Wandering in Wales

Yesterday after having a nice breakfast and sending the email update, at about 1300 we said goodbye to my friend’s brother’s family and left Swansea to go to our second destination in Wales (St David’s).

After heading west and passing through Llanelli, and up north west through Carmarthen, we then headed south west towards Pembroke, which we arrived at about 1630. The countryside was excellent and it was looking like the nature was not much touched in terms of environmental destruction, despite Wales having been one of the most important engines of Britain in the industrial revolution in terms of coal, copper and tin. I have to say, when I arrived in Swansea for the first time on Sat 06.07.13 at about 2200, it did remind me of industrial Britain, with the high chimneys and the smoke which was coming out of them.

On our way to Pembroke we stopped a few times and I spoke to a few people as well. In Pembroke my friend wanted to watch a historic tennis match of Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon on a big screen in a pub, so meanwhile I went around the famous Pembroke Castle. Pembroke is an ancient and historic town, and has one of the finest Norman castles in the country, so after going around it I went to the information place and made an enquiry to see if it was possible for me to get in. I was told I have to have a ticket for the insurance purpose, so if anything happened to me the Trust wouldn’t be liable, and also the castle was closing in just less than half an hour, so I couldn’t get in but they kindly gave me a cold cup of water, and they told me I can go and watch some swans while I am waiting for my friend, not very far from there, so I thanked them for all this info, and I headed towards the place of swans. After watching them for about 20 minutes I went back towards the pub where my friend was, and he had just come out, and he told me the news of Andy’s match and “bringing Britain out of 77 years of waiting agony” as he put it, which I don’t agree with.

Anyway, back to our journey, and this time heading north west towards our final destination for the day – St David’s.

On our way we stopped in a camping area between Haverfordwest and St David’s and it was a lovely place. I went and spoke to some of the people who were camping there, and I told them about my journey and they were quite happy for me to stay there, but my friend found the place quite windy and not suitable, so we had to carry on travelling towards St David’s.

We went to a YHA place and after I spoke to them they were quite sympathetic but they couldn’t help me to stay and I left my details on their visitor’s book and then we said goodbye to them, then I asked my friend to kindly take me to a nearby field so I could put
up my peace camp, and then he went back to the city of St David’s, to find somewhere else for himself.

I saw a wonderful sunset and had a great sleep in the field despite a very strong wind, but I managed to survive, and now that I am writing this update it is beautiful sunshine out there in my peace camp and I’m hoping to enjoy the rest of the day, and to send more updates on my further peace journey into Wales soon. Until than may peace be upon you all and love be your word of mouth at all times.



I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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