City of Limassol

I headed out from the southern side of Nicosia towards the city of Larnaka on the south east coast of Cyprus. After some miles walk I met  a woman from the University of Cyprus’ faculty of languages and she kindly asked me to use their university restaurant, so I went there and after speaking to various people about my peace walk, I managed to have a wonderful lunch.

I then continued towards Larnaka, walking some more miles and then meeting a friendly local cyclist who helped me to find my way. After discussing my ideas about the reasons for this peace walk he took details of this web blog and my Facebook address and promised to get in touch in the future; he even kindly offered me some money, which I refused.

Then it was head down again and carrying on walking until I reached near to the motorway. Before I quite entered the motorway this kind young  electronic engineer has stopped his car ahead of me and has even walked back for a few hundred yards to tap me on my shoulder and say “I have stopped to take you to Larnaka”. As we drove I talked about my peace walk and when we arrived he even kindly offered me a dinner as well.

After saying goodbye to the engineer I started enquiring about whether a ship is going from here to Lebanon/Palestine, but soon I found out that there are no passenger/car ferries crossing, only cargo ships and some private yachts which only operate seasonally, starting from June.

So I walked around most of the town and found somewhere to camp over night. The  next day I made sure that there really are no ferries crossing to anywhere from here and then, before heading to Limasol (Cyprus’ second largest city, aka Lemesos), I visited a little castle where you can see the hanging chamber (gallows) which was last used in 1945 by British forces. Seeing this made me feel so sad and upset that I decided to bring the abolition of the death penalty to the top of my list of things I want to achieve on this peace walk:

1) abolition of death penalty.
2) abolition of weapons of mass destructions.
3) abolition of all artificially created borders across the world.
4) advocacy of a resource-based economy instead of a monetary-based economy.

In addition, of course, to the stopping of all wars across the world immediately, and advocating a week of peace instead of just a day of peace across the globe, from 21/09/13 to 28/09/13 and every year onwards.

Returning to the walk:

After more than 10km of walking towards the city of Limassol a nice Cypriot man stopped and gave me a lift all the way to the port of the city, and then he did kindly offer me some food and drink as well.

At the port I soon found out that there is only one ferry company operating here, and they just have one trip a week from here to Haifa in Israel, and for this you have to be a businessman or have someone inviting you over; otherwise they don’t let you go. Or, you can go back to mainland Greece, to Athina, and they were asking for 210 euros for this. Another problem I have to mention is, I have entered the island from what they say is an illegal port, because the port of Girne and area of Kyrenia where I have entered is an occupied land. This means that officially I have to go back, and go out of the island from where I have come in.

After all this running around finding out this information I sat down in a bus stop to reflect on what to do next. Soon I saw this kind person reading my board and then we started to talk all about my journey and peace walk, and she kindly offered me a bath and a night staying at her place. I am grateful for the universe that connects us all in a good and mysterious way, and I have just heard this morning that I am being offered another night staying here, so I am going out to explore the city while I have a roof above my head and I will do some more reflecting on what to do next.


I am travelling around the world, for peace, using zero carbon and zero money.

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