Exploring Calderdale


Today, after having breakfast at my wonderful place of rest, which has been very kindly provided for me by my wonderful sister and brother from the north west of England (on the planet earth and part of the wider universe), I managed to bring one month of lagging- behind in my writing to an end, and uploaded the missing parts of my summer peace pilgrimage journey to the festivals and gatherings.

Later in the evening, after having our meal and talking about our daily activities, then we said goodnight to each other.


It was today that I was introduced very briefly to another place in the hostel which is called “The Shed”, which is really the best room, it is like a heaven in which to get busy and be making things (as my sister put it). Later on I did try to help her with some of Holly’s lighting (Holly is a van) and I also tried to change some other bits and pieces, but even with the help of wonderful Joe (who is helping with recycling, and other building and electrical activities in the hostel), due to the rain and rusty screws we couldn’t complete the lighting activities I had intended and planned to do, and we had to postpone some of them to a later date.

Later this evening we had another wonderful evening meal together, and a bit more talk, then we had to say goodnight to one another early, as a journey to Wales was planned.


So it was today that my wonderful brother and sister planned to go for a few days down to Wales.

In the afternoon, after saying goodbye to them, I did a bit of general help with Danni and she kindly cooked us a wonderful meal, which I enjoyed very much and then after our washing up and a tea break, and some general talk to her and some of the other people in the hostel, I said goodnight to everyone and the universe around us.


It was last night that I found out after talking to a person who was staying in the hostel that today a group of more than 30 people are planning to go for a walk around the area, and I asked him to ask the person who is organising it, if it is ok for me to go with them, and he told me no problem, so today I went to the centre of Hebden Bridge to meet them and do the walk, and after speaking to a wonderful woman called Sue she told me it is no problem to join them, and we started the walk.

It was about 11am and a member of the group who knew a bit of the history of the town told us a bit about the bridge that we have just crossed, and how it has passed its half millennium in 2010, and then a bit more about the history of the town of Hebden Bridge, which is located at the conflux where the river Hebden and the river Calder meet. We went to the top of the town towards the village of Heptonstall, then he introduced us to a new church and then the ruins of an old one, then as we were passing through the village we also saw the village museum, then the village cemetery which is quite famous for a deceased poet Sylvia Plath (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sylvia_Plath), then we carried on to the next valley to the west of the village and then at the bottom of the valley we rested for about 10 minutes by another river or big stream.

In the afternoon we did walk mainly along the Pennine Way, then we stopped for our lunch break by the Graining water and then the group had a drink break at the Packhorse Inn near to an old railway bridge which is now has collapsed, which used to be on the top of the Hebden river. We were told it was purely there to build a water reservoir near the area, so they could carry the necessary material from nearby.

Then we carried on walking and the group had a 10 minute break just near Hardcastle Crags (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hardcastle_Crags), and it was here that I found an opportunity to talk to everyone and let them know why am I doing this walk and let them know that the first anniversary of my peace pilgrimage journey from London to the Middle East is coming, and also the second anniversary of Occupy London, so between 15-23 October I welcome anyone to come and join me in London. Later on I handed out some of my Occupy badges and I told them that if I had an Earthian one as well I could have given it to them, but for now that is all I have got, and they were all very much supportive and helpful.

Hebden Bridge Walk

I am talking to the group in a circle about my peace journey.

After leaving that place we headed back towards Hebden Bridge and the group stopped again for a second drink at the Blue Pig pub and it was here that some of the group members offered me some food and drink as well, and I handed out the Occupy badges, and got the website from Sue for the group, so if anyone would like to join them, in future, they can check them out at Outdoor Duo (http://www.outdoorduo.co.uk/). After a bit of rest, then we headed back to the town of Hebden Bridge and we got back at about 1800 hours, and then people were going back to different places and some of them arranged to meet up later in the town for a dinner.

I got back to my resting place at about 1830 and after a nice and wonderful shower, I came down to the lobby and the lounge to speak to Danni to see if she wants me to prepare something for both of us because the people from the Trees group were doing different things and she told me she wasn’t very hungry, and also she wasn’t feeling very well, so I offered her a cup of tea and then as I had some food from the walking group I ate that and stayed for a little around the lobby and lounge while I said to Danni goodnight. She went to rest, then I said goodnight to some other people around the area and the universe around me, and that is how another day of my peace journey came to an end.


It was today that I knew it was going to be another wonderful dry day and I planned to cycle out and the destination was Stoodley Pike monument (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stoodley_Pike), so after cycling down the hill to the town and around the town then joining the canal, I headed towards Todmorden by the canal and just before I entred the town I turned left towards the village of Mankinholes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mankinholes) near to the Stoodley Pike monument. After a good hour of cycling and half an hour of walking with the bike, finally I managed to get to the top of this peace monument from 1815, and throughout my cycling and walking I managed to talk to some people as well.


a photo of the monument from far.


a photo of the monument from a closer range.


a photo of me with the bike by the peace monument.

After a good rest, I headed downwards from the monument towards Hebden Bridge and I managed to cycle all the way down and uphill into the hostel, and apart from a couple of dismounts I managed to ride all the way, and it was really a good day out exploring the area of “Calderdale”, and I felt at home.

So I got back to my resting place at about 1730 and after a nice and wonderful shower, then I came down to the lobby and the lounge to help Mikael (who is a member of an international tree planting group). I asked him if I can offer my help and he said he was ok and he kindly cooked for all of us and we really enjoyed his wonderful dinner, then after washing up we had our wonderful tea and drink break, so after talking about our day out we said goodnight to one another.


Today I had another day of catching up and updating and checking on some old photos and videos to prepare them for the YouTube and a link to a video file called “Earthian at Glastonbury Festival 2013”, and then link it to the weblog here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm7lpmTrb88).

I spent another evening with the international tree planting group and we did talk about the remaining few extra days which they will be here, and I am as here as well so we can spend some more time with one another, and I hope we all can have an opportunity to talk about our experiences all around the world, and why we are all here.

Later on my wonderful sister and brother turned up after a long journey from Wales, and I welcomed them back and instead of me offering them a cup of tea my sister kindly did so, while I was busy washing the group’s dishes, so after having a drink together we said goodnight to one another.


It was today that I spent some time writing up and catching up on the second week of my stay here in Hebden Bridge, and in the afternoon and early evening I got in touch with International Voluntary Services (IVS) tree planting group, and asked them if I could help them in any way for the preparation of the International evening, and I found out that there are few different menus and dishes going to be made from different parts of Europe, and quite a lot of people were already engaged with the activity and there wasn’t anything that I could help with, so I waited till later when everyone turned up and then we had our dinner together.

There were more than 20 people in the lounge and while I was there someone from IVS did speak about their international experience in Africa, and then a person from France shared a personal experience of hers from here in the UK, then later another person from Spain has kindly shared some of his thoughts about Spain and the different parts/regions of the country, by using a powerpoint presentation.

Later on, just before 2200 hours, a wonderful person from Belgium (Mikael) has shared some of his eating and drinking culture of his region with us and he kindly offered us all some different types of chocolates, cheese, and drinks.

Here I have to say all these wonderful people helped making different dishes according to their local traditions, we all tried to do our best to help with whatever we could, and at the event there were some locals and some from Treesponsibility as well, and they all helped us to share all the food that was provided for us very kindly by the IVS group, and by individuals.

At the end of everyones talk I just managed to find a few minutes time to raise the issue of why I am here and to respond to one of the members of IVS who was reflecting the idea of Scottish independence, and I had to say why I wasn’t happy or in line with her idea as well.

Later in the night, after all the locals went back after 2200 hours, the main IVS group members engaged in wonderful evening conversation and a member of the IVS who was pro Scottish independence showed us some traditional Scottish products and clothes and customs. Then another member of IVS from Finland, who didn’t have a chance to say much in the main crowd (apart from very kindly explaining about the type of pancakes that she made, and to say they are eating them with jam as well; and I told some of the people that where I come from we have pancakes with jam and/or cheese as well), so the Finnish person kindly introduced us to a wonderful evening quiz from Finland, which we all loved.

Later in the night we all managed to wash up together and then say goodnight to one another, and that is how our wonderful international evening has came to an end.


Today I woke up early, as I’d told the tree planting people I wanted to go out with them for another amazing day.

We started our journey by having difficulty opening the main door for our minibus which we were supposed to go to the site with, but finally after some struggle we managed to get it opened and then we moved out from the hostel car park, then when we got to a local co-op some of the group wanted to go in and get some stuff, but again we had difficulty opening the door, so it was here that one of the organisers very kindly took us to a local cafe and they offered us all a wonderful drink while we were all waiting for the second car to arrive. By this time it was already about midday, and then finally we headed out to the site where we were going to help Treesponsibility. We were 12 people, 2 were local and organisers, and the rest were volunteers from different parts of the planet. One of the main IVS organisers had a car and the local organisers provided another family estate car, which meant we all managed to get to the site comfortably, but as soon as we arrived at the site, the rain started and due to the hilly situation of the site and it being very windy as well, after managing to keep ourselves under a heavy rain and wind for about half an hour, then the organisers with us got to consensus to abandon the site and come back to the town and go to Nutclough Housing Co-op (formerly known as Zion Housing Co-op), and dry ourselves and rest there, eat, and watch some British comedy show called Faulty Towers, then playing some games before we headed back to the hostel at 1700 hours.

After coming back and having a shower and resting a bit we went back to Nutclough Co-op’s “creative space” and the people over there very kindly made us a wonderful dinner and then a very nice two- types of dessert, and then after some talking from the people who were hosting us for the evening about the idea behind Zion and co-ops and Radical Routes, and how they got involved, and then different input from different members, then later on some people decided to go out for a Japanese concert and the rest of us, after helping with some washing and cleaning up, headed back to the hostel.

After coming back and having a little more talk about our day of activities and a nice cup of tea we all said goodnight to one another.


Today I have to pack most of my stuff, and try to be ready for the next day when I’m moving out of my wonderful and very comfortable room that I’ve been occupying for the last 18 days (which is the maximum number of days of staying indoors throughout my whole peace pilgrimage journey). After having our wonderful breakfast together with my brother and sister I did prepare all my camping stuff to move them out and took my famous KSA peace tent out so that I can set it up on a platform which has been made outside the hostel for situations like this when the whole hostel has been booked there are no places left indoors, and I was so happy to have the opportunity of taking my peace pilgrimage tent out from the hostel building, and to stay outdoors on the platform.

In the afternoon we headed out to the carpark and started to work on the lighting system for Holly, which as I mentioned before I didn’t manage to complete with Joe, and we have postponed it, and this time I was doing it with my wonderful north brother, so while my sister was busy scraping and painting Holly, I was busy with Boris (the old red van), taking out the fog light and replacing it with the broken Holly’s red fog light, and this was at the time my wonderful brother was busy repairing the whole back lighting system of Holly and replacing anything that is needed from Boris into Holly’s back lighting system. Finally after almost three hours of struggle and patience I managed to replace the light and same with my brother he managed to do what he intended to do and some little bits from here and there as well, and then we all came back to the main building at about 1645 just before the opening of the hostel for when the guests may enter their rooms, and then I had to go to the platform and put up my historic peace tent and move my main sleeping stuff in there and be ready to move out if it was need it even tonight, but at the end I found out I can stay indoors for one more night.

Tonight we had a wonderful light meal each of us helping ourselves with different things, and I had a nice tea break and a final chat at the end of the night with the tree planting and IVS group of people for the last time, then we all said good night to one another.


Today after having my breakfast I did move out into my peace tent after staying indoors in my own room for 19 days, the longest ever indoor stay throughout my peace pilgrimage journey.

Just before midday I helped my sister with cleaning of the room which I was staying (Horsehold), and also another room (Mankinholes) opposite to me, which two teenage boys with all their odd behaviour and their adopted mum had been staying in. We prepared the rooms for some new guests which they have booked the rooms from a long time ago.

Then in the afternoon my brother and I went out to the town to take some laundrette materials, going to the post office, and also to sort out some lighting problem and get some local free range eggs, it was here that after visiting the laundrette and post office that I mentioned to him about a small hydraulic car that I have seen near to the church by the hostel, that was written on it “water car” and “zero emission”, and I told him I was looking for a water tank but I couldn’t see anything like that, and he kindly took me to the mill building near Hebden Bridge river, and showed me a water turbine which he told me it is producing 10 KW of power and that electric car is running with batteries which has been charged with that turbine, and that is how it is called a water car.

Then he kindly took me inside the Hebden Bridge mill and showed me the old water wheel, and then we changed some lights and brought back one which wasn’t working for repair, and then picked up some eggs for our pancakes (Shalkanah), which I was going to make them for our gathering tonight, then we went back to the hostel.

Since I have arrived in my new temporary home in the north west of England (West Yorkshire) I have asked my brother to see if we can make a device which will extended the life of my phone battery, and here we go he did finally offer me a batter, which will extend the life of the phone by almost five times, and an in-car charger, which we made in The Shed (my first heaven room) and made all the necessary connections together while he was repairing the lighting connection for the mill building, which we brought back earlier from there.

It was about 5pm that we were talking about our brother from west, that whether he will turn up with his girlfriend “Kate” soon or not? and as I was in the kitchen and checking for the ingredients of the stuff for my pancakes (Shalkanah), and also washing up from our afternoon tea break, that I have heard and seen them both have just turned up, and I was so happy and over the moon, because we all knew apart from them that tonight we all are going to be together for the dinner and the pancakes (Shalkanah), and also it was our brother’s birthday which Kate has very kindly made, and brought a wonderful birthday cake, which unfortunately had nuts in it and my sister is allergic to nuts, but Kate has brought some flapjack as well and some dark chocolate digestive biscuits, so we were all happy with what we were going to have and our gathering and catching up with each other.

While we were having our tea break and talking, and catching up with one another I came across two new words which I heard to be mentioned by our north brother, and I’d like to share them with you so it will remind me, if anyone else mentions them to me, that where I have heard them first was here: one was the word “pre/post-prandial”, and second “frith”, and earlier I was told by my sister what was the name of the room which I had described it in my previous blog without a name and just description, so she told me and also it is written on the door but due to the door is always opened I have not noticed it, and it is called “the Snug” room, right at the end of the lounge, and I mentioned this to our new visitors which they didn’t know about it.

Later our wonderful brother from north cooked us another wonderful risotto and we all really loved it and after that I made my pancakes (Shalkanah), which I ended up to make both style of American and English with the help of our wonderful Stuart who kindly helped with some parts of it and wonderful Joe as well, then I managed to make as much as everyone was happy for me to stop making them due to they had enough of it, and then the birthday cake came with tea and drink and over all I think everybody enjoyed their evening very much, then later on after some more talk and catching up we all said goodnight to one another.


Today after having our wonderful breakfast all together we all walked to the town and crossed the town then by the canal and we walked for a little then just before we turn to a hillside my wonderful sister took us to a place where she used to live many years ago, and she had done some painting decoration in and outside around the place and there were still signs of it, and then she kindly took us to the hill which was about 400m above the sea level towards a place called Horsehold (same as the room I had stayed in), and it was here that we said we should have a walking guide for those people who are visiting the hostel and staying in those different rooms, so they can visit the place their room is named after, and I mentioned that in the future I might make a guide according to my walks to those places which are the name of the rooms.

After walking and exploring the area all five of us and enjoying our walk we came back to the town, then after my brother and I got into a cheese store which they had more than 50 types of cheese and tasting some we chose four types to take back to the hostel so we could have a wonderful buffet all together, then Kate kindly brought some delicious apples as well, this all was at a time around 1600 hours which my sister and my brother from north did go back to the hostel a bit earlier, and I took my west brother to the mill building near Hebden river to show him a water turbine which I was told it is producing about 10KW of electricity and that charges batteries for a car which is written that it runs with water, and then I took both my brother and Kate to inside the old mill building to see the mill wheel and as I was showing them around I saw on the wheel was written on it “first built in 1314”, which I was very surprised to see a wheel this much old, but you can read the story yourself, at (http://www.hebdenbridge.co.uk/news/2013/066.html). After this the three of us headed back to the hostel as well, and we climbed up almost 100m to the place which was a nice steep uphill walk for all of us.

So we got back and we all had a wonderful buffet together, and then my two brothers had arranged from before to go to Manchester to see a gig which is called Deep Purple band, and then Kate was resting and my sister was busy with people at the reception of the hostel till about 2015 hours and I have heard that people have turned up late looking for a place but the hostel is full, which has been not usual, and she has kindly found a place for them nearby instead.

So after we had our own different drinks and talked about few other stuffs we said goodnight to one another.


It was today that finally after three weeks staying in the Calderdale area – my new home in north west – I had to put down my peace tent and pack and get ready to head back to south west first and then London, but before this I was offered by my wonderful south west brother some breakfast and my wonderful bonded north west brother, some clothes in a style of a northerner (!), so after having my breakfast with everyone I did try on my new outfit and then before I packed my peace tent from the platform my sister has taken some photos of me in my new outfit, just by my peace tent on the platform which they have built.

earthian platform

A photo of me by my peace tent in my new northern outfit on the platform outside the hostel

After all this we all packed everything, because everyone had to get somewhere, my northern sister and brother plus their friend the caretaker wanted to go to Leeds to see a preview of a film called Spied Upon (http://spiedupon.com/), while my west brother, Kate and I had to head back down to Gloucestershire area, so we all at about 1255 hours said goodbye to one another and we have given each other a wonderful heart to heart hug until the next episode of our meet up, and that is a time in which the universe will connect us all together, and we left the hostel carpark towards our destinations.

So we headed towards south west and after my brother very kindly despite being a bit tired from yesterday’s wonderful walk and last night’s gig, did drive us almost about four hours. During this time we did our best to talk to each other throughout the journey and covering different topics and subjects so we wouldn’t get bored from the road, and then he kindly stopped in a service station on our way south for us and especially for himself to rest a bit, and after getting some delicious traditional English food “Cheddar Cheese Ploughman’s” sandwich for me and for himself and Kate their favourite one as well, and Kate on the other hand had very kindly got us our tea, then after a nice food and tea break we were back in the car and had some of the remaining birthday cake with our tea for our dessert, then he again started driving back into the M5 and this time towards our final destination, South Cerney in Gloucestershire, we arrived at our destination very safely at 1755 hours.

At the end I just wanted to say thank you to everyone providing such a warm and welcoming home during my stay and the time I was in the north and my wonderful west home that I have always been welcomed ever since I was back, and for participating in helping me to get from one destination to the next, and I hope tomorrow the universe will connect me to London for my coming One Year of peace pilgrimage journey and two years of Occupying anniversary.

love and peace

your humbled Earthian brother



I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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