Llechyd da (good health)

I woke up on Monday 08.07.13, in a wonderful farm field on the outskirts of the city of St. David’s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Davids), it was another beautiful sunny day, and my friend came to pick me up at about 1000, and then we headed towards Fishguard (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fishguard). In a sudden decision I found myself in a carpark looking at the port and the town, for a nine minute break.

After this little break, and looking at the scenery, we headed north towards Cardigan Bay (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cardigan,_Ceredigion), but before we get there we stopped in a layby and got some hot water from a wonderful human being, which enabled us to have some hot drinks. We then headed towards Aberystwyth (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aberystwyth), but before Aberystwyth we waited in a wonderful little town called Aberaeron (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aberaeron), for a third break, and this time we enjoyed a wonderful and famous honey ice cream, and talked to some locals about the history of the town and the Victorian layout of the buildings, also the special stones which they have used to build some of their houses. With my friend’s camera we took some photos, then after about an hour’s rest (from 1515 -1615 hours) we continued north to Aberystwyth.

When we got there we had another nice break. My friend told me he had been in the town before, and we explored the town again, from its town hall (library), to its peace memorial (DROS RYDDID) (http://www.flickr.com/photos/hefhoover/6160016339/) which I did visited as a peace pilgrim, then to its ruined castle. We talked about the history of this famous town as we walked, a history which goes back to the Middle Ages, and we looked at many other aspects of the town layout, such as its buildings, cemetery and other scenery (from 1715 – 1830 hours), and again after taking some photos we left the town.

This time we headed north towards Snowdonia Park, and on our way we passed Machynlleth, Dolgellau, Corris, Ganllwyd, Trawsfynydd, Maentwfog, Penrhyndeudrath, Porthmadog, Prenteg, Beddgelert, until finally we arrived in Llyn Gwynant campsite. By this time it was about 2145 hours and we were at the bottom of Mount Snowdon with a height of 1085.

After looking around and exploring the different areas of the campsite we decided to camp near a German couple by the lake Llyn Gwynant, but later we realised we have to put up our tent before sunset so the midges (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midge) wouldn’t trouble us, but then we realised it was too late already, and my friend decided to go to a local YHA. I decided to carry on walking towards the mountain somewhere between the Pen-y-pass track and the Miners’ track, but by this time it was about 2330, and I was too tired to carry on in the dark towards Mount Snowdon, and so I found a little place on my way and slept there till next day.

Tuesday 09.07.13 I found myself in a middle of somewhere with no way of communicating with my friend. I knew that this might be the only opportunity for me to climb Snowdon in great sunny weather. I’d told my friend “I’ll let you know next day where I am and where I’m heading to”, but I knew he isn’t going to be worried until some time after 1000 hours, so I headed towards the top of the mountain in a completely new invented route with all my stuff, which I take with me wherever I go throughout my peace pilgrimage, apart from my tent which I’d left in the campsite office for my friend to pick it up for me.

So after a few hours of walking towards the top of the Snowdon via a new route, some of the way following a massive pipe which was bringing water from a lake down to an electrical power station (in Dolgarrog Conwy Gwynedd LL 32 8QE in Wales), I found my way onto a track which climbers told me was called the Miners’ track. I carried on climbing while I was talking to people about what I was doing, and soon the news went around the climbers and many of them very kindly helped me with water, drink and energy based food, so I managed to find another quick route to climb to the top, and at the top I spoke to many more people and climbers about my peace journey. I was telling them that Wales is my 17th country – after Glastonbury – to get to without using money. I took some photos and some other people took my photo and I asked them if they could kindly email it to me and check on my blog and leave comments.

By this time it was about 1300, and I managed to speak to my friend who told me he had got worried about my situation, and had changed the plan so that we are not going to what was going to be the last part of our journey, to the Isle of Anglesey, and we are instead now going back towards Swansea. So I had to rush away, I couldn’t stay up there on the mountain which I would have loved to do in such wonderful weather, but I couldn’t ask him to go ahead and go back to Swansea and leave me there, due to my tent being with him, because he had kindly picked it up from last night’s campsite of Llyn Gwynant (I didn’t take the tent with me, because I was told due to heavy wind on Snowden I wouldn’t be able to put it up). Also, I had left some other stuff in my friend’s brother’s place in Swansea, and I really didn’t wanted to be a burden, so I decided to walk down in the heat of 1400 hours while most people were resting and enjoying their time until the heat cooled down, then to come slowly down. But anyway, in a short period of time I spoke to many people. If I’d had enough time I could have talked to the people who were running the train to help me to come down, but there wasn’t just enough time to do it, and as you might know by now from following my blog, a peace pilgrimage really appreciates patience and plenty of time to go well. On this occasion I just didn’t have that plenty of time, I had to rush down to catch up with my friend to get back to Swansea as soon as it was possible.

I managed to finally get down through the longest track (Llwybyr Llanberis Path), at about 1730, and we headed back towards Swansea after going back through some of our old routes on the A470, then passing through Cemmaes Road and Lyanbrynmair, where the sun was about to set and the weather was getting dark, and we start trying to find a place to camp. After two attempts in some farm places, we finally found a third farm which was located between Llanbrynmail/Carno and Clatter/Caersws on A470 near river Afon Carno (http://www.canoewales.com/afon-carno.aspx), and we camped there in a field for the night, and we had a good night’s sleep after all.

Next day on 10.07.13, after packing everything nicely and having a simple breakfast, we thanked the mother nature and the universe for its cradle, then we headed south towards our destination, Swansea.

After passing the river Severn, and the villages and towns of Llandinam, Llanidloes, Llanguring, Rhayader, Newbridge on Wye, Bulith Wells and Erwood, finally we stopped at the beautiful village of Llyswen, where a building caught my friend’s eyes like a magic surprise (http://www.griffininnllyswen.co.uk/), so we had a wonderful cold drink break, and we read some of the 27 different topics in “The Little Book of Ideas”, by the Occupy Economics Working Group (EWG), and we had some discussion on them. At the end of our break we practiced some Welsh language, which was quite interesting to me as I’d never before had a chance to come this close to the language and the people of Wales. Despite being one of the closest neighbours to England, Welsh is a totally different language route, for example “Good morning” is “Bore da”, and “How are you?” is “Sut mae?”, “Thank you” is “Diolch”, and so on…

So after spending about an hour (from 1300 – 1400 hours) there, we said Good day or “Dydd da” to our Welsh villagers, and headed down towards Swansea again. After passing Bronllys, Brecon, Glyntawe, Glynneath, Resolven and Neath we arrived in Swansea at about 1600, almost an hour ahead of my friend’s arrangement with his brother.

I have to say we stopped on our way twice and on one occasion we did watch sheep grazing the land in a Welsh valley, and again immediately after in a layby we stopped for a very nice and warm cup of tea with some biscuits. I have to say here that my friend would have loved to show me the Brecon Beacons park and its lovely highest mountain, but somehow on our route we missed a few turns here and there and we ended up not being able to see the area apart from some Welsh valleys in the Black Mountains area of south and mid Wales, but never mind, I hope in future visits we can explore this and some other areas which we didn’t have a chance to see.

It was because of my friend’s brother’s birthday that we aborted or dismissed a lot of our trip to many places in North Wales, so due to this we wanted to make sure that his brother at least will have a wonderful day, so we looked around and explored different things, but finally my friend got a wonderful birthday cake, a nice drink, and a card in which we both wished his brother a birthday full of happiness, love and peace, all day and everyday for the rest of his life. After a final and wonderful food break we headed back to my friend’s brother’s place of living, and we got there at about 1830, and after waiting for a bit, because they were all out, he kindly opened the doors for us and we waited for the rest of the family to turn up, and then later on we all participated in preparing the dining table to make it as wonderful as it could be so my friend’s brother will enjoy his day “happily ever after”. Even he very kindly and wonderfully helped us towards most of the preparation if not all, despite wewould all have loved him to sit down and put his feet up and just enjoy the remainder of the day with us and the family! By about 2130 – 2200 hours, because the kids of the family had to go to school, and the wife of the family had to travel somewhere the next day, so we have to say good night or “Nos da” to them, but before this we all, before we started eating, we drunk a drink, and we said to my friend’s brother “to your good health!” or “Lechyd da”. When we left it was my friend’s brother, my friend and I. After nearly midnight we said goodnight to my friend who was very tired after a lot of driving, and then it was just my friend’s brother and I left, and we discussed a few different topics and issues, again some of them from the “Little Book of Ideas” from EWG, then we said good day or “Dydd da” to each other, because it was already another day, about 0300 hours.

Next day on 11.07.13 after waking up and having a nice shower and a smoked fish we prepared ourselves for our next journey back to England, myself and my friend, but due to much stuff and our different destinations back in England, my friend decided to do his trip alone, and I decided I’ll make my way back to England in the way I have done along my peace pilgrimage journey, although this time I had more stuff that I couldn’t walk with very easily. So, all I had to to is to just observe more than before patience, and wait and hope that my universe will connect me back to my brother in England, and that’s all I had to do. I didn’t want to carry that much stuff, but I didn’t have the choice of leaving or abandoning it, so maybe the universe just wanted to try my patience, but already someone else was right beside me, and that was my friend’s brother, who very kindly offered me a lift to the mouth of the M4 motorway, which made my life a lot easier. He dropped me off at about 1330 in a petrol station, just before entering the motorway, and it was here that I had to say goodbye to my friend’s brother, giving him a lot of positive energy from the universe and through my heart to his heart with a “heart to heart hug” while saying goodbye and thanking him for all of his and his family’s hospitality for the duration that my friend and I were staying in their place of living.

I stayed in this petrol station and talked to some people about what I was doing and why I was there for the duration of a few hours before my universe sent  my next connection to take me back to England: two wonderful human beings called “Bob and Clair”, who very kindly offered me a lift to almost my next destination in Tetbury (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetbury) at about 1700. After a wonderful conversation with these two beautiful human beings, with me telling them what I am doing?, and them telling me a lot of information about the area where they were living, in the west of England, specifically a place which is called “Forest of Dean” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forest_of_Dean), which I’ve always wanted to pay a visit to. I hope the universe will connect me there at some point.

The wonderful Bob dropped me off in a Tesco car park at about 1845, and as always I offered a heart to heart hug, to transfer some good and positive love and peace energy from the universe back to the universe through these beautiful and kind human beings. Bob asked Clair to take a photo of us, which I hope to post here, and then we said goodbye to each other, and hoped the universe will connect us again at some point.

While I was waiting to be picked up again, I spoke to more wonderful human beings here in the Tesco carpark and one came along and spoke to me about what I was doing, and after me telling him what I was doing, his friend and he brought me two nice sandwiches and some delicious small red apples which was all I needed for food to keep me going. I talked to them about advocating love and peace all over the planet Earth as an Earthian, and then I said goodbye to them with my usual greeting, and then after few more hours of waiting, at about 2150 my wonderful brother came and picked me up, and we headed back home. On our way and at home we talked about the last two weeks during which we have been away from each other, and then after a nice cup of tea and then a little bit more of an update, we said goodnight to each other and I rested on my usual and wonderful bed again after being away for two weeks.

I have slept in many different and unusual places during these two weeks in England and Wales, like:

-in a busy carpark at Glastonbury festival, where sometimes it was raining heavily and the G4S Security people told me “you are not allowed to camp here” and moved me under a raining condition;

-in the famous field of Avalon between Glastonbury Tor and the festival;

-on a hill looking out over the whole festival, while people who were involved in the festival were taking down the walls and cleaning up others’ leftovers, see Worthy Farm going back to its natural condition;

-in a neighboring farm to Worthy Farm, where the farmer has called the festival Security and they woke me up again at about midnight saying I have to move, but later I saw the farmer himself and after hearing my story he was happy for me to stay until the next day;

-and finally, near to a cave and a river at the bottom of Mount Snowdon, in Snowdonia in Wales.

On 12.07.13 I woke up after having a wonderful rest at the end of my more than two weeks’ of peace pilgrimage journey in England and Wales around festivals and historic places.

After eating some food, washing my clothes, and hanging them to dry, I began to write my blog.

In the late afternoon, my wonderful brother offered my favourite breakfast (scrambled eggs with organic eggs), which I loved it, and then we repaired a controller for the solar panels, then he very kindly prepared a wonderful BarbiQ for his girlfriend and her friend, himself and I. Later on another local joined us and we all loved the evening and we talked about a few different topics while we enjoyed our food, drink and the fire, and then later in the night we said goodnight to each other, and went to bed to be prepared for another day in the wonderful universe.

love and peace,


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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