Noisy alchemists & ideal domes


Today I managed to do some general cleaning, and tried to do some catching up with the world of internet which I was away from for almost a month, and then later our wonderful friend Paul very kindly cooked us a delicious meal and a nice dessert as well, we really enjoyed it, and after some chatting and more catch up we said goodnight to one another.


It was today that I felt I have to prepare something for my brother and Paul, and I managed to get the recipe for a meal which is called Qobli (Yakawasora), and I managed to gather the ingredients and also a small dessert which we managed to eat together and I have heard that they really liked it and I thanked them for their trying to eat it with me, again it was another wonderful evening to be together. As we had planned before, my brother and I had to go to Lincolnshire for the Alchemy festival next, so we had to prepare ourselves and then later on we said goodnight to each other.


Today before my brother came back from the place of antiquity, I managed to prepare myself and also make some sandwiches for our way, due to it being a long three or four hours of driving, and then I packed everything that I could, so when my brother came back I was ready and all I have to do is ask him if there is anything that I can be of help with. He came back at about 4pm and he managed to make himself ready in less than an hour, so we managed to leave the area at about 5pm and headed towards the north east of England (towards Alchemy festival in Lincolnshire).

After leaving our region of Gloucestershire (, and entering Shakespeare’s Warwickshire (, then we passed the fox’s county of Leicestershire, and finally we entered the famous county of Isaac Newton, Abraham Lincoln, and many more in Lincolnshire ( After crossing few little towns and villages we managed to enter the festival town of Coningsby, and after a small GPS mapping error we managed to correct our way and we safely arrived in the festival area just about 9pm. After a little wait outside the box office we said the magic words that our sister had arranged to let us in and everything went well.  Just a bit later we managed to find our wonderful sister, behind the famous Kaplick Solar Stage (which later made my brother and I a bit dysfunctional, due to its loud noise for almost three days).

Our sister had kindly arranged for us to be there, to be part of her wonderful “ideal dome exhibition”. There is a website for how to make a geodesic dome if you visit ( and there were LEDs ( all around this beautiful geodesic dome, and also there was a lot of literature in the dome including the Occupied Times, which made me busy reading some of the new issues and even I found some old articles about my time in Occupy, and especially the Occupy Nomads (OT#13 page3 and OT#16 page19/22) – some of the photos in those papers were taken by my brother, and it was just before I start my Occupy Everywhere.

So, just before we started talking and trying to catch up with each other we managed to eat some food, and then my brother put up his tent and I was offered to stay in this wonderful dome, and also we talked about how we can offer our time to talk to the wonderful people who will come to see the dome from tomorrow.


The first day of the festival was a beautiful sunny day and I managed to put up my peace tent – for more than the 180th time – and also I went around the festival and talked to some more wonderful and interesting people in different areas of the festival, then came back and helping with interacting with more people. This time it was not only about my peace journey, but also about how we can live in a geodesic dome as a shelter or for any other purpose, also we talked to people to say how lighting can be provided just using ultra low power LEDs with a 12V battery, which can be charged by a solar panel. If the person was really keen on knowing more, we could explore more areas with them, in terms of the literature we had inside the dome as well.

It was today that a person came along and told my sister that she had inspired him two years ago, and now he has designed a geodesic dome with hollow metal pipe, which can be put together in ten minutes; he came to thank her, and he was a blacksmith and they had a workshop just opposite to our ideal dome, and this triggered me to go along  and ask if there was a possibility of making something for my enamel bowl, as I couldn’t carry it on my belt, and they kindly helped me with this problem and I thanked the blacksmith for helping me with the bowl.

Later my brother very kindly cooked a wonderful dinner for us, and we really enjoyed it, also we were waiting for a couple more people to join us for the rest of the weekend (our brother Dave, and sister Ali), so then after they came we had a wonderful drink and more catching up, then we said goodnight to each other.


Today I managed to make a rocket stove with a group of wonderful people in Earthy Steve’s workshop. If you want to see how it does look like you can see this video (, and for how to make it yourself he has got “rocketstove workshops” or “Earthy Steve” on facebook, and also you can see how to start a fire without a lighter or a match – watch this video which is not very green but effective ( or effective and green here (

Also Steve told me about story of a person who is called Chris from Manchester, and he has designed something which can produce electricity, he had a model in his workshop, but if you want to know more about it you can look up at, I hope you will find it interesting.

After making the rocket stove and filling it with wet soil I brought it back to the area where I was staying and tried to test it but it didn’t perform well. Later on we found out it was because the soil was still wet. I gave the stove to David Phillips who invited me for a dinner, and later he told me he would like to give it to one of his friends called Matt Parker as a birthday present, and I was happy that he has used it after the soil dried out and he found it very useful, and also it has found a nice place to go and has made someone happy to have it; after all, I as a peace pilgrim wouldn’t be able to carry it and the whole idea of going to the workshop was to learn how to make it, and hopefully one day show others how to do it all over the planet.

Later on I managed to speak to some people who were running some of the main stages, in order to organise with them to slot me in to speak about my journey just for a short time, so if anyone was interested they can then check my blog for more details. Also I managed to do some help with the “ideal dome exhibition” as well as cooking some food (Qobli/Yakawasora), so we could all have our wonderful dinner together, and then later we had some wonderful black chocolate cake which was made by Ali, and we all enjoyed it with our tea.

Music from our neighbouring stage was great, it just had too much bass in it and I couldn’t cope so sometimes I had to put in some earplugs and it was the same with my brother as well, but we managed to cope just for another day.

It was today that I met Joel Robb’s dad, and he kindly asked Joel to make my first “Earthian a free citizen of planet Earth” badge, and I thanked both of them. They had this little caravan home full of scientific exploration, and I gave them both a heart to heart hug and told them I’ll mention the website address on my blog, so you can find them on, and read all about them yourself.


Today I asked Joel if he could kindly make another badge for my hat, saying “Earthian with love and peace” on it and he very kindly made it for me, and then I went around the festival and spoke to some more people and confirmed some of the times I’d arranged for my talks on two of the main stages. Then I did some help with the dome, and talked to a person who I knew from Small World and Solar A Fayre, but we never had a chance to sit down and talk about what we are doing and why we are doing it. He gave us some literature for the dome and details of a website for all the information from his friend Paul Mobbs (

I managed to speak in Kaplick Solar Stage and reached some more people for a very short time at about 1715 hours, and I also spoke at the Liberty Solar Stage at about 1930 hours, which I was told would be on livestream on Alchemy festival’s website (

In the evening we had a wonderful meal made by Ali, who kindly dedicated her time to the meal. We also had homemade black chocolate cake from yesterday, and we really enjoyed the meal and I found tofu was something I’d never had before – I thought it was some kind of chicken fat till I was told the correct name for it!

Before sleeping we said goodbye to my brother and Ali who wanted to go earlier than our waking up time in the morning. We all hugged them and we hoped to see them soon, and then we said goodnight to each other.


It was another beautiful day, and when we woke up a lot of people already had left the festival including our brother Ben and sister Ali. Dave, Emma and myself started to pack slowly after eating our morning food, and I put down my peace tent and also helped with packing the ideal dome and did some other little chores all around the festival, then we were ready to leave the festival area.

It has been and always was my intention to come and visit my sister’s place, ever since my arrival back into the UK in April, because of her very kindness and inspirational view on what I was doing during my peace pilgrimage to the Middle East and back here in UK, but it had not happened yet, so I asked her if it was ok for me to go and stay for a little while and she said to me “it is fine”, and that is how I decided to go back with her and Dave to the north west of England.

So after having some light food and a nice tea break, we went around the festival in opposite directions from each other and met in the middle then carried on, saying goodbye to those who we knew or had bonded with at the time of the festival or before, and then around 1700 hours we left the festival area and left the east of England and the county of Lincolnshire.

After passing the famous county of Robin Hood in Nottinghamshire ( we entered the famous white rose county, the greenest and largest county of England – Yorkshire (, which is the home of my northern sister and brother. Soon we arrived in an area known as the Pennines, or Calderdale, in the town where the beautiful rivers of Calder and Hebden Water meet.

It was about 2100 when we arrived at our resting place, and I had to thank my sister for such a wonderful and nice and slow, safe journey in the wonderful Holly (the big green van) and also I had to be thankful to my wonderful brother for his calm, loving and peaceful patience as he followed in a small van (named Tchorkie). I have to say, apart from a little glitch at the start of the journey when we were still back in Lincolnshire, everything went so smoothly and wonderfully. I was sitting with my brother in the smaller van and we were following my sister and wondering whether Holly will be taken all the way up onto the hill we were going to, as my sister had never driven that way before, and I told my brother “watch, and she is going to do it” and indeed she did it, and it made the whole journey much more wonderful, and peaceful.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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