Field Dwelling

Dear All,

It has been more than a week since my last update, time to let you know what I was busy with for this period.

At the weekend (13/14.07.13), my brother and I were very busy organising and putting together a very small almost festival, called Field Dwellers – not as busy as the Worthy Farm Glastonbury festival in Pilton – but still busy in a smaller way, with family and good friends and like-minded human beings gathering together.

The idea was to display and put up together a wonderfully made geodesic dome (, which could be used for multi purposes. Any ideas for creative names for our multi purpose dome are welcome, we are looking for one! It is quite stable in case of wind and rainy days out there in the nature.

Next we set up a wind generator ( and some solar panels as well ( All these can be around the dome, so they can power up this wonderful structure, which I would love to live in one like this, it would make a wonderful living space (

As many of you might know, trying to put up all these stuctures together and to organise all the other little things for a gathering is not straightforward, and not an easy task especially just with the two of us, but I am quite pleased that we managed to do it, with the help of some of those kind and wonderful people who came to the camp to share and enjoy their time with us in the dwellers’ field. I have heard that a lot of those wonderful people who did turn up and spend some time there have sent my brother messages of joy and pleasement, saying they have been happy to come and visit us, and to spend some of their time in the field.

Before the gathering we did spend a whole Wednesday (17.07.13) to go and collect a couple of solar panels and some tools in Welshpool and Birmingham. We visited some of our wonderful family at their home in Birmingham, and despite they were fasting, they kindly prepared and offered us a delicious lunch, then we had to say goodbye to them and headed out towards Telford and Welshpool in Wales, and we managed to get there just 15 minutes before the closing time of the place we were going, arriving at 1700 hours. On our way back through the countryside we really enjoyed seeing a place where my wonderful brother lived when he was a little and he shared with me some of his memories back to those days. We also found a place for our evening break by missing a turn, ending up in an old cemetery just before the high hill of Gloustershire county, stopping briefly to look down into one of the most wonderful valleys around the area.

On the Sat, Sun and Mon of the Field Dwellers’ gathering we managed to put up everything that we wanted to check and test for our next joint festival – the Green Gathering on 1-4 August ( Of course we had the pleasure of having our north sister and brother with us from the Friday night, and they stayed with us until late afternoon on Monday. They have very kindly provided us with a great wisdom of dance and music (with DJ), and LEDfantastic ultra low-power lights for the wonderful dome. I had a great pleasure of canoeing with my wonderful universe brother from north, despite a few hiccups we managed to get back to the field dwellers’ area on the river Thames. I have to say here that sister and brother from north were really a great help and support on our three main projects.

My brother and I had a few wonderful days together in my peace camp by the river (wherever I go and put up my tent – in any land, field, or other place – I refer to it as my peace camp or sometimes ‘love and peace’ camp), but my brother is referring to this one as Field Dwellers. It used to be called Ben’s Camp but this year he has changed its name, because a few years back one of his friends has written a poem about the gathering and has called it by this new name, and since my brother has liked the name he adopted it for this year’s joyful celebration of getting together again. I did meet the poet who named the camp a few times and he was indeed a kind human being who very kindly contributed a lot of nice fruit and vegtables from a farm which he is helping with, and on another occasion he brought few multi-different-language-speaking people to the camp, who were wwoofing at the farm (

On Thursday (18.07.13) I met my brother’s beautiful sister and another handsome brother like himself, and his remarkable wife, so we all enjoyed our dinner together, and we chatted about a lot of other stuff in the camp.

On Friday our wonderful host farmer and his wife joined us for the dinner with our wonderful couple from north (our universe sister and brother) and a local friend, as well as my brother’s brother and his wife, and we had a wonderful evening meal together around our camp fire, including drinks, BBQ, and much more…

I have to say Saturday was the highlight of the gathering, during which I met a few wonderful old friends of my brother, and also the farmers’ extended family, and a wonderful special guest friend from Occupy. In total we reached to over 30 extraordinary and very nice human beings, and we all had many different food and drinks as well as BBQ.

We also at some point had a great and special South American music played right by the fire by wonderful Rose, with a Paraguyan harp, which made me feel much closer and attached to the nature.

There were many other little things contributed from here and there by other wonderful participants in the camp, which made us feel that we can all live in small communities and build in such a way that love, peace and a harmonious way of life will rule us, and not what we have now.

Many of these wonderful people at some point did help with our little projects, including dome, wind, and solar power, and I think the idea was that these wonderful people can come and share these ideas and perhaps take them back to their communities, in the hope that they can one day soon start their own local week or weekend camping and gathering, and begin to live in a totally new way than what we have at the present.

Now that the camp has finally come to an end we are trying to collect things and prepare ourselves for the main event: Green Gathering (1-4 August). Also, before this, I am planning to visit another festival which is called WOMAD (, and hope to see and meet as many people as I can, and talk about my peace pilgrimage journey so far.

I hope more wonderful human beings on our planet, will help us to build a better world.

At some point I am hoping that I can upload some photos, from different festivals, so you can see, how is it look like, what I am doing? I am trying to be out here, without using money, which a lot of us can’t live without it and we are so attached to it, and I am trying to discover how can we all build a community and society without it.

Till next update may love and peace be upon all of you, wherever you are on the planet Earth.



I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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2 comments on “Field Dwelling
  1. ollie says:

    Yo it’s ollie bee the poet from green gathering, I wanna email you that poem, but can’t figure out how, can you email me, will you have it linked in with the comment?

    • earthianblog says:

      Hello Ollie,

      So nice to hear from you, and I have to say, I have mentioned your poem on my blog, which will be uploaded soon, and if you can email it to me, I’ll put it up on my blog. e-mail it to (

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