Apples & fayres


After a good night’s sleep in Mark and Andria’s wonderful place and after having a good breakfast we headed out to the first apple orchard in the afternoon and we picked some Worcester Tydeman’s apples (, then we said goodbye to some other wonderful friends who were helping Mark and Andria and then later in the evening we came back to our resting place, and after some rest we did some grading and other general help. Due to Mark having to go to London Market the next day, so Andria and I did help him till quite late, and then we said goodbye to each other.


Me in my first day of picking apples in an orchard near the town of Paddock Wood


A group of us in our first day of picking apples in an orchard near the town of Paddock Wood in Kent


After having our breakfast I did some clothes and sleeping-bag washing, and some general tidying and organising things, and in the afternoon Andria and I went to a very close by apple orchard and we did pick about 30 bushels of discovery apples (, then we called it a day after that and had a wonderful dinner and another good night’s rest.


On Saturday we had to do some grading of discovery apples which we picked on Friday, and then some other general organising of recycling and composting old apples, and a bit of general cleaning and over all we had a great and satisfying day.


Sunday was a resting and an exploring day for me around the area, so after a good night’s rest and a nice breakfast I headed out on a bicycle northbound towards another little village called Yalding and then after a nice rest in a local green area near historic Twyford Bridge ( where people were out and enjoying their time, I followed the river Medway ( and Medway Valley ( to a place where the river and a canal meet up together, and then over the famous Medway/Yalding historic bridge towards the town of Tonbridge, then I had to come back and go southbound towards the little town of Marden and explored the area before heading back to my resting place by about 1600, by which I had to get ready to go with Mark at about 1900 to his parents’ place, but he never came back and the trip never happened, so I helped out with some other activities around the place until about 2100, which by then Mark and Andria came back from Mark’s parents place and then we had another tea and talking break before we said goodnight to each other.


On Monday again after a good night’s rest I did help with some general cleaning up and later in the afternoon I did pick some 18 bushels of discovery apples in a local orchard very close to our resting place, and then in the evening I met Mark’s brother Tim who visits Mark every Monday and we had a lovely dinner and a good chat, then after spending another good evening together, we said good night to each other.


After a good breakfast we headed out to one of the old orchards where we went on our first day, and this time instead of picking Worcester Tydeman’s apple we picked discovery apples and we managed to pick more than 30 cardboard boxes so we were busy till quite late in the evening, and we have even delivered them to a local depot distributor in the town of Paddock Wood not very far from the orchard, then we went to a local public house to have a drink and use some internet while we were waiting for Javier, a wonderful human being from South America (Colombia) who was coming from London to the town of Paddock Wood to join us. It was at this time when I could briefly send a message out on facebook to say I am ok and very briefly saying what I was doing since I left London, then at about 2100 our wonderful guest turned up at the town and we all went back and had a wonderful dinner together and shared some foods from different continents, and after some late night chatting we said goodnight to each other.


We all woke up and had a wonderful breakfast and then we did some general tidying up and preparing some bushels to go to a new orchard and we went to a new orchard and we picked till late about 2030 hours but this time a new type of apples “Laxton’s fortune” (, and we managed to pick 72 bushels which was a record pick for just four of us, and then we headed back to our resting place and again we managed to have a wonderful evening meal together and this was my final evening in the farmhouse, so we all tried to have an enjoyable and memorable evening together, then we said good night to each other.


Today was my last day in the farmhouse so I had to pack everything and be ready to head out to my 16th festival of the year, and I had my final breakfast with my wonderful hosts Mark and Andria and our wonderful friend Javier from Colombia, then we loaded some more bushels and headed to one of the old orchards and this time we all picked more than 30 bushels of discovery apples and I remember it was a hot day and usually we weren’t going out till after 2pm but today somehow we hit the heat of the day and by 2pm we headed to another orchard, and this time we picked some 10 boxes of wonderful plums, and then about 4pm we headed back to our resting place.

After a brief rest and taking a shower I packed everything and just before 1630 I said goodbye to Andria and Javier. Mark was going to pick up some grading boxes for all those 72 bushels of apples from yesterday, and then dropping a broken apple picking ladder to a farm engineering site and on his way to his farm place he kindly dropped me at about 1730 hours about two miles from the nearest village to the festival, which was called Boughton Monchelsea (, and it was here that I had to say goodbye to Mark and thank him and Andria for all the goodness and kindness that they showed me during my time staying with them, and I told them that I hope that I have been just a little help to whatever goodness that you are doing on the planet, and I am happy for what you are doing and for you encouraging others to do what is right to do for people and the planet. I have to say, despite there being almost 30 different types of apples I managed to just pick less than half dozen varieties, and I hope that the universe will connect me to pick some more other types very soon, before the end of the autumn season. (You can see for yourself the rest of other types on their website After a good heart to heart hug I said goodbye to these beautiful people and started walking towards my next destination.

I did walk for about two miles, and then I came across a few young boys who wanted to get to the festival as well, and they were asking me about its location, and I told them I don’t know and I am looking myself and I have to just ask people, and they went to a direction which they thought it is a right one, and I stayed there by the roadside in a green area and after about ten minutes a man and a lady came to me and they said “we would like you to move from our green area” and then they asked me where do I want to get to? Clearly they didn’t know about the festival and they wanted to send me back towards a place which I was just coming from, and I knew that those young boys have gone in a direction opposite to what they are saying, so I told them “Thank you for your help and you should not worry, I will find it” and I said goodbye to them and I started to walk again and then after another two miles there wasn’t a sign of any festival and no one knew anything about it ,then I came across two wonderful women who were walking around the area and I asked them and showed them the address and one of them kindly checked the address and she told me the direction and after thanking them and heading on for a bit longer, I wasn’t sure I was going in the right direction and I asked a person who was delivering some stuff around the area and he kindly looked in his smartphone and he told me “You have come in the wrong direction, you are just coming from a place which I am saying you should go to!”, so I was up and down with all my home on my back, shoulders and chest. After walking for another three to four miles, again there wasn’t any sign of the festival and even there wasn’t anyone around to ask, and as it was getting dark a car came and stopped a little way away and they called me so they can give me a lift, and as I was running to get to the car but they pulled away, and then as it was really going to get dark I decided to put up my peace tent on a road near to a mansion with a swimming pool and tennis court on Weirton Hill, between the Weirton Road and a long lane. I was very close to the road address for the festival, but because it was getting very dark and I was very tired by this time, I knew there will be tomorrow and I wouldn’t be able to make it that night, so I said good night to the universe and everyone else around me including those in the mansion, and I put my head down in my peace tent for almost the 180th time in my beloved and historic rescued-from-KSA tent.


Today, after packing up my peace tent, I headed towards the festival and I got there finally after another two or three miles of walking again, and I managed by asking wonderful people to find the organiser of the festival named Richard, who kindly invited me to the festival when we were at Small World, and he told me about a place where I could set up my peace tent. Then I started to talk to people, and also I arranged with a person who was organising talks in the healing area that I could talk for an hour from 1430 to 1530 hours on Saturday and Sunday, in a bell tent in Trixie’s garden. After my peace pilgrimage journey around the festival, and getting in touch by talking to more people, I rested in my peace tent and said goodnight to all the people around me and the universe.


Today I went around the site again to tell more people about my peace talk, and later on some people turned up and I did my talk and it was very good. Later on I got in touch with the kitchen crew and helped them with some kitchen chores, and organising and helping to cook.

There are two photos of me from the festival with some wonderful people who I met here and at Small World.


A photo of Lorraine Kashdan  and I taken by someone from the Solar A Fayre festival.


Today I met a wonderful human being called Mason who was helping with recycling on the site and he kindly offered me a full vegetarian English breakfast, and then I helped out with some cleaning up of the site and later on I did help the main crew kitchen with some food serving. Despite heavy dance music close to the kitchen, I enjoyed another day of talking to people about what I am doing and why I am here, and I met some nice people who were helping in the children’s area, and they were dressed like they were from Mars (


With Mason (a wonderful human being who looks after the environment and the planet as a whole), at the end of clearing up at the Solar A Fayre festival just before heading to Over The Moon festival.


Today it was the final day of the festival and I helped for a good few hours Anton and Liz, a Rainbow brother and sister, to make some bhajis using potatoes and cauliflower, and some other ingredients for the camp crew and everyone really liked the meal and I enjoyed helping them and serving them as well, here is a video of how to make them as well ( or this (

Later in the day when I went back to my peace tent I saw some money by my board, and I asked Alexandra (Anton’s daughter), who just happened to be around by perhaps a lucky universe connection, to help me to take it to a shop in the festival and get an enamel bowl which I really liked and the rest for herself to get whatever she liked, so in this way both of us were happy, then after another very busy day of talking and helping in the festival, I said goodnight to the universe and everyone else around me.


Today I managed to speak to some more people who I have never had a chance to speak to during the busy time of the festival, and also in the crew kitchen there were a lot of vegetables and because most of the crew were busy packing and tatting down, I managed to make a wonderful stew out of all those vegetables and then I served some of the crews and also, some others helped themselves, and even I saw some more members of the crew using it the next day. I was quite happy to see everyone was happy when they had some of it, and even people were still thanking me at other, later, festivals like Over the Moon and Alchemy. All together I had another good day helping to clear the area of the festival, to let the land go back to its natural status.


So that is how my 16th festival came to an end. Today was my last day on the festival site so I had to bring down my peace tent and be ready in case anyone was heading towards my 17th festival of the year – Over the Moon (


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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