Peace & Justice for Syria

In the week of 18.11.13 I visited the 8th Kurdish film festival ( with a very good friend of mine in London, Hackney area, and also I helped another wonderful friend from Occupy with an event to raise awareness about the Balcombe anti-fracking camp and the Reclaim The Power camp, which was about fracking as a whole, and showing how it is going to devastate the planet earth, and also how it is causing problems here in the UK and right now in Barton Moss ( If you want to coordinate with your local fracking issues you get in touch with the below campaign (

At both events I was there to advocate peace and let more people know about my peace journey, and about the current “Peace and Justice for Syria” group, which I have been working with, and about my current peace pilgrimage around the world’s embassies here in London, which is ongoing in November and December 2013.


A photo of me showing the above two events.

On the week  beginning 25.11.13, I started my peace pilgrimage journey from central London by walking from Whitechapel to St. Paul’s and on my route I came across my first embassy in Whittington Avenue EC3, which is very close to a famous market near there, called Leadenhall Market (“a restored Victorian covered market that sells traditional game, poultry, fish and meat. Although there has been a forum (market place) where Leadenhall Market stands today since the first century AD, the current wrought iron and glass building was designed in 1881 by Sir Horace Jones – architect of Old Billingsgate and Smithfield Markets. Close to the Lloyd’s of London building and the Bank of England, it’s a popular place for city workers on lunch break so the best time to visit is early lunchtime as it gets very busy by 1pm. It’s open Monday to Friday from 11am to 4pm and is found in Whittington Avenue, off Gracechurch Street.  Leadenhall is not only a scenic market place which makes for a lovely stroll around, it also sells some of the finest food in London”). I found out that the nearby embassy was empty, and I said to myself “here we go, this is another empty building here in London again, and it could be occupied by a few of my best and dedicated friends and we could set it up before my next year’s peace journey round the world, and if we get the consensus we could call it the “Earthian Embassy”, and next time on my pilgrimage, if they ask me “how do we know that you are coming from London?” I could say “You can contact my embassy in London, and this is the address, and the phone numbers!” and it would be up to them whether they contacted or not… And also, of course, we could have a place to stay for those people who don’t have anywhere to go for the duration of the winter period.

There were some people around the embassy, but they didn’t know anything about the closed embassy building and it had a flag on top of its door but I couldn’t recognise it; if anyone help me with this puzzle it will be a great relief.

After my first visit to an empty embassy I walked towards my old OLSX camp place and St. Paul’s Cathedral, then after a brief stop and remembrance I started walking towards Holborn and then Tottenham Court Road underground station, and I managed to speak to some wonderful people around those areas, and again spread the message of peace. It was here that I remembered I had a message from some old Occupy friends asking for my support about the current housing and shelter issue here in the UK, and particularly here in the capital, which they had started an occupation in north London to highlight. This occupation was at 212 Ballards Lane, North Finchley, and was outside the office yard of Mike Freer member of parliament (, and Mrs Marina Yannakoudakis MEP London office (, and it was there to raise the public awareness about empty buildings in London.


A photo of the camp with my KSA tent embassy at the far left end.

So I headed north to give support, and I stayed with them for almost a week, until on Thursday 28.11.13 at 0603 hours, when I and seven other members of the occupation were asked to leave the area due to our so-called trespassing into the yard of the office building of the above people. We were asked to leave by bailiffs from, and three types of police, who later asked me and others to even leave the public pavements, which I believe every person should have a right to stand on as long as they want to, if they don’t cause any problem to anyone, and specifically one of the officer asked me to leave the pavement or face, as he put it “you will be nicked”.

At this place for the duration which I was there I met and spoke to many other new wonderful people in the camp, and some members of the public, and I told them why I was there and how I can be a little help by my presence to my fellow human beings on this planet.

Despite our eviction from the yard we managed to stay around the area. A General Assembly had been called a few days back by the occupiers and other supporters from Occupy London and squatting groups. We managed to go back to the front door and the yard of Mike Freer, despite police presence, and we had a wonderful GA which around 50 people turned up for, and we approved a statement to go out in support of our peaceful demand for sustainable housing and shelter for anyone without any, then we had an after-party until near to midnight, and then I had to say goodbye to those wonderful new and also old people, who I met for the duration of my time here with my famous peace tent which survived even the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also I did my best to advocate a move from a “Tent Embassy” to an “Earthian Embassy”, and see whether I can find support to find a building rather than a tent.


A photo of us all in a new camp site opposite to the old camp after our eviction.

The latest news from this place is that some people are doing a candlelit vigil there, and this is a livestream link to some of my friends who are still there (

Below are some links to the events which happened in the occupied place:

Occupy Mike Freer front office 212 Ballards lane N12 in north London,

also a guardian article on our eviction,

also Phoenix – one of the members of the occupation – has a weblog talking about the event,

and here is another video which has been produced about the event

Also on the GA night, the  Evening Standard had an article about Mike Freer, in which he calls us “numb-nuts”, and the police “daft”, and already people are calling it the “Daftgate” saga

After almost a week in my peace tent (Tent Embassy), I received a message from one of the “Peace and Justice for Syria” working group members, to say that I and another five members of the peace group have been invited for a dinner in our wonderful peace brother’s place, so I managed to get there and I had a wonderful evening full of joy, good food, and exchanging of wonderful ideas on how we can promote peace all around the planet, and how can we spread our message of ceasefire and peace for today’s Syria, right now, and also I shared some of my stories from a few borders, countries and festivals, and I hope that they have all enjoyed it.

Out of 5 invitation 3 of us turned up, and later I got some leaflets on “Peace and Justice for Syria” for carrying on the continuation of my peace pilgrimage journey around the world’s embassies in London on Monday 02.12.13, then we said goodnight to our wonderful peace brother and later on 3 of us to one another.

If you would like to join me on Monday second of December please get in touch via 07466838320, and if you want to join the group walk here are the meet-up details for the Peace Pilgrimage for Syria which is taking place in London on Tuesday, 10 December.  So we can get around to all of the embassies of the countries involved in the Syrian conflict, there will be two groups walking around different parts of London before both meeting up at the American Embassy at 3.30 p.m.  You are welcome to join either group.  Please bring food and drink to share (if you have a thermos flask, please bring it along).

– Group A will meet outside High Street Kensington tube at 12noon;

– Group B will meet outside the office of the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) at 12 noon. Address: Strand Bridge House, 138-142 Strand, London WC2R 1HH


At 6 p.m. there will be a peace vigil outside the Syrian embassy which will end no later than 8 p.m.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact:

So, please try to promote, and share our new group event and this video (, which has been made by few members of the group.

with much love and peace




I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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