Across Egypt

After a day’s walk from the port and a welcome lift from a nice car driver, I arrived in a village near Port Said, on the main road towards Al Arish. I went to a coffee shop and told them what I am doing and asked if they would let me put up my tent until the next day when I’d be going on towards Palestine. They investigated who am I a bit and then they kindly let me stay in a little room until the next day.

In the morning they generously offered me something to eat and then I headed towards Al Arish. After some distance of walking a kind driver gave me a lift and then a nice person with a tricycle helped me to get to the town of West Kantara on the Suez canal. After a police check and an ok from them we got on a boat to cross to East Kantara. The tricycle driver then kindly helped me with some food and also helped me to find the bus station, then we said goodbye and I spoke to people in the station. A lady helped me with my bus fare and I managed to get to Al Arish about midday, after crossing a few Egyptian checkpoints. Some people on the bus were unhappy that the lady had helped me to get on and they went to one of these checkpoints and reported me. The authorities checked me out and found everything was ok and let me go, and after that everyone on the bus was happy and reassured.

At the bus station in Al Arish I couldn’t find someone to help me go towards Rafah Crossing into Gaza, so I came out of the bus station and asked some people what direction I have to go in to walk towards Palestine and suddenly a man appeared and asked me to follow him to his place. He kindly invited me for lunch and to use his internet. He said I must find out how can I get into Gaza, perhaps if I can find a friend from there it will make it easy for me to cross. I have e-mailed friends in Britian to see if they have information on how to go across Rafah crossing and maybe I can find some contacts in Gaza.

I am just 40km away now and I would like to get to the border tomorrow.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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4 comments on “Across Egypt
  1. Ahmed helmy says:

    Dear Mr.earthian
    How are you today
    I meet you in damietta
    You are so kindly and friendly
    And I hope to complete ur journey
    And I hope to meet you again
    Good luck

  2. bombadil130 says:

    You intrepid little peace monger you. Certainly got the stones for trying.

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