From solar to lunar

While I was helping out a few of the festival stage managers, I managed to get in touch with a wonderful person named Stan, who ran Larry’s Lounge at Small World festival and had helped with providing stage equipment at Solar A Fayre. Stan was going next to Over the Moon festival and he kindly helped me to get to my next destination after we’d gathered all his stuff and put it in his big van.

So, after leaving at 1330 and passing through Staplehurst (, Hawkhurst (, Hurst Green (,_East_Sussex), Battle (,_East_Sussex) and finally Boreham Street (, we managed to arrive in the town of Hailsham ( The festival site was only about two miles away from the town and we finally arrived at 1500 hours in a farm which was called Knotch Hatch Farm, and Over the Moon festival was there.

As I arrived, obviously people at the main gate asked who I am and why am I here? however, some of them knew me very well from other festivals and they asked me to go to the production office. After going to the production office and speaking to some wonderful people – especially Hanna – I managed to get in touch with the main organiser of the festival, someone called Jim, and then Hanna kindly took me to the quietest area of the festival, in the healing area and I set up my peace tent. Then I went back to the production office and reminded them that usually I speak to people about my peace journey, and they kindly help me with my food and drink, but now that I am in and have set up my peace tent, I would like to arrange some talking time and also I would like to help in the crew kitchen in order to get some daily food. Hanna again kindly took me to the kitchen crew area and she introduced me to someone who was running the crew’s kitchen – and I knew him from the time of my Sunrise festival, and here we go it was Chef, who had his cafe and also was helping the festival with the crew’s daily food. Anton (a Rainbow brother from the last festival, Solar A Fayre) was also helping to cook, and also Hanna put me in touch with some people in the areas where I wanted to talk and already I knew most of the people she was introducing me to, from previous festivals. It was very nice to see them and organising my talk was very much easier to arrange, because I was known to them too.

So, that was how everything went at the Over the Moon festival; I managed to arrange some talk time in a few different venues and my favourite place was the roundhouse in the healing area, and also there was a stage which I knew from the Green Gathering called ” Avalon Rising talk space”, and it was my favourite stage in the festival, where I was spending some of my time listening to some informative material and documentary films.


Today I helped the main kitchen to get ready and be set up for tomorrow so crew can come in and help themselves with tea, coffee and music, and later on I helped to distribute some food past its sell-by date around the festival site, including to the Castle Stage which I knew from Small World festival, and also I helped Stan (the person who kindly gave me a lift to the festival), and also I introduced myself to a new geodesic sauna and shower system which was very different from the one I have seen in Green Gathering and Small World. So my day ended by talking to different new and old friends all around the festival.


Today I did help the main crew kitchen and also I went around the festival again and helped some other stages and visited the main stage – called “The Moon” – to see if I could arrange a time to talk for about five minutes before the main music would start at 4pm, but due to the full programme and delay in their set up there wasn’t any gap for me to speak there, but still I managed to get into some other stages and announce that next day (Saturday) I would be doing my talk in the roundhouse, after the Shamanic wisdom.


Today I had another busy day around the festival and also met up again with some old friends from other festivals and also went around the site again to tell more new people about my talk at 6pm, and later on some people turned up and I did have good conversation with them, and one of them was someone was called Ben Popple who was making raw chocolate, and he kindly offered me some as well, if you want to find out more check out his site (

Later today also I met two more wonderful people from the “love revolution” (, who had seen me at previous festivals, and they kindly took couple of photos and they have uploaded them to the web and we can see them below.


Prince and I at the Over the Moon festival.


Neads and I at the Over the Moon festival.


Today was my last day of the festival and I tried my best to do my outreach all around the camp, going out and speaking to a lot of people starting from crew kitchen area and also I went back to the roundhouse and met Colin Willby who had just finished a workshop about his Peace Mandalas Publishing (, and then after his workshop I spoke to some more people in there as well, and due to rain forecast from yesterday I did pack my peace tent and said goodbye to the people near me and I was ready to head west back to my brother’s home if anyone was ready to go in that direction. I had everything packed and it was all in the roundhouse, while I had a long journey around the festival site asking if anyone was going in my direction. I had no luck so on my way back to my favourite place, the roundhouse, I met Colin again in Larry’s Lounge, and spoke to a few other people there, and then listened to a speaker and a video documentary on my favourite stage Avalon Rising, and there was a website address which they were showing this film from ( – it is quite awakening, see it for yourself!?


After going all around the site and saying goodbye to almost everyone, and telling everyone about my weblog and my peace journey, finally I headed out of the festival to the main exit gate. Just before leaving the festival, as I was waiting for a lift towards the west of England, something came to me and I said to myself “I have to mention this”. It was that I felt in a way so released and relieved after coming out of the festival, due to a lack of decent conversation with the majority of the people who I met since after the Small World festival. I had a decent conversation maybe once or twice, but the majority of those wonderful people who I met and tried to have a conversation with were under influence of drugs or alcohol – mainly drugs – and they were all saying to me “you don’t know how creative you will be if you use this type of drug, you will see things clearly”, but their speech and movements were all slowed down and I hardly could make sense of what they were saying. It was as if they were really on a major breaking point of a massive project but they didn’t know how to solve the mystery, and they thought taking these sort of drugs will help them to solve it, but I couldn’t see anything like that – there wasn’t any mystery to be solved, and they were really to me just escaping from the reality in front of them. I wasn’t convinced for a second that the drugs would help, I don’t know how else to put it but to say I was disappointed by the amount of drugs consumed in the name of pleasure or recreation; I’ll leave that thought with you, and hope I’ll be more clear in the future about what I have seen, enough to say that it is not encouraging to me at all.

Anyway, after waiting for about two hours a wonderful person gave me a lift and he told me he is going back to Bristol, and I asked him if it is ok I’d like to go with him till Swindon and he kindly offered me the lift. Later on as we were speaking he told me that he was originally coming from Ankara (capital of today’s Turkey), and he has been in the UK for about 15 years and he is very much enjoying the freedom and the society of Bristol, and also he kindly offered me a drink and some food on our way back in a service station on the M25 just before getting on to the M4 westbound. After almost about three hours driving he very kindly dropped me in a layby at J15 of M4 at about 1400 hours and after giving him a heart to heart hug I said goodbye to him.

It was here that I waited for more than five hours and I calculated that almost 30,000 vehicles passed and none of them offered me a lift and I had to finally start walking and then try to find a place to put up my peace tent, due to the time was getting late. It was about 8pm when a police car appeared and the police saw the sign of my destination and they kindly gave me a lift and I gave one of them a heart to heart hug and had a good handshake with the driver who couldn’t get out of the car for some reason. I said goodnight to them after about a 15 minute drive, and when I arrived at my brother’s place it was wonderful to see him finally after almost a month, and he kindly had some wonderful food ready and all three of us had a great dinner and later a nice dessert together, and after some catch up we said goodnight to each other.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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