Staying Hopeful

I have spoken to the Salamis shipping company here in Limassol and they told me if I know someone in Haifa who wants to invite me to Israel, then this person should get in touch with the authorities there, and I should get a letter or email of invitation to show to the shipping company, and then if I can raise 235 euro as well, then I can go. The reality is I don’t want to do all this stuff and I don’t want to put anyone to any trouble at all, so I think this route is not going to work for me.

Yesterday I went to the city centre of Limassol and after speaking to the manager of the famous Limassol castle I went inside and enjoyed  a good look around, then I headed out towards the city’s private marina, which is about 10km from the centre. Throughout the day I spoke to more than 15 people about my journey and they were all helpful to me. I am going to return to the marina on Monday to find out if there are any private boats going out towards Lebanon or Israel in the next days.

The nice person who I am staying with has agreed that I can stay until Monday, so hopefully today and tomorrow I will make some more contacts in the city and maybe I will find more people who are able to help towards my peace journey.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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3 comments on “Staying Hopeful
  1. keep your spirit up. You reflect on so many people. I admire your devotion, humbleness and love towards this world. Stay cool in your mind and warm in your heart and body. Lots of colourful beautifull emotions. Fairwell my friend.

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