Peace & Justice for Syria II


I visited 4 places which came out on my embassies search as below: out of 4 of them, 1 refused to accept my call for peace for Syria.

At about 1400 hours I visited Multi Travel Visa Ltd. (, and 1st4Immigration Ltd. ( ) they kindly did accept my call and sent down a representative to me (Mr Harpvzzt Gile), and I spoke to him and few others about my cause, and they appreciated what I was doing, but they did say, they don’t have any power to help towards my call for peace.

Later I headed towards monetary authority of Singapore (, but before I get there I stopped on my way and some wonderful person very kindly helped me with some food and drink, then between 1530-1730 hours I waited in front of the MAS building to speak to them, but they sent a few different security people around to ask me to move on, then the head of building’s security, who said he is running the buildings which MAS office was there came himself personally, and told me they don’t wish to speak to me and they would like me to move on to the rest of my embassies.

As I knew I have to attend a meeting at 1845 hours at Farringdon, so I did move on and went to the next on my list of embassies, and it was Kuwait Investment Office ( ) at 1740 hours.  A person who was at the reception was very kind and encouraging and asked me to visit Kuwait embassy for my request for peace in Syria, and then I said goodbye to him and headed to my meet up with my peace brother Dan at Cafe Diplo near Farringdon Station. In all of these places I have left a leaflet for our call-out for 10th December, to say “if you can, come for our candlelit peace vigil in front of the Syrian embassy on international human rights day”, and they have all accepted one apart from MAS.

I got to number 70/77 Cow Cross Street EC1M 6EJ just in time to speak to the organisers and I told them about my story and they were very welcoming and offered me some drink and snack, then they said to me I can ask questions but wouldn’t be able to speak as the event has been organised for David McDowall who has written a book about the Kurds “A modern history of the Kurds” ( and I told the organisers that it is fine by me, so I sat down and rested after a long walk through the streets of London and then my wonderful peace brother Dan turned up at the time just before the talk started, and I listened to David very carefully and he pretty much summed up with the title of his book. There was not very much material that I wasn’t aware of, just a few controversial points which I wasn’t there to discuss and also there wasn’t time, but I hope in the future I can discuss those points with him, and the wider world. At the end I had an opportunity to tell the audience why I was there, and what I was thinking about the situation now, and what should be the solution for a future Kurdistan, so some were agreeing with the idea of what I was saying, and hopefully one day it would be part of my book about “Earthian world peace” and the Kurdish question will be a chapter of that book and it is just a thought for now, also I would like to slowly collect materials for my new blog on this topic “Earthian World Peace”, hopefully will be available for all in the future.

So after this I spoke to a few new people who told me they might be able to come and join us for 10th December peace pilgrimage for Syria, and also we had another peace brother Russell there but we didn’t have much time to talk to each other. My wonderful peace brother Dan has kindly brought a supply of food, drink and reading material to keep me busy through my peace journey to the world embassies here in London and in a jokey way I told him “are you going to make me busy with books, so I won’t have time to get engaged with people who I am out there to speak to?”, and he did laugh a bit, but I have to say here that he has been my best ever support team throughout my journey this week.

Then after some catching up and talk, I told him I am walking towards Angel station to find somewhere there to put my head down till next day and to visit Eritrean embassy ( next day, so after a heart to heart communication I told goodnight to Dan, and I headed towards north London (Angel station). I got there just about 10pm and I started to talk to people until the station was closed some time after midnight, and I spoke to some wonderful people who were really concerned about what is going on right now across the planet and what solutions we should have for those problems.

Then I looked around for a place to put my head down, and I found an empty basement, and I did rest there for few hours despite it being quite cold down in there.


I started my embassy hunting by going to the Eritrean embassy, and at the reception I was told that no one is there to see me and I left my peace advocacy for Syria at 1020 hours to be handed over to the representative of the people of the Eritrea, and then I left the embassy heading back towards central London and this time the Sierra Leone ( ), and Cuban ( Embassies. On my way near number 90 High Holborn at about 1202 hours surprisingly I came across Jeremy Clarkson ( with another person, and I said a loud “Hello Jeremy”, but he didn’t reply and carried on walking, and I did the same, hunting my embassies. Then I came across a peaceful and nice human being who did ask me, after reading my board, “so you are doing a peace pilgrimage?”, and I said “yes and right now I am trying to do one around the world’s embassies here in London, and I am looking for these two embassies”, and he told me “come with me, what you are doing is not going to change the world and I have done activism and humanism for many years, and you are not going to change anything”, and I said to him “let’s go and see how you are going to do the change then?”, and he took me to a place which was called “Hare Krishna Temple” ( ), then I spent my time there from 1230-1430 hours and I did listen to their music, then a talk by one of their members, and finally their vegetable meal which I volunteered to help with serving some. I saw an old friend from Occupy Finsbury Square in there as well, then I said goodbye to the place and came back to hunt for the embassies in question. I don’t go into the details of what was going on in there and what I think about their way of life because it is going to be a long discussion and I hope it will come up on my future forum “Earthian Unite Forum”, also I would like to find a way to engage with every citizen of this planet on different topics sometime in the near future. All I can say, for the time being, is to say I respect their point of view and their peacefulness and I recommend people go there and to see it for themselves.

So coming back to my embassy-finding, I managed to find the Cuban embassy, but by this time I was told it is too late for them to see me and I was told to come back next day between 0930-1230 hours and I said “if you can take my leaflet?” and handed it over to the representative of the Cuban people, so I don’t have to come in to see them, and I was told I have to put it in writing whatever I had to hand in, so I said to them goodbye, and start walking towards the Sierra Leone embassy. I finally did manage to find it and I handed in one of our leaflets to their receptionist, and they said they will pass it on, and I started walking towards my next in line which was the Australian embassy. By the time I got there it was just past 4pm and it was closed, so then I went to the Indian embassy, where I managed to hand over one of our calls for support to someone who promised to hand it in to the ambassador.

Then just before 5pm I managed to get into the Zimbabwe embassy and I was told by the receptionist that it is closed but I asked him if he could kindly pass on our message of peace for Syria and I was told he would if I can leave one leaflet for him, and then I walked towards the home office for a candlelit vigil for a person called Isa Muazu who has been on hunger strike for more than 100 days asking home secretary not to deport him (

On my way there I met my peace brother Dan in Whitehall and we walked down to the home office and I was there from about 6-8pm for the vigil, where we were told the full story about the person and many other ongoing daily cases, and we wanted all those people to be freed back into society.

While I was there Dan kindly introduced me to a group of wonderful friends and at the end of the vigil he asked them if I could go with them for a dinner, and they all kindly welcomed his request, and I have to say here I am grateful for their wonderful evening meal at a very posh Kaka ( I think Japanese ) restaurant not far from the home office building – it was very high in calories and protein after a long walking day it was just perfect for the purpose! Also over the meal we shared some of our stories and also we were all a multi-background gathering around a table for a meal and all were supporting one man to stay here in the UK, this was what found us united, and I hope in the not far future, humanity will see all these as very basic things, and we can flourish on our planet as a whole and not in dispute with one another. After the wonderful meal and evening, at about 10pm we said goodbye to each other in a couple of stages, and as usual I had to communicate with them with my heart to heart hug, then they all headed to their place of rest and I headed to an unknown location to put my head down for the night. I said an unknown location because you can’t think I would have slept there if I have said so.


I did start my day by going to the Uganda, Burundi, embassies and I handed in our call to people there and then by accident I saw someone from the Consulate of the Ecuador embassy as well which she did kindly accept my call for peace, and said she will hand it in the next day because they were closed today for public.

I walked to the South African embassy but they didn’t accept anything and they told me it has to be in writing, then to Canada, and Brazil which they accepted my call, and even better in Kazakhstan a senior member of the embassy came to speak to me in person and even I shook his hand to thank him for his time and breaking the ice and being my first senior member of an embassy to come in person and meet me and listen to our pledge for peace in Syria.

Then I walked to New Zealand and Papua New Guinea where they did accept my call, but they said to see anyone it has to be by an appointment.

Then I walked to the Philippine embassy and after some waiting finally I did meet a member of the embassy and I shared my deepest condolences to what has happened in Philippines and I mentioned “imagine if we didn’t have these manmade conflicts, we could respond to natural disasters like the recent typhoon very quickly and with more efforts ” and explained how I hope to see no more conflict around the world and then we will be more prepared for natural catastrophes in the future, and he thanked for this and showed his solidarity with us and he said he is going to hand our call to the right department and they will hopefully help us to call for peace in Syria. Then I headed down towards the Korean cultural centre ( ),and I handed in one of our cals there as well and a bit later handed in another call to the Nigerian high commission security person to hand in to the representative of the people of Nigeria here in London, then I started walking towards Parliament Square in support of a person who is believed to be held in Guantanamo Bay prison innocently for 11 years, so I headed down to show my support for him to be released with a group of people who are doing this every Wednesday from 1-3pm in front of the parliament.

I got there just before 1pm and I managed to see the group and show my support and also I told them about what I was doing and they did know about our 10th December but they had a meeting in House of Commons about the case of the Shaker Aamer. Next I headed towards the south Korean embassy, and on my way I found out there is another embassy  – Macedonia – and I asked the receptionist if I can see someone from there and I was told just by appointment, and I handed in one of our calls to him to be passed on to the ambassador, then I said goodbye and headed towards my intended south Korean one, which I managed to find and handed one in there as well, then I headed to Belgravia area which I was told is full of embassies.

I managed to visit in total more than 24 embassies before it gets very dark and I set up my peace tent right on the corner of the square just 50 yards from the Syrian embassy, and I spent a night in my pop up peace tent, in solidarity with the suffering people of today’s Syria. Of course I have to say that out of all those embassies, none of the ambassadors met me and I have to just hand in our call for peace, and Germany has refused to accept anything and the Syrian embassy was closed. As part of the naming and asking for reconciliation, so far South Africa and Germany have to reconcile with us in our call for peace, hopefully they will do when we put it in writing.


I woke up after a very cold and wet night and I managed to pack my pop up peace tent, despite it took me 2 seconds to pop up last night, but it took me more than 2 minutes to pack it, so as a joke in our next camp we will do a pop up training course for pop up tents, so if you want to make some people busy at your camp and make them to pack up the pop up tents it is a good challenge to start and learn about how to pack a tent indeed.

Later on a police officer turned up and asked me, was it me inside the tent last night? and I said yes and he asked me if I let them know what I was doing and what was my plan for today and I told him why I was there and what was my plan for the rest of the day and they were quite happy for me to carry on as long as I am not causing any problem to anyone and I told them – absolutely not!

Today I carried on by walking and visiting another long list of embassies here in London (about more than 30) before I met up with my wonderful peace brother Dan, who as I said before has been a great logistics support team since I have started my peace pilgrimage journey around the world embassies for Syria here in London. We met near high street Kensington station, and after a long chat and catch up while we were having our wonderful tea break some police officers turned up and they asked again about my plan and what I was doing in there and I explained what I was doing and I told them I don’t have anything to hide as I have told some of their colleagues earlier today in the Belgravia area near Syrian embassy as well, and I handed over one of our pledges for peace in Syria and then they moved on. Dan and I stayed there for a bit longer before I made my way towards some other embassies around the area, but by the time I got to some of those they were all closed and I couldn’t carry on visiting any more embassies due to the time and I had to think of somewhere to put my head down.

It was in Holland Park area that I came across a book store which was called “Daunt books” and I went in and I asked them if they can let me know whether they have got any book about peace, and I asked them when was last time that they have watched a film about peace?

They kindly looked and brought me 2 books (a peace to end all peace by David Fromkin, and The ARABS A history by Eugene Rogan), also they told me I can find more about the topic on Housmans radical booksellers since 1945 ( ), and the alliance of radical booksellers ( ) and at the end they told me they have never watched a film about peace and they hoped they will see one in the future, but at the moment there is no profit in it, and while our society is based on profit we might not see one very soon. I have been so troubled by why we have to make things for profit, why can’t we do it not for profit but for humanity, and since the start of my journey here in London advocating peace I have been looking for a book about peace but there are not a lot to find. Educating with such a book at schools and institutions is the most urgent way to make people to be more aware of why we have to have peace in order to flourish; without it we are going to destroy ourselves, and the planet with us, we really need a real peace.

The reason I mentioned the topic was because as so many of us know, a lot of us busy working our way towards a system which has totally forgotten about the humanity side of us, and it is saddens me to think for how long we are going to carry on like this before it gets too late.

Anyway after a long search around the area I couldn’t find somewhere to put my head down till next day, so I decided to head back to my friend’s place near the City of London, so I could have a good night’s rest and get ready for another day of embassy visiting again in some other parts of London.

I have to say on my day of embassy visit I only got 3 refusals: one from Germany; the second from the Ecuadorian embassy, which is understandable because  with Julian Assange there I felt there was a lot of pressure on them, full security cameras and at least 3 police officers were present in there; and finally from Netherlands where I did manage to give one of our pledges to a kind lady who told me she has an appointment at 3pm and I asked her to deliver one of our leaflets for us and she kindly did accept it. The rest of the embassies were fine to accept my pledge for peace in Syria.


I started my day by going to the Visa section of the China embassy to hand over one of our group’s calls for peace for Syria, and they told me I have to go to the embassy and they don’t accept anything from me, so before I go there I headed back to the Cuban embassy which they told me come back between 0930-1230 hours and when I got there they said to me they can’t accept anyone so I went to the consult section at the back of number 167 High Holborn and they did kindly accept our pledge and then I said goodbye to them and headed to my long list of embassies around Oxford Circus.

So today I managed to visit a total of more than 20 embassies here in London and again apart from China, Poland, and Rwanda the rest very kindly accepted our pledge for peace, and I hope these embassies will reconsider their position, when I get in touch with them in writing and they will respond to us positively.

After my embassy hunting I headed towards Paddington station to see if I can catch up with a good friend from Occupy times, after some searching around I couldn’t find them, but I managed to speak to some more wonderful people around the area including Paulo from Brazil who has very kindly offered me some wonderful nice hot tea, soup and oat biscuits, from his boat where he was displaying winter clothing from different south American communities and far east places like Nepal; also another wonderful person has given me a book on peace (the unconquerable world by Jonathan Schell) from his boat library near the Paddington basin and the station. I was engaging with people about why I was there and what I was doing till late evening and then after my heart to heart communication with some of those wonderful people I headed back to my resting place after another long walking day on the streets of London.

So as some of you might know by now I am still doing embassy visits next week and on Tuesday our group in two sections have a larger group of people doing embassy visits as well and then a peace vigil at the end, about 6pm in front of the Syrian embassy in Belgrave Square, so please if you have time join us and support us for a better world and right now the subject is Peace for Syria (

So till next time may love and peace always be upon you all.

your humbled free citizen of the planet Earth


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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