Exploration of the Capital!

It has been more than fortnight now since my last update, briefly I would like to update you to say what I was busy with.

On 31.10.13 and 1.11.13 I visited few of the thousands of empty buildings here in London, which have been occupied by many different types of people.

In one of them, some of the occupiers have organised a massive party where I tried my best to keep talking to people to love each other and be in peace with one another, but of course sometimes when it comes to the monetary system everything gets out of hand, if you are not very careful with what you are doing with that piece of paper (so we call it “money”), things might not go according to what you wish to see and have a good outcome. So I was advocating my peace journey at Waterloo Station to very young party goers, who were invited by the people in the building. I would like to sit down with many of my friends and talk about what I saw during the period I was there, which I don’t feel comfortable to talk about on this public weblog, due to not having a solution for the situation.

On 2, 3, 4.11.13, being busy seeing my wonderful nephew coming from Cardiff and spending some good time with him, and then visiting some other good friends here in London to push on the progress of a few issues which I was in touch with them to resolve.

On 5, 6, 7, 8.11.13, as many of you might know there was a call for November 5th, and I did my best to advocate peace on this day by marching from Trafalgar square through the Whitehall and then Parliament Square to say we need a better solution to our materialistic world in order to coexist and live side by side in peace and harmony with our mother nature.

I attended a monthly meeting of a centre, which is called LARC (London Action Resource Centre) (http://www.londonarc.org/), in their meeting they did discuss a few of the centre’s issues and some of the more prominent members reported back on its financial outcome and the functionality of the centre, and how it did manage to run itself by different gigs, groups and projects which got involved in the centre, and suggesting a few solutions to some of the problems raised in the centre.

Also I did a preparation for a 2-day peace vigil in Cenotaph opposite to number 10 Downing Street in Whitehall, by getting in touch with a few friends and peace campaigners, to make the vigil more obvious to the public.

On 9, 10, 11.11.13, I did a peace vigil with a peace campaigner, and/or striker “Maria” (www.peacestrike.org), and managed to speak to some wonderful people, and send across my point of view on peace and explain to them how we should remember and say enough is enough, and never again once more, and we should not see any life lost in any conflict in the world, especially right now in Syria. Remembrance for those people who lost their lives in two major worldwide conflicts – which started here in Europe and then spread across the planet Earth – remembrance for what is so called “the glorious dead”, which in reality it was not glorious but has been glorified by the mainstream media… well, we have to come out of this state of mind, in order to progress forward.

When I was there I came across a group of people “Gurkha” ( www.gurkhavoice.com), which they were on hunger strike, due to the discrimination between two different nation’s forces, and as I was explaining my point of view to people over there that we should abolish any forces above the people and we shouldn’t join such forces let alone do a hunger strike and try to lose our precious life for it, but at the end of the day it is individual choice, and they are harming themselves which is not a desired and good outcome for humanity as a whole, we have to do more publicity and awareness on the subjects of “Abolition of all forces above the people”, and explain that how we can coexist without the use of such forces in the communities and societies as a whole.

Also I have to say on Sunday I did walk a bit with the Veterans for Peace in the UK (www.veteransforpeace.org.uk), to be with their voice to say “Never again”, and I spoke to some of them, which have decided to pull out from what I call “forces above the people”, and join back into the life within their community or society. Later in the evening we did a candle and poem vigil with some more people who were peace campaigners, as well as some other wonderful human beings.

Maria and I went to a meeting on the evening of our last day of peace vigil on 11.11.13, which was held by “Brent Stop the War” (http://stopwarbrent.wordpress.com/), which they have asked an eyewitness called Ewa Jasiewicz (http://www.theguardian.com/profile/ewajasiewicz), who has visited Syria and she talked about what she has seen in Syria.

On 12, 13, 14, 15.11.13 I attended for the second time LARC, for another peace and justice for Syria working group, and some members of the group helped with showing two short documentary films which illustrate in different ways the desperate situation which people living in Syria are facing regarding the crisis in Syria.

The first film was about ‘The Bombing of Al-Bara’ (36 mins), it was made for PBS by journalist Olly Lambert. Olly was in the town of Al-Bara meeting a group of rebel soldiers on the 28th October 2012 when jets bombed the town, Lambert captured the devastating effects of an airstrike at first hand filming from the moment the bombs fell. As well as showing the chaos that the conflict in Syria creates, the film also illustrates just how devastating the practice of aerial bombardment is (used widely in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza and so on), (http://video.pbs.org/video/2364991831/).

The 2nd film was an 8 minute short called ‘The Wound’ made by a Syrian film maker: Wael Kadlo. Kadlo’s film tries to portray the situation and feelings of his friend experienced during her work as a nurse in the makeshift hospitals of Syria and the danger that accompanied her in every moment.  (www.youtube.com/watch?v=aw0s3kuWRGg)

Following this we discussed our feelings about what we had seen in the films and also heard from people who had direct experience of the Syrian conflict. We then had a planning meeting where we continued to plan upcoming activities to support the movement of peace and justice for Syria.

On 16, 17, 18.11.13 I did go for a peace march, which was called by some people who weren’t happy about one of the mainstream media which is been funded mainly by people of the UK, but did not covered a march by 50,000 people to stop privatisation of public services, including the NHS, in Manchester, in September 2013. So, I marched with this group of people from Portland Place BBC’s HQ towards Trafalgar Square then through the Whitehall to the front of number 10 Downing Street, and back to Oxford Street, then finally back to our starting point (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9wnWJxrtkc), after the march a good friend from Occupy, and a wonderful live streamer, did kindly offer me help to print out the “peace and justice for Syria” working group statement, so later on I could use them at our working group meet up in RFH, I had to say that I was offered a delicious dinner as well.

Later on in our “peace and justice for Syria” working group meeting we discussed how we can improve the group statement in a way it would be presentable to the embassies which we are going to visit, and talked about our planning on the routes and how we can do a full day of peace activities in London on 10 December on the day of human rights (http://www.ohchr.org/EN/ABOUTUS/Pages/HumanRightsDay.aspx), here in London.

Rami (another member of our group) and I did a short video, which was going to be put up by two other members of the working group on YouTube and some other social media, so hopefully more people will join our peace campaign to appeal and ask for immediate ceasefire and peace for Syria.

I did go to a strategy meeting which was held in Common House, the second series of its kind about the future of Occupy and many other topics in the agenda, which it was a very useful and good gathering and throughout the day I managed to talk to a few new people, and tell them about my journey and my new involvement here back in London in two groups “peace and justice for Syria” and the old “Shelter” working group which is up and running again, and over all I believe it was a fruitful meeting, and if you would like to know more in-depth about the meeting you can visit the OLSX website (http://occupylondon.org.uk/).

So as you might know by now I am planning a peace pilgrimage journey this time around the world embassies here in London and asking and appealing to every country on the planet which has representative here to help us and join us to ask for immediate ceasefire and peace in Syria and help us to stop the conflict as soon as possible, as I am helping and seeing myself as part of a peace and justice for Syria working group as well, so we are planning a full day of action to visit the most involved countries of the world in today’s Syrian conflict.

Please feel free to come and join me or the group whenever you can, my journey will start on 25.11.13 to 25.12.13, so hope you can find me somewhere around central London and we can visit a few embassies together or on the day of the group action, which is planned for 10th December “the human rights day”, on this day on our peace pilgrimage journey we will call for an immediate ceasefire and a Syrian-led peace process, asking and appealing on all parties to address the desperate humanitarian situation and end the human rights abuses without the use of further violence expressing solidarity with Syrian activists non-violently working for peace, freedom, human rights and social justice, and calling on all foreign actors to stop fuelling the conflict through arms supplies and other forms of military interference.

The journey will consist of visits to the embassies of key players in the Syrian crisis, both those supporting and opposing President Assad and his government, as well as the UN High Commission for Refugees and Downing Street / the Foreign Office, ending with an evening candlelit vigil outside the Syrian embassy.

Also the next meeting of the Syria Peace and Justice group will take place at the London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel on Wednesday 27th November, around 6.30pm . the group is hoping to get a Syrian speaker to address the meeting, and will continue on planning of the December 10th event, so please feel free to go and join the group.

finally please check on my facebook (earthiankvn@gmail.com) and twitter (@earthiankvn) for a quick message of my whereabouts so as to join me, towards the end of November, and in December, to visit embassies.

that’s all for the time being with much love and peace



I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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