Small World

After saying goodbye to Simone and Kazia I walked for a while and then tried to get a connection to the Small World festival, and the universe did connect me to within almost eight miles of the festival site with another two wonderful human beings “Colin and Steve”, who were going to visit the wonderful driver’s mum in a hospital, and I wished her a quick and full recovery. This was from 1530 hours to 1545hours, so I’d had to wait for about three hours for the connection to be made, and then after another 15 minutes of waiting wonderful Phil, an electrical engineer, arrived and he very kindly offered me another lift and this time to Headcorn, as I thanked him for the lift and said goodbye to him and then I realised I am just by a florist, and as I told him about my peace journey, he just told me don’t go anywhere, and he kindly went and brought me a bottle of apple juice. I asked him about the place of the festival and I was told it is not far from here and I had to start walking towards the place, but after a while I was worried I might have gone to a wrong place and I started to ask people and a wonderful cyclist found the way and she kindly took me in the right direction and then as I was walking a rainbow brother called Tom passed by with his bicycle and a person in the back of his trailer and another cyclist, and I said hello to them, and then I knew that I am going in the right direction definitely. As I was walking a wonderful driver called Simon and his partner, who had a child with them, came about and they offered me a lift for my stuff and I thanked them for their help with one of my bags, and I started walking towards the festival again, then another two wonderful women with a child on board just offered me a lift to the festival site.

So I arrived at the gate of the festival at about 1730 hours, and now you know how I made this journey and all the connections with just pure love, and being in harmony with all around us.

Right at the main gate I saw another two friends, and as I was invited to the festival to speak about my peace journey, I didn’t have to talk and arrange at the gate how to get in. As I was walking towards the welcome area of the festival I came across a fruit and vegetable store (, and I asked a wonderful lady who was called Andria for an apple, and after I explained what I was doing, she very nicely looked through some apples and she very kindly handed two nice apples to me and she told me to come back whenever you need something else, and that was it, I went back and helped them for the duration of the festival almost every day for an hour or so, and I was having my organic food there almost every day. I did press apples and grapes and washed potatoes and dishes, so I was almost part of the Ash Green Organic store, especially after I did introduce myself to Mark the manager of the store, and he welcomed me as well, and that is how I came to know them and after the festival they did invite me back to their place, and I went back to their place to set up some internet connectivity and ended up staying there and helping them with some apple picking and other help for more than a week – which was a first time experience of apple picking here in the UK. I enjoyed it, and it did remind me of Cyprus and my experiences in the orange, grapefruit and lemon orchards, except there was in a very warm climate and not a lot of farmers around.

Back to the festival I arrived to the welcome area and a wonderful human being offered me a cup of Earl Grey tea , and I told him it is a posh cup of tea, but if you are offering me a cup I’ll welcome it with my open heart, and as I was waiting for my cup of rich tea I saw Tim, a wonderful friend from time of Occupy LSX and Green Gathering, and it was he who did kindly arrange for me to get into the Small World festival, after hearing about my story at the Speakers’ Forum at the Green Gathering few weeks back. Tim showed me one of the new big geodesic domes with a blue top, opposite to the main Small World Solar Stage, which was called “a 1000 Words Stage”, and he kindly arranged for me to talk about my peace journey for about an hour on Monday 26 August, a bank holiday. He also kindly introduced me to some of the crews and it was here that I discovered a green and solar stage which was supported by wonderful “Puffin Green” and “Mark Kaplick Solar Stage” (their names on face book), and that was one of the stages that I was going to talk in. During my next festivals after Small World I have seen their stage two more times, at “Solar Afayre” and “Alchemy”, and I did talk again on that stage in Alchemy festival.

Back to my wonderful cup of Earl Grey tea, which by this time was ready, and as I was having it I told a bit about my story to the people around the welcome home fire and especially to the wonderful person who offered me the cup of tea, and then I told him about my talk times and said goodbye to them.

At the Small World festival I met again a few Rainbow brothers and sisters, and I spoke to them about my peace journey, and also I did a peace pilgrimage around the inner festival site, and I met a few new people and talked about my peace journey and told them my talk times.

After this journey, at one of the gates, as I was looking for a quiet area to set up my peace tent, a steward called Martin helped me to find a place. Later on I found out not only it wasn’t a quiet place but also I had a neighbour who was snoring, and you could hear his snores from yards, if not miles!? but because I was tired after setting up my peace tent, I slept like there wasn’t anything around me.


I started my day by going back to the organic store and helping them with some chores and then having my lovely breakfast and meeting a few new people from the store as well as wonderful Shaun who was very kind. After that I went around the site stages and tried to make some other arrangement to talk at a free time on the stage or “open mic” time, and I managed to make an arrangement with Ian a stage organiser to talk at about 7pm on his little Village Stage, and then went around the festival again and talked to more people to tell them to come to the little Village Stage, then back to my talk which went well for about 5 to 10 minutes and I let more people know that on Saturday, Sunday and Monday I have talks on different stages if they want to hear more. I finished my day by talking to more people and I remember before it got rainy  I went back to Ash Green Organic because I knew from previous day that they had some rainbow umbrellas, and I asked to borrow one, and a nice person there kindly helped me, and it helped me a lot throughout the festivals, while my black and white one was left in a car.


I woke up and went to Ash Green Organic and told Andria and Mark about the umbrella story and I asked them how can I help, to be able to have the umbrella, because I have left my one in a car as I was coming to the festival? And then they asked me to help them with some chores in the store, then I had some breakfast before I went around the festival and talked to more people and let them know about my peace talks at the open mic on the Castle Stage (after arranging this with Brandon the stage manager for 12pm yesterday) and also at Cricket Jam Dome for 1630 hours for an hour. Both talks went very well and I reached a lot of people as well, after here I went to SAMs Sauna where I knew the owner Mark from other festivals including the Green Gathering, and I and another person who was there already helped Mark with chopping some wood, then I had a shower in the washing area behind the sauna, then did some more outreach to different people all around the festival.


I started my day as usual going to my favourite store and helping them and getting my organic breakfast and then at 3pm I had a short open mic talk in the Solar Cycle Stage, having made an arrangement with Phil the stage manager, and I let more people know about my long hour talk at the new 1000 Words geodesic dome Stage.

So today in the evening I finally did my main peace talk and I was told it did reach a lot people’s hearts and minds, and I was happy myself to tell my real story to those people who were really keen on knowing why and how I am doing my peace journey.

Tonight about 9pm I went to a wonderful shell of a wooden geodesic dome which was just opposite to the blue dome and during the day nothing was inside it and during the night there was this wonderful telescope in there, and people were queuing to watch the moon and other stuff, and I saw moon through it and it was so real and I thanked the person who was called Elisa from the Travelling Observatory ( and later on she became a good friend and even next day when I went back to see the sun I asked her about an instrument which you can see the sky constellations, and she kindly donated one to me, and even at a later date in another festival called Over the Moon she brought me a page of Astronomy Now magazine ( with some information about lunar data, which I asked her and she didn’t know at the time.

So as she has organised all this, I told her I should like to give you a heart to heart hug in return, because I have never seen a moon as close as on this telescope. Then someone told me “In Welsh we say CWTCH for a hug (, and I told her, “Ok, I didn’t know that”, and I asked her “How do you say love and peace?” and she told me CARIED means beloved, but she didn’t know peace as well, so here we go, I found out beloved will be annwyl, love is caru and peace would be heddwch, so now I can tell to them may Caru and Heddwch be upon you all wherever you are.


I started my day by going to Ash Organic, helped them with the final apple pressing and some other general kitchen chores, and then I went back to my main place the 1000 Words geodesic dome stage to help them with tatting down and make it easy to bring the dome down next day.

I have to say there was a lot of good programs run in the dome for the duration of four days of the festival, and many of them including children programs, music and poem, films about Occupy, talks about police arrest, and discussions on fracking which were all knowledge-based and making more people to be more aware of what is really happening in and around the planet.

So by far this stage was new and had something new to offer people comparing to some other stages.

I have to say I have helped the organisers of the stage in their cafe as well at film showing time, and it was a great place for me to go and talk to people at a time when there weren’t a lot of people around to have a sensible conversation with, and I found out about this after going into my next two festivals, where this became more obvious to me.

So, the stage was called 1000 Words and if I could talk about it for a thousand words I could touch all the subjects and matters which went on in the dome for the duration of almost a week, but I think this is not something that I should attempt here. I hope I can find some photos and the link to my peace talk.

After my help with the dome I went all around the festival again to say goodbye to people and tell those who didn’t know about my peace journey what I was doing there, and then I headed to the main gate or exit area to talk to more people as they were leaving the festival area.


I started my day again by going to Ash Organic, helped them with the final grape pressing and with bringing down their kitchen marquee and gazebos and then I went and helped the 1000 Words geodesic dome Stage to be brought down as well, and Phoenix kindly donated a tent to me and I thanked him and I couldn’t carry anything more, like after Glastonbury and tatting there. I can’t carry things if I can’t walk with them by myself.

After this I went around the festival area again to see how I could help to make the area cleaner and try to help the land to be returned back to its natural status, and meanwhile I was talking to different wonderful people and saying the final goodbye to them before heading out towards my next resting and helping place for more than a week.  That was with the wonderful Ash Green Organic people, and at about 1845 hours we went towards their resting place very close to many of their apple farms (orchards), and after crossing a few little places and the town of Marden then we entered the village of Benover where I stayed in until my 16th festival, which was Solar Afayre ( on Friday 6th of September.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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