From Cotswolds to Rabbit Holes

This is the tale of my journey from Gloucestershire to Glastonbury Festival.

So I got back for a night’s rest at my wonderful new home in the Cotswold area, and saw my brother and his wonderful friend again, and my brother kindly prepared a jacket potato and some other food for me before he went to his singing class. Later we talked about the latest phases of my peace journey, then we said goodnight to each other.

After having a wonderful and good night’s rest at home, I woke up and had a lovely shower and a nice breakfast and prepared myself for my peace journey towards Glastonbury. I left the house  in the Cotswold area at about 1300 and I walked all the way to Kemble (about 5 miles), arriving at about 1615.

After a rest from here I did try some hitch hiking and the universe connected me to another wonderful human being who was called
Raj the beardy pilot, and he did kindly gave me a lift to Junction 17 of the M4 motorway and from there after a bit of a walk I got to a layby on the south of the motorway junction, towards Glastonbury.

Before I started to try hitch hiking I saw a brand new VW car had just arrived at the layby and the driver was signaling for me to
go and  talk to her. When I got to the car there she was, another wonderful human being named Liz, who asked me “Don’t you want to go to Glastonbury festival?” and I said “Of course, how do you know I am going there, and when did you see me?” and she told me that she had seen me coming from the main M4 J17 roundabout and “I stopped for you just in case you might want to go there”. She told me that she lives in the village between Pilton and Glastonbury, so she can take me right into the festival area.

In the car with Liz I spoke a bit about my peace journey and she very kindly listened to me and she talked to me a bit about her life situation and also how last Glastonbury festival they wanted to go but her husband couldn’t make it due to a stroke, which I was sad to hear, but happy that her husband is now recovering very well. I wished them a happiest rest of the life with each other, and also said what a coincidence it was, her being at  J17 right at the time I was just dropped off near there by Raj, and I mentioned how the universe must have wanted to connect us together. She also on our way told me a bit of story of the area we were passing through, such as about the river Avon and a place where the canal, river and railway all meet each other and some famous places where they make special stone/marble in quarries, and finally she kindly dropped me at 1825 on 26.06.13 right by one of the main pedestrian gates which later I found out was Gate D, which made my journey at least two days earlier than if I was going to walk all the way. I gave Liz my biggest heart to heart hug and we said goodbye to each other.

As soon as I arrived I started helping people and talking to them about my peace journey and soon very nice people helped me back with food and drink. I was at Gate D of the festival, and because I hadn’t managed yet to speak to the organisers I had to start my peace walk around the outside of the festival from one gate to another until I got to Gate B which did have an enquiry office where I spoke to Denise, a very nice lady. Before this I spoke to an enquiry office near Gate A with no luck apart from a map of the site, and in Gate A itself I spoke to Anna and Yara and they couldn’t help me with my enquiry but kindly offered me some biscuit and water. Anyway, at Gate D Denise kindly gave me a programme of the festival and I explained what I was doing. By now time it was about
midnight and I had walked around almost half of the festival. Denise told me I have to wait to see if their head office can get in
touch with Michael, Emily or Robert – the three main organisers of the event – and I said to her “I feel I am a bit tired and I will head
towards Gate C and hope to find somewhere to rest for the night”.

It was about 0130 that I was in communication with my wonderful sister from the North, who was inside the festival, and she has already gone to Gate B looking for me, where Denise has told her that I have left for Gate C. It was about 0200 time that I finally managed to see my wonderful sister in Gate C, and we walked towards a place on the hill near to Gate C, where I was about to pitch my peace camp and it was now that I realised the screws my brother and I made to fix the poles of the tent were missing! I thought and I rememberd that I have left them in Heston Services between J2 and 3 of the M4, so my sister and I came up with the idea of putting some pegs in the holes of the poles instead, and we managed together to put up the tent and I put everything inside and by now time was going late. My sister kindly offered me a nice warm cup of tea, which she had to go back into the festival to get, and some very kind stewards did make the tea for free in their caravan, and then we said goodbye afterwards, and later on I said goodnight to everyone and the universe as well.

Next day I was woken up by Cooky Luck and Danny from Green Patrol of the carpark and after explaining what I was doing they helped me with some food and then I told them I’ll de-pitch my tent and I moved on to carry on with the rest of my peace pilgrimage around the site. It was on 27.6.13 at about 1300, in front of the Cockmill Farm/Barn, that I met Michael Eavis himself and I told him about my peace journey. He said “You are ok around the site of the festival but there is no promise for inside the festival yet”, and I said “If there is a chance I’ll really appreciate it if I can pay a visit to the Peace Garden inside the festival, and the Stone Circle and the rest of the green area in the festival as well” but there wasn’t any promise, and we said goodbye to each other after taking a photo with him which I’ll put on the blog when I get chance.

Next I headed towards Gate D again, where I started my peace journey around the outer area of the festival the day before and I encountered a few security issues, but by telling them “I have seen Michael himself and this is our photo of us together, and he is aware of my peace pilgrimage” they were helpful to me to finish my first round journey.

I wanted to go back to the enquiry office and find out about my situation and whether Michael, Emily or Robert can help me to get in, but that the enquiry office was very busy and it started to rain at about 1600 so I left to put up my peace camp right at the bottom of the carpark, near to Gate D so that later on I could go back and find out what was happening.

A few people from the public kindly brought me some tickets but later on I found out that they are not transferable, and then G4S security people got on to my peace camp and asked me to move despite it was raining, so I had to move home while it was raining to a neighbouring carpark outside of Michael’s farm. The kind person from the neighbouring carpark allowed me to re-camp for the night after I explained what I was doing and what had happened to me earlier. By this time it was after midnight and I said goodnight to everyone and the universe again and hoped the following day would bring a wonderful and nice day to us all.

I have to thank everyone here for their help throughout my peace journey and in the next blog I will explain how I did get in to Worthy Farm and what happened there.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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