World music & wet tents

On 26.07.13 I set off on my journey to Womad (World of Music and Dance festival) after finishing a day of preparation at the Field Dwellers’ camp. From Cotswold area I continued my peace pilgrimage towards Charlton Park for the festival, which had already started on 25.07.13 ( I started walking towards Kemble/Cirencester and after about 3 miles walk, I got a wonderful first lift at about 1945 from Dave and his girlfriend. They kindly took me from somewhere between Kemble and Cirencester to a roundabout at the mouth of the A429 from Cirencester to Chippenham, and I said goodbye to them.

I waited here for about 30 minutes before Jane and her wonderful three angels just appeared and she offered me a lift to the festival “if I behave myself” because of the little angels on board and also she asked if know the way to the festival. I told her “that will be done and let’s go”, and it took us just under 30 minutes to get to the festival. We went straight to the box office and I spoke to a few people there about my journey and what I was doing, and after 5 minutes discussion I was welcomed and given a wrist band to go into the festival. As I came out, Jane was still there and she offered me a lift to the crew parking and green gate entrance and so, because I “behaved myself”, she and her angels were quite happy for me to go on board and carry on my peace journey towards the main entrance of the festival with them, and then in the car park I waited for Jane to get ready and put everything she wanted to bring for camping into a wheel barrow, and then I helped to carry most of the stuff and the three angels on the wheel barrow. Something which was not convenient was the handle bars of the wheel barrow were covered with very sharp dried cement and as Jane realised it was hurting my hands, she provided me with something soft for the handles so I can carry on easily. After about an hour finally we got to the main stage and the angels all wanted ice cream/lollies and Jane kindly provided them with one and one for me as well. After questioning our way to the family camping area, the angels were pretty sleepy and we found a place outside the arena and away from any stages and I helped Jane to set up their tent and then we said goodnight to each other and I set up my new single layer tent, which was just a trial one, for my peace camp just behind their tent. Then I said good night to the universe till next day.

I managed to get through the night despite the trial tent getting very wet. In the morning I put it down due to heavy rain forecast, and made myself ready for another day of exploration inside the festival.

Jane and the angels were awake quite early to go and see something in the children’s area and before they left they had some breakfast, and Jane very kindly offered me a cup of coffee and some eggs for my breakfast. Then we said goodbye to each other and then we came across each other again a bit later and said we hoped to see each other at some of the singing and dancing stages or at the healing and green area of the festival, but we never saw each other again after that. I hope they had a good time on the Saturday (27.07.13).

I met some wonderful new people at the festival including three nice people from Oxfam who were supporting the “love Syria” campaign. I spoke to them and had a photo taken by them to support their cause, and also I met Felix who invited me from the Green Area back to his tent and offered me some food for my lunch and his mum kindly offered me some fruit as well, then Felix told me if I ever go to south west of England I was welcome at his place and he told me how to get there, then we said goodbye to each other and I continued my journey around the festival. I met a lot of other like-minded people and in the afternoon, I manage to speak to some organisers of one of the small stages and they kindly let me talk about my peace journey very briefly, during a break. A lot of nice people welcomed me there and one of them was Dan from the Isle of Man who said he’d be very happy for me to visit there and take my peace journey there, and to Ireland as well.

Later that day I met a very nice group of young children who were very happy for what I was doing and they offered me some wonderful sweet with dark chocolate inside, and l told them a bit about my story and they were happy to tell my story to their school newsletter.

Due to heavy rain on Saturday I stayed in one of the main stages, which was called Siam Tent, from 1800 hour all the way to 0130 hours, listening to Malouma from Africa, Babylon Circus from Leon in France and Huun Hur Tu and finally Nynke. I tried to sleep there but I was told no one is allowed to stay there over night and I was woken up by some stewards before the main security turned up and then I made my way to outside the arena after having a nice cup of tea and a piece of cake from a wonderful person from a tea shop.

I managed to find another shelter but it was not good and it was leaking and then finally I found a storytelling and maths-teaching shelter where, after speaking to a security person at 0430, I managed to put my head down and get at least a good few hours sleep before I was woken up by a maths teacher to say they were starting a session very soon, so I thanked him for the night shelter and said goodbye.

Today 28.07.13 I had to come back and join my brother in Cotswold area for our joint ‘Green Energy Exploration Dome’ project at the Green Gathering festival. I had to organise my day in a way that I could be with him by about 1900 hours, so I managed to do a final peace walk around the festival before saying goodbye to the festival and heading back. Again I managed to meet a lot of nice people, and told them about my story and asked them to visit my blog and leave comments and send me any question if they have one. Meanwhile, I listened to some nice Italian and African music again in some of the main stages.

Then I said goodbye to the WOMAD festival, and tried to prepare to say hello to Green Gathering.

As I came out of the festival I managed to get a lift by wonderful Elspeth from Sheffield who very kindly dropped me off in Kemble and then because I was a bit earlier then my 1900 hours, I tried to follow the Thames path to go to the source of the river. Due to not knowing how far I have to go before I get there I had to abort my journey, but on my way I met some nice people and I told them about my story and also I got some nice wild cherries as well. As I was starting to walk back to Cotswold area the rain started a bit and I waited for a lift which just came at the right time by two wonderful brothers Dom and Chris Hartland from Kemble, who took me to South Cerney, and then I said goodbye to them and gave them a positive energy of heart-to-heart hug.

After getting back just before our arranged time at 1845, I managed to rest for a bit and then having a nice cup of tea with my brother, then we sorted few little issues with his green sources of energy, then after a wonderfully made omelette meal for our dinner, we prepared ourselves for tomorrow’s journey to my 11th festival – the Green Gathering.

After GG I went to the European Rainbow Gathering and at these gatherings I had no internet connection, so the blog is a little behind but very soon I will update on what happened there.

Love and peace,



I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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One comment on “World music & wet tents
  1. Sam says:

    Earthian, we will follow you up the mountain. Much love, keep spreading your message and journey. Peace x

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