Peace & Justice for Syria III


I looked for the embassy of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, and also the Republic of Cyprus, as I visited all the territory of Cyprus on my first peace pilgrimage to the Middle East. In my opinion the only divided capital in the world has to reunite and people on either side of the divide should live side by side in peace and harmony – a lot of people are suffering because of the division, and my hope is to help reconciliation of that divided nation – but anyway, I couldn’t find any of them and I had to move on to my next embassy in line.

So I started walking towards the Barbados embassy, and I arrived at the reception of the embassy at 1210 hours, but I was refused to leave or give anything in the embassy regarding our group peace and justice for Syria statement about our “peace pledge”. Despite telling her and reiterating it is not going to look good on the world that Barbados didn’t accept our pledge for peace, the receptionist didn’t accept or show any sort of sympathy with our cause, so I told her I’ll tell the world through my free media of thinking and writing that Barbados has not received my peace plea for Syria, and that is why you are seeing it here, so it is up to you to go or send them a letter to say Why didn’t they accept our pledge for peace? and What harm was it going to do, if they were accepting it?

Then I headed towards the Mexican embassy and at 1230 hours I managed to speak through the intercom of the embassy to a lady in the embassy and she asked me to put the letter through the letter box into the embassy, then she will pass it to the ambassador later in the day, and I said goodbye to her then walked towards my next embassy.

At 1302 hours I managed to hand in a call for peace to a security guard of the Canadian embassy here in London in Grosvenor Square, despite having already left one at the Trafalgar Square branch, just to make sure the ambassador will get one at least. Then I walked to the Argentinean consulate at 1311 hours and I was told I have to go to the embassy at the back of the same building, so after visiting Italy at 1313 hours and handing one of our peace pledges to them, which was accepted very kindly, then at about 1320 hours I managed to go back to the Argentinean embassy at the back of the consulate and hand in one of our peace pledge statements to a member of the embassy so it can reach to the hand of the ambassador later on.

At about 1331 hours I visited the US embassy and the security people at the embassy told me that they don’t accept anything in hand and they asked me to post our peace pledge, so they joined with the Barbados embassy in being the only ones refusing our peace pledge so far, from the above list of the embassies.

One thing that I have noticed on my peace pilgrimage journey around the world’s embassies here in London, was that in front of the US embassy, there were a number of gazebos and marquees with some members of an opposition organisation to the current Iranian government and a number of them were on hunger strike, and if you want to find out in depth about the matter you can search ‘hunger strike in front of the US embassy in London’ (, and you can find out we are all in one way or another in struggle with each other… just imagine when we all live in peace and harmony with each other, what we can do for humanity and the planet as a whole then.

I walked to the Indonesian embassy, which is very close to the US, at 1334 hours and I managed to hand in our letter to a member of the embassy and then I said goodbye to them, and walked to my next embassy, which was surprising as I was looking for the Bahamas embassy and I came across Monaco instead, so at 1339 hours I handed in one of our peace pledges for Syria to the security officer of the embassy and hopefully he will hand in our peace pledge to the ambassador, who I was told she wasn’t available at the embassy at the moment.

So at about1350 hours I handed a call for peace into the hand of a female police officer in front of the Egyptian embassy, so I hope she will hand it in to the security of the embassy where they couldn’t take my pledge for peace for Syria, and I hope the ambassador will receive our pledge for peace as soon as they get back to the embassy. Then at 1402 hours the embassy of the Republic of the union of Myanmar (Burma) refused to accept our peace call, but I managed to put one into the embassy’s letter box in any case for their consideration, despite a man from the embassy saying that they were closed.

Then I handed in a call for peace for Syria into the hands of one of the two armed police officers in front of the Kingdom of the Saudi Arabian embassy here in London at 1410 hours, and they kindly told me they will hand our pledge for peace for Syria to the security people of the embassy later on, and then hopefully it will reach to the hands of the ambassador and hopefully they will consider their position to help us towards peace in Syria.

At 1421 hours I got to the Qatar embassy and a security person in front of the Qatar embassy told me that they don’t accept anything by hand and they will accept just by post, and I made sure to reiterate that I’ll tell the world that our peace pledge for Syria has been refused and this is not going to look good on the ambassador, but still I didn’t get a positive response, though at a later date I have heard that they have accepted our group peace pledge, which was good news after all.

At about 1430 hours I handed in one of our peace pledges to the Bahamas embassy, and at 1438 to Panama’s embassy, and then I start walking to the Japanese embassy but at 1445 hours the embassy refused our peace pledge for Syria and they told me they will not accept anything in hand, so very surprisingly to me they joined the list of the embassies which refused to accept our peace pledge for Syria, despite their very bitter past – I didn’t know how to explain this one to the wider public.

I handed in one of our peace pledges to the Libyan embassy at 1503 hours and they kindly accepted our pledge.

At the French embassy at 1515 hours I was told by someone from inside the embassy that I am in front of a political building and I don’t understand the significance of the building and I should find another means of passing our peace pledge for Syria to the ambassador of France, and I was refused to be allowed to hand in anything. I was astonished by what she told me, about the significance of the building.

Just opposite to the French embassy was the state of Kuwait embassy and at 1518 hours they kindly allowed me to go in and they did accept our pledge with their kindness and the receptionist told me he will pass the message to the ambassador, after here I did manage to pass our message at 1543 hours to the Omani embassy and also, despite being closed, at the Iranian embassy a member of the embassy first told me to post it but when I explained to him the significance of the message he kindly accepted our pledge at 1552 hours. I have to say I did already hand in to the Iranian consulate our peace pledge for Syria, and they did accept it over there as well.

I did manage to hand in our message to the Ethiopian embassy at 1554 hours and Tunisian embassy at 1557 hours as well, then I handed our peace message to the ambassador of the UAE at 1601 hours after some explanation at the front of the embassy on the door steps, and I shook his hand after he said he is the ambassador, then I visited the Afghanistan embassy at 1603 hours and a member of the embassy did kindly accept our peace pledge for Syria.

Now at the Israeli embassy at 1630 hours I spoke to a security person in  a booth before getting to the embassy and he told me he can’t accept anything by hand, after confirming it with someone else from the embassy, and I was even told I can’t pass through the road to get to the Romanian and other embassies on the same road and I have to use an alternative route, and I did so and at the back of the embassy I did see two armed police officers and I asked them do they protect an embassy here, and they replied no we are just waiting for our van, and I said goodbye to them and I started walking towards the Romanian embassy.

At 1636 hours I handed in one of our peace and justice for Syria peace pledge statements to a member of the Romanian embassy in front of the embassy’s gate, then at 1650 hours to a member of the Nepalese embassy at the gate, despite they said they were closed, but after explaining the significance of the message they did kindly accept our peace pledge for Syria.

At 1655 hours I managed to hand in our message to a member of the Russian federation embassy, then at 1700 hours to a member of the Slovak embassy and at 1705 hours to a member of the Czech Republic embassy, and finally I called a day of my visiting around the world’s embassies here in London.

I have to say today at the end of the day I managed to visit a total 28 embassies, and out of all those I had merely 6 refusals, and I am glad of one ambassador meet up, and the rest have promised to hand in our peace pledges for Syria to all the ambassador’s of the embassies.


Today was our peace and justice for Syria group peace pilgrimage, so I planned to visit some more embassies which I haven’t done so far, and in this way I was hoping I can maximize the number of those ambassadors attending our candlelit vigil in front of the Syrian embassy at the end of today at 6pm.

I walked towards my first embassy which was going to be Slovenian, I was looking for the Slovenian embassy flag around the Westminster area, when I was stopped by a group of armed metropolitan police and I was questioned for about half an hour and I told them what I have been doing and what I was going to do. During an intense investigation some of the officers were telling me my green peace flag worried them and I might be a greenpeace activist and I might have a plan to climb a government building around the area. They meant the Home Office, Scotland Yard or Parliament – at least these were the main important buildings around the area which I believe they were referring to – but I told them and reassured them that I don’t have any such intention, I was just going to join our group after visiting a few more embassies around the area, but now after what I have gone through I don’t feel like to visit any embassies alone. I told them “the shock of your investigation for the first time in more than 15 years being here in the UK has made me so upset, I don’t know how long it is going to take before I can carry on to do any more of these embassies alone again”, and also I said “you have just reminded me of some parts of the Middle East where I did go through such intense questioning” and I couldn’t believe myself I’ll be going through such investigation here.

Then by now the time was just after 1500 hours and all I could do was to go and join the peace groups in front of the US embassy, so I walked as quick as I could to join my peace pilgrimage group at the embassy, and I did manage to get to the group just before 4pm so I could rest there for a bit and have something to drink/eat, then I merged myself with the rest of the group for the remaining time of the day’s activities, which were shared with the whole group. There were about 30 people who took part in the day’s events, including about 25 that participated in the candlelit vigil outside the Syrian embassy but for more details if you have time please visit

Below you can see some photos of me in the event with the group.


Sitting in front of the US embassy in Grosvener square, the rest of the photos below are in front of the Syrian embassy with the group






most of this photos has kindly been taken by a journalist from DEMOTIX (


I took my peace pilgrimage to a university this time to UCL SOAS section in solidarity with some students who were not happy about student tuition fees, cuts, and education in total, also I saw some of my old friends from a different time of Occupy London.

Then I managed to meet up with a representative of a student union through an Occupy friend and I gave him one of our peace and justice for Syria working group letters, hoping that he can spread our message of peace for Syria into the wider world of student audience, also I managed to speak to some students and show my feelings about today’s education and how we can change it for a better one. Due to yesterday’s incident with those metropolitan armed police I tried to avoid going to any embassies, so I wouldn’t have a flashback from yesterday’s event with them.

Later I went and visited a few friends from different areas of London, then I headed back to my resting place.


It was a day to catch up with some web connectivity since my mobile communication was finished, so I had to go and arrange with a local library to find out some news from far and near across the planet and arrange some other activities for London in the coming weeks.


Today as I arranged from before I met a good friend from Occupy London, who since my return from my first peace pilgrimage journey to the Middle East has wanted to arrange to come and see me and write about my peace journey, but because of both of our circumstances we had never managed to get together until finally today he decided to come out with me and spend a day doing a peace pilgrimage for Syria around the world’s embassies here in London. While we were walking he could ask any questions and also get involve in signing our statement from our peace and justice for Syria group, before we hand it into the embassies.

So I listed about 20 embassies to visit, and despite him not feeling very well due to his cold and starting late a bit about midday, still we managed to finish more than half of the listed embassies. At the end both of us were happy to call it a day and he very kindly invited me for a soft drink and finally to do the interview on my peace pilgrimage to the Middle East many months later then we thought, and now he could add to his writing my around-the-UK festivals and gatherings journey and then finally my peace pilgrimage for Syria around the world’s embassies, which he did participate in almost a whole day with me.

So please watch out for his article which is going to come out soon from maybe some of the well-known free media, and not the mainstream one, I’ll link you to it when it becomes available.

Here I have to say we managed to visit Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Montenegro, Uzbekistan, Greece, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Cameroon, Georgia, Paraguay, and finally Jordan, and all of these embassies did kindly accept our call for peace for Syria, and we did not get any refusals.


I had another wonderful day spent catching up with my writing, and later on going to an end of the year gathering of some groups of friends old and new who were all somehow affiliated to Occupy London’s “Strategic working group meeting”, here in Common House in London, so I saw some old and met a few new faces as well.

There were a few things discussed and some other stuff is going to be under discussion in future meetings of the group and I am sure if you visit Occupy London and bambuser livestream by Obi, you can see a brief note of the meeting as well, so I don’t have to go into details here, about what was discussed.

with much love and peace to you all



I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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