it just makes the experience different. With vehicles you will have to find your own parking, but they can be great for fetching supplies, people and stuff.  Remember your cup, bowl and spoon and shelter, (though the weather should be warm enough to sleep by the fire if there is no rain).  Please pass on this info to friends and family and post on any rainbow networks you know of. One love from the Rainbow family to the Rainbow family.”

Later in the day I had a sound interview with a wonderful human being named Tom who was new to me and it was his first rainbow family gathering as well, also he told me he will upload our conversation into his website in the future on http://tendingthepathuntochange.org/about/

Then after that I had another interview with a Daily Mail journalist Sian Boyle “telling people stories” about my peace mission and my Occupy involvement.

Later today, I visited another two occupied buildings and I spoke to some old and new people about my old and new peace mission. Also, I was asked by a couple of people in one of the occupied buildings to do my best to help them by facilitating a meeting for the group of young boys and girls there, who were in a situation where it was difficult for them to decide which way was the right way to go; and we all together managed to reach a point, in which after a bit longer thinking, they could make their own minds up and make a decision on the issues… which was not straightforward to decide on at the beginning of the meeting.

Then after a long day I said goodbye to the group and started walking back to my resting place.


This time Peace and Justice for Syria group (http://syriapeaceandjustice.wordpress.com/) organised a peace walk then vigil to coincide with the International Women’s Day (http://www.millionwomenrise.com/), from Bond Street to Trafalgar Square. Despite being told by the organisers that we can’t join them for the walk, and we had to walk on the pavement, we managed to draw a lot of attention from the people present in the Women’s Day march, and from people on the route from Oxford Street and on the route to the Trafalgar Square, and while we were doing our peace vigil we interacted with more people, and I spoke to some wonderful people from Peace News who were advocating peace and international women’s issues (http://peacenews.info/node/7518/2566). Also I have to say here we were welcomed to have some food and fruit from Hare Krishna (http://harekrishna.com/col/philo/phi-what.html), who did march with us from the beginning to the square, and after we said goodbye to an almost empty square, at the end of Women’s Day event, they kindly offered us more cakes and bagels.

Then with a few peace brothers and a peace sister we went to a local pub and had an enjoyable time in there by having a wonderful drink everyone according to their need, and I was offered my favourite cappaccino very kindly by peace brother Dan, and then later outside I was offered my favourite orange juice with bits, and an oyster card to get me back to my resting place, by another wonderful and kind peace brother, and before I said goodbye to everyone our peace sister offered me travel passage on the same oyster to visit an old occupier friend, who is in the hospital in Tooting, which I was happy to go and see him next day on Sunday and it was after this that I gave a wonderful heart to heart hug to everyone and saying goodbye to them all, I headed back to my resting place in the east London.

Here are some more photos from the day which has been taken by peace brother Dan:



I met a peace sister who offered me travel to south London yesterday at about 11:30 at the Tooting Broadway underground station and we walked to St. George’s hospital which wasn’t far from the station, and as we got to the hospital and in the right wing of the hospital and finding the right room, we found out that due to a wonderful sunshine and a good weather our occupier friend has gone out. so we went out and started the game of hide and seek to find him, and before we got bored from this game there he was – our occupier friend known as Catweazle (named after this tv series: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catweazle), and he was absorbing sunshine and taking in some vitamin D right near to a place which we entered earlier into the hospital.

By this time it was just after midday and a member of the hospital staff who was taking care of our friend asked us to go back to the ward with them and find out whether it is ok for us to go out with our friend for more sunshine and more into the nature.

After going back to the ward and finding out what was the necessary things to do, we headed out again to a very lovely local cemetery. We were wheeling our wonderful friend with a less than outdoor-friendly wheelchair, but we finally managed to get to a good area to rest – after a long vibration of our friend’s body and just before he gets dizzy – and we managed to settle down and rested there for a good hour. Our peace sister offered us to go and get our favourite drinks and as she said goodbye and went to a local cafe, Catweazle and I had a brief time talking about how he came to know us from different places of occupations. If you want to hear our audio conversation you can email me at earthiankvn@gmail.com

We were just about to finish our conversation when our sister came back with three wonderful drinks and we had them with some Krishna cakes from yesterday, and then slowly we headed out from the cemetery to a local cafe where Catweazle wished to go, but we were told it is closed as we entered the café, so we had to head back towards the local high street and by the time we got there into another local cafe it was about 3pm. I was offered another drink from our peace sister and our friend Catweazle did have his favourite food and drink as he was hungry by now, and it was here that our sister got a phone call from our friend Crazy Red Fox who was near the hospital, and she told him we were on our way back there, and as he had just time to stay with us till 4pm, we had to start wheeling our friend and walk back.

We managed to get back to the entrance of the hospital and saw our friend Crazy Red Fox and had a good chat and catch up before he said goodbye, and then our friend Catweazle asked us if we could wheel him back to his ward at about 16:30, then after saying goodbye to him we walked back to the station and from there I said goodbye to my peace sister, and headed back to my resting place.


Today we have an evening gathering for the Peace and Justice for Syria group, to plan further future events and bring peace closer to today’s Syria and Middle East in particular and the rest of the world as a whole too:

Wednesday 12 March – Syria Peace and Justice group planning meeting at London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate St, Whitechapel, 6.30pm for 7pm start, until approx. 9pm.

Then the following Wednesday will be the Peace and Justice for Syria info evening, with some wonderful Syrian peace sister(s) and brothers lined up to speak and answer all your questions:

Peace and Justice for Syria: How Can It Be Achieved?” An evening of talks from UK-based Syrians, short films and discussion concerning the current conflict in Syria, with an aim of providing some objective clarity on the situation and addressing practical steps we can take to help achieve a just peace in the country.  PLEASE JOIN THE GROUP IF YOU CAN, that’s on Wednesday 19th March 2014, 6.30-9.30pm, Venue: London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fielgate St (corner of Parfett St), London E1 1ES (Nearest tube: Whitechapel / Aldgate East  / Aldgate). Map: http://tinyurl.com/k3qajlh 

Before the next Peace and Justice for Syria meeting there are some other interesting events, including:

A vigil in Trafalgar square has been organised by “Banksy” (http://banksy.co.uk/) please come and join us on 13.3.14 at 1800 hours.

then Occupy Faith (http://occupyfaith.org.uk/): a film show at Friends House Euston from 13:30-17:00; on 15.3.14, so come and join us for a better world.

And then afterwards, at 6:45pm-11pm, there is Z-Day 2014 with the Zeitgeist Movement, at Conway Hall | 25 Red Lion Square | London | WC1R 4RL. This is an annual ZM event, with talks, presentations, videos, music & more. Contact tom@thezeitgeistmovementuk.com for more details.

On the 17.3.14…

…This will be my final day here in London before I head out towards the west of England to join my western brother and hopefully nephew for the Spring Equinox (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equinox) or (Nawroz) ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nowruz) – the beginning of another new year (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ReLOYRxSj4), so come and join me to say hello and goodbye from 12:30-14:30, on the steps of St. Paul’s and a home to old occupylsx camp (http://occupylondon.org.uk/), of course if you have time, and a means of connection.

So until another episode of my peace journey and this time around the planet.

With much love and peace

Your humbled Earthian brother


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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