Today after waking up a bit late I had to say a quick goodbye to my wonderful brother, because he had to go out by 10am and then I managed to eat something then prepare myself for the journey back to London after almost two months away. This time I was returning for my two year anniversary of Occupy and a year anniversary since I set off on my peace pilgrimage journey to the Middle East.

After preparing myself for the walk and for being on the road again, I said goodbye to my west England home at about 1230 hours, and I started walking towards a main road (A419 between Cirencester and Swindon). After walking for a good few miles I stopped at a main roundabout on A419, and after surviving a very strong wind and heavy rain hitting on me for about two hours, finally a wonderful human being offered me a lift to J15 of M4 and I have to say here, I was so happy when this very kind person stopped and offered me a lift that was just my first step in getting closer to London. I can’t forget the moment he told me “I’ll take you to a close place to Motorway 4”, because just then I was thinking about my previous occasions in this spot, and about when I was trying to get from J15 of the M4 and I waited for nearly six hours and finally couple of police officers kindly gave me a lift to my destination… So, I was remembering myself being in all those past situations and now the situation was even worse under a very heavy wind and rain, but perhaps the universe wanted to try my patience on those occasions and this time didn’t want a repetition of the last incident with the police, and so sent me this wonderful human being. You can’t imagine how happy I was when he stopped and offered me the lift, it felt just like he had taken me all the way back to London, despite it was really about 10 miles of distance. The memory of my previous journeys, and the response that I had based on previous experience,s was just indescribable! Here I have to thank this person and hope the universe will connect us together again in the future.

So this was the start of my first great leap into my journey to London, which was triggered by him, and the rest was just like somehow I knew it was going to happen one after another.

After I was dropped off in a lay-by somewhere very close to the mouth of J15 roundabout on M4 towards London I gave him my special heart to heart hug and said goodbye to this incredible human being, then I started walking again towards the slip road on the mouth of M4, and it wasn’t a very long time for me to wait and stay under a heavy rain and wind before a beautiful woman called Jaqui Barnes from Demand the Best ( turned up, and gave me my second lift all the way to a junction very close to Slough on M4 . Before she dropped me there she did stop at Reading service station, and she very kindly offered me a nice warm cup of tea and a cheese tomato sandwich for my lunch, and later in her car she offered me some candies ( sweets) as well, then after resting for about half an hour from 1600 to 1630 hours at this service station, she drove for about another 25 mins before finally she dropped me off at this Slough slip road. She kindly took a photo of me and when we were at the service station she got my communication details and she said she will contact me, hope to get in touch with her again (and get a glimpse of all my wet stuff through her photo).

I will try to add a photo here…

After waiting here again not for a very long time I was offered my third lift by another wonderful human being. This time a very surprisingly the universe has connected me to a very posh Windsor Castle coach and a very nice driver called Venson, who was very busy talking to all his passengers through the coach mic and telling them all about different historic things about England, and London (passengers were mainly from Russia, America, and some other places on the planet), then after stopping in a few different coach stops across west and central London, finally after being with him for more than an hour (1715-1855 hours), I thanked him and said goodbye to him at the Hyde Park Corner near Marble Arch station.

Then I started walking through a very busy Oxford street, and I stopped for a rest near to Bond Street underground station, and as people were coming and going and being very busy with their daily eating, consumerism and destruction of the planet, somehow a wonderful lady just turned up, and asked me what am I doing?, and as I told her very briefly, she offered me a bag full of different food and she said to me “you can have it all”, and she said goodbye and she was so in rush as well that I couldn’t even give her my usual heart to heart hug.

After waiting there for less than an hour (1910-1950hours), I started walking again and this time towards Tottenham Court Road station, and as I was walking and approaching towards the station somewhere between the two underground stations I saw a very good and close friend of mine from the time I was maintaining and servicing the ticket machines of London buses, back in year 2007 and 2008. My friend was busy and I had my heavy rucksack and the rest of my luggage on me, so I very briefly told him what I was doing and he told me that despite his age of retirement having passed two years before, still he was happy to carry on in his work until the end of this year. He asked me whether I am happy with what I am doing and I told him yes, and it was the same for him as well. After offering him some food and cookies, and he took some cookies, I asked him to get in touch with me and follow my blog, also to say hello to everyone else that I knew from those times who were still with him. As he saw on my board “Australia” he asked me whether I have been there and I said no, not yet, and he told me if you are anywhere near there at the end of this year or the beginning of the next year just let me know, and I said yes to him, and we said goodbye to one another.

So I carried on walking towards the Tottenham Court Road underground station, and after getting there I stayed there to rest for a while again and I wanted to see whether I would be able to engage to talk the people who were so busy and rushing to get from a-to-z with not a lot of time on their hands for talk. After a while a homeless person came out of nowhere, and asked me whether I am getting all of his customers’ money, and he was telling me how last time someone had taken all of what he was calling his “business” from him, and he was wondering if it was the same this time as well, whether am I doing the same, and so I explained what am I doing and how am I doing it and he thanked me and apologised for the accusation, and he said goodbye to me. Then after that I had a few good conversations with some new people and a very nice person offered me some more food, and even a person from the time of the early days of Occupy was there, telling me about how he did some journalism about Occupy events and how his so-called “boss” had sacked him, and he said he is going to send me an email with the letter, and he was telling me how great the Occupy movement was, and what a shame it disappeared, and I told him “it is not disappeared, it has just changed its way of continuation”, and explained that what I am doing is the same but in a totally different way, not in St. Paul’s any more but everywhere across the planet, and others that I know are doing a lot of great different things in different ways too. He offered me some money and I told him that I don’t accept any money, just food and drink, and now all you have to do is just follow my blog, that is everything that people can do, and just help me some time. We said goodbye and after staying there for another hour (2030-2130 hours), I headed towards my final destination – LSX, and St. Pauls.

On my way, at about 2200 hours, I met a few Occupiers coming back from a talk by one of them around Holborn station, and I told them where I was going and they wished me good luck and I offered some of them food as well, but they were telling me that they were ok, and had eaten and after a little talk we said goodbye to one another.

Further down and closer to my final destination I remembered that I was near a place where the tricycles are stored and they go out to different parts of central London and offer people rides, and a few years back I knew someone in there who helped me to build the base for my bicycle trailer, and I wanted to meet him again and say hello. I went in and asked about him, but a person who was in the office couldn’t recollect the person I knew, and I vaguely could remember the person who was there, so after leaving my communication details with this person I asked him if I can use the toilet and he said it is ok, then I used the bathroom, and as I came out and was looking at the surroundings, suddenly this very tall woman started swearing at me and telling me “who are you”?, and “why are you here?” and I told her who I was and why I was there, but she couldn’t understand what I was saying or it wasn’t making sense to her, so she was kept saying “get out of here and leave here!”, that’s all she knew, and I calmly told her “I am going, I just wanted to find out about this good friend of mine who helped me years ago, but now I am going, don’t get upset”. After saying goodbye to the person who I spoke to at the beginning, and confirming my communication details, then I went out of the place, but I stayed outside for a while so the clock will turn into midnight and then I can head down towards my final destination, St. Paul’s. Despite the bad incident inside the place, I stayed outside the place, on the public pavement, and there were some Thames water people in their vans and cars outside which I asked about, and apparently they were there to repair some water problem. I knew that the person who wanted me to go away wouldn’t enforce her will outside the building, so I stayed there for nearly two hours, and then I walked towards St. Paul’s Steps half an hour after midnight on 15/10/13, exactly two years since the Occupy movement started coming to this place. I wanted to celebrate that memorable day in what has been my ever-changing life since.

When I went up to the main gate of the building there was someone already asleep in their sleeping bag and I sat there and went through my years of thoughts and memories, and why and how I ended up to be here in this moment of time in the history of my life, and I wanted to share my thoughts with those people out there who had access to the web, but apart from a text message I couldn’t do much, so I just shared the memories with myself. I was sitting there and resting, knowing that trying to go to sleep without setting up a peace camp wasn’t going to be easy because the wind and rain weren’t going to allow me to go to sleep at all. Finally I managed to get to the end of my long night and at about 6am the homeless person who was sleeping there woke up and I said to him good morning and before I make any conversation with him, I saw he packed everything and went without saying anything. I didn’t want to be any inconvenience to him  so I went down to the place of the Tent City University marquee (where it used to be) and by the main tree I put down everything and I went into the Starbucks to use their bathroom and then came out and since I had plenty of food from last night I started eating and waiting to talk to people about why I was there, but hours just passed and all I was seeing was a lot of people looking at me but they didn’t want to make any conversation with me (perhaps they were all short of time as usual). It is not part of my mission to go to people and try to talk to them, so as long as I had plenty of necessities of life I just waited to see if anyone would like to know why I was there.

It took quite a long time before a nice lady came and started to talk to me and slowly others came. I have to say here that there were a lot of visitors and they were quite impressed with the beauty of St. Paul’s Cathedral more than with a little peace pilgrim with his small sign board, and also the language barrier was making them avoid coming and speaking to me as well. Some police officers were coming and wanted to know what am I doing and what are my plans, and I told them why I was there and what were my plans, and they were not harsh apart from couple of them on horses coming to me and one of them asking “Are these junks belonging to you?” and I told him “My wonderful human being, they are not junk, they are my home, and this is how I do my peace pilgrimage journey,” and he told me “You know, you can’t leave your stuff near to an iconic building, and if you leave them we will destroy them” – this was all happening because I went to a toilet in Starbucks and I wasn’t there with my things for about 5-10 minutes, so after that I couldn’t go anywhere without taking all my stuff with me, and somehow I didn’t have a good feeling to talk to people after the city police were keeping coming by in many different outfits and checking on me, and also there were not too many tourists interested in what I was doing, though I did engage in conversation with a few wonderful people. Then a person with her son turned up and told me that an Occupier has told her they will be here at about 1pm, and I told her I hadn’t seen anyone that I know since midnight. I offered them some food and cookies, and she kindly offered me a cup of coffee, and also asked me to go with her to an old building which was a pub in Chelsea at Bramerton Street sw3, near Lawrance Street, to visit some Occupiers I know who were there.

At about 1500 hours I said goodbye to the historic place of Occupy 2011 camp, on its second anniversary, and on the first anniversary of my peace pilgrimage, and I headed towards the southwest by taking a new no. 11 bus, and we got there at about 1600 hours. After saying hello to a lot of old and new friends in the place I offered them all the food I was carrying and then explored the place. As I was preparing a place to stay there overnight, suddenly I got a phonecall from a kind and very good supporter of my peace journey to ask if I can make it to the Royal Festival Hall for a talk by David Graeber (who I spoke to and met personally at the end of his talk) ( The talk was from 1800 to 2000 hours, about the Occupy movement two years on, and despite being very tired from the past two days, and wanting to stay where I was and sleep, I said to myself and my wonderful peace sister “Yes I’ll be on my way”. Immediately I headed towards there and got there at about 1845 hours and stayed there with a lot of other Occupiers in the until about 2030 hours, and then again I walked back with some of them to St. Paul’s for a little celebration all together. We got there about 2100 hours and some of us were nostalgic about the place and we stayed there and talked to one another and re-read the original Occupy statement with one person saying each point one at a time and then the final point was said by all of us as a human mic. We did have a good time there and these wonderful people offered me some food to take back to the people who I was staying with, and then I headed back towards the southwest of London again at about 2230 hours, and I got back to my resting place at about 2315 hours then I told the people in the place about the evening event that I was just coming back from, and then I said goodnight to them and rested there for the night.


Today I was waking up in a very draughty place (I thought it was ‘drifty’ at first, meaning a place where you feel air is coming but you don’t know from where?). I didn’t know last night, when I was cleaning it for my sleeping time, that it would be so draughty and no one told me that someone wouldn’t be able to rest very good in that place, so I told those people I saw today that the place I have slept last night was very cooled, from somewhere cold air was coming in, and if someone doesn’t have a good sleeping bag they will be finding it really difficult to sleep in that place, it is like you are sleeping outside! After this I met few more new people and I told them a bit about my peace mission and where to read my blog, then after eating some food and a cup of coffee and telling some of the people in the building about an event on Saturday 19 October – Anarchist Bookfair ( at Queen Mary university of London – and also about on Sunday 20 October a Balcombe gathering at Trafalgar Square to say No to fracking in the UK (and in solidarity with Romanian group campaigning for the same goal). Then I thanked the people in the building for their hospitality and I headed out and this time went towards east London to go to see a very good friend of mine who has very kindly welcomed and hosted me every time I have been back in London throughout my peace journey. I went there to spend time catching up with the rest of my journey, and to have a good rest after two long months away from there, and also to prepare myself for the next episode of my journey in the future.


These two days I helped with a general clean up and preparation of my friend’s place and didn’t attempt to go anywhere due to wet and windy weather also. By now I found out that one of my devices was no longer functioning and I had to arrange to go to a local library to try to update my blog, but due to a very slow internet connectivity and short time allocation I couldn’t do much and soon I had to abandon the place – it wasn’t helping me to do anything satisfying. Soon I had to do something to start writing up the story of my journey back to London, but in the meantime I tried to rest and organise my time schedule for the weekend and the rest of the next week, until an alternative device could be found.


It was today that I was looking forward to go and visit the bookfair and as soon as I arrived into the area somehow it was reminding me of an environment like a Marxism gathering which I think every year is taking place at the University of London in central London, which I think is run by socialist workers; but then when I went into the book stall I found many different types of activists from different places are involved. It is more like a conference really than a bookfair, there were so many talks going on at the same time in different venues, and you had to choose which one you wanted to go and attend and also at what time.

After going all around the places in the campus, and attending a few talks in some venues and engaging in some of them, I also saw some Occupiers, including a whole outreach group from Occupied Times. After saying hello to them one of them was telling me that he had read my recent blog about Hebden Bridge and he liked it, and I thanked him and the rest for following my blog and they kindly offered me the latest issue of the OT (#22 august2013 –  I didn’t ask at the time why in October this issue is the latest one), then I said goodbye to them and headed out to a few more of the talks and workshops which were available in the remaining time from 2pm to 6 pm. I attended a little bit of “Black Power Movement 1965-1973” by JoNina Abron-Ervin, also some of the talk and Q&A session about Anarchism versus Marxism, which somehow some of the Occupiers were in there posing questions to the speakers, then I headed to a workshop about deportation charter flights and how to help stop them, and then I walked down to the main entrance and I started to talk to people to say why I was there in the bookfair and talked about my point of view on today’s society and how we can change it. After 1830 hours people were already started to go to the bookfair after-parties, and I headed out to one of them with a few friends from Occupy. There were few of the after bookfair parties apparently and after getting into one of the local ones and having some food and drink and talking to few people I headed out to the second one, and the second one had a much bigger space and again in there I met few old Occupy friends and met few new people as well. Then, after some catching up and talking I started walking back to my resting place.


Today was the day of vigil and remembering the Balcombe camp and singing songs, also of solidarity with the Romanian people in Trafalgar Square, London as well. The event was organised by Simon, a Balcombe local person, and despite being under a heavy wind and rain we stayed there and spoke out and sang songs and showed our solidarity with what has happened in the Balcombe camps. If you want to show your solidarity and say no to the fracking in UK, Europe and even across America, you can share your thought with Simon on ( / or

After seeing some more new people, and some old friends, then with couple of friends we walked around the area for a bit, then we went into the National Portrait Gallery (@npglondon#npglateshift facebook/nationalportraitgallery), and spent some time in there, then we headed back to east London to a building which a few of my friends from the time of Occupy were living in. I visited their place and after some talking and seeing around the building, then having some food and drink, then planning what can we do in a place like that, one of my friends and I headed back towards my resting place. On our way back I helped my friend to get some food and drink from a free place so he could take it back to the rest of the people in the building, and then after a long walk we said goodnight to one another.


Today I tried to seek some help, I wanted to know if I can get the device which I used to use for writing my blog repaired. After some research and investigation I ended up with no luck and even the smartphone which I was using for texting and quick internet messaging went totally dead as well, so I ended up with using an old phone which is ok to get in touch in an emergency. It wasn’t a very fruitful or satisfying day, but every day is another beautiful day to me, and I am so happy with whatever comes to me and I welcome every news that encourages us to be in peace with one another.


As some of you might know today is the date of my arrival to the planet – as far as I know, forty odd years ago. The exact date is under dispute, something which my mum and my sister once told me, and I remember that I was born some time in spring, but my birth date is in autumn, so I never knew why this date? and perhaps it has never been important to me. Should I ask? Should I know? Why?! To make life easier, all I can do is welcome my existence to the planet Earth. A name that I was given on my birth is an old name and I don’t want to be known or affiliated to such a name, so I have chosen something which somehow after years it has come back to me, which is coincidently related to my peace journey, and so now I affiliate myself with something related to the planet. I have to emphasise and say, that the important thing to me is to say that throughout my existence I can’t recollect something that I have done and later regretted doing it, and I’ll try my best throughout the rest of my very short remaining life on the planet (comparing human being lives in general to the age of our little planet itself in a wide galaxy is like comparing a second to more than a thousand if not a million years), I will try to do my upmost not to do something, which will cause myself as a human being species or any other intelligent being unhappiness, and as far as I understood from this short period of time of my existence if we can get or reach in (oneself) a higher inner love and peace, you will never cause any harm to yourself or anyone else around you. So please, try to be in love and peace with yourself before trying to be in love and peace with someone else.

It was on 19 October that I met a good friend from the time of Occupy LSX from the Quakers group, who I saw again in the Anarchist Bookfair, and it was there that she told me about a programme which was going to be on at St. Pauls Cathedral for today about “how to change the world” and the subject of the night was coincidently on “peace”(, so I said to myself I have to go and find out all about it, after all I wanted to go to mainland Europe for a peace conference which didn’t happen, and now there’s a peace talk on my doorstep, it must be great, so I went there and the talk was from 1830-2000 hours and we were told if anyone wants to ask a question we could write it down and give it to the organisers and they will forward it to the speakers and they hopefully will have enough time to talk about it.

So the speakers for the evening were Stanley Hauerwas ( ) and Brother Samuel SSF (, which I met both of them at the end of their talk and told them what brought me here tonight, a talk about love and peace and how the mentality of the people could be changed on the planet. There is a YouTube video of the evening (, also you can read on this blog about it ( The evening was chaired by a person called Canon Mark Oakley ( I asked a question and very wonderfully it was put forward to the panel, it was about how can we start to teach our children peace rather than war and fighting, and how we should have a peace book in every step of our education, so banning anything violent throughout our life span, and there should be books and films about peace throughout everywhere. As Stanley put it “When was last time you saw a film about peace – never”, so over all I think they spoke from my heart and it was very effective and a good learning evening for me.

Then I met my wonderful friend who told me earlier in the week about the talk, and after some talking she kindly offered me some food and a fleece as well, then we said goodbye to one another.


It was today that a year ago I started my first ever peace pilgrimage journey from London towards the Middle East and the essential thing about the journey was to highlight some of the major points in today’s society which has restricted a lot of the planet’s population from moving about and around the planet freely.

So I headed back to my starting point to just remind myself of how despite all the difficulties in front of me I managed to get to the places I wanted to, and to highlight my concern throughout my journey to those kind people who were coming in contact with me, and how it did happen with the help of other kind human beings.

I knew that my wonderful western brother and also our west London peace sister were going to come and pay a visit to the place to just celebrate their coming and joining the Occupy movement two years ago and the anniversary of my peace journey, and also just to be there and talk about our experiences ever since. Before they turned up after 6pm I managed to talk to some more kind and supportive people and tell them why I was there, and they very kindly helped me with some food and drink.

Also during this time I was sitting with a homeless person called Phil who brought some sandwiches as well and this was about 5pm and four armed police officers turned up with taser and a real gun. I didn’t know what was happening – don’t say a person on the steps has reported us to the police, and he has told them about me (a harmless peace pilgrim celebrating its anniversary, and a homeless person sitting by me and trying to talk to people and even offer free sandwiches)? When they turned up they asked me and Phil that they are looking for someone which we said we don’t know and I told them why I was there, and Phil told them as well, and they said no problem, that we are not causing any problem, and then after looking around and talking to this person on the steps, which later I found out he was Nigel Cutteridge, then they left.

So just before my guests turn up I started a conversation with this person, as he came up to to me after the police left, and I realised he has earlier called police to report me, asking them why am I here and why they are allowing me to be here? He told me directly that he has called them about me and he asked me why they didn’t arrest me because if I go to Paternoster Square then they will arrest me, and so why don’t I go there? I told him this is the place I have arranged to be and see those wonderful people who are going to come and see me, so we can remind ourselves of our time of being here a couple years back. As I was still talking to him my first wonderful visitor, my peace sister, turned up, and I was so happy when she turned up. I was telling her about this person (Nigel Cutteridge), how after all this he has done I am still talking to him, and she started to talk to him as well and then he suddenly changed his mind and gave us couple of St. Paul’s badges – a red one for my wonderful peace sister, and a white one for myself, and he was emphasising about the beauty of the dome in St. Paul’s . It was about this time that he asked my peace sister if she can take a photo of us and she did kindly so, as you can see both of us below.

for earthian

Soon after my wonderful brother turned up, and after we welcomed him Nigel straight away asked him a few questions and as he answered them directly and straightforwardly, Nigel got upset again and went back to the steps and was sitting by his musical instrument which was in a bag ( I think it was a guitar). As the rest of us were talking to each other and happy to see each other again for our anniversary, our second peace sister turned up, so we talked and chatted about our memories and nostalgia for the place then suddenly another woman police officer turned up and was asking us whether we are planning to stay or what was our planning? So don’t say that Nigel again has got on his phone, and has called police to say “their number has increased and what are the police going to do about it?” This lady police officer, as she had a cup of tea or coffee in her hand, knew that we are not the problem and it is him (Nigel) who is causing the problem; the officers knew why I was there and she knew that Nigel has called them again and it wasn’t something that she should worry about, so then she said goodbye to us, so she can go and drink her drink before it gets cold. After a while, when Nigel understood we are not going to go anywhere, he left the area and some of my guests did the same and then they went to a local pub for a drink, and I stayed there to catch up with some of my other friends and finish my final talk with some other people around there, then my brother kindly came back to meet me again, and we went back to the pub to join our peace sisters in the there.

After about another hour of talk and catching up and reminding ourselves and talking about the past, present and future, my wonderful brother from west had to say goodbye to us and wanted to go, and our west London peace sister decided to do the same with him. We said goodbye to them, and I just remained with my London peace sister, then after about another half an hour we said goodbye to the place and headed out from a place which was quite memorable from our past time of Occupy, since we were using it as our daily bathroom at the time, and also the whole area was haunting us with reflections of different memories. At the end my wonderful peace sister very kindly topped up my London oyster card for public transport and I said goodbye to her as well.

Just before I left the area I saw couple of people from the time of Occupy who were at the St. Paul’s station and I talked to one of them about some different subjects and also “I am 132 Mexico” , which she was mentioning to me about other movements around the world ( I told her that this and Occupy London, Wall Street and many others are just part of our awakening and change that we all go through, and I hope to see a very good outcome at the end of every one of them, so we spoke for another hour then I said goodbye to them and headed back to my resting place not far from the city.


Today and the following day I was busy trying to repair some of the electronic equipment that I had which they all went dead during the last week, and also finally after almost more than a week I got my laptop back and I started to do my writing for the blog, so I had a busy two days to catch up and to prepare for the next day’s journey to north London, to the Bohemia building.( for one of our friend’s birthdays.


Today I have been invited by one of our friends from the time of Occupy London, Bank of Ideas and School of Ideas for his birthday, to a place which they have managed to Occupy very recently, and he has invited a lot of other friends to his birthday. I made an arrangement to get there for the evening and I was quite happy to see this massive building to be utilised for such good community activities with people from afar and especially locals coming and enjoying their time in the place which was provided by some of our old friends from Occupy. Also I managed to see many of my friends and talk to some other new wonderful people in there and some of them have heard about this new centre after they have had a visit to the local Friern Barnet library ( last year. Occupiers and local managed to take the library back into the hands of locals, after a long stay in the place, and the visitors were hoping the same thing will be the outcome of this new place “Bohemia building”.

A good friend who was there for our friend’s birthday  has taken a photo while I was advocating my peace journey and here is a short film which he has produced (


The Bohemia building was an old pub and restaurant, which now is in a subject of dispute between so called landlords and some other people who wanted to run the building, so we are hoping that this will get back to the hands of community and locals again and they will enjoy the rest of the building’s lifetime with the people who love it seeing it is functioning well rather than facing a closure (


After a long night last night and ending up being awake all day and night at the Bohemia community centre, then I was forced to rest the rest of my day and did a little catch up later in the evening.  Also next day I managed to do some more catching up with writing again, and later in the evening I linked with a friend to rescue some of his old files and documents from a smart phone, and then meet up with a group of Occupiers who were coming back from a new working group meeting ( ) around the city area, for an evening meal which my friend and I end up to be offered by a very kind and active occupier and livestreamer, which I have to thanks him here for his kindness.


Today I did manage to get back up to date with my blog and try to catch up with some of the mainstream media and alternative ones too and also plan to get in touch with some of my old friends to help each other with some sustainable material for living and try to find out what else do we need to do to be more sustainable and slowly get to become off grid living for our future.


Today as I arranged from before I went to this wonderful peace meeting, which with a great respect I met some of my old friends which one of them was a person called Dan ( which we did a peace walk back in 2oo9 from north west London all the way to near Parliament then they carried on to Battersea, it was great to see more than half a dozen peace campaigners including Simon (, and Maria ( as well which we walked together to Runnymede ( ) back in 2012. These were just three of which I knew and the others I am sure they had a lot of loving and peacefulness in them as well, which due to being short in time I couldn’t get engaged to talk to them at this moment of time, but I hope in the future gathering and meetings I’ll learn more about them as well and pick up their loving and caring and peacefulness for our human race and the planet as well, and link you to their sites and blogs.

So at the end of the meeting we decided to have another peace vigil day and I am hoping to make this one which will be between 9-11 November which I have to say here that on my birthday they had a peace vigil day, (, when I was back in St. Paul’s, so our next meet up for the Syria group will be on 13th November with films, talks and discussions on the subject on immediate ceasefire and peace for Syria right now and the rest of the world to follow. I hope to update you on full details when I get more from the whole group when it is sent out, so after a wonderful evening which I spent with them I said goodnight to all, and I walked back to my resting place.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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2 comments on “Anniversaries
  1. Hi, I love reading your blog – I sent you the link to the maps you wanted some time ago. If you ever plan come to the Woodford area or nearby, please let me know via my website’s Help Desk on my website. I would love to meet with you and talk more as my “Creating Paradise” project is all about people like you. I’ve also put links to your blog on my website. Love and peace. Susan.

    • earthianblog says:

      thank you so much Susan, for your wonderful comment, I hope that one day we will meet up as well, perhaps the universe has yet not connected us for a reason that I don’t know, as you know I am back in London and trying my best to advocate much love and peace all around it, please check my twitter @earthiankvn, and facebook, for my future plans.
      much love and peace to you too


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