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I started my final peace walk towards the centre of London, towards the so-called London Eye.

I left Tower Hamlets and entered the City of London again, and after passing Bank, St. Paul’s, the Strand in Charing Cross, then because Whitehall was closed I had to walk around the area behind Downing Street, and by St. James’s Park, into the Parliament Square, but due to closure of the Westminster Bridge I had to walk down to Lambeth Bridge by Parliament, then after crossing and passing St. Thomas’ hospital and south side of the Westminster Bridge, finally I arrived at London Eye. My aim was to do a final peace pilgrimage circle by crossing the Waterloo Bridge and back to the Strand, but due to closure of the area I had to stay by one of the famous turn-of-the-century icons of London, well-known across the world as “London Eye”, for the final countdown of 2013AD, and entering 2014 AD.

I managed to engage and talk to many people throughout my final peace journey of 2013 in London and a lot of people has kindly offered me food and drink and taken photos, and have told me they will follow my blog and that they are looking forward to seeing me in many other parts of the planet in the new coming year of 2014 and beyond – especially the many visitors from India at London Eye. I saw a lot of fireworks on the wheel and on top of the river, and then slowly made my way towards east. I did walk at least 10 miles today before I had a chance to rest at my resting place.

Many photos were taken by many kind people; if I get any in the future, you will be able to see some over here on my blog, hopefully.


I had a prior arrangement to see my wonderful western brother and his kind and beautiful partner at the Royal Festival Hall, after another wonderful walk through the north and south of the river Thames. I tried to speak to people throughout my walk but I found the city was very quiet and most of the people were either in a restaurant or a bar and busy eating and drinking, so I didn’t come across many to speak to, but I managed to be just about on time, before we headed towards the National Theatre in the Shed, where we managed to catch up with some updates from each other over a cup of tea, then we saw another two wonderful occupiers who have just showed up and we had enough time to speak about what has brought us all here in The Shed, and guess what, it was the so-called “Protest Song”, which has been shown from 16 December 2013 to 11 January 2014, at least 2-3 times a day.

Protest Song is a true story of a person called Jimmy, and played by an actor called Danny (Rhys Ifans), who sleeps rough on the steps of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and has done this for years, then one morning he wakes to see a canvas city being erected in front of him, so Jimmy finds himself swept up in the last occupation of London.

The story has been written by a person called Tim Price, and he very elegantly wants in a funny and savage monologue to explore the reality of a remarkable political movement – the “Occupy London”.

So just after saying goodbye to everyone who was going to see this wonderful and remarkable true story, I decided to find out if there was a possibility for me to go and see it as well, and as someone who has spent more than four months at the camp and known the person as well, I just wanted to see it for myself and describe it. I have seen it in the camp, and now that has become a play for people who didn’t have a chance to be in the camp, so they could go and have a feeling about the day-to-day life of the occupiers.

So I got in touch with information desk and a nice lady directed me to a person who was responsible at the box office. I was told by her that the play was full for the night but if I want to see it in the future I should get in touch with him and I did so by an e-mail, but I was told due to no seats left I wouldn’t be able to see it, and after doing this and speaking to some more people my wonderful old occupier friends had just come out and I was asked to go and join them closer to the entrance to the theatre and the bar where the actor was there as well, so I went there and I saw another two brothers who I knew them since the beginning of the occupy camp, and we sat down and chatted and caught up with what we couldn’t finish just before they left me to see the play.

So my brother and I managed to speak to the actor Danny (Rhys), and he showed his gratitude towards us that we have liked what he is truly doing to show more people the real life of the occupiers. Then after a bit more catch up and talk my brother and his partner had to say goodbye to us due to a long journey heading west, so the rest of us stayed there until the security person wanted to lock up the premises then we came out and as they were going west so I said goodnight to them, and started walking towards east London on the south bank of the river Thames to my resting place as well.


A photo of me collecting people’s stuff to take out of the cordoned off area, to those who couldn’t get back into the evicted camp on the night of OLSX eviction.

The rest of the week I was trying to get in touch with some friends to see if we have a chance or a possibility of occupying a building and using it as the first Earthian embassy here in London. A few of my friends and I did try to scout some empty buildings and then some other days I visited some other centres and place around the capital to see if any of those places will be suitable for the Earthian embassy project, and to see if I could speak to anyone who would be interested in helping us to run the project.



I managed to link up again with a wonderful person who I met during the festive time in one of the Crisis centres in west London and I told him that I can come to their head office in the new year to see how we can help each other, so I made my way there and I visited the centre (the headquarters of Crisis in Aldgate), and I saw this wonderful person and we spoke about what I can do and what he can do to help each other to spread the message of love and peace all across the planet, and after being around the centre and meeting some new people again I said goodbye to the people at the centre and headed out towards the east London again, in the hope of meeting some more of my old friends and talking about the future of the empty buildings occupations for those who are in need.

The way that I see it, the mainstream media is trying to portray people who are occupying these empty buildings as a group of immigrants who don’t want to contribute towards the society here, and are trying to dodge tax and are playing the “soft touch” of the police and the system… the current government is slowly and nicely preparing an act like it did in August 2012 for criminalising squatting in the residential buildings, and now it is a time to do the same for the commercial buildings, and this is how the mainstream media is preparing a smooth ride for the future criminalisation of people who strongly feel they don’t have a voice and they can’t be heard.

So I think we should be much more careful about how we do speak to mainstream media and how we can show our solidarity to the local people who are suffering from the cuts of their main services like their hospitals, fire stations and libraries which are shut due to shortage of so called local budget, and this is all part of the austerity measures which we are facing since the collapsing of the banking systems here in Europe and America.

I spent a day or so catching up with some of my old writing from my first peace pilgrimage journey and still more to do before another episode of my peace journey which is approaching soon in the near the future, and also I got in touch with one of my wonderful rainbow brothers from east Sussex, and I managed to find him through some of my wonderful friends from Occupy in a Grow Heathrow type of eco village place in north London.


After finally finding my rainbow brother and staying in this wonderful place for the night and catching up since our last meet up, then the next day we arranged to go further north and visit some other people in another building – those occupiers who were involved in many different building occupations in north London, and after staying with them for a couple of hours we headed south and this time further than south London and way outside London.

After passing many boroughs of London we finally got to Sevenoaks and then a train change towards Hastings, so after passing Tonbridge and a short stop in Tonbridge Wells and paying a quick visit to one of its famous parks, then we got our final train towards a place which is called Stonegate.

On our way between Sevenoaks and Tonbridge Wells my wonderful brother got us a delicious chips and a special sauce for our dinner which was indeed tasty, delicious, and unforgettable.

Then before we start our almost one hour walk towards our resting place near the Broad Oak village, we put out our thumbs and just before we left the carpark of the train station two wonderful human beings gave us a lift, and after speaking to them and trying to thank them for their kindness the driver of the car has just told my wonderful rainbow brother that while he has been doing leafleting in their local area he has seen him, and the driver was recognising him, and then we started talking about our plan of action for the coming weekend and hope they can make it for the fracking film show.

So it wasn’t long before we got near to our destination, and we said goodbye to them after thanking them again, and then we started walking towards our resting place, and as we were walking we were looking at the moonlight of the sky and seeing even the bright Jupiter as far away from us, and many other stars through an application which is called night sky tools, it wasn’t long before I just lost the sense of timing and felt we have been walking for hours in the countryside, that was how much staying in London has affected my senses, and I realised this when we finally arrived at their place and he introduced me to one of his neighbours and asked him whether he might have time for us to go and visit him later on the evening – and then I realised it was still only early evening.

After our long day of travelling in and outside London a nice cup of any warm drink would have been great so I went for a nice cup of Barley with hemp milk, then checking our film showing equipments to see everything was alright, which I realised sound was something which might have been a concern after watching a film through the projector and then we tried our best to see if we can find a solution before the coming weekend, then slowly we prepared ourselves to rest and said goodnight to one another.


After having a wonderful morning food, then a morning council with the rest of the family, we had a chance to outline our vision for the coming days and how we could help each other for the village hall film showing on fracking (a film called “Gasland” by Josh Fox, a controversial independent documentary on the industry of hydraulic fracking in the USA), and to ask people to search for “growth and infrastructure act 2013” which implies that corporations can apply directly to the secretary of state for planning permission for oil/gas extraction using hydraulic fracturing technology, bypassing local and county regulation, and also you can search for “environmental report for the further onshore oil and gas licensing” on the – this is a public consultation and there is an option for submitting your view. Then I was told there was a chance for me to talk about my peace journey.

Also we did some wood missions before lunch time and then we did some gardening and sorting out, as well as having a nice fire in the garden, then after a rest and a wonderful evening meal then later on we said goodnight to each other.

We managed to get in touch with some of their friends to see if we can solve the problem of the sound and someone kindly brought some cables and an old and wonderful soldering iron and we managed to solve the problem of the sound for the film show.

Next day my wonderful rainbow brother took the kids to a neighbouring place for a gymnasium session and his wife got in touch with her parents and I stayed at their place using my magic box (a laptop) to see some more episodes of a film which I got involved with in order to find out why these series of films has been made in first place (star conflicts), then at about 1pm I started to walk towards the Broad Oak village hall, and at about 2pm I got there which after setting up the equipments with my brother we were waiting for people to turn up and between 2-3pm about 5 people were turned up and we did have a circle in which we used a clove of garlic as a tool of facilitation and my brother and I had a chance to talk about what has brought us there and connected us to them. At about 1630 hours the majority wanted to see the film before its scheduled time of 1830 hours and we agreed to show the film and if more people turned up at the scheduled time we will show it again, and it happened that about 20 more people were turning up at the scheduled time as well and as they were arriving I was directing them to a room until the first film show finished and then we can start the next one.

Just before the start of the second showing of the film my brother and I had a chance to again introduce ourselves to the audience and tell them why we were there and what brought us all together in here, and then the film Gasland was shown again then at the end people did help towards the event and we exchanged some contact details as well, and we were helped to pack up and then got a wonderful lift by some wonderful locals named Sharon (a local who kindly helped with the sound cables and soldering iron), and her husband Trace. I gave them my weblog address so they can follow and read my peace journey, and after our arrival at our resting place we had another wonderful cup of relaxation drink and then we said goodnight to each other.


A photo of the time of RTP camp, near Balcombe, where I was looking after the main entrance to the camp after people were marched out to the drilling side and I decided to look after the camp.


After our wonderful morning different varieties of food my brother, his wife and their children went for a walk and then they went to visit my brother’s wife’s parents. I planned to do some small wood mission to keep the fire going and some general tiding up and then using my magic box to see another episode of my film show, and my brother came back a bit early and he kindly cooked something wonderful food for our evening meal, and then after an evaluation from last night’s fracking film show to the locals, and some more catching up on the future events, we said goodnight to one another .



After a wonderful breakfast we headed out to do a water mission from a local spring, which after some distance walking we managed to discover a new spring a bit earlier than the original spring, and I was shown a few local streams and a river then we managed to fetch the collected water back to the house just before our lunch time and then after having our lunch we headed to the town of Heathfield. We visited quite a few places including a library to take back some books and cds/DVDs, then a bank so my brother can sort out his Environmental Community Action Team (ECAT) account, so hopefully people in Lush cosmetic company will help them to do what they think is right for a better environment. Then we visited a local grocery then a health shop, and finally co-op supermarket before we headed towards our next town of Mayfield for a Mayfield Transition Town meeting about fracking at 1830.

As we were on our way a wonderful lady who we met at the health shop earlier, and knew my brother very well, very kindly offered us a lift to the town and we were very grateful for her kindness, so as we got to the town a bit early then we had a chance to pay a visit to famous St. Dunstan’s of Mayfield church, and then slowly we walked to the pub where the meeting was going to be held. As we got there a bit early my brother got in communication with pub lady and she was quite keen on knowing how we can prevent the hydraulic fracking in the area.

Just before the time people were coming and at about 1830, about 13 very dedicated people turned up and they were quite keen on getting on top of the issue before any drilling come around their area, and soon after going through their meeting agenda and updating the rest of the group on different issues regarding to fracking, they started to set up a series of film showings in different venues around the Mayfield town and even the neighbouring towns as well in February, and they were all keen to help with spreading the awareness and information loud, clear and wide.

Just before the meeting finished I was allowed to talk about my reason for being there and how we could all help each other to solve problems which are going to affect our lives deeply, and then we did a shout out for a lift back to our resting place.

After another long day then getting back to our resting place late evening we had our wonderful cup of resting drink and slowly we winded down and we said goodnight to each other.


So I had another wonderful morning food with my beautiful rainbow family outdoors due to a great sunshine and a break from rain (also a shortage of wood for the woodburner, which was a very nice burner which I have come across one like it in the same region from my last apple picking farm at the village of Benover – it is a burner on which you can boil a kettle, cook food, and have your hot water for your bath/shower all from the same stove – and I have to say here I love to maintain one in a place which is far from any modern equipment, and I hope to integrate it with some help from a few of my wonderful friends which I have met throughout my peace journey and before, and I would like to run a sauna with it as well…). Then, we headed out there for a longer wood mission at the barn of the farm, and we did so till about our late lunch time, then after having our wonderful lunch all together, then after some rest from wood chopping mission we started to prepare ourselves for another long day ahead of us, then because I planned to come back to London after our last meeting at the town I had to say goodbye to the family and tell them how much I loved spending some of my time with them and how much I enjoyed their vegan food, and to mention  here that the diet they had greatly I felt on my body.

Then my brother and I headed out to the town of Heathfield for a parish council meeting, and we wanted to make sure the parish council will take note of our concern about the danger of the hydraulic fracking in the area, before it gets too late to act upon it, like what happened in little town of Balcombe not far from there.

On our way walking to the town we came across my brother’s partner’s father who was waiting for a lift from his wife to go and see a film about Nelson Mandela’s book “A long way to freedom”, and after saying hello to him and telling him what we were doing and where we are going he kindly offered us a lift, so we waited till his wife turned up and after saying hello to her as well and again telling them what we are doing, then we safely arrived at our town destination, and then after thanking them for the lift we said goodbye to them, and after some more walking we realised we are a bit early, and my brother decided to go to some grocery shops  to fetch some food, and I headed on walking towards the place of the meeting which was in a rather small room in the outskirts of the town.

When I arrived there I met a wonderful lady who I have seen at the last two meetings in different places and after some talking again about fracking, she was telling me how much she has learned and found out about the whole issue of fracking and now knows a lot more about different organisations which are advocating Frack Free Sussex/Britain. There are “frack off” villages, towns, and cities all across UK, and I hope my rainbow brother and her with the help from us all together can eradicate fracking from the area.

By this time more and more people were turning up and the time for the parish meeting at 1930 hours was soon approaching and very soon the small room got packed and people who were there to show their concerns about fracking within the room and even more from outside were listening to see what the parish has got to say, then the public were asked whether we are all there concerned about the fracking and indeed about 20 people all said yes. Mainly two people were talking, my rainbow brother and another person who was not happy about fracking, and he was planning to candidate himself for the parish, so hopefully will help the locals to not allow anything to be passed without the locals approval. So these two people mainly raised the questions that the concerned public were there for and wanted to be heard by the parish, and this went on for about 20 minutes, then after assurance from the parish that nothing is going to pass about fracking without the locals approval, we left the room and this time in the hallway everyone was engaged in how to tackle the problem for almost another 30 minutes, then I said goodbye to everyone including my brother, and then the wonderful lady that I spoke to at the beginning of the meeting kindly gave me a lift to the same station which I came from London to the area almost a week ago, and after a long chat I gave her a heart to heart hug and I wished them every happiness and strength that together with my rainbow brother will make more people aware of the fracking problem, and then I said goodnight to her and soon after I caught 2130 hours train back towards London.

After crossing some local stations and the main Tonbridge Wells and Tonbridge, then back into the London Bridge, and soon after my arrival I was called by a friend to meet up and then after that I walked back to my resting place.


Today after almost a long wonderful week in a village and almost in the woods I managed to do some washing, and then I prepared some of the materials which I could prepare for my brother, to help him with the frack off Brighton group, as well to prevent any future fracking in their area. Then I went to a local station to pick him up and go back to LARC for our peace and justice for Syria working group meeting, and then after about an hour my brother finally had a chance to introduce himself and say what he was busy with and also to leave his email for future communication with the group and vice versa, and then we said goodnight to them because he had to go back to his resting place here in London.

As for the group meeting about five people turned up plus my brother and his little daughter, which they left early, then the group had an agenda for what it has done so far, and what to do for the future, which I recommend you to visit for further details of the meeting discussion which I can’t go into the details of it all here. I can say here that due to Geneva 2 approaching, next week on Sat 18.01.14 we have a peace vigil in front of the national gallery in Trafalgar Square and whoever wants to join me can, and then it looks like I have my third peace walk of 2014 on Wednesday 22.01.14 from Tower of London (south side of the river close to the mayor of London’s office) where I will be waiting from 11am -12pm, and afterwards walking towards the London Eye. If you would like to join me I welcome you. I am doing this due to not being able to make the Geneva 2 peace talk in Switzerland, so please feel free to contact me for the events and we take it from there.


Today I managed to get to the Trafalgar Square after walking for some time through the centre of London, and then in front of the national gallery after hearing a lot of different noise from different street performers I started to bring out my peace flag and my handwritten board, to say why I was there to the public, and then slowly after 1430 hours those people who were there for the peace vigil came and joined me and we were there for about two hours. After coming across two different groups of people who I knew and after having some talk with them about what I was doing and what they were doing (which a group of them were telling me they feeding homeless people who have been collected by police), then I headed back to my resting place for the day.


Some of the photos on the vigil day on Saturday 18.01.14 in front of the national gallery in Trafalgar Square.


Today I started my day by doing another peace pilgrimage journey, this time not to a public place but to a private place to visit a wonderful occupier from the time of OLSX. I have heard that he was very ill and I did find his place after some walking and asking some different people, and as soon as I got there I saw another person who was there to visit him as well, so the people who were looking after our friend took both of us to his room.

As soon as he saw us he was so happy that he couldn’t believe his eyes and tears started pouring down from his eyes and immediately I asked him if I can hug him three times, one for myself and two others for my wonderful sister and brother who I knew they know him, and if they were around and close to him would have done so themselves, and due to far distance they couldn’t make it, so I did tell him about them, and he was happy to hear from them.

Both of us were with him for about two hours and during this period we managed to make some tea and coffee and update some of his phone communications and also go out for a lovely walk to a surrounding park near to a very local church to his new place, and while we were going out we met two more wonderful friends of his coming around to visit him, which I knew one of them as well, so when we came back after our walk two of us said goodbye to him, so this would give him more time to be with the next two new friends for a longer time. I was told our friend’s condition has been improved very much compared to a few weeks ago, so I would like to say here if anyone would like to visit him please make sure you go along just 2-3 of you maximum at a time, due to his circumstance and being very tired.

Until next time, take good care of yourself and each other.

your humbled Earthian brother a messenger of love and peace across the planet Earth


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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