Pilton Pilgrim

So, after a few days on the outside of the festival, an angel and her dad were sent to me by her mum, and they provided all the necessary stuff for me to get into the festival. I went in and it felt like I was entering my 16th country, I had to show paperwork and go through gates and checkpoints, and at 2215 on the Sunday I entered Glastonbury Festival and between then and the Monday morning I tried to see everything before it began to be taken down.

I visited the Pyramid Stage and the ribbon tower and the tipis and Greenpeace and the beautiful gardens of earth and fire in the Healing Field (I didn’t find the air and water gardens but they were there too). I visited Paula in the Peace Dome where the Peace flame of Hiroshima is kept, which will be alight until all nuclear weapons are gone. And I dozed in the Peace Garden and found friends in the Permaculture and Crafts areas. I met so many nice people, including the Tin Village person who has kindly left a wonderful message, and the LEDfantastic crew – including my sister from the North – who cooked for me a lovely and delicious dinner, and then went with me for a wonderful sauna in the Green Fields area of the festival, where I was reminded of the sauna that Des built in the Bank of Ideas. The LEDfantastic crew were very welcoming and kind and I want to thank Kate and Ed, also Maggie and Ellie with their great gifts of a pair of trainers and a mobile shower (respectively), for many good memories.

After I have left my northern sister and Dave on the Tuesday lunchtime I managed to meet many nice and wonderful new people all around the festival, as I did a pilgrimage around the inside of the walls, and I stayed there until Wednesday and saw that by then everything was almost cleaned up, and the walls were coming down, and those artificially created borders were abolished in front of my eyes – I hope to see the world’s borders come down like this, like the Berlin wall in 1989, sooner rather than later!

I managed to do some tatting and save some tents, sleeping bags and trollies from being thrown in the rubbish, and then I headed out from the main gate, “gate A”. I saw all the top security people who’d been telling me outside the festival “Earthian brother, you won’t make it to Australia”, and I’d told them “I’ll not only make it there but also I will make it to NewZealand as well!” and they were laughing, and then some of them saw me inside and said “How did you make it?!” and I told them “Didn’t I tell you that the universe and Michael and the great people around me will help me to get in and do an inner peace pilgrimage, and a visit to the Peace Garden and the Stone Circle and the Green Fields!?” and in a jokey way I said to them “And didn’t I say I’ll even make it to New Zealand!?” When they saw me again on the outside as I left Worthy Farm they laughed and said they were astonished at my determination, and they all shook hands with me and greeted me and wished me luck with the rest of my peace journey.

And I went towards my next festival, which was the “Earth Gathering”, and I managed to get there with the help of a kind friend but then found out this festival was just for women. My friend and I greeted them and I told them “Never mind, I hope my peace journey will anyway bring you all goodness, and nice weather, despite I’m not able to be here myself”, and we stayed overnight in the neighbouring farm and then we said goodbye.

On the next day we headed to a “seed festival” near Stroud and I managed to speak to the organisers and they kindly allowed me to get in and they allocated a short time on the main stage for me to talk about my peace journey, and also I spoke to many nice and wonderful people over there before and after the festival, and at about 2020 we said goodbye and I headed towards the wonderful country of Wales, as there was an opportunity for me to take my peace journey further into Wales. I am updating this blog at the place of my friend’s kind brother, and next I hope to head towards St David’s Head (further west) and then hopefully to go north and west into Snowdonia and Anglesey, but only the time will tell and I hope to update again in the near future.

love and peace,


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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4 comments on “Pilton Pilgrim
  1. jonathan c says:

    I was part of the litter picking crew we met after the festival, best wishes hope your doing well jon

    • earthianblog says:

      Thank you very much Jonathan for your time, afford, and comment, hope what you were doing will make others to take on board, and wonderful people like you will be doing other things that might like most.

  2. Hangween says:

    Imroz ba yadem amadee. Omid khob bashee

    • earthianblog says:

      I was in Forest of Dean, helping putting up Tipis in the European Rainbow family Gathering on a hill of deep wales Valley, and later on going down, and sitting by the river Wye near the Biblins bridge, tried to swim, but it was too cold, and slept in my peace camp between the river and the main public path way, while I could hear the river movement. So I have to say, I was occupied with a totally different things, and all I can say is to thank you for the remembrance, which I was long forgotten from my mind, and also I respect for what you have said to me, and may love and peace be upon you and all your surroundings.

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